Confirmed: Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom Welcome Son Flynn

01/18/2011 at 07:00 PM ET
Courtesy Kerr/Bloom Family

It is indeed a boy for Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom.

Confirming widespread speculation, son Flynn arrived on Thursday, Jan. 6, weighing 9 lbs., 12 oz., said the model on her Kora Organics Web site on Tuesday, adding a photo of herself nursing “our beautiful little son.”

“I gave birth to him naturally; without any pain medication and it was a long, arduous and difficult labour, but Orlando was with me the whole time supporting and guiding me through it. I could not have done it without him,” she adds.

“We are so happy and are enjoying our time together as a family. He is our little ray of sunshine. Thank you everyone for your beautiful well wishes and your lovely thoughts.”

Kerr and Bloom, 34, have been together since 2007 and married quietly in July 2010.

— Sarah Michaud

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Holiday on

Congrats on your huge (literally haha!) bundle of joy!

Luna on

Flynn Lives!!! lol Congrats!

Mina on

Flynn Bloom? Sounds strange. 9 12 isnt that big. I dunno, I guess it is to people these days. I was 10. My brother was 10. My TWIN sisters were both over 6 and my husbands mom told me he was 10. Our son was 9 even.

Thea on

Holy crap I totally picked they’d call him Flynn! That is perfect, so goes with the cool swashbuckling vibe.

Georgina on

Aww Flynn is a cute name. Very Australian!

So the battle begin, who’s little Flynn going to support in the world cup!?!

Meela on

Flynn was a big baby and his mom carried really small!

My daughter was 9lbs 3oz but I’m 5’11!

I was surprised by the weight.

Lilith'smommy on

Flynn Bloom sounds awesome! Flynn is such a cute name! πŸ™‚

tink1217 on

almost 10 lbs!! My son was 10lbs 2oz and I am only 5’2″ was rough!! Carrying him was a bit painful towards the end. Lucky she has some height on her!! I ended up with a scheduled csection. It’s great she did it natural! I bet he is beautiful!!

Mary on

Beautiful photo! Congrats to them!

Shoshana on

What a beautiful picture!! Love the name they chose!!

Veronica on

Gorgeous! So beautiful he’s breastfeeding. I nursed my daughter in that same position. Love the name, Flynn Bloom sounds like a famous poet, actor or something great already!

Sky on

Cute! “Flynn Bloom” is kinda random though.

molly on

Gorgeous picture-Congrats to the family! Nursing was the best experience for me, I didn’t want to stop- wish I was doing it again! Maybe someday….:+)

Vanessa on

Beautiful photo and thank God it’s a decent name, not something whacky.

Can’t wait for more photos.

Gaia and Laban's mom on

Lovely photo and a nice name, she looks so beautiful and happy!

Allison J on

What a wonderful picture! That is one healthy, big baby she has there!

Feminist mom on

Absolutely breathtaking photograph! Congratulations to the new parents.

Daze on

Wow! Congratulations. 2011 is the year of the Baby. So many amazing new celeb babies being born or are one the way. So exciting. The only thing that could top all these Alisters becoming parents or parents again would be if Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Demi Moore, Beyonce, Kim Kardasian, Jennifer Simpson, Reece Witherspoon and Michelle Obama would all get pregnant (for real) this year.

Julia A on

I was starting to wonder if this birth announcement was ever coming out. Congrats to Orlando and Miranda! I like the name Flynn, though Flynn Bloom sounds a little random. By the way, how many little boys can say “my dad was in Pirates of Caribbean AND Lord of the Rings”? That’s gota be pretty cool.

mary on

What a beautiful picture! He was a nice size! Where did she keep him? my 1st was born at 9 pounds 13 ounces! They went down in size after that!

Mommy of 2 on

Congrats!! What a beautiful photo of mommy and the new baby boy!! I am so happy for her that she was able to go natural!! I really wanted to with my second but after so many hours(24) in labor I caved :o( I am still disapointed!! But so happy for her and for orlando!! Beautiful family!!!

SassySteph on

Beautiful picture. Talk about looking blissful!

Holiday on

I had small little babies, at 6 pounds 7 ounces for my son and 6 pounds 2 ounce for my dd, thats why nearly 10 pounds seems huge to me.

Anna on

Beautiful picture! I love Miranda & Orlando – one of my fav celeb couples. Love the name Flynn too. Such a great little family.

