Third Child on the Way for Antonio Sabàto, Jr.

01/19/2011 at 05:05 PM ET
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The next Antonio Sabàto will have a lot to live up to — and even more to learn to pronounce.

Actor Antonio Sabàto Jr. and his girlfriend, singer Cheryl Moana Marie, announced Wednesday they’re expecting a child together, a son due in the spring.

They plan to name the baby Antonio Sabàto III after his father and grandfather — both actors — and one of his middle names will be Kamakanaalohamaikalani, which means “a beloved gift from the heavens.” (The other middle name is Harvey.)

Sabàto, 38, and Marie met in Los Angeles two years ago after Sabàto returned from Hawaii, where he failed to find lasting love through his reality show My Antonio.

The couple are “both very excited,” his rep says. Sabàto also has a son Jack, 16, whose mother is actress Virginia Madsen, and a daughter, Mina, 7, whose mother is Kristin Rossetti.

“The family is thrilled about the new addition,” the rep adds.

Sabàto next appears in the comedy Balls to the Wall and recently completed the indie drama A Mother’s Secret.

— Mike Fleeman

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Beo on

?????????????????????? Congrats to them all,….. but just give the kid a nice and respectable name why don’t ya!

Indira on

uh, okay. Congrats!

Crystal on

I used to love Antonio Sabato Jr on GH! That is a CRAZY middle name. I’m confused. Is that middle name the baby’s father’s and grandfather’s middle names or are they giving him a different middle name? Either way that is probably the most unique middle name I’ve EVER heard. CONGRATS! 🙂

jeepers on

How many children can one have out of wedlock? I feel like it is a competition in Hollywood. How close can you be to your children if they are scattered all over the place, living with different woman you used be with. It is kind-of gross, really, how these Hollywood folks just seem to hop into bed and have unprotected sex with everyone. Ick.

tink1217 on

interesting name..i guess..I’ve always liked him. Didn’t know he had two kids already just knew about the son with Virginia Madsen.

Lis on


That is the most ridiculous thing I have EVER heard (as far as naming a baby goes). Just name him Antonio Sabàto III and call it a day. I REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY hope they rethink this before the little guy makes his debut.

Congrats, but use your head people!!!

ForeverMoore on

Oh poor kid! At least he will have a normal first name 😀

Crimpe on

She is Hawaiian. How many people ever use their middle names? Particularly when there are four names? The meaning of the Hawaiian name is quite beautiful, and undoubtedly very special and meaningful to her. Yeah, it’s long – but it may not be used offically. My parents did not name me anything meaning “beloved gift from the heavens”…I’d say Cheryl is pretty psyched about this baby!

Shannon on

Three children by three different mothers? Oh.

Anyway…I think it’s great they’re giving the child a name with meaning. Just because it may be strange to some people doesn’t mean it’s not nice or respectable. Normal is relative, people.

klutzy_girl on

So there’s our announcement of the day! Wonder who’s tomorrow!

And congratulations to him!

Mallory on

I’m sorry, this is probably mean but I just can’t stop laughing at that middle name. That’s because I’m imagining Cheryl being mad at the little boy sometime in the future and screaming “ANTONIO HARVEY KAMAKANAALOHAMAIKALANI SABATO III, GET DOWN HERE NOW!”

What. a. name.

That aside, the meaning is beautiful and congrats to the family!

Gaia and Laban's mom on

I knew there were going to be ignorant responses towards the middle name. I really wish people wouldn’t be so narrow. Its not of your culture. I for one like hawaian names and have heard that name before sans aloha.

krewcat on

Im with you jeepers…

3 babies, 3 different women..kinda gross. At least they were together more than 3 months.

Crystal on

I agree. 3 children by 3 different mothers? Wrap it up Antonio.

JM on

😀 “the other middle name is Harvey” possibly one of the funniest things i have heard in a long time (considering the context).

anyway, all i can say for this woman, rather her than me 😉

Shawna on

@ Gaia and Laban’s mom People are allowed to have their opinions! It’s obvious you like weird names..but not everyone hush.

marimel on

Gaia and Laban’s mom, I agree with everything you said! I think Hawaiian names are incredibly beautiful and hope to give my child one some day (I used to live in Hawaii so it has a special place in my heart).

