Natalie Portman Wants to Enjoy Pregnancy In Bed with Popcorn

01/19/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

The baby bump watch for Natalie Portman is on — and the actress doesn’t mind in the least.

“It’s so lucky. I feel so lucky so it’s all good things,” the Golden Globe winner, who is expecting her first child with fiancé Benjamin Millepied, told PEOPLE on the red carpet Sunday night.

However, once the award season comes to a close, Portman, 29 — who’s drawing rave reviews for her role in Black Swan — plans to spend her pregnancy relaxing.

“I hope I’ll get to lie in bed and eat popcorn and watch TV for the rest of it,” she laughs. “Not always be out in public looking like a whale, but it’s all nice energy that everyone is showing.”

As for the mommy glow? She’s already got it, notes Portman. “I feel happy and I think when you’re happy you’re always glowing,” she explains.


— Anya Leon


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NM on

“I hope I’ll get to lie in bed and eat popcorn and watch TV for the rest of it,” she laughs. “Not always be out in public looking like a whale, but it’s all nice energy that everyone is showing.”

Looking like a whale? Uh, you don’t look like a whale when you’re pregnant. You look pregnant! There’s a baby in there!

tink1217 on

love her but hate the whale comment!!!

Heather on

umm… I’m pretty sure she couldn’t look like a whale if she tried. I’m a hell of a lot bigger than she is and I don’t think I looked like a whale when I was pregnant… I just looked pregnant!

Brittany on

The more I come to this website, the more I learn to tell right away which specific comments that people will criticize, i.e. the whale comment. Please, like none of you ladies ever felt like that during pregnancy?

steph on

Did you consider that SHE FEELS like a whale?? Thus her comment…not everyone feels comfortable with their baby belly, and that’s probably heightened because the public gets to judge her.

hayley w on

She is right!! Although i was bigger more a two story house …in fact i was so big my husband made beeping noises when i sat down like a truck when it backs up lol

sure there is a baby in there, also a ton of water weight, for me as much bread as a bakery.

ladies do me a solid 🙂 stop trying to find things to be offended by …how about just having a sense of humour.

Mommy of 2 on

I completely understand her whale comment!! She is probably referring to how she will more than likely feel not look. and for someone to say that they never once felt like that through their pregnancy regardless of size is a liar!!!

jeepers on

Well, I may think that pregnancy is beautiful in many ways, but so felt like a whale. I gained a lot of weight, which I fortunately lost, but I was big. And I didn’t have to have it monitered pound by pound in the media. Noone should be offended if she says she feels/looks like a whale. Doesn’t mean that she would have thought that of you.

CM on

Mommy of 2 I never felt like a whale during my pregnancy, and that’s NO lie.Of average size-healthy toned slim but not skinny or small by any stretch of the imagination, I gained 34lbs, seemingly mostly during the last few 6-7 weeks. I felt bloated towards the end but not once did I feel like a whale. That’s not to say that I’m better than anyone else but I had to respond to your comment that anyone who says they never felt like a whale during pregnancy is a liar. I understand the concept but to insinuate that every single pregnant lady who didn’t feel like a whale is liar is not right.

IMO on

My friend weighs about 100lbs and is about 5’6. She has already said that when she gets pregnant she will look like a whale. Everyone feels differently

Indira on

I’m going to be offended. Not on the behalf of pregnant women. On the behalf of the whales! Poor dears.

Shannon on

IF she doesn’t lie in bed eating for the rest of her pregnancy, perhaps she won’t end up looking like a whale. Pregnancy is not a time to gorge and be lazy.

Angela on

Just make sure someone changes your sheets daily, Natalie, as oily popcorn crumbs/uncooked kernels will not be fun to sleep on. 🙂

elle on

Enjoy the relaxation now, as you’re in for a life-changing journey 🙂

Mia on

In all defense-If anyone has been to the movies lately she has like 4 movies out this season. Black Swan, NSA, Thor, and another one, so she has been really busy with work. She probably just wants to relax in bed and be comfortable in her later stages of pregnancy.

showbizmom on

@Angela haha
I was 130 my first pregnancy and got to be 180 by the time I pushed her out at 10lbs! I agree with Shannon it’s not a time to fat and lazy. But sometimes it takes first time mom’s to get fat and lazy with their first to realize that by their second they DON”T want to do it again! Especially if they haven’t lost the weight from the first! It worked like that with me!

