Jenny McCarthy Dishes On Her New Bedding Line

01/19/2011 at 10:00 AM ET

Jenny McCarthy Kids Bedding Collection
Courtesy Too Good by Jenny

Though she doesn’t have a perfume or a clothing line, Jenny McCarthy says she wanted to make a mark on the consumer world.

“I wanted to continue doing … what I’ve been doing with kids and parents for a while,” she tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies. “And one thing I’ve always pressed for is recognizing the fact that safety starts in that first year of life when babies are in the crib.”

So the actress partnered with Pem America, creating a line of bedding for infants and babies called Too Good by Jenny.

“I wanted to make something that’s a little better than what’s on the shelf next to it,” she explains. “I wanted people to trust it.”

The collection — which includes sheets, comforters, bumpers, wall hangings, bed skirts and more — is overseen by McCarthy, who made sure the items were top-notch.

“I wanted to work with people who knew what they were doing, had good factories and were willing to test and retest for chemicals,” she says. “Pem America was all for it.”

In fact, certain pieces are organic, and the entire line is non-toxic. “Your newborn is in that nursery a lot — all a newborn does is sleep,” she explains. “So you have to make sure that room is so safe.”

In addition to her line, McCarthy is all for organic cleaning products, non-VOC paints and other baby-safe items, too. “You can’t clear out all the toxins, but you can minimize the toxicity in the environment,” she says.

Not only is the line designed to be super-safe, but it gives back, too: A percentage of proceeds from bedding sales are donated to McCarthy’s charity, Generation Rescue, which gives grants to families making less than $25,000 per year and raising a child with autism. “We’re paying it forward,” she says.

Courtesy Too Good by Jenny

Though McCarthy’s son Evan Joseph, 8½, doesn’t give much input — “all he’s into right now is killing bugs,” she jokes — he does give her inspiration for her more masculine themes. “I want to come out with a pirate-themed nursery. I take my ‘boy direction’ from him,” she says.

And hopefully she’ll be able to put that influence to good use as the line expands. “I would love to come out with the world’s safest baby cup, utensils and bowls,” she says. “In the baby department, I want to be that brand that you know is going to be better than the rest.”

Check out some of the selections from Too Good by Jenny at

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Emily on

If she actually wanted it to be the safest possible, she wouldn’t include crib bumpers!

Per American Academy of Pediatrics, Consumer Product Safety Commission, National Institute of Child Health & Human Development and other child safety organizations, parents and child care providers should remove crib bumpers from cribs to reduce the risk of suffocation or strangulation.

Julie on

She cares about the safety of children? I think not. Has she admitted what a fool she was for all that “vaccines cause autism” nonsense she bought into and spread like wild fire? She’s done so much harm and I haven’t heard an apology out of her so she can keep her “safe” bedding to herself.

Jessie on

They’re cute, but crib bumpers aren’t safe, and research shows having the baby in your room reduces the risk of SIDS over having them in their own nursery.

Shannon on

Exactly what Emily said. Bumpers are not the safest possible way for a baby to sleep in their crib.

Sky on

HAHA she’s a joke. Where’s her comments about “vaccines cause autism” now that the doctor who started it all is being charged with fraud for it?

Your whole life goals have gone down the drain, Jenny.

Shannon on

I wanted to continue doing … what I’ve been doing with kids and parents for a while,” she tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies.

Is she serious? LOL!

tink1217 on

wow…so judgmental. It is amazing how many people make negative comments about her. Maybe when one of you go through what she and hundreds of thousands of other families do with a special needs child…then and only then will you understand her passion. Her need to find a reason and a way to help her child. Personally…I know many families who have struggled with autism (including myself as my son is autistic)…and time and time again I hear “he/she was completely fine before they received their MMR shot”..and this is BEFORE the vaccine debate began and BEFORE Jenny started her campaign.

I am not saying it was the absolute cause because I do not know and probably never will. All I know is what I lived and that is what she knows also.

As for crib bumpers…we all had them as babies…if they are used PROPERLY there is nothing wrong. If they were truly dangerous they wouldn’t be sold for babies. It is the USER of the product that makes this particular product a danger.

Lots of luck Jenny!!! The bedding looks great!! And the “pay it forward”…I LOVE!!!!

Amy on

Vaccines are not safe for all children. The doctor who exposed the information was not a fraud.