Also, I think the last time I saw your name on these boards (I don’t visit often anymore), was when you were pregnant with your son (I’m assuming you are the same “Gaia’s mom”) and were trying to decide what to name him. I LOVE Laban!!! Goes so beautifully with Gaia. Congrats 🙂

showbizmom on

How do you pronounce that? LOL Either way it’s a beautiful name.

I’m black and my husband is Korean- American our kids either have “American” first names or Korean middle names. I’m going to show this to my hubby who had a fit when I wanted our daughters middle name to be Hyun Ae which means Wise and loving. Beautiful right?! He hated it and said what a lot of you guys are saying. A lot of people wouldn’t be able to pronounce it. He gave her the name of Eun Ae I can hardly pronounce it! LOL Names are hard when it comes to couples of different cultures. Many of fights have been had in my bedroom over names….

And to those so “grossed out” of the out of wedlock babies. It happens everyday in your own neighborhood not just Hollywood. I’m more concerned about the 90 teen moms in I think Tennessee then I am about two grown ups having babies with three different women.

Mia on

Technically if it’s a “Jr” doesn’t it have to have the same name throughout? Wouldn’t that middle name technically not make him a III?

Like if a guy’s name is John J. Smith….the son would have to be John. J. Smith Jr to be considered “II”….not John Sean Smith (even though he could still be John Jr because of the same first name….but it’s not the same name throughout to actually be a “II” or “III”….etc).

And yeah-3 kids with 3 women. No marriage or commitment. That seems to be a problem-but hope to a healthy baby!

marimel on

Kamakanaalohamaikalani = Kama kana aloha mai kalani=
kahmah kahnah aloha my kalahnee… hopefully that’s right 😉

mother of 2 on

WHAT???????? wow, Thank goodness people dont usually use their middle names. WOW, poor kid. And yes, I agree that 3 kids with 3 different women is a bit much. Geez.

Laura on

@Shawna LOL!!!

@Gaia and Laban’s mom: I think your choice of the word ‘ignorant’ is inappropriate. An opinion different from your own, does not make people ‘ignorant’. I for one am a very educated person and I find the name ludicrous. We’re allowed to have a difference in opinion.

I hope we get an update in 5 years when this kid is in school. I would LOVE to hear about them teaching Antonio Harvey Kamakanaalohamaikalani Sabato how to spell his name.

dinora on

I dont like when a second or third wife name the kid the name of the father. To me it sounds pretentios like to try to make the father more linked to that kid than those he had before. i dont know, i just dont like.

Taylor on

Not sure why there’s such negativity towards the baby’s middle name. It’s not as if he’ll be called it in day to day life and it has special meaning to his parents; therefore, I fail to see the problem.

As for Antonio’s personal life, it’s just that: his personal life. It’s not as if he pulled a Lil Wayne and impregnanted three women within a six month span of time. His oldest is now 16. Where are these same comments when a post about Kevin Costner or Rod Stewart is featured?

lizzielui on

I don’t get why people don’t think this child will be able to spell or pronounce his name or that it is at all unusual given that he is part of the Hawaiian culture. How do you think that other native Hawaiians spell or pronounce their names?

soontobe on

Amen Taylor and Shame on you Laura for not followig your own advice. Just because Gaia and Laban’s mom doesn’t have the same opinion as you doesn’t mean you should jump down her throat. This site is truly becoming too childish. There will never be a day when everyone has he same opinion…never so lets just accept that an move on.

BTW I LOVE the name Gaia and I LOVE the thought behind Antonio’s son middle name.

CelebBabyLover on

Taylor- Exactly! And his soon-to-be middle child is 7. It also says that he and his girlfriend have been together for two years. So it would seem that they were actually responsible and waited to have a baby until they were ready.

Shawna- You’re right, people are allowed to have their opinions. And that includes Gaia and Laban’s mom! She doesn’t have to “hush” anymore than you or anyone else does! It irks me when people tell other people that everyone is allowed to have their opinion…while at the same time basically telling that person that they aren’t allowed to voice THEIR opinion!

