Jennifer Lopez: Why I Had the Twins Pose for Gucci

01/18/2011 at 01:30 PM ET

Jennifer Lopez has gotten twins Emme and Max started early in modeling, but it was all for a good cause.

The actress-singer recently posed with the twins, who will be 3 next month, in ads introducing Gucci’s new kids’ line of clothing.

She did so because there was a strong charity connection, not because Emme and Max were clamoring for the gig.

“They’re like, ‘Mom, hello! Hair and makeup!’ ” Lopez, 41, jokes in an interview airing Tuesday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“No. Actually, Frida Giannini from Gucci said she was going to launch the Gucci’s kids line, and they were going to do it in conjunction with a big donation, and they were going to do it with [the United Nations’ children’s charity] UNICEF, and would we do it?”

Lopez and her husband, Marc Anthony, were torn, but eventually agreed. “Marc didn’t really want to put the babies in an ad or anything like that,” Lopez says. “And I was just like, if they do it, I’d want to do it with my kids because it is for the kids. That’s the connection. That’s what makes it real. We don’t really parade them around like that, so it was for a good cause.”

One thing Lopez and Anthony haven’t committed to? Having more kids themselves. “I don’t know. As soon as I had the babies, I thought to myself, ‘I want to do this a thousand more times. I love this. This is life,’ ” she says. “And now that it’s like three years in, I’m like, ‘Can I do that again?’ It’s funny. But yes, if I got pregnant, I would be extremely happy.”

— Tim Nudd

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Shannon on

Not buying it.

Crystal on

I have to say getting married to Marc Anthony and having the twins has humbled J-Lo a lot. She seems much more down to earth and secure in her own skin. I’m very happy for her and it would be wonderful if the Lord were to bless her with more children. =)

Jennifer on

Anyone who puts their YOUNG kids in (a) modelling or (b) acting is doing it for their own interests, and NOT for the best interests of the child. Encouraging a child to model at a young age like that is foolhardy, and sends the child the message that it’s better to be ‘cute’ than smart, kind, and full of character. It’s not “fun”. It’s misguided. I am basing this on my experience being a PhD in child development!

LLA on

Crystal – I completely agree, I believe he humbled her, and showed her that family is what is truly important in life. She always had the “diva” label attached to her, but she seems softened, and much more like a wife and mother who also has a successful career of her own. Agreed – how wonderful if the Lord blesses them with more beautiful children!

djm on

Who cares if you are not buying it,they are her kids.

Whitney on

Not buying it either. lmao — would they pose for Kmart? Highly doubt it.

JJ on

If she really caresa about charity why not just donate her money instead of pimping out her kids to sell over-priced handbags?



Tammy on

no well in hell would i have let skeletor get on me let alone impregnant me. that dude is so unattractive i bet he gives his kids nightmares!

Gaia on

J.Lo for charity?! A bit hypocritical if you ask me, since she has closets full of fur coats and she even boasts with it… She probably has more endangered animals than an average zoo, but sadly they are all dead.
So yeah, I don’t care how much she does for charity, for me it’s not worth anything coming from her.

tobey on

Children do model and modeling for a cause is a wonderful way for them to start. I think JLo is a great mother to those children and Marc is a private person so I know it was tough on him, but for them to do it for a charity is great.

Waverly on

Jennifer: I doubt JLo is doing it for her own interests, as she’s already a huge star who’s already had (and still has) huge success in acting, singing and modeling. There are always going to be child models and actors needed in the world for both print and tv ads — so why not JLo’s children? If anything, I think it’s cute that she found a great way to include her children in her work. Besides, it was one ad — it’s not like she’s putting them to work on movie sets all day. If you really want to see horrible stage mothers, watch those creepy pageant reality shows — I’m sure you will see a world of a difference between JLo and them.

Megan on

Do we not take pictures of our kids and show them to everyone we know, and sometimes people we don’t even know?! This is pretty much the same concept, only they were doing it for charity reasons. If I had that choice, I’d have done it too and I’m NOT one that likes attention or wants my child to be a model.

Indira on

Jennifer, I was a child model/actress. My mom put me in a number of things as a kid and if I didn’t like it, we stopped. Modeling and acting were the two things I loved and still do as an adult I enjoyed the company of adults and the kids I met on set. I was extremely shy and it helped me socialize. I worked pretty regularly and my grades were always exemplary(now not so much lol). I really could not disagree more with your assertions. I made a lot of money modeling and my mom saved every penny. That money now funds my college tuition. My mother sacrificed time at her law office to accompany me to something I really loved to do. So save your generalizations. Please.