ForeverMoore on

Awww, she looks so content and happy…amazing how motherhood can do that to you. Frazzled, sleepy, overwhelmed yes but so worth it. I love nursing while laying down too! I EBF and I am so happy that I am able to…I definitely think that if your body is able, you should do it, for your child. I know a lot of people would disagree with me for one reason or another but that is just the way I feel about, no disrespect to others.

Alison on

What an absolutely beautiful picture of the gorgeous mama and her little guy!! I wish I had such a perfect picture of myself with my sons when they were so tiny.


and I love the name Flynn!

Sarah on

BEAUTIFUL photograph!!! I have so many similar photos taken with my son =)
Congrats to them!

Alison on

by the way does anyone know where her top or robe comes from??

Alice on

Daze, oh BeyoncΓ© that would be great!!

Congrats to Orlando and Miranda, that picture is so beautiful!! Flynn is a really cute name.

Lauren on

What a beautiful breastfeeding picture! Congrats to the new parents!

Debbie on

What a breathtaking picture!!!!! Beautiful and happy!!! Dang, she looks so beautiful after a hard labor!!!!

zappo on

Congrats to them! Hey, I have never met anyone else besides my dad with the name Flynn. Awesome!

Kat on

I can’t stand Miranda at all; but this photo is beautiful πŸ™‚

blessedwithboys on

Yay!!! BFing and a natural birth! WTG Miranda! πŸ™‚

Bancie1031 on

congratulations! Love this picture ….. both are beautiful!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! Good to know that after a two day break, the “celeb pregnancy and/or birth news every day continues! (By the way, glad for that break. My nerves were shot last week, LOL)

Love the name Flynn!

And I wonder when Christina Applegate’s going to have her baby. Feels like she’s been pregnant forever! (And also wonder who’s going to announce a celeb pregnancy next. Aly Hannigan? Alyssa Milano? Jenna Fischer?)

Crimpe on

Gorgeous photo! But I have to admit, the first thing I noticed was that robe! I want it!

Devon on

I like the name Flynn but with the last name Bloom? When I tried to say it out loud, it came out “Flynn Boom.”

Luci on

Oh congratulations! What a beautiful, sweet photo. And I love the name Flynn – reminds me of Errol Flynn.

Krissa on

Gorgeous photos.
Beautiful birth story.
Congrats to them.

Romy on

Flynn seems fitting but sounds a bit funny with Bloom. Big baby for a small girl too! Sweet picture. If anyone gets upset by it, well she has shown her breasts just as much in her modeling and no one was upset. Here they are shown doing what they were made for πŸ™‚

kmb on

beautiful picture! the name’s really cute. congrats to the new little family!

Mama on

Awww that’s my son’s name!! Great choice πŸ˜‰

Divine photo, congratulations Bloom Family!

I suspect his weight comes from length, I imagine both parents are quite tall..

Taylor on

What a beautiful picture! Mother and son look so relaxed and content.

Meghan on

So cute! And what a great way to announce it, just put a cute little picture and a short statement on their personal website. I really like the way they announced this and am glad they didn’t keep us in the dark for too long! I hope he’s a mini-Orlando! πŸ™‚
Flynn- cutest name ever!!

lilly on

god such a tacky awful name, Flynn Kerr Bloom sounds like a cartoon nickname or something just awful

Michelle on

Congrats to them! BEAUTIFUL picture, and I appreciate that she was willing to call it “long, arduous, and difficult”. I’ve had 3 unmedicated deliveries, and while the first 2 were relatively quick, the 3rd was definitely “long, arduous, and difficult”1 πŸ™‚

Crystal on

She looks so beautiful and serene!!! I hope I have a big baby!! I want a 10 pounder!! It’s sooo sweet the kind words she said about her hubby during labor. Most people would be like my husband was WORTHLESS during my labor!!! Lmao! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! =)

Crystal on

I forgot to say I love the name Flynn. I hope he has a middle name though. Flynn Bloom is missing something.

Mira on

Wow, good for her! Natural childbirth and bfeeding. Way to go Miranda! Who would’ve thought that all these models would be become role models for natural childbirth. I’m duly impressed.

liz on

what a sweet picture!

Dana on

Couldn’t agree more, Lilly—right on!

Lilith'smommy on

@Lilly- If Flynn is tacky and terrible? Then what do you think of my dd’s name. Her name is Lilith.