Gaia and Laban’s mom- I agree! And I think that you were spot on by using the word ignorant. Not realizing that a “weird” name might be totally “normal” in another culture and that parents might be honoring their native culture by chosing a weird name IS ignorant, IMO. I wish people would stop and think before critcizing a parent’s name choice.

Also, I want to point out that just because someone has a “weird” name doesn’t mean they’re going to have to constantly pronounce and spell it for people. For example, I once knew a woman who had what’s considered a very unusual name here in the U.S. Her family was Czech (although she was born in the U.S. and has lived here her whole life), so she was given a Czech name. Well, she solved the problem of having an unsual and hard to pronounce name by going by a much more “normal”, easily pronounced nickname.

Bottomline: Just because someone is given an unusual name doesn’t mean they’ll go by that name as an adult. 🙂

Anyway, congrats to Antonio and his girlfriend!

Gaia and Laban's mom on

Marimel- Thank you!!! We were so in love with the name when we came across it. 🙂

Some of these posters have implied that this name lacks “respect”. Someone out and out called it “ridiculous”. To ask “what kind of name is that???” Means that the person lacks awareness. That’s the very definition of ignorant if I’m not mistaken. Its a “legitimate” name for lack of a better word and it comes from a culture that many no little about. My comment had nothing to do with difference of opinion but the incredibly narrow viewpoints of some posters here.

Shawna- I do like “weird” names. I have a weird name and for the record where I come from the name “shawna” would be considered very unusual.

And I went to school for twenty years, i’ve never heard anyones full name called in class.

Stella Bella on

That’s a beautiful, sweet middle name. If they were giving him such a long Hawaiian name as a FIRST name, I might think it was a bit odd. But a name that will most likely only be used by his parents? Gosh, people, it’s really not a big deal… And yeah, it sounds like some people here are a bit ignorant and close minded when it comes to Hawaiian culture.

lola on

that’s hilarious

VEO on

I think it’s very disrespectful to bash a name that your not familiar with because of your culture. I’m sure to Hawaiians, our names aren’t very pretty or normal either.

But then again, the posters on here are not known for their class…

B.R on

@dinora ever thought that he wanted to name his first son after his father but that the mother of the child was against it? I know I would never allow that. Maybe the mother is a reason and not him. Plus there is nothing that says that his relationship with this child will be anymore special then it is with his other kids.

@jeepers I find your comment to be very rude. So what if people are having kids out of wed lock. You can’t tell me that with the divorce rate @ over 50% it would have made any difference if he was married to any of the other women or not. When are women going to grow up and see the world. Marriage means nothing anymore. Heck in some of the states you can choose a quick marriage that comes in with a divorce option so everything gets slit 50/50 and long term marriage that mean you will have to go to court to divorce and split you belongings. And you still think having kids out of wed lock is taboo. Why?

As for three different kids by three different women. How cares? Like someone on here said it’s not like he had three kids with three different women in six months. The kids are 9 and 7 years apart something tell me that he gave each relationship a fair shot at working it out but it simply didn’t.

As for the kids middle name. I come from a country that doesn’t give middle names at all. Does that make a freak? In my mind it doesn’t so why would this kid be a freak with a name like Kamakanaalohamaikalani it has a beautiful meaning and it’s special for his mom, since his first name is after his dad and grandpa. So why not look at this as a beautiful thing? GH a really good friend of mine kept her sons Ethiopian name as his middle name and it’s about as long as the name above and I can’t see a single thing wrong with it. Or can justify it being a reason to make fun of someone for their choice.

Michelle Z. on

Announcing the pregnancy, the sex of the baby AND the baby’s name, all in one fell swoop?

Casandra on

So disgusted at the negativity, stupidity, and just plain ignorance about the middle name of the baby, bot not really surprised. First of all, it’s not some random sounds, letters, etc. mixed together to “create” a name, it’s obviously important and reflective of the maternal culture. “Respectful name,” — please. This post reeks of narrow-minded, colonialized standards that perpetuate the idea of “ethnic” or indigenous cultures as inferior and silly. Seriously people, Hawaiian names are extremely important to the culture and usually include people from the extended family in helping to name the child.