It’s nice that JLO put her kids in the ad for charity but, she really doesn’t need a justification. It’s clear she keeps her children out of the spotlight and, they’re not being treated like work horses.

kt on

Never was a Lopez fan, but I think she and Marc Anthony are cute together. If she really did do this for charity, then she’s showing her kids (even though they are babies) what Celebrity can do FOR charities. I don’t see it as a bad thing.

erilynne on

It doesn’t matter if you are ‘putting your child’ in the spotlight. What matters is HOW you put them out there. I don’t see her pimping them every single place only for this one ad. Nothing wrong with that.

If she starts doing with that Tiara show does and waxes a 5 year old’s eyebrows THEN you can say she is wronging her children.

Maddy on

Free clothes yea……

whatever on

I am not buying it either. Never like her, she seems to be phony to me.

Toya L. on

They are beautiful children and I actually think it’s nice of her to share this story because if it were me, “I would explain ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (especially the public) about decisions I make/made concerning MY children”.

Lori on

Don’t believe a word of this. Talk about pimping your kids…

Terri on

Those are really nice pictures of Jennifer with her twins, regardless of the motivation.

KJC on

Wow @ Tammy!
What a horrible thing to say about a person. I am no Marc Anthony fan myself, but to be so rude based on someone’s appearance is a too far. The way in which you speak about Max and Emme’s father will do more detrement to their health than Jennifer is taking them to model, whether for charity or not. Shame on you!

Maeve on

i dont understand why people say such rude remarks on here theyre her kids not yours. if she wanted to do something with them for other kids then good for her. its the same thing as putting your child in dance class or different sports when theyre young. and like she said she doesnt parade them around or expose them or anything. she thought it was fun to do and she wanted her kids to be apart of that.
so chill!

Ali on

I gotta agree. Marc Anthony is one of the creepiest looking celebs I have seen.

chris on

i TRY to like her but i never can. she comes off as fake, non-genuine, superficial, and egocentrical. Bleck.

Sam on

Like someone before mentioned, “would they pose for Kmart?” I highly doubt it as well.

deborah on

Good one Whitney and sooo true.

kmb on

what a ridiculous phony. i’d prefer she got out of the spotlight for good, instead of now including her children in it, as well.

cheese on

What is the big deal! They’re just few photos, tastefully done and she was with them the whole time. “Haters gonna hate!” Hollywood is a different world. They live different lifestyles. If she chooses to have her children in a Gucchi ad, that’s her business.

Yo on

She throws around the word “real” too much, like it’s going out of style. I think she made it go out of style. There is very little “real” about her.

Mom Of Twins on

She should have said, because she’s their mother and she and Mark agreed to let them do it. She’s no differnt that any other mother who makes a decisions for and about their kids.

kimberdee on

I totally agree with GAIA. WHY – if she is such a humanitarian, does she wear SO MUCH FUR? Without a doubt I was one of her biggest fans until that. To me it just shows SO MUCH IGNORANCE on her part. How can you be a good, kind, thoughtful, socially aware person in this world (of celebrity) and wear all that fur? I AM TRULY APPAULED at her behaviour and have lost all respect for her. And it makes me so sad too, b/c I really did love her so much.

realtime on

People on here seem to be in some sort of LALA land. This is the same woman who charges appearance fees when she goes to charity events in her evening gowns and fifteen pounds of makeup. She got paid for this campaign also. Remember the public makes a donation she gets paid to appear in the ads. She’s known as one of the most materalistic celebs out there, not to mention one of the nastiest to deal with. Had that rep for the last 10 years. Let’s be real you want to help the “kids” just give the damn money. These people are millionaires if she wanted to help she could just donate money, not just try to milk children for publicity.

Pepe on

She got paid, she got a deduction… either way it was money!

Me on

Sorry Jenny, but you can’t wear fur and be a good mother at the same time. Too bad.

ASH on

Im sorry, i love kids, i think they’re God’s precious angels, but her kids are….. very unattractive! They look like him lol Ratones! Anyway, she just does it for more money anyway DAH!

