Cristiano Ronaldo: Of Course I Change Diapers!

01/20/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage

He makes a living with his feet, but Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty when it comes to being a new father.

“Of course I change the [diapers]. It’s not the thing I like best in the world, but I do it,” the Portuguese star of Real Madrid tells the Spanish sports daily Marca, as reported by Britain’s Daily Mail.

Ronaldo, 25, says he’s a different man since the arrival of Cristiano Jr., who was born last summer to a mother who remains anonymous — but is being raised solely by Ronaldo and his mother.

“Of course something like this affects you,” he says. “It’s a different type of responsibility.”

Will he be teaching Cristiano Jr. his famous soccer tricks when the boy starts walking? “I would love him to like football, for him to be my successor, but we’ll see what happens,” Ronaldo says. “My son will be whatever he wants.”

But while he has embraced fatherhood, Ronaldo doesn’t sound like he wants to rush into marriage. Asked whether he plans to marry girlfriend Irina Shayk, a 24-year-old Russian underwear model, he replies: “One day, you never know. It’s early.”

— Tim Nudd

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B.R on

He sounds like a really good/nice guy. I’m happy to hear that he is adjusting to life as a single dad, and that as much as he would love his child to play football he is even more excited to see what his child will choose to be in the future. Wish both of the guys nothing but health and happiness in the future and hopefully a lot of football. But that is just me:)

Anonymous on

***drooooooooooools** he’s amazing.

Mommy of 2 on

not familar with him, but was just curious were the mother is and why she isnt envolved. lovely to see him being a good single father though, you dont here about that too often.

jordan on

I hope that kid inherited all of his looks.

Kresta on

The mother is allegedly an American waitress who Cristiano had a one night stand with. He paid her millions of dollars to hand over the baby to him for sole custody. Go figure.

Frost on

Of course this is just a rumor but I heard…

that the mother is a young adult (around 18-21 years old) British student who got pregnant after a one night stand.

Cristiano told the mother he would pay her off so that he could raise the baby exclusively and the mother agreed.

I also heard that the mother has changed her mind and is trying to get back into the picture.

I’m sure either way though that the mother will be revealed as well as the circumstances eventually.

Mommy of 2 on

Thanks you guys for answering my question!! Being a mother myself though I could NEVER imagine giving up my baby no matter what. Thats very sad to me.

Alice on

Mommy of 2: I agree, especially for money. She basically agreed to sell her right to be a parent 😦

I understand why he wouldn’t want to raise a child with a stranger but that’s not in his son’s best interest unless the mother didn’t want a baby and was going to get rid of it (abortion, adoption…)

So much speculation, sorry. I just can’t help my curiosity.

Georgina on

Yeah there is kinda a debate over whether she was paid to have his child, i.e. a surrogate, or paid to give up the child, like Frost and Kestra said. The baby was born in America though, but Im not actually sure if she was American or British. Or from somewhere else entirely! Ronnie has only said he’s bring up the baby, and nothing else so nobody actually knows.

Im not about the “nice guy” line though BR! Stories we’ve had over here about him don’t illustate that! Perhaps baby is/has made him grow up a bit.

steph on

I bet if that rumor is true he offered her the money before she gave birth. I think adoption is an aweomse thing, I myself was adopted at birth. However I cry whenever I run across an adoption story on tv, bc when the girls is pregnant she thinks she will be able to give the baby away no emotions. Everytime they put the baby in her arms her feelings start to waiver. Who knows maybe I am wrong and he offered the money after the baby was born but i bet he had it all set up before the emotion of holding your baby came into play.

MariaP on

In Europe this picture was posted and said it’s Christiano’s son

Daisy! on

More “I heard….” but the story in the soccer circles my cousin moves in is that he got an American waitress pregnant through a one night stand, she wanted an termination, he didn’t agree so paid her off. Seems to be doing a good job of fatherhood anyways.

Paige on

I’m not the biggest fan of him (my favorite Real Madrid player is Kaka), but he sounds like a sweet and loving dad.

Anonymous on

Hi everyone! I’m from Portugal and I know Cristiano Ronaldo a little bit more than you. He is not a nice guy. He acts like he owns the world. He’s just disgusting!

nessa on

Yeah, sure Cristiano, we all believe you. *snort*

So, last summer, when the baby was like 2 months old, he prefered to spend holidays not with his family and his son, but only with his girlfriend… same goes for christmas-new’s eve.

He sure spends a lot of time with his son. And changes his diapers.