I understand that the name is not of the Western norm, but to be blatantly disrespectful and childish to something that obviously the parents have thought long and hard over is seriously pathetic.

Sky on

Wow what a name.

Candice on

I’d love to be the 4th baby mama!!!

Romy on

JM– you wrote exactly what I was going to…I laughed so hard reading the post, and then oh and the other middle name is Harvey lol. it’s ridiculous, they know it, but they like it. doesn’t matter the culture, I am sure they know it’s out there and like it anyway. oh well, at least it’s not his first name!

noam on

obviously, the middle name is to link the baby with his hawaiian heritage. it’s not made up or ridiculous, just culturally different than the continental-american norm. it is no different than if a parent used the name “johannes” to tie a child to his german heritage or corcan to ireland, or ngunda, a swahili name. it just is jarring because it’s long…anyways, who really uses middle names? you’re generally called by your first name, and most forms just usually ask for a middle initial, if anything. it’s not like it will be used every day, all the time…

Catca on

And stop the judging when you don’t know the facts. I have no idea what the situation was with all the women, but Antonio was married to Virginia Madsen so at least one of those children was not out of wedlock. Seriously, how many men out there have children by more than one woman? Too many to count. Why the sudden hate towards Antonio?

And Laura, an educated person respects other cultures. The middle name is apparently a traditional Hawaiian name. Calling it ludicrous is disrespectful of that culture. It’s not the same thing as saying you don’t care for it, which while not being disrespectful to another culture, would be disrespectful towards other human beings. People do this outside the Internet as well. They seem to feel it is their right to tell parents what they think of their child’s name. You are entitled to your opinion, but sometimes it’s best to keep those opinions to yourself.

nosoupforyou on

Three children by three different women. Ugh.

Ryan on

C’mon. Ease up on all the negativity about the middle name! It’s cultural and it has meaning. At least it’s INTERESTING. I completely agree with Dinora. I think that naming a child after his father is both pretentious AND sexist. I’ve said it before and I will say it again…I think that it’s unfair and demeaning to a woman who has carried and given birth to a child to have her “honor” her husband by giving her son his name YET we rarely hear about a woman getting that same “honor” of having her daughter named after her. It happens…but it is still very rare. I won’t change my mind on thinking it is unoriginal, sexist and morally demeaning to a woman. Just my opinion though.

Toya L. on

Awww Congratulations to them, I bet the baby will be gorgeous. = )

Frost on

It’s a Hawaiian name and from what I’ve seen, they tend to be long.

I do think the addition of Harvey is ridiculous though. 😛

Side note: Showbizmom, I’d love to see your kids, I bet they’re beautiful!! My mom is Korean and my dad is black, and I’m sure you already know, it’s a rare combo for a black woman to be with a Korean man. Did his family accept you with open arms?

dutchmom on

@ Shawna and @Laura: Of course you are entitled to your own opinion, as a am to mine. Mine opinion about you two is that you are both ignorant and rude and you two both need to HUSH.

Open your mind, it’s a middle name. Live and let live, and not only by your own standards.

Allie-Rose on

That middle name sure is quite a mouthful when it’s not your mother language, but the meaning is beautiful. Congratulations to Antonio and Cheryl.

Lauren on

It’s a very traditional Hawaiian middle name, the length is not uncommon or even the least bit of surprising. I live in Hawaii and if someone were to see my yearbook more than 20% of the students have some kind of 20 letter Hawaiian middle name. I am not native Hawaiian or anything all i know is that having a traditional Hawaiian middle name sign of respect to your culture and your ancestry, for the people who live here, the length it’s not silly at all nor is it some sort of competition. I wouldn’t be surprised if cheryl has some Hawaiian lineage.

paula on

My concern is for the other two children. Their time with their dad is already split, and now they get to watch him start a brand new family, while they just get to visit. I’m sure he will do his best, but the reality is that they will suffer. I’m a counselor and I see it over and over again. It’s very sad. Flame me all you want, but it’s the truth.

Angel on

I don’t care what they name the baby; however, he is technically not a III unless his daddy has the exact same names in the same order, which I highly doubt. Either way, I am sure this is going to be one gorgeous little boy.