Amanda on

I agree, don’t buy into the “I’m pregnant I’m going to eat whatever I want” that so many do Natalie! I also did it with my first and I felt absolutely awful at the end of my pregnancy.

I’ve had 3 kids and I’m pregnant with our 4th, I’ve ranged from 105-115lbs before each pregnancy and am 5’3 so I’m not a big person but I definitely felt like a whale at the end of each pregnancy. Come on, when you can’t get out of bed without rolling yourself out, can’t tie your own shoes, put your pants on, or shave without feeling like a gymnast and need help standing up after sitting I think it’s reasonable to say you feel like a ‘whale’ no matter how big you are.

JC on

The critizing stuff is why I try to avoid the comment section on just about every website nowadays. I get sick of listening to people be harpy’s and think everyone feels the exact same way they do.

Cammy on

She may feel like a “whale” but she’ll never look like one! Actually, I think all pregnant women are beautiful. But I remember in my last month of pregnancy feeling weighted down – especially when the baby dropped.

Marlee on

This is the second or third derogatory comment she’s made about pregnancy weight. She’s obviously having a hard time with getting bigger… Hopefully she can come to terms with that and enjoy the pregnancy.

M on

aw cut her some slack with the eating popcorn! i bet many of these actresses are on permanent diets. if they want to indulge during pregnancy, it’s fine! i’m sure she’ll lose the weight and popcorn in bed isn’t going to hurt her or the baby.

deborah on

Hayley- Your husband is too funny!

I ate so many blueberries..I thought my kid will come out looking like the kid on Welly Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! My son will not eat blueberries to this day!

Alice on

I love the whale comment, I think it’s funny and I can imagine it might make you feel this way, after all you can’t see your feet and are full of water 😉

Ally on

Looking like a whale…WTF? disrespectful to women who are and who have been pregnant. I never once looked at a pregnant women and have something negative like that pop in my mind. It’s an amazing thing! I’m a mother and enjoyed every second of my pregnancy….but even if I hadn’t I wouldn’t say the word “Whale” when talking about a pregnant women.

Jacqueline on

Why are you guys getting so offended and critical?? Chill out!

She looks gorgeous and she’s happy!

I’m in my 6th week of my 2nd pregnancy after our first resulted in an early miscarriage, and as I have been telling my finace and best friend, I feel like a “big fat fatty!” when I’m 5’2 and weigh 120 pounds after gaining 4 pounds already. It’s not to be insensitive because I’m just expressing how I feel. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but it’s just a weird feeling to suddenly have this weight in one area, and feel uncomfortable in your clothes.

Just be happy there’s this happy pregnant person, and wish her a happy and healthy 9 months!

Linda on

She is extremely immature to make a “whale” comment like that! Grow up, Natalie!

Medusa on

Pregnancy is beautiful. However, that being said, there were times when I definitely felt like a whale! Reaching for a fallen sock and getting stuck in between two pieces of furniture. Banging other restaurant-goers in the head with my stomach as I tried to make my way back to my table. Goodness, she’s just being honest.

Maria Lopez on

hey why are some “moms” freaking out that she says he feels like a whale….uh look how petite she is, look how small she was in “Black Swan” plus shes an actress of course she feels weird with a bit of extra weight…I’m no actress and I would feel weird with the extra weight

Manal on

You Americans are weird!!… I love Natalie Portman! and i found the whale comment really funny!

Holly on

I’ve heard plenty of mamas-to-be comment on feeling/looking like a whale. I think she is referring to herself and how she will feel when she is very pregnant, not pregnant women in general! She was being silly and kidding around, everyone. I don’t think it was a stab at all pregnant moms….

L'aube on

Get a sense of humor people, and stop making everything about you. Grow up!

Ann on

Take it from someone who is pregnant right now, you do feel like a whale at times. It takes time to adjust to your growing body. At least she was being candid.

kirsten namini on

“looking like a whale????” yea. She’s a great role model. Pregnant women are beautiful and they are supposed to have stomachs – theres a baby in there. What is her problem????

Kate G on

Am I the only one annoyed by this woman lately? Her claim to fame was “Now and Then” 15 years ago, and she just popped out of the woodwork and made 4 blockbuster hits the last year? Good for her, but enough with the pregnancy. Nobody else has the luxury of watching tv and eating popcorn for 5 months…and we all work just as hard. Enough.