JM on

eurgh, really really don’t like this guy. such a creep. and i have never understood why girls find him attractive, he looks like such a slime ball.

lily on

I’m in love with him hahah. I always call him my husband, so obviously I’m going to be a little bias towards him. I think he’s a good father and all, hopefully he and the baby’s mother can work something out. By the way I have never seen a picture of his son, can someone send me the link?

Kresta on

Originally the mother was an American waitress but now she is said to be British. Whatever her nationality is, I do think this will get ugly before it is resolved. I could not be enticed to give up my baby either. I have no doubt that the child is very much loved and well-cared for by Cristiano and his mother but I do think the baby’s mother should be involved in his life too.

Morgan on

Wait, so the model he’s dating is not the baby’s mother? And they were dating when this happened? Weird. Well, not weird, just odd, but that’s the life of a professional athlete.

B.R on

@Georgina maybe you are right maybe not,I really don’t know, never met guy but from what I’ve read here in Canada he sounds like a nice guy. But you never know how much of what you read is true. Regardless of how his son came into the world, or who his mother is, or why she left, I just hope that his son is loved and well taken care off. Cause at the end of the day one parent that loves you and will do anything for you is better then none. If she didn’t want him, I am glad that she left him with his father, rather then him growing up with the mother who never wanted him, hates him, or God forbid did what my son’s bio-mother tried doing to him with a knife. So at the end of the day all stories are rumors until either the mother of the child or him say other wise. Still wish the little boy nothing but health and happiness in his life.

Mrs.B on

Hm, I’ll try to focus on the positive – he is one of the greatest soccer players of all times and I hope what he said it’s true.

CelebBabyLover on

Ladies, none of us have ANY idea why the baby’s mother isn’t in the picture. Maybe she didn’t want to raise the baby? Everything that’s been said about who the mother is and why she isn’t in the picture is just speculation. We don’t know the real story, and most likely we never will.

CelebBabyLover on

nessa- Just because we didn’t see him with the baby on his summer holidays or Christmas/New Year’s doesn’t mean the baby wasn’t with him. Perhaps and the baby and his (Cristiano’s) mother (whom this article says is helping Cristiano raise his child) were with him….but just stayed back in the hotel or rented house or wherever they were staying.

Evelyn B. on

He sounds like a good guy. Anyways, I just have to say that I think he’s gorgeous!!! He is all kinds of sexy hehe. Just had to get that off my chest 🙂

Jaedyn on

In my opinion, he is a very cocky idiot! I hope the baby is in good hands, though!

collete on

my sister lives nearly next door to some of closer his family in portugal (hubby’s in the USAF) and she says there’s big gates, lots of security and it’s all very suspect. that a child shouldn’t be being raised in circumstances like that.

it reminds me a little of michael jackson’s predicament. funny that, both men are thought to be hiding aspects of their sexuality they don’t like or don’t want known.
it does make you wonder what’s true or not when it’s so covert – seems to court attention rather than placate people.

plus he has to be the MOST arrogant person on the planet. i feel sorry for that baby being raised away from his mother. has cristiano ever thought about how that will make a grown up son feel?! that your mother could be paid off to be written out your life?!

and everyone knew. it’s not pleasant.

Jessie on

it’s nice to know that he is helping with his child and not leaving all the work to his mother and sisters.

Anonymous on

I got the impression that he might prefer to spend his holidays vacationing with his girlfriend… wouldn’t a good father prefer spend as much time with his baby as possible?!

jessicad on

I’m sure the decision wasn’t easy for the mother, especially if she wanted to have an abortion and he asked her not to. Maybe she was thinking of what’s best for her child and herself. Sounds like she’s young and unknown, something like that would change her life forever. Either way she DID choose to give her son life, and we don’t know all the details so we shouldn’t be too hard on her!

He’s cute, but he definitely has an arrogant vibe, I’m sure his son is just as cute!

fuzibuni on

I think the guy deserves some credit… whether he is “the most arrogant man in the world” or not. No one forced him to be involved in this baby’s life, and yet he chose to raise his son.

Perhaps the birth mother didn’t want the baby and he stepped in to say he would care for it. Who knows. But the fact that Christiano’s mother has been in the baby’s life from birth is a good sign too… that way while Chris is working there is a consistent and loving caretaker for his son.

I don’t know the situation, so I can’t hate on this dude. As for colette’s comment above that speculates he might be gay… I actually started cracking up at my keyboard when I read that. Have you seen the string of chicks this quy has been with? And his current gf is an underwear model. I’m pretty sure he is a major hetero.

And all the security at his house is pretty normal for a big celebrity (which I assume he is in Portugal). No one would think twice about anyone in Hollywood having a big compound with security. In fact, it’s the norm. There are weirdos out there who stalk people like Christiano. I imagine if you had that happen a couple times you would want big gates and guards as well.