Toya L. on

That is a beautiful picture. I can’t wait to see a full frontal picture of Flynn, I bet he’s gorgeous. Congratulations to them.

CelebBabyLover on

Daze- Jennifer Simpson? Do you mean Jessica Simpson? Anyway, I have to say that I sincerely hope that Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston don’t both get pregnant this year. I mean, you know the field day the media would have with that! 😦

That being said, I have my fingers crossed we’ll see another Jolie-Pitt adoption this year (for some reason, I get the feeling they’re done having biological children, especially since, given Angie’s age-35- and the fact that she’s had two C-sections and one twin pregnancy, Angie would probably be considered high-risk if she got pregnant again.). πŸ™‚

klutzy_girl- I’m actually wondering if Christina Applegate has already given birth but is just keeping it quiet, since we haven’t seen her out and about for awhile.

lilly- It just says his name is Flynn. There’s no mention of whether Kerr is part of his name (unless it’s mentioned on Miranda’s blog. I can’t access it at the moment, unfourtnately. It’s not coopearting! :().

Anyway, getting back on topic, congrats to Miranda and Orlando! And I love the name Flynn!

Crystal on

That picture is BEAUTIFUL!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEW FAMILY!!! I hate to say this but it bothers me when new mothers point out that they had a natural, un-medicated birth. Does it really matter? That urks me. I’m happy that she had a safe, healthy birth and baby. She looks GORGEOUS and little Flynn is ADORABLE! Can’t wait to see more pics of the little guy. I think he’s gonna look like his mama! πŸ™‚

Sara on

Gorgeous picture. They both are so beautiful.

Mia on

Adorable. -Congrats!!

mary on

Mommy of 2
Please don’t be disappointed about β€˜caving’. I have never understood why women make delivery a competition. In the end a healthy baby is the only thing that should matter, not I caved. Don’t be hard on yourself. 24 hours is a LONG time in labor.
I love the name Lilith! How unique!

Indira on

I wonder what that red stuff on her fingers is? I have a feeling it’s her lip gloss lol! the name Flynn Kerr-Bloom is cute. Most peoples first and last names don’t go together!

Tee on

What a beautiful picture! It’s nice to hear about another “big” baby born naturally! My sister had four out of her five babies at home, the last one weighing 11 pounds even! She’s proof that it really can be done and so is Miranda!

cassie on

they are beautiful! i wished i looked that amazing after birth! =)

jayjay on

I like Flynn.

But they could have called him

Dynamite or TNT….. KERR-BLOOM!!!!

Liz on

Just adorable!!!! I bet that Orlando was thinking of the star Errol Flynn when considering the name, but for me he’s also making an indirect reference to “Tangled” since the name of the main male character in the movie is Flynn!! πŸ™‚

Rosy on

I love the name Flynn, it was one of our considered names for our son. What a beautiful picture, Miranda is a gorgeous woman and I bet that Flynn has the sweetest little face, he looks cute enough from the side. congrats to the happy family xx

Laura on

Well, Flynn is a cute name, but it flows horribly with Bloom. But anyway, that picture is adorable. All the best for them.

shalay on

What a beautiful photo! Miranda looks amazing and so happy.

It’s so great to read these comments and not see any negative feelings toward the picture πŸ™‚

Evelyn B. on

Wow, one of the most beautiful pictures I have seen! I like the name Flynn, there’s something unique and cool about it! I wouldn’t have thought that he was going to be such a big boy, but good for them! I love what she said about the delivery itself. Anyways, congrats to them on their new bundle of joy!

CelebBabyLover on

Where does it say his full name is Flynn Kerr Bloom?

Crystal- To me saying you had a natural, un-medicated birth is no different than saying you had a C-section, you were induced, or you had an Epidural. It’s just saying your birth experience. πŸ™‚

B.R on

Mommy of 2 you didn’t cave you did what was best for you and your child. Let me ask you this if you broke your arm and the doctors told you “you can man up and we’ll set it back without drugs, or we can give you a drugs make you more comfortable and set your arm back” which one would you choose. Well giving birth is the same, only cause you can do it without drugs doesn’t mean it is the only way. I get all of my bones reset without drugs cause to me the pain isn’t bad however I cry like a baby from a paper cut, as long as my skin is fine so am I. Strange yes, but that is life and birth is the same way. Some women can go for three days and not use drugs and deliver a 12lb baby like a friend of mine, or you can do what our other friend did, we got to the hospital first words out of her mouth were “drugs now” there is no correct way or a shameful way to deliver children in to this world c-section, drugs, no drug, help, no help, as long as it’s a healthy happy baby and a health, happy mother then that is all that counts. I wish women would stop judging each other on their birth choices, and making some feel shame over something so beautiful as having a child.