Kate G on

Oh…and the rose on the front of your dress? Awful.

chismosa on

i would like to know that since her father is an infertility specialist then why is she an only child? it’s so funny right? She grew up around me and we see the father around. I just always wondered…

Janice Rannals on

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Natalie! Best of luck to you and your new family 🙂

m on

Could she be more awkward?

NM on

What happened to her being a private person?

Holiday on

I never felt like a whale either, although I never gained more than 25 pounds with either pregnancy. She probably feels that way since most Hollywood celebrities are so tiny and if she got to 140 she would probably feel huge.

fil on

The reporter was pregnant as well!!!

Me on

stupid comment, she didn’t say she felt like a whale, she said she didn’t want to be seen in public looking like a whale. she couldn’t look like a whale if she tried. been pregnant twice and i’m overweight to begin with, have been all my life, everybody has a different body type and different genetic makeup. Just be happy your able to have children, so many people who can’t. Enjoy looking like a whale, it’s a blessing.

Me on

Can’t stand her snooty ass. I’ll bet she’ll be “too posh to push” as well.

ava on

Do you all honestly believe she is just going to lay around and eat eat eat? She was just kidding around and probably just really excited. Its called a sense of humor! I am sure many of you all have felt the same way and just wanted to lay back and eat after being on your feet all day and weeks on end. People say things like that but don’t mean it, she was just being really honest with how she feels and what she wants.

Deb on

we’ll see how often she surfaces im sure….

JH on

people need to stop taking everything celebrities say so serious and personal. if she feels like a whale then she had the right to feel like a whale. if she wants to sit at home and eat popcorn then she has the right to sit at home and eat popcorn. not everything they say is personally directed toward you or how you live your life.

cindy on

wow, i resent the whale comment. i was one sexy, hot mamma when i was pregnant, and my husband could not keep his hands off me. not sure why women have to degrade themselves like that, come on girls…we can do better than that! pregnancy is the essence of womanhood, not something to hide out during, or try to conceal! open your minds ladies and don’t let those bimbos at the playboy mansion control your minds, a tiny waist is not the only thing that makes you ooze sexuality!

ASA on

This is the second “fat” comment I’ve read from her regarding her pregnancy. She clearly has body image issues, sadly. And she’s a TINY girl. She doesn’t even look pregnant yet. Being pregnant is a wonderful gift and I relished the changes my body went through with all three of my pregnancies. That’s not to say I loved them all (stretch marks, etc.), but I loved my pregnant (not fat!) body. I hope she gets over this fat thing.

Darian71 on

Most of you people seriously need to get a life. I totally felt like a whale when I was pregnant and I never even got very big. I would also lay around in bed and relax when I could, knowing that once the baby was here it would be years before I would be able to do it again.

eva on

a whale??? u must some bitter lady or a lonely man. get a life.

SAR on

It’d be awfully nice to get a break from her hypocritical, phony personality for a while.

But it’ll never happen, because she loves publicity way too much. Ten bucks says she “nonchalantly” or “accidentally” shows off her bump every day until she pops the kid out, while still simpering that she “wants her privacy.”

CourtneyB on

Am I the only one that noticed that….Is natalie really that tall?? Or is she standing on something??

Christina on

Sucks that she made the whale comment and the person interviewing her is VERY pregnant herself. Oops!!

MJ on

can she shut up and go to bed? wasnt she saying she is a private person? but now she’s too much public and talking too much about her bedroom and fetus… where’s her superstitiousness?

Rebecca on

Not so sure she will enjoy eating popcorn in the later stages of pregnancy…..might be too uncomfortable….best wishes to her though…

fat girl? on

Maybe this is something skinny people don’t understand. When I was pregnant, I was happy to look “big” because I was glad that someone might finally think I was overweight for a reason. I have always been comfortable with my size as an overweight person, but I have felt the judgment of others. So no, I don’t relate to feeling “like a whale”.

Tammy on

I’m really losing respect for this woman. This isn’t the first negative comment she’s made about being pregnant. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be concerned about weight gain when you’re pregnant but you shouldn’t look at the weight gain as problematic and embarrassing. She’s making herself sound ignorant.

MrsSutton on

People….chill. Who doesn’t feel like a whale at some point in a pregnancy. Stop acting like you’re better or she’s worse.