Village on

In most communities,all ages do their best to help charities in anyway possible! No one complains or tells parents they are doing it for themselves, using the kids! So let us not accuse Celebs for doing what they can to help charities. Seeing those kids brought sales and interest that made the charity receive funds and attention! The most important thing is it helped some deserving charity!

aria on

Well I like her and don’t think there is anything wrong in all this! My niece has been a model since she was 2 and she loooooves it! Those are her kids and I think is great that she is doing it for a good cause. People are just jealous or something..

Arwyn on

kimberdee and GAIA- You can’tn be serious right??? So someone can’t be taken seriously if they do charity work because they like fur? Should we not accept people’s donations of they eat meat? LOL wow, as a vegan that is such a dumb mindset you two have and I hate people wearing fur.

christina brown on

I think she is a beautiful woman, and her husband has grounded her, and he probably treats her like a queen. He makes her more beautiful.
Its all about how u r treated not jow u look. He does good for her, and it shows

christina brown on

I think he compliments her as a woman and it shows

SGL on

Wow…Haters are alive and well. First, it J.Lo’s kids she can do with them as she pleases. Second, if she did it for the money that is her business not yours. Third, just because she is famous doesn’t mean she is obligated to do anything for charity. That is her decision, so who is anyone to judge. Fourth, why don’t you spend your days mining your own business and kids, and let J.Lo continue to take care of her business and her kids. Um…Nuf-said!

Audrey on

I’m with Jennifer and Shannon on this one…. So true what you ladies share on this blog…

Audrey on

I’m with Shannon, Jennifer and Whitney!!

Jeanine on

Bottom line here people….they are HER kids and she can put them in a million ads if she wants too..! They were like 2 do you really think they will remember it and it will affect them! Get a grip! Her kids….her choice!

DB on

I keep remembering when she was engaged to Ben A. and how self-centered and entitled she was in an interview…when she is on I turn the channel….no more American Idol for me…I feel for the twins….another way for her to get attention!

fuzibuni on

We hardly ever see photos of their kids… they keep them out of the spotlight most of the time. Seems like it would have been fun for the kids, plus they get to keep the photos afterward. The Gucci charity does good work too.

Indira on

Wow– some of you are incredibly narrow, jealous and mean spirited! Ugly, ugly, ugly. I’m NO fan of Jennifer Lopez but, jeez cut her some slack. Where is the proof that she charges appearance fees for charity events?

Heather on

Unicef delayed my nephews adoption process, so he lived in a run-down orphanage in Guatamala for a year longer than was necessary. It was a nightmare for our whole family. I would never support anything that is tied to UNICEF. I know that they are trying to protect children sold on the black market, but their process is so faulty that they are delaying and denying legitimate orphans the chance to have a loving family.

Sophie on

I think posing with your kids is still very much okay. I’m surprised no one has mentioned Will Smith and Jada Pinkett yet… their 10(!!!)-year-old daughter has just started her singing career and constantly walks around like she’s a mini-Rihanna :-S. And for some completely insane reason Jada seems to be proud of it too. If Willow wants to become a singer, let her do that when she has the appropriate age and not while still in primary school… That freaks me out a lot more than J.Lo’s pics.



Rosa on

They are good together and for eachother. BUT why have we not see a latest picture of them together. IF they decide to have more kids, then it is up to them, and if they want their kids to model, even at such a young age, that is their decission alone. So People, stay out of it,.

Lucy on

Gucci donated a million to charity.

Lopez donated a large some herself. They didn’t get paid.

It is for children in AFRICA. She uses her celebrity in a good way and still she gets hammered by haters. Unless you are donating millions to African then be quiet. The children in Africa are the ones benefiting here.

K nowicki on

Jennifer looks better than ever. It is her decision, her children. I dont see how taking pictures in luxurious clothing for charity at three years old could possibly do any damage. Marc and Jennifer do not need a good reason to show their children off. We show our children off as much as we can. Do not be so critical, she just has bigger venues than we do. I thank it is wonderful for the cause or for no cause and the twins are beautiful.

Jill on

First….everyone is entitled to their opinion. I never understand why people say they are not your kids, so get over it, shut up or who cares. We are talking about it because she made everything public and this is a public blog for discussion. The comments about appearances, I am not a fan of at all, especially regarding children.

Second…..why oh why must people through out jealous and haters! Just because someone doesn’t like a story, believe it, or like someone does not make them jealous of a hater. I don’t like Lindsey Lohan or Kate Gosselin. And I can assure you I am not jealous of either of them or hate either of them. They have nothing that I would want.