Li on

I love Jenny, and I’m happy to see that she’s created a non-toxic children’s bedding line, I would always wash my babies bedding several times before putting it on their beds, but still worried about the toxins. This isn’t about bumpers (so don’t buy them if you don’t want to), this is about toxins. Enough with the Jenny-hate! Sheesh.

A. on

Actually everyone, when she was on the The View a few weeks ago, she was talking about how she doesn’t recommend using crib bumpers either because it can impede air flow into the crib.

And I don’t think she should apologize; in her books, she talks about really needing to have a conversation with your child’s doctor for a personalized vaccine schedule because not all children are born perfect and may have weakened immune systems that could go into overdrive once a certain vaccine is introduced. It’s the preservatives that they put into the vaccines that is concerning.

The media are the ones who always blow things out of proportion!

JM on

totally agree with julie, people like her do so much damage with the (unfounded!!) rumours they spread about vaccines. she is the last person who should be talking about safety.

i am very sorry that her son has autism, i can imagine that must be incredibly hard to deal with and i wish her boy all the best. but that doesn’t give her the liberty to spread such rumours.

Sky on

It may be hard to deal with an autistic child but if you think vaccines cause autism in children….. Wow. That’s all I can say. God forbid your child will contract polio or TB while autistic.

Janna on

tink1217: “As for crib bumpers…we all had them as babies…if they are used PROPERLY there is nothing wrong. If they were truly dangerous they wouldn’t be sold for babies.”

Couldn’t everything you just said be used in support of the MMR vaccine as well?

daria on

wakefield is absolutely a fraud. anyone who believes otherwise is delusional. yes, some kids are affected by vaccines, but nothing is 100% safe. that doesn’t mean we should ban crossing the street or eating peanut butter. heres the truth: vaccines save lives. jenny mccarthy has spread absolutely false information and is accountable for giving thousands of parents false hope. why the jenny hate? because she is the reason so many parents are failing to protect their kids.

Amy on

No he in not a fruad read the all the information not just the headline. Nothing is 100% but poison in never safe. Parents need to do independent research before doing anything. Drug companies care about making money above all else.

pourlebebe on

Did anyone actually look at her designs? Really?? That took effort? Because it looks to me like the same cheap crap that’s been available for nurseries for years. Ugh.

hayley w on

amy – yes he is, he made every single thing up…thats 100% let face it jabs are safe because if they wern’t we would all have problems.

the reason we all alive today and are not suffering from horrible horrible infections that where rife way back when is because we have jabs , stop getting them and they will come back and people will knocking down their docs door begging to get their shots.

just my 2p

Meredith on

Once babies can hold their heads up, bumpers are fine. It is when they are tiny infants and can’t hold their head up to prevent their own suffacation that they are dangerous. And when they are that small, they should be in a bassinet anyway. My eight month old sleeps in a crib with a bumper, she in fact usually sleeps with her face pressed against it because it’s soft. At her age I would be more concerned about her whacking her head on a hard crib post or getting her arm stuck between the slats because there’s no bumper than I would her suffocating.

daria on

amy, you are severely misinformed. i do not simply read headlines. im an epidemiologist, which means i believe in science and public health. where are these rich vaccine makers you speak of? where are the scientifically validated studies finding any link? why would everyone in the research community have a secret desire to promote vaccines that make kids sick? vaccines save lives. they are imperfect. such is medicine. children are dying because of jenny mccarthy and her uneducated, ill-informed vendetta against vaccines. obviously i would never purchase anything that gives money to an organization that places a veil over the eyes of every desperate parent who is seeking a cure for their child’s affliction.

jeepers on

Noone begrudges the challenges of raising an autisic child, but to spread fraud around, blaming vaccines for your child’s autism, encouraging other families to not vaccinate their child based on fraudulent research, and putting other families at real risk by citing research that was proven baseless long ago, is inexcusable. The woman is an idiot. She DOES own the public an apology. How much exposure to Jenny do we need? And now she is a bedding designer….please. If there is anyone that I DON’T need worrying about the safety of my children while they are sleeping, it is Jenny McCarthy.

denise on

it’s such rubbish that vaccines cause autism. it’s just that the MMR vaccination is ususally around the same time where autism becomes more obvious and is diagnosed.

there are even studies that show that vaccinated kids have a LOWER risk of dying of SIDS!

bumpers should never be used, not only because babies might suffocate but also air circulation is worse and the risk of SIDS rises.