Sorry for the rant.

Congratulations to the happy family. That is one stunning picture she looks truly happy. I really like the name I think it suits them as a family. Wishing mom, dad, and baby all the best in the world and many years of health, happiness, and joy ahead.

E on

Why is it such a tabu to get anaesthetics during labour? I don’t get it. Does that make you a better mom? A stronger person? Do you love your baby more if you give birth naturally? Nonsense! I have never given birth so I’m pretty prejudiced, and everyone should choose the way they want to give birth, but people should stop picking on women asking anaesthetics during labour. To me, that sounds clever and logical really.

lifeasahouse on

What a beautiful picture. Congrats to the family.

Shirelle on

Congrats to them. Wow 9lb she didnt even look that big.

zzzz on

Try saying Flynn Kerr Bloom loud—–
Miranda’s amazing

Elizabeth on

This is such a wonderful picture! Congratulations to them both, and awesome for her for giving her little one the best start in life by having an unmedicated delivery and breastfeeding! I had an unmedicated homebirth with my second and it was definitely long and arduous, but so worth it! I would never medicate myself during labor again under normal circumstances!

CMC on

Beautiful pic.
But I agree with some other posters, Flynn Kerr Bloom is just a jumble in my mouth.
Sounds like gibberish.
Reminds me of Dwight Kent Schrute. Just doesn’t flow!

Olivia on

Beautiful photo and good for her mastering the side-lying nursing. It will sure help her get much needed rest.

Jen on

Over the moon for the new parents and their beautiful boy. They are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Allie-Rose on

That picture is absolutely adorable! Congratulations to Miranda and Orlando

MiB on

I wonder if baby Flynn didn’t get his name from Errol Flynn. Orlando has, after all, once stated something aling the line that when he was a kid he wanted to become an actor so that the could be like Errol Flynn and fence and ride horses all day.

Gabby on

I think this picture is so sweet! She look like she jumped to motherhood nicely and seriously! Congrats!

Jessie on

It’s a personal choice to get an epidural or not but I don’t see why people get up in arms with women saying they’ve had a natural birth. It’s NOT easy, they’re proud of it, why should they keep quiet? We hear constantly about c-sections and getting pain medicine and nobody says, “Oh, why did they have to go around announcing they got the epidural?” It’s not a competition and it doesn’t make you a better mother, but if you’re proud of it, there’s no reason to have to keep quiet to make other people feel better.

Beautiful baby!

elle on

baby Flynn is so big and adorable!but his name sounds like a doorbell.

Kath on

Such a beautiful photo. Many congratulations to them πŸ™‚

Mandy on

What a gorgeous picture! Motherhood agrees with her! The baby is beautiful too. What a lovely family! I’m excited for them! Congrats to them!

Georgina on

I have a question concerning surnames. Is it more common in America for the baby to have both mum and dad’s name? Even if they’re married?

Generally in England, and Im only saying coz Dad is English and they’re married, so there is the assumption (by me!) that he’d just have dad’s surname, you would just have one. He’d be Flynn Bloom. Although you could use Kerr as a middle name, but that would mean when he goes to school he’d still be Flynn Bloom not Flynn Kerr-Bloom.

I suppose it gets confusing because she is still using her maiden name, even though shes married. Not that theres anything wrong with that, but it could just be her work name, and its easier not to confuse everyone. I know ordinary people who’ve done that. Or it could be that she just doesn’t want to change her name.

Angie on

Flinkerbloom and Tinkerbell would be a cute couple


Ashley on

Love Love the picture!!!! Congrats to the Bloom Family!

fuzibuni on

AHHH SO GORGEOUS!!! That is such a beautiful picture of motherhood.
They look so peaceful and content together. Very sweet of her to share it with us.

jessicad on

This picture is gorgeous! I think the name is cute, it may not flow with Bloom but really how often do people say their entire name? I never do, Flynn is precious!