Waverly on

I think everyone needs to chill out. Let’s face it: when a woman is pregnant, she’s larger than normal — and since Natalie Portman has an amazing body, the change more than likely feels very drastic. For all of you who don’t enjoy the whale comment, what comparison would you like Natalie to make? “Not always be out in public looking like a cat?”…”butterfly?”…”zebra?” Besides, though whales may be big, they are beautiful and majestic (not to mention extremely smart) creatures. Love Natalie, she can do no wrong. End of story, case closed.

Megan on

I don’t think she’s offending pregnant women by making the whale comment. I’m on my 4th pregnancy and I totally get what she’s saying. However, I LOVE my body when I’m pregnant. But I also realize, nobody is tiny while pregnant either. We all feel like whales.

Colleen on

What a stupid thing to say!!! Go away and hide then!!

Arianna on

My mom had 5 kids before turning 30… she’s 32 now and admited many times to feeling like a whale! There are many women who look stunning pregnant but I guarantee at some point or another they felt that way! I think Amanda’s comment was very honest and Natalie was just being truthful when she made her statement! Imagine going from how tiny she was in Black Swan to becoming very pregnant, it would be a change to say the least!

Kristine on

Oh brother here we go….everyone telling how much they gained and lost and how they looked beautiful.m ladies shut up and stop trying to one up each other and make up lies

mommylove on

she is so right. most pregnant women feel like whales at some point. pregnancy women are absolutely beautiful, but we don’t always feel beautiful when we are pregnant. i don’t think anyone should be offended by her comment. i recently had a baby and although i didn’t gain too much weight and was not overweight before i was pregnant, i felt HUGE. it’s just a different feeling, being pregnant. she’s entitled to her feelings.

CL on

Anyone else tired of reading about/listening to Natalie Portman complain about how “fat” she is getting and turning into a whale, etc.? News Flash Natalie: YOU’RE PREGNANT. ENJOY IT! Plus, don’t think your comments help young women struggling with weight issues.

soph on

Of course Natalie is anticipating feeling like a whale–she’s a twig. Why do you all have to get so personally offended over someone expressing themselves?

Lacey on

When I was pregnant, I ate fast food several times a week, baked every other day, gained nearly 50lbs and if a whale wattled, it was me. Ya know, with my second…I would do it all over again! I think Natalie shouldn’t be thinking of all the negative’s and enjoy her pregnancy.

Toya L. on

I ate any and everything and gained so much weight that I’m embarrassed to say but at my 6 weeks check up, I had lost all but 11 pounds (that I needed). I believe she will snap right back to her pre pregnancy size, if not smaller, with however much she gains.

Josh on

How mean that a husband would make beeping noises when his wife, who is carrying their child, sits down; like a truck backing up. Really??? I’m a guy and that’s just mean and borderline abusive. Sense of humor one thing, mean-spirited is another. Natalie is a first time Mom who doesn’t know what to expect; I don’t think the comment is offensive. If her fiancee beeps when she sits down; that’s offensive!

J on

For pete’s sake, she’s talking about herself and people still get up in arms.

Amanda on

I disagree with Amanda (haha my name is Amanda too) about not eating whatever you want during pregnancy. I ate tons of things when I was pregnant, good and what others would call ‘unhealthy’. I gained about 50 lbs and felt AMAZING. I only wish I could eat like that now lmao
I did feel like a whale sometimes though.

Angel on

I think Natalie is having a baby girl. She’s very pretty. I can tell whether its a boy or a girl. If i’m wrong then, still it’s a blessing. ^_^ very happy for her. Every woman’s dream of having a great family is given to her with very good Nominations and Wins!

Anonymous on

Oh please, my sister said she felt like Shamu when she was expecting, whats the big deal, not like you are gonna feel nice and slim. Remember she is a TINY, skinny girl cut her some slack.

mindy on

I’m sure she meant that comment about staying in bed eating popcorn as a joke and not literally, because if she does that, she will gain an excess of weight. Of course, most women don’t have the option to not work and just laze around the house when they are pregnant. I worked til the day before giving birth to both of my kids.

babyloover on

I’m actually shocked at how people seemingly want to turn every innocent comment into something hideously negative! Natalie was CLEARLY joking on both counts, I’m sure in the second trimester of pregnancy >manyjoke<

It's a sad sad world when we have to get all up in arms bitching about light-hearted remarks!