Laura on

Clearly the pro-vaccine people are people with neuro-typical children who have never set foot in the special needs universe. As a mother of an autistic boy, I can tell you from firsthand experience that he *was* affected after each and every vaccination. No vaccine is 100% safe and that’s a fact. This will be proven and it is a shame that the pharmaceutical companies have such a stranglehold on the health of our children brainwashing most to believe we should unreservedly do everything they tell us to do without questioning anything.

All Jenny and other mothers of children affected by vaccines are saying is that we need to come up with an extended vaccine schedule and also that certain toxins (preservatives like mercury!) should be removed from vaccines. Why can’t the pharmaceutical companies make an effort to make them safe for everyone? As another mother pointed out, not all children are born with 100% healthy, strong immune systems and this should be taken into consideration.

I have read all of Jenny’s books and she is a wonderful, compassionate and passionate advocate for children with special needs and trying to keep all children safe from harm.

It amazes me the ignorance of the general public and their complete lack of knowledge about these issues. People are so brainwashed by the pharmaceutical industry! You do know that all they are about is making money, right?!

And back to Jenny, she absolutely DOES NOT need to apologize for anything. She will be vindicated through research. It will happen I promise you.

Erika on

I agree with you Julie. This woman is against vaccinating which is one of the biggest disservices that someone can do to their children. She is blindly telling people that vaccines can cause autism, after several studies have shown that vaccines do NOT cause autism, and the only one that did find a link has been found to be fraud. So I would be worrying less about organic fabrics and more about preventing deadly diseases in her son. To those who think that vaccines cause autism all I can say is look at the scientific proof. It’s common sense.

daria on

laura’s comment gets to the heart of the vaccine-autism controversy. we are all “pro-vaccinators” and they are all loving parents. it becomes an us vs. them issue, rather than a scientific or medical issue. if we’re going to get personal, i have a son who is immunocompromised and has a mood disorder. the former issue means that all of you who do not get your kids immunized threaten his health. the latter means i get what is means to have a kid who is neuro-atypical (if that can be considered a new term). parents with autistic kids are struggling, but don’t pretend the rest of us just don’t get it.

Alix on

Laura, please don’t assume that people who vaccinate their children are ignorant or brainwashed. We just choose to believe scientific data rather than anecdotes and trust our pediatricians rather than celebrities. The plural of anecdote is not evidence.

And I have several friends with autistic children, none of whom believe their children’s autism was caused by vaccines. They are offended by people like you who would rather your child die (from a totally preventable disease such as meningitis) than have autism.

Sky on

Laura — If you think us “pro-vaccine” people are being closed minded, you need to take a look at yourself.

jessicad on

She stood up for her son and thought she was standing up for thousands of other children with autism, at least she tried to do something. She’s not an idiot and you guys are absolutely ridiculous and rude. Do your research and make your own decisions.

JM on

exactly erika. well put!

Toya L. on

From the interviews I have read regarding Jenny and autism, she NEVER said, “don’t get your kids vaccinated because vaccines causes autism or vaccines do not help save lives and prevent some diseases”. She basically said, “educate yourselves about vaccines, she was for “clean vaccines” (without toxins) and that she along with a lot of other parents had children who were ahead or on the right road with their milestones and that after receiving certain vaccinations that they changed and later was diagnosed with autism. Umm sorry but I don’t find it far fetched that if someone’s kid was fine before they were vaccinated and then afterward they changed dramatically and was diagnosed with autism, and the changes took affect ONLY after the vaccination that they would think that that vaccines had something to do with it.

Her belief is that some type of toxins in the different vaccines CAN/DID (not always) trigger autism that along with a MAYBE weakened immune system. Just because there is no absolute scientific proof that something in the vaccines causes autism does not mean that it doesn’t nor that it does. Doctors don’t even know the actual cause of autism so how do they know what does and does not trigger it? Yeah okay I would roll my eyes at any Dr that had the mindset of “We don’t know exactly what causes autism but we can tell you with absolute certainty that vaccines do not trigger it”. Uh What?

Different antibiotics and medications have helped numerous people get rid of infections and illnesses but that does not mean that its adverse affect hasn’t killed or harmed anyone. Just because some medicines/vaccines have saved the lives (some from getting a disease) of SOME people does not mean that they have not caused harm for others.

Anyway I like the bedding and everyone is allowed to their opinions one way or the other. Her opinion is not invalid because she believes that certain vaccines triggers autism, anymore than someone who believes that one has nothing to do with the other.

Laura on

The bedding set shown in the pic is probably the cutest from her line. None of it is really different from anything that I’ve seen before.