Niko on

He gets around like Lil Wayne…

Ellen Smith on

Seems like the only thing Antonio can commit to is spreading his DNA.

Dee on

Antonio’s kids are thriving. They have a healthy relationship from what we can tell. We always see Jack and his sister with Virgina etc. so who the hell cares how many women he has kids with?

And seriously, who cares if its out of wedlock. Some people stay together and have a boatload of kids and they end up divorced or separated or dad walks out. This man obviously care enough or is invested enough in the relationships he has had to want to take that next step towards parenthood.

This is 2011, marriage is not essential to raising healthy, well adjusted kids. My brother has five kids with four different women and all the exes get along and all the kids see each other and spend time at dad’s on the weekends. The ones who live out of town, he visits and they spend time with family on all sides. They are intelligent and well driven kids who are the envy of some of their friends because although four does not live with dad, they see their father more often them some friends see theirs.

COngratulations to Antonio, it is his life and he should live it as he pleases. Besides lots of women have kids with different fathers, its part of life. You dont always end up staying with someone. As for the middle name, it means something special to them and its beautiful.

Better to have your kid’s name mean something than just to randomly draw a name out of air just because its cute or some celebrity has it…or you just ate something and feel like you should name your kid chicken….I’m just saying…lol

Denise on

While there are many people who have long names, I just don’t see how this child, in the future, is going to be able to fit all of that on any sort of SAT registration, driver’s license or job application. I guess when it says “legal name”, it won’t all fit. I know this is a baby we are talking about, but he will grow up and there will be issues with this super long name.

I think the use of the Hawaiin name to recognize heritage is really nice, I always love that, but he isn’t technically a “III” unless Jr. (his father) has the exact same name.

But I bet this is going to be one cute baby.

Bancie1031 on

Just curious/confused …. how is the baby going to be Antonio Sabato III if he’s going to have a different middle name? A JR or III or IV or V means all of them have the same exact name! That’s why they add the Jr, III, IV or V to verify the difference/differentiate between father and son or grandfather, father/son and son/grandson not just for looks ….. If they want to name him Antonio Kamakanaalohamaikalani Harvey Sabato that’s fine but he wouldn’t be a III unless his father and Grandfather both had the same exact name.
They can name THEIR child anything they choose, I do love how they chose a name that has meaning to them, but once again it would not make him a III.

Cécile on

Clint Eastwood has 7 children with 5 women and you never read any dergatory comments about it. The guy is always presented as the epitom of class and “the real man”.I guess being a Hollywood icon gets you a free pass and a more indulgent view from women.

Cécile on

I forgot De Niro who has children from 3 women and it doesn’t seem to upset anybody. Too bad for you Antonio, you’re not on the A list.

Jessie on

she’s hawaiian and the middle name reflects her culture, but it seems a bit long to put on a birth certificate,lol

Shawna on

@dutchmom Take your ignorance back to Holland…and you can HUSH.

kim on

Lis, what an incredibily disrespectful comment towards the Hawaiian culture!

It is indeed a very long middle name but quite common for someone of Hawaiian heritage. So to say it is the most ridiculous thing you EVER heard is beyond rude. Yes, people are allowed to have their own opinion but you are insulting a cultural thing. Will you also say this to someone’s face who is Hawaiian and mentions their middle name to you? No, you won’t.

Marilyn on

That long middle name and then “Harvey” sounds funny to me but whatever.

Linda on

At least it is a middle name and he could always refer to it as an initial. lol.

Sam on

Well! Not much left for old Sam to say on this one. You all have it covered nicely! I don’t want to be told to ‘HUSH’ so I’m just going to say “congratulations on the up coming arrival of little ‘Tony'”. 🙂 However, I would like to add that while reading along I came to @Candice’s post and burst out laughing. lol

Tiana Phillips on

Antonio, Owen, etc, etc…… Don’t celebrities know about SAFE SEX?????

erilynne on

There is nothing wrong with the name. It’s long yes, but it means something and it is that long cause of the culture! My Dad & Nana are from Poland and his middle isn’t as long but if you didn’t know the language you would have no idea what the letters pronounce to be…

Granted it has a English name translated that is easier to understand so this one might too.