Erin on

Wow, some people need to have a better sence of humor. She was just making a funny.

Lucy on

She can feel however she wants, but I don’t like the whale comment either!!! I think once she gets to “whale status” she will be more accepting of it; I thought I would be uncomfortable being bigger but I embraced it and loved it. Being pregnant was a wonderful time in my life, and I hope it will be for her too.

Cécile on

I’m not offended by the whale comment and think she said it in a joke. I also seriously doubt that she’ll spend the rest of te pregnancy in bed.She’s got at least 2 big movies opening in the first half of 2011.
I’m sure we can get ready for red carpet events and premieres with Natalie and her growing belly!

KGP on

Consider that in her industry, gaining weight is a major taboo — even if the weight gain is b/c you’re pregnant, I’m sure it doesn’t help to have to attend events with super thin women wearing tight dresses!

jemms on

well I would rather look like a whale while pregnant than a jacka**

Me on

Note to stars: DO NOT MAKE JOKES! Too many people have no sense of humor and are just waiting to find something to be offended about.

kim on

“…but even if I hadn’t I wouldn’t say the word “Whale” when talking about a pregnant women.”

She also didn’t say the word ‘Whale’ when talking about a pregnant woman. She was saying the word referring to herself.

Lighten up, people.

Hannah on

For everyone asking about her wanting privacy and suddenly being open: It’s award season! She’s going to be out in public and people are going to interview her, since she recently announced she was pregnant they’re going to ask her about it, a lot. Now that award season is slowing down/coming to an end she may well slip back into privacy mode but with 4 movies and demanding schedules right now don’t blame her for being tired.

As far as the whale comment: My mom told me she hated being pregnant, she loves me but did not enjoy the experience on a whole despite knowing other women didn’t get to experience being pregnant. Some people, despite wanting a baby just do not like the experience and can’t say I blame them all. Another close friend was recently pregnant and she said she felt like a whale and was pretty miserable, but she loves her son more than anything in this world.

For the person who said she hasn’t done very many movies: What about Where the Heart Is? Or the Star Wars movies or V for Vendetta, she may not have done as many as others but hey the woman took time to go to Harvard for crying out loud.

All of you making snarky comments and being offended need to find something better to do with your lives than be offended by her innocent comment – there are worse things in this world being said than her comment so chill out, relax, go eat some popcorn in bed.

Natalie- I think you’re gorgeous and admire you greatly.

Tess on

I’m so glad she’s continuing to keep her private life private now that she’s pregnant. Oh, wait, she’s not.

soph on

Kate G, there is so much wrong with your comment I can’t even…

Please review the cast list for Now and Then, because she was not in that. Maybe you’re thinking of Christina Ricci or Thora Birch. She did not just “pop out.” Where the Heart Is. Garden State. Closer (for which she was nominated for an Oscar). Star Wars. V For Vendetta. All memorable roles for her in the last TEN years.

And that little jab about the rose on her dress that you just had to get in was nice. Retract the claws.

Kellie on

I felt like SHAMU when I was pregnant with my daughter. Didn’t mean that I loved my child any less….but I didn’t like all the changes happening to my body. I just felt HUGE after awhile but knew it was all worth it for my baby girl. But if I wanted to make jokes about being a whale I think I had every right too. I wasn’t making fun of anyone else just describing how I’m feeling.

Some of you seem to serious. God forbid a women doesn’t love every aspect of pregnancy or makes a joke about gaining a little weight,it means she has issues to some of you.

Me- I made similar jokes that natalie did and I had a home birth. So you and your comment can suck it.

Shannon on

Just because some of you felt like whales doesn’t mean every pregnant woman does. Believe it or not some actually feel not at all fat during pregnancy.

VP on

If you have been paying any attention to Natalie Portman’s interviews lately, you would know that (a)she has said that she doesn’t take congratulations or compliments well, and (b)she’s superstitious about pregnancy. Why do you assume she has body issues? Or that she’s always harping on pregnancy? She is likely just being cautious and being this way is her nature.

She said she feels so lucky and she’s happy. What else do you need her to say?