Angela on

It’s funny, Crystal, because I always wanted 6 pounders! I was a bigger baby (9 lbs 4 oz) and my husband was bigger (10 1/2 pounds). Our girls were good sizes (8 lbs 10 oz and 8 lbs 1 oz) and our son was pretty big (9 lbs 11 oz). I think a lot of it depends on your size at birth. Miranda is super small and had a cute little bump (and Orlando looks kinda small as well) but they could have been decent-sized babies. I’m 5’7″ and my husband’s 5’9″, so people are always amazed by how much we weighed at birth.

Anywho, what an AMAZINGLY beautiful photo of mama and her son. πŸ™‚

Tabitha on

It’s funny people don’t like Flynn Bloom (cute name) I have to ask what name doesn’t sound unique with Bloom as a surname? Besides he’ll go by Kerr Bloom probably!

Brooklyn on

What a beautiful picture! I’m not really a fan of the name Flynn, but as long as they like it that’s all that matters!

Lou x on

Georgina…i’m also English and had wondered about the surname thing.

I think its a bit wrong of everyone to assume that they’re using Miranda’s surname as well as Orly’s, they are a married couple so personally i would assume they were using his, and that her use of her maiden name is for work purposes but probably uses Bloom in everyday/legal documents.

Also, from what i gather, Flynn’s birth was confirmed on her website-and the context in which she mentioned his name was not by way of a formal announcement, more as mentioning him in conversation, therefore if he has middle name(s), they wouldn’t really be mentioned anyway.

In which case Flynn may well HAVE middle names, but certainly here in England, we don’t tend to go by our full (and by that i mean first,middle+last) names, in general conversations, as americans in particular seem to do.

So it/they may come out in time!

…Nearly forgot to say congratulations to the happy couple! This may well be the most beautiful and natural picture i have ever seen, Miranda is literally glowing and looks fabulous so soon after giving birth! i can’t wait to see Orlando with his boy….*swoon*


Anonymous on

LOL @ Angie! :d

This is a wonderful picture! congratulations to the Bloom – Kerr family

Jaedyn on

Congratulations!!! I LOVE that picture! My heart seems to explode! I am so happy for Miranda and Orlando! Flynn is a very cute name! Plus, it is nothing awful or strange and if it is their choice, people should just accept it!

steph on

Tabitha why would he go by Kerr Bloom when his name is Flynn Bloom??

Emily on

People!! No where have they said his name is hyphenated. In Australia his name has been announced as FLYNN BLOOM! NO HYPHEN!

soph on

steph, use your head for a bit.

Emily, stop shouting at us.

MiB, if that’s so, I think Errol would have been a charming choice of name. Flynn Bloom sounds awful, and I’m still laughing over the ‘ker-bloom!’

lilly on

Well Lillith is a nice name, but that child will grow up with a strange name, and kids will probably tease him or he can feel insecure about his name, Flynn isn’t the bad name, its the Kerr with Bloom that makes it strange and weird, and something a celeb would name a kid, I have read on other websites that they are using both last names on the child. They should of given him a strong name to go with Kerr Bloom, just sounds silly.

camilla on

Man, oh, man! Of all the pictures I’ve seen of babies, this one makes me so baby hungry!!

Hi on

Georgina and Lou x – Some people are assuming that Kerr is part of his name because some celebrity women (like Alanis Morisette and Angelina Joile) include their last name in their child’s name because their last name is so famous.

Personally, I doubt that Kerr is a part of his name, and I also doubt that he’ll go by Kerr Bloom if he becomes famous.

She has such a sweet childlike face. I get the feeling that she’ll be the mommy that all the little boys at the school have a crush on.

Amanda on

First Lilly, it’s not Kerr-Bloom. And while I agree that Kerr-Bloom sounds funny, a strong name wouldn’t have changed that. Benjamin/Thomas/William Kerr-Bloom doesn’t sound much better. Bloom is an odd last name with any name too, but what are you going to do, I’ve heard of worse.

acorr on

I LOVE that photo of mother and baby. My youngest was 10 lbs, 7 oz and 22 inches long. I love hearing of babies on the bigger side. I was ultrasounded every week because I was always measuring 6 weeks ahead. No gestational diabetes, my baby was just big. My first was 9 lbs 5 oz. I am 5 ft. 6in. and my husband 5 ft. 9 in. and we are both very fit. I nursed my 10 pounder for 3 years and he was a total beef cake! at 1 month he weighed 14 lbs! Once I stopped nursing he totally slimmed down but is still 95% for height and weight. I love sharing my story and love seeing stories of other women who have had bigger babies…we are all so blessed!