As for the wedlock…no comment since everyone has different views on it, my word would be a useless argument.

Sam on

Ok, I had to say more! hehe Comparing Antonio to Lil Wayne is a bit much. Antonio will have 3 children, by 3 different women in 16 1/2 years. Umm, Lil Wayne had 3 children by 3 different women in just over 13 months. No comparison peeps.

Now play nice, please! 🙂

Sarah S. on

Well…that’s the longest Hawai’ian name I have ever seen!! They couldn’t just go with a shorter name like “Kalani” (Of the heavens) or “Makana” (Gift)?

showbizmom on

@Frost Thank you! It is rare but a beautiful combination of cultures. The meeting of the families was like a movie, kind of fitting since I work in show business. It was hard, especially since my parents are divorced and my father is gay so I kind of have two dad’s and a mom! Since the grand kids started rolling in and me learning Korean and our kids being bilingual. It’s been so much easier. The families are getting along much better now. There should be a support group for Black Korean families 🙂 LOL

MiB on

@Lis and everyone else, they did use their heads when deciding on a name that reflects her heritage and has a meaning to them. You would probably find my middle name equally laughable, albeit considerably shorter, but it reflects my background and meant something to my parents (my brother’s traditionally spelt name would probably fall under the epitet “cre8tive spelling” for most cbb readers). The fact that you have never heard of a certain name or because it name sounds strange to you does not give you the right to dismiss it. As for it being so long that he’ll never learn to spell it, rest assure, unless he’s dyslexic, he will.

Taylor on

Tiana Phillips, who’s to say those pregnancies weren’t planned? Apparently couples without a marriage certificate can’t make the choice to become pregnant. I suppose all of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s children were accidents, too.

Jen DC on

The Native Hawaiians thank you for your cultural sensitivity, I’m sure.

Man, you people are ignorant.

Jen DC on

@ Laura: Ignorant is the word I mean to use. It means LACKING IN KNOWLEDGE. Perhaps if you were more willing to learn Hawaiian pronunciation (which isn’t actually that hard), the name would seem more “normal” to you.

Raphaella on

I don’t like the fact he’s naming his second son by another mother after himself. Did he even consider how his first son might feel about this?

I realize that Antonio may have wanted to name his first son after himself but maybe his first wife rejected it but that doesn’t mean he should now give his new son the name Antonio III. I find it a little disrespectful toward his first son. I also think it’s weird that his new partner would be okay with this. As a stepmom myself, I wonder why she would go along with the name giving the circumstances. I would have suggested Antonio as a middle name especially since no one will call the baby Antonio anyway as it would confuse him with his father. (My stepson and niece both use nicknames to distinguish themselves from their parents/grandparents).

dsfg on

Raphaella, how in the WORLD is it disrespectful to a first son for a father to name his second son after him? Really, please explain this.

It has been a tradition in many families to name the first son after his grandfather and the second son after his father. For all we know, Jack is named after someone.

Jill on

CBL, If Shawna feels someone should “hush” that is HER OPINION!!

Mia on

I think people that think “marriage is just a piece of paper” are missing the point. Yes-you can be committed without the legal ceremony of marriage-just because you’re legally tied to the person you’re in a relationship with doesn’t mean you’re going to be together forever.

However, taking the step be legally bound to somebody through your relationship is by far the biggest commitment you can make to them-and marriage is about making a relationship work for better/worse. A lot of people seem to get into a relationship for a couple of years-have a kid and then move onto the next relationship. That’s not what makes a relationship work-it’s being mature enough to make your relationship work no matter what. Not give up when things get the slightest difficult and not feel obligated to make it work because you’re legally not married and “can leave whenever you want”.

Granted-sometimes if someone has 5 kids by 4 or 5 different people-it CAN work….but that’s not setting an example to commit. Starting a family should be a commitment to both the children/the partner involved. Not just making a family and moving onto somebody else.

Terri on

My goodness! With a middle name that long do you really need a second middle name? Wow.

Indira on


Maybe the first son’s mother wasn’t fond of the naming tradition. Maybe naming the son after the father was originally cheryls idea.