Daniella on

For you mothers harping about vaccines, how about you go to a Third World country where vaccines are not commonly distributed? I have been to two of them & it is absolutely horrifying to watch children die from a disease that was completely preventable with a simple vaccine. There has also been no probable link between vaccines & autism. If there was even a very slight scientifically supported one, the biology & chemistry professors at my university would be all over it. And yes, according to every one of them (who all have Ph.D’s, DVM’s, or MD’s), Wakefield’s a complete fraud for how he conducted his research & then presented it to the scientific world.

Yes, I feel for mothers’ who have autistic children, but would you rather have your child alive & autistic or dead from smallpox, polio, diphtheria, measles, mumps, ruebella, rabies, whooping cough, tetanus, yellow fever, typhoid, hepatitis A & B, meningitis or various types of the flu. These diseases KILL. They used to kill by the millions until vaccinations were created, many families losing multiple children in infancy to them. The Earth’s population would not be anywhere near what it is today without vaccines, because a significant percentage of the population would die in childhood from these diseases.

We are extremely spoiled in this day & age due to the astonishing medical advances in the past few decades. Vaccines have saved more lives than anything else in history & herd immunity will only last so long if vaccinations do not continue. Yes, there is always room to make them safer, but do NOT take them for granted. Just go to Pakistan, the Congo or Somalia if you want to see what a country is like without vaccines to keep these diseases at bay.

Danielle on

WOW, I love the fact that people are throwing out all this “research” about bumpers and how they aren’t safe, when there is still conflicting research about them. Then they blow up on Jenny for believing in something she not only had a passion for but also thought that she had research to back it up. Now I may not believe the vaccines=autism thing but I do know that as a teenage mom there are a lot of decisions you have to make about how you are going to raise your child. Organics or veagen or vegetarian and every other decision that comes with raising your child. Ant that is all Jenny was trying to do, raise her child the best way she knew how with the information that she is given and with the beliefs she has.

MiB on

I have usually stayed away from Jenny McCarthy discussions and have never believed the “MMR vaccine causes autism” study since it has been debated for many years, but I have to step in to her defence here. She believed it then, as did so many people, and she stood up for something that she felt was important. As far as I know (I don’t follow her other than the occational post on CBB) she has not said anything about vaccines causing autism since the article was refuted, she still says that vaccines effect children differently, and she is absolutely right in that. As for her designs, well I don’t have to buy it.

kirsty on

Bumpers are dangerous! If you are worried about your babies are getting stuck, get a breathable bumper, it is completely mesh (very small holes) and does not tie onto the crib, instead uses velcro. Why put your baby in danger just to have a “cute” bumper!

Oh boy on

Regarding the “vaccines cause autism”, there have been many studies that show the rate of autism is statistically the SAME in vaccinated and unvaccinated groups of children. The most recent was done in um, Denmark? Which keeps excellent records of health for their citizens. It came out that vaccinated kids had a rate of .60% of autism in the thousands of kids studied, and unvaccinated were at .55%. This rate has been found in other countries as well.

Wakefield was going for fame and fortune. At first, he tried to link the MMR vaccine to Crohn’s and other stomach complaints. When that didn’t fly, he tried it with autism. That worked because there’s no clinical test for autism. He also made his own stand alone vaccine (it was either measles or mumps but not rubella) that he was hoping to make money off of when his “research” on the combination vaccine “showed” how bad it was. He was never initially against vaccination either, he just wanted to have the vaccines separate and market his new separate vaccine but then shit happened and his anti-MMR rhetoric exploded into something I don’t think he expected. Thank god he lost his license to practice medicine, and hopefully no other country grants him another one.

daria on

oh for goodness sakes. just because she tried to help her own kid doesn’t excuse her far-reaching consequences. she is donating to generation rescue. they believe in a vaccine-autism connection and their website even has links to methodologically weak studies supposedly linking the two. i’ve been reading this site for years and have been intrigued and amused by pacifier debates, married vs nonmarried partners, cosleeping etc, but each parent parents differently. this is not the same. she is contributing to massive public health problems. your kids are affected, my kids are affected. this is not small potatoes.

Amber-Vegas on

Ladies, Ladies. Now remember, it was the vaccine that caused the autism that can not be cured. No wait, JIm Carrey is the autism whisperer and he cured her son. No, wait it is his diet that she changed cured her son. Go away Jenny. You do nothing with your life. You even screwed up weight watchers. You are hindering efforts that will help parents with autistic children.