Sorry on

Not knowing the facts makes the public draw any type of conclusion about the situation. The mother of this child was either caring and willing to gain financial security for herself and son or is plotting a plan to gain baby and money and a realty show!

Georgina on–sucking-thumb-son-watches-on.html

This article has a pic of Ronaldo Jr.

The thing is, many of us believe he isn’t actually raising his son. Like Nessa said, when Portugal were in the world cup, the baby stayed at home in Portugal, but when they were knocked out, the duitiful father went on a 2 week holiday to America, rather than rushing home to see his baby. There are loads more instances like that and the baby isn’t even 1 yet. He just gives the impression that he sees the baby as more of a possession, to be taken care of rather than brought up.

And Morgan no, the girlfriend isn’t the mother of the baby and yes they were going out around the time the baby was born. It’s actually disputed precisely how old the baby is, so noone knows when he was conceived. All very cloak and daggers!

Terri on

I don’t know…it sounds the best resolution to me. The mother didn’t want the child for whatever reason and was planning to either terminate the pregnancy or give him up for adoption. At least the person she gave the baby up to was the actual parent. I don’t think that makes her a bad person. And she (maybe) now has the means to better her life.

nessa on

CelebBabyLover: I believe you’ve read Georgina’s comment… There are pictures of his family (mother, sisters, etc.) in Portugal around the time he was on holidays with his girlfriend, in America, Greece, etc. So, and as we know Cristiano’s mother is the one who is raising the kid, I think we pretty much can assume that Cristiano wasn’t/isn’t around the baby that much.

And if it’s true that the baby’s mother wants him back, I don’t think these public displays (meaning, pictures of him on holidays all the time and without his family and son) are going to favor him. At all.

Luna on

Here’s my thoughts. The mother (for whatever reason) did not want to have a child. Cristiano stepped in and raised the child. Personally, I think that’s great. He has a girlfriend. Just because he does not spend every single second with his child and chooses to spend some with his girlfriend, that doesn’t make him a bad father. Also, seeing the amount of secrecy surrounding the baby, isn’t it possible that the baby might have been with him at times that we are not aware of. Maybe Cristiano was out publicly, but the baby was in the same location, kept hidden. Also, Cristiano’s mother is in the picture. Isn’t it possible she wanted time with him? I don’t know anything about this. These are just my thoughts. 🙂

Lea on

Actaully allot of gay people do the samething he is doing. They have very pretty ladies around them so the public can see but are actually gay. I guess you all have forgotten ricky martins story already but I have no and it seems like he might be gay.

Jill on

Lea, He has a long time girlfriend and even discusses marrying her….don’t think being gay has anything to do with it.

Sara on

Speculation only. Since grandma (Ronaldo’s mom) was directly mentioned as taking care of the baby too, and there are reports the Ronaldo is sort of in and out of the picture (he is a professional athlete so it could just be his schedule), my guess is Ronaldo and the birth mother had a one-night stand and neither really wanted to keep the baby, but grandma was not a fan of her grand child being put up for adoption or the pregnancy being terminated. She may have stepped up and told Ronaldo he better keep the baby and grandma would raise the baby.

Hea on

I truly feel for this kid. Ronaldo bought him and his mother sold him. That’s just not right. I hope he gets to be happy and has everything he needs.

tam on

Come one ladies, you know their have been rumours about this guy forever. The ‘mother’ is probably a surrogate. and his ‘girlfriend’ is most liley a beard

Anon on

Collete – I am the nanny of an extremely wealthy celebrity. They live on a massive property with armed guards at the gates and high-tech surveillance. The baby that I take care of could never be seen as far a the world is concerned, there is very little reason to remove him from the property (where he has his family, the outdoors, a pool, a walking trail, a playground, etc.)

And yet he has wonderful and doting parents who love him more than anything in the world… He is happy and healthy and very well-rounded. I wouldn’t be so quick to judge how a baby is being raised based on what are more than likly very neccessary security measures to ensure the baby’s safety.

Nate on

That dudes GF is beautiful!! Hopefully he takes care of his kid like a good father. His mother will probably make him take responsibity to some extent since that is what good ones do… They make their sons accountable.