Waverly on

jayjay: I think your joke went “Kerr-SPLAT!!!” lololol…

CelebBabyLover on

Emily- Exactly! Can someone please explain to me where people are getting that his name is Flynn Kerr Bloom?

CelebBabyLover on

Also, if his name WAS Flynn Kerr Bloom, that’s how it would be listed here. Moms & Babies always lists the baby’s full name on birth announcement posts if the parents have released it.

A on

Ummm, Flynn is NOT a “very Australian name”.

Libby on

I always have to laugh when people start arguing about the babys name.It doesn’t matter what you think guys.It is their baby and their choice to make.And with the whole “children will prob. tease him.” thing. I think there are names that are WAY worse.It’s just a matter of taste.It doesn’t mean that he is going to be teased in school just because YOU don’t like the name.

Nicky on

This Picture is so beautiful and pure.Makes my heart melt…and Flynn is cute!Congrats!<3

mms on

Such a beautiful moment! Congratulations!

Emily on

Hey Soph, you’re trying to find things to criticize. If you can’t say something nice…

Terri on

That’s such a beautiful picture.

Emmy on

Congrats!!!!!!!! hope you have a great year with your new baby!!!!!

Rosi on

The only negative I’m going to say is that you can’t see his little face!! lol! A lovely pic for Miranda, but you can’t see his (I’m sure) beautiful little face!

I don’t mind the name Flynn but with Bloom it sounds a bit odd, but at least it’s a normal celeb name! lol. And yeh Flynn is not a typical Aussie name btw. And I think the “Kerr-Boom” reference was a um…joke!

She’s obviously revelling in motherhood – congrats!

pia on

oh i LOVE this picture.. made me teary..
what a large healthy baby! how wonderful.
i must say, i feel slightly jealous cause i always fancied orlando… lol.. but awww congratulations to them.. happy days x

jess on

Congratulations! Beautiful baby and beautiful mum! 9lbs and 12oz all natural wow! all i can say is ouch for her!!!

Stephanie on

My daughter was 10 lbs 9 oz. I saw a comment by a Marina that made me chuckle. Every birth is different. Some women cannot birth a 6 lb baby and other can birth an almost 11 lb baby. However, it’s about support! And BRAVO for Orlando for sticking by her and helping! My hubby helped me through the birth of our daughter, whom I said was over 10 lbs, without drugs or any interventions and it was awesome!

So congrats on that big healthy boy!

Holiday on

Damn Stephanie what were you eating to have such a giant baby?

Jill on

Beautiful picture!

Cbl….I am glad I am not the only one wondering that one!

Hea on

Sounds like a perfectly normal weight on a baby to me. I suppose it differs around the world though. I hear Scandinavian women generally have larger babies than, say, South American?

Anyways, I don’t think Kerr has ever looked more gorgeous than she does in this pic and, although Flynn face isn’t very visible, he looks darn cute and perfect.

soph on

Nope, not “finding” anything, Emily, it was right there. Turn off your caps lock.

A Doctor and Mom on

Congrats to Miranda and Orlando! I think it is AMAZING that she was able to have her baby naturally — but doing so does not make her a more fabulous woman than one who selected an epidural, or one who had to have a C-section. For those of you berating yourselves (and each other) about delivery choices, please keep this in mind: parenting is whole lot more important than is the method of delivery!

BTW, almost 10 lbs IS BIG! >95th percentile. That means that 95% of all term babies are smaller than this babe. So, indeed, Flynn is a good-sized boy!

Taylor on

Holiday, sometimes babies are just bigger. My step sister’s first son was 10 lbs and she ate incredibly healthy throughout her pregnancy. She kept the same diet when she got pregnant with her second son and he was 7 lbs 15 oz.

Amy on

I personally love hearing about other women who have had successful natural births. I think we should talk more about this and give praise for it. There is this misconception out there that childbirth is too hard so you MUST use pain medication. I’m not saying you failed or anything like that if you do use medication but I think we should encourage and educate our women so they feel they can do it. Personally having experienced a medicated birth and a natural birth I’d choose the latter any day just because the recovery was so much quicker for both me and my babies.

fountainheadinc on

9lb12oz is big [not huge]. it might not be big in america nowadays because people’s diets have changed and babies are supposedly ‘thriving’ but i don’t know.