Mama on

Such cultural sensitivity in the responses of this post. Oh my….

eternalcanadian on

Whoa. That is one heck of a middle name! I’d like to see that on a driver’s license or passport, never mind a degree!

I don’t get it though. Why are they saddling the kid with such a middle name? Nothing wrong with Antionio Harvey Sabato, Jr.?

Frost on


I’d love to read a book on your story! lol

There should def. be a support group for black/Korean families, it can be so dramatic for no reason. I know have a friend who is black and her baby daddy is Korean and his family is not supportive AT ALL. She doesn’t speak to them and they completely try to push her out of the fold. I know I’m half black, and my Korean side still didn’t like me dating a black guy!

Other note: Antonio cannot be compared to Lil Wayne, be serious. Lil’ Wayne was having sex with multiple women, unprotected, in the span of about a year. Antonio has about a decade in between each woman. 😛

Angie on

What a middle name. As soon as I read it I thought of the book Tikki Tikki Tembo. My girls get a kick out of reading that book and saying the name of the little boy … Tikki tikki tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo.

Congrats to all!

Anoymus on

I agree I think it is extremely disrespectful towards his first son giving the new baby the name Antonio Sabato III I mean C’mon!! I don’t know , I wouldn’t be happy if I were his son but that’s just me . but … Congrats to the happy couple!

PandaGirl on

They should make it simple and name his tikki tikki tembo no sa rembo chari bari ruchi pip peri pembo. Much easier to remember.

Bella Mama on

Congrats to the couple. May the child live a long, happy and healthy life.

Angel on

I’ve never understood naming any son but the FIRST son a “junior” or the “third.” I’ve known several guys who were the firstborn, were named something other than their father and grandfather’s name, only to have their younger brother named “junior” or the “third” and it really, really hurt their feelings like “Why wasn’t that honor given to me as the firstborn?” It’s like the parents can’t come up with a name and just decide to name the child after the father and/or grandfather. In this case, with THREE baby-mamas, it’s pretty obvious that this woman is staking her claim by naming the child after his father and grandfather when there’s another son by another woman. Jack, even though he’s the oldest, is probably breathing a sigh of relief, in this case, that he didn’t end up getting saddled with that monstrosity of a name.

Nika on

Celebbabylover, what was your Czechs’ friend name?
I like unusual names, too

Kai on

Give me a break, people. I was born and raised in Hawaii, lots of people have long and beautiful Hawaiian names. It’s an integral part of the culture; naming and naming ceremonies are very important. Just because it’s not “normal” to you or you don’t understand it, doesn’t mean it’s ridiculous.

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I agree with the other ppl who commented on Antonio. How many baby’s mother’s do you need. I think that it’s disgusting all these women, all these kids scattered across the U.S. By Hollywood’s standards it’s ok, bc they have money. Terrible..

Jill on

There is no reason to yell at people. That in itself is quite rude. Additionally, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just like you stated yours, people have stated theirs. If they don’t like it, that is their choice. They have every right to express their opinion…just like you!

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B.R., it’s rude to type in capital letters. You’re trying to make a point but only the obvious is clear (sorry, I had to mention that).

Congratulations on the baby, a life is always a blessing. What’s not a blessing is that Antonio appears to throw his sperm around (another great Hollywood role model). Then again, celebrity “girlfriends” get pregnant rather quickly. 3 kids by 3 women is truly sad 😦 Time will tell if they’ll stay together or he’ll go on to kid #4 or kid #5. This generation is too open minded and kids out of wedlock has become the norm.

tracy on

I would love to know why everyone is so worked up. What they name thier son is not your concern. The bashing of Antonio is harsh and not needed. If his kids are happy and taken care of, then all what is there to harp on? I think that some of you are jealous meanspirited harpies who need to shut up.

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WOW! some of you people are just DUMB!!! Please respect others cultures…and really what do you care??? its not your kid…Do you dare to say what your kids names are? Maybe some of us would think its a ridiculous name also!??!!! Try looking in the mirror before you bash others…so narrow minded and yet seems as if you don’t have your own life…I’ve known Cheryl from the 4th grade…She’s a very sweet person..I too am from Hawaii…all i can say is don’t judge others because no one is any better….