Lotte on

Him? Changing diapers? When hell freezes over, maybe. His MOTHER is the one always seen toting the baby around while he’s off hanging out with his friends or his equally disinterested looking model girlfriend. No, I do not know him personally (nor do I want to!) but if I were to venture a guess he knocked up a one night stand, his strict Catholic family ordered him not to go for an abortion and helped bring the baby over to Portugal. Don’t see how the baby or the girlfriend fit into his life as all reports indicate he loves no one but his own reflection (and maybe his mom, he is a south european man after all, LOL). Coming to think of it…it could also be a Ricky Martin scenario of course…with the difference that RM actually takes care of his kids?

Denise on

Collete, big gates and security are not bad for a kid. Keep in mind that in other countries it’s not safe to keep a picket fence and you do need high walls and big gates surrounding your home. Where I come from everyone lives in a house with huge walls and gates and when I was a kid we had more interaction with our neighbors than a lot of people here in America in their fenceless homes.

Amanda on

The baby is taken care of, provided for, and loved… why does it matter if Cristiano is seen with him in public or not? Sure it’s not the same upbringing that we give our kids, but it appears that the boy is loved by his father, grandmother, and aunts and he will surely be provided for with the best that life can offer. Cristiano is a young, professional athlete with a ridiculous amount of money… most of us can’t fathom that lifestyle. What matters most is that the boy is taken care of properly and loved… and he is… so kudos to the Ronaldo family for that.

Anonymous on

i think he’s a jerk – just wants to show off – typical guy

helena on

All that’s seen in the media, other than the football, is him out or on holiday with his girlfriend. If he actually made the effort and spent time with his son like he does with his girlfriend, and if his girlfriend made the effort to bond with her “most likely future step son” maybe the media would have more positive things to say. Yes, having his mum and sisters looking after the baby when he’s training or playing thats fine, but his mum is too old to be raising a baby, and his sisters most likely have their own kids to bring up. HE’S the child’s father, HE should be raising him, regardless of his “career commitments”. His mum is the grandma and his sisters the auntie’s. Judging from the media he seems more interested in his girlfriend than his son. I hope he realises that all people have to age and she wont have them looks forever. There’s no guarantees that she’ll be part of his life FOR life whereas his son WILL BE. Hope he also realises that if he doesn’t grow up and take proper responsibility that he’s missing out on creating memories with his son, and missing out on really getting to know him. His son is his first priority, and should come before his girlfriend, again judging by the media he seems to be putting her before his own flesh and blood. And as for the biological mother. ANYONE that can give up a baby, does not deserve to be blessed with the ability to HAVE a child. No one knows what went on in relation to handing her son over to ronaldo, only “mum and dad” know the truth on what went on behind closed doors. She was either tricked or made the choice herself. She either genuinely regrets what she’s done and wants her son back or at least be part of his lifea, or she realises that by having him with her full time would mean she gets more than 10 million off ronaldo in the long run. By her actions giving him up in the first place and ronaldo leaving the real parenting to his mum and sisters no matter how fit i think he is, they’re both as vile as each other and neither deserve such a precious gift

P.S. So he changed a few nappies big wow, what does he want… a medal!!

helena on

But then again… Judging by what I just read about the mother I’m guessing she DOES want the child back for the sake of getting more money for “bringing up” a celebrity’s baby. Apparantly she is spending 100 thousand a month, so of she carries on spending like this then it will work out to be 1 million 200 thousand a year, and 9 million 600 thousand over a period of 8 years. So if her son does seek her out when he is older the grandma’s wish her grandson finds his mum living comfortably wont be fulfilled, as she’d be penniless again before he is 10yrs old.

Plus, didn’t ronaldo say he will tell his son about the mother when he is 18 and the choice will be his if he seeks her out? Yet an article says…

A friend of Ronaldo, who at 25 has already established himself as one of the most talented players of all time, said: “As far as he is concerned, it was her choice, her decision. He says, ‘She has zero rights to my son. She’s not seeing him ever again’.

ANY child who grows up with only one parent eventually wants to know who they are and where they come from. How their parents met. A child will want to hear this romantic story about how they got together and fell in love, and want to believe that their parents may get back together or that they are still very much in love with each other. This child is going to get the following… Result of a one night stand, mum chose money instead of own child and before first birthday spending money like it was going out of fashio. Dad playing control games with mom when asked to see me (if the article on the calls is true). Mum was just a notch on his bed post. Not in love, wont be together, they don’t even know each other. Mum can’t tell me anything about dad, dad can’t tell me anything about mom. NICE ONE!! Not!!

Angelina J on

Can everybody just give the guy a break! He is doing the best he can, with his hectic soccor scedule and life – believe me he is doing all he can to balance out his priorities. Being one of the worlds best soccor players, first-time dad and a very hot sexy casannova he is beyond busy – let him be who he is best – Cristiano Ronaldo – love you CR x x