B.R on

@ Indira I am with you lets be offended together on behalf of the whales. The are beautiful lovely animals that don’t deserve all this negativity. So yes they are big and oddly shaped but that doesn’t mean they are ugly and should be put down by all these pregnant women. LOL

Seriously people grow up and leave her be. I feel like she does ever 21day when mother nature decides to call so I get her point. It’s not comfortable with all that weight in your belly, and some of us hate it more then others. Yes pregnancy should be this lovely, beautiful, blah blah blah blah blah thing. You may feel that way not all us do. There is the weight gain the stretch marks, wanting to eat everything in sight, mood swings, loss of mobility I like the idea of putting on my own shoes but that is just me. And the whole birth is a miracle thing and every child comes out beautiful. Sorry don’t agree with that one either. Birth is pain, it’s hard, it’s gross there is nothing beautiful about seeing you vag-jay-jay stretch and rip to a point that a baby can come out of it. And new born baby is not beautiful, they are cover in blood and slime their whole bodies are wrinkled like and old man and there is the whole cord thing too. Sorry I don’t find beauty in any of it. So leave her be not all of have this view through rose coloured glasses of pregnancy, birth of it being beautiful so lever her be to her own feelings.

Dee on

I lost 25 lbs while pregnant and delivered an 8lb 3 0z baby boy last July but ya I did feel like a whale especially towards the end where you are waddling….cant see your feet, out of breath, looking like you got run over by a train!!!!

I know where she is coming from and during my first trimester and early in the second, I CRAVED popcorn like a fiend…cant touch the stuff now since giving birth, I think I ate too much of it…

But no worries Natalie, you will be gorgeous 🙂

Nancy on

Some people look like a whale and they are not pregnant

B.R on

I am still offended on behalf of wheals. I mean how can any of us feel like wheals unless you are in a pool. Just a thought. I mean I understand if pregnant women said I feel like a new born duck, they waddle, have big bells and can’t see their feet. Plus they are cute so it would make everyone happy, and no one could be offended if a pregnant women said “I feel like a ducky” she is expressing her displeasure at the idea of being big and everyone other that things pregnancy is oh-so-beautiful are happy as well, cause if you think baby duckies are ugly there is something wrong with you.

MRS Whale on

I love whales. They are most extraordinary creatures. And I love popcorn.

nicole on

Do you people really have nothing better to do than sit here & judge every comment that these celebs say? It wasn’t directed at anyone and I’m almost certain that Natalie couldn’t care less if some uptight people on the internet are offended. Get a life. I joke all the time that I looked like Shamu’s little sister with my first pregnancy. I find it amusing & couldn’t care less if anyone else does or not.

Nika on

I waited for my little one 7 years and when she finally came after 4 rounds of failed ivfs, I felt so special, so sexy, so … just beautiful. I loved my pregnancy, i never lied down whole day in the bed eating popcorn or what not, ended up with gestational diabetes so i had to go even on a diet, insulin and excercise and i had never been more fit thanks to that. To hear that Natalie Potman, who I greatly admire(d) sees pregnant women as whales makes me really sad.

loren on

She didn’t say she saw pregnant women as whales. Natalie is going to have to be silent for the rest of her pregnancy, so as not to offend anyone/everyone else who has been pregnant, is pregnant and gets offended by what they think she says and means. 😦

Holiday on

Some of you people are being way to sensitive about the “whale” comment! She didnt call YOU or anyone else a whale!

Nika on

That may be the best if she’s quiet for the rest of her pregnancy. She diddnt have to say that directly, we can read between the lines. She’s not even that pregnant to “feel like a whale”, so she obviously referred to the women in general.

Lindsey on

Natalie was just joking guys, lighten up! I am 16 weeks pregnant right now and I have to admit- I hate being pregnant! All of these comments on here saying,”Enjoy your pregnancy!” is crazy to me because I feel exhausted, nauseous, light headed and overall crappy all the time. What is there to enjoy about that? I’m not saying that I will not love my baby once it arrives- but just because a woman isn’t basking in the beauty of being pregnant doesn’t make her a bad woman or a bad mother- everyone’s experience is different.

Rosemary on

I wish her the best!!!!

starlight on

she will have personal trainers and all sortsa of people around that will make sure her perfect little self doesn’t get too fat while shes pregnant. She’s such a douche…

Zee on

Ok I gotta say, I’m not offended by her comment, it just makes me feel so bad because I’m like 35 lbs heavier than she is, and if she feels like a whale, how are those of us who are actually somewhat overweight supposed to feel 😦