Sorry for the rant….but it gets so stinkin old. Now to the article… I don’t see a big deal with them “modeling.” I just don’t believe the reasons behind it. If they were not really into….then they could have just donated money.

If it was Walmart and tied to charity, I am sure she wouldn’t have done it.

Lisa on

I remeber the LA children’s charity event actually, they had to pay her and pay Marc Anthony who sang at the event. They do charge appearance fees when they go to an event, sorry if that bursts the reality to some of her fans but it’s business. What’s funny to me is in those ads she looks like she’s carrying two bags instead of children, much less her own children. It’s really a weird ad. Hey don’t get mad when Rihanna was in the ads she got paid too. Sometimes it’s not being a hater to see reality. At the end of the day MOST not all celebs do these things for publicity, money and free clothes. photo ops and not much else. To me I don’t really think she gives two craps about the “kids” I do think she loves publicity and gettin paid, not hatin just statin.

Meredith on

@Sam – She might be more apt to lend her support if K-Mart donate Millions to UNICEF during the launch of a new clothing line. Will that ever happen?

Davina on

Any proof Lisa?

Are they Quotes from a gossip rag.

A quote from the actual charity in LA and i might believe you.

jessicad on

I’ve been thinking about getting my 3 year old into modeling/acting, and it’s completely for HER. Every person I know begs me to do it because she’s so smart and loves putting on a show and entertaining people, and of course I think she’s beautiful but everyone swears she really is:) I’m the exact opposite and that’s why I didn’t model when I was younger. I hate being the center of attention and that’s exactly why I haven’t done it for her yet, it would require me being in the spotlight also and I’m not sure I can handle it. SO, not everyone puts their kids into that business for themselves, just saying.

As for Jennifer, she seems to have kept them out of the spotlight for the most part and it’s not like she needs the money or attention, so I believe this story. Either way they are her kids and she can do as she pleases with them! They are so cute:)

ellie on

Never too early to start earning your keep.

MD on

“no well in hell would i have let skeletor get on me let alone impregnant me.”

HA! THAT’S HYSTERICAL! I call him that too!

Kristine on

ellie – lol!

It’s her decision whether you agree or not. I don’t see the connection however in calling her children ugly…pretty pathetic really.

alice jane on

When there’s a People spread with pictures of a celebrity and their new baby, and particularly when they have older kids in the shoot too, there’s not an uproar about the fact that the kids are being put in front of the camera for professional photos. I realize that the photos are shot in the comfort of the family’s home, but somehow I doubt that the shoots only take 20 minutes.

Personally, I think it would be different if Jennifer and Marc had put the twins on the runway to model a line of children’s clothes, or something more along the lines of Toddlers and Tiaras (seriously messed up), but the kids were playing on the beach and in photos with their mom. On one hand, I do think Jennifer probably loves the glam life and having her kids in a Gucci shoot (and I don’t really mean that as a bad thing against her) and I think she got just as much, if not more, enjoyment out of it than Max and Emme. But I think it’s a HUGE overreaction that people are acting like she has damaged her kids for life by this photoshoot.

Tiff on

Ummm, because she is a fame/money whore, maybe…

Why would you do that to your kids? Wait until they are old enough to make their own decisions instead of exploiting them.

Katz on

I hate to say this, but she has the ugliest babies I ever saw! They look like their dad!

Erin on

The only reason I think people are getting on her is because she explicitly said she wouldn’t “parade” her kids out for publicity. And now she has. Might be for a good cause – but it’s using them to get attention nonetheless. Maybe in the future she wont be so judgmental/take veiled shots at other celebs she doesn’t like. That’d be a good thing.

kimberdee on

kimberdee and GAIA- You can’tn be serious right??? So someone can’t be taken seriously if they do charity work because they like fur? Should we not accept people’s donations of they eat meat? LOL wow, as a vegan that is such a dumb mindset you two have and I hate people wearing fur.

ARWYN, its not about a mindset of not wanting to accept donations from non vegetarians or anything like that. And for you to actually compare eating meat (something needed to sustain life) to wearing fur shows YOUR IGNORANCE. And thats not to be harsh on you, you are just either ‘not getting it’ or you just lack the education in these matters. The torturing of innocent animals in the name of decoration is FAR different than that of eating a hamburger. I don’t participate in either. But I am one to educate myself on the realities of those industries. A lot of people decide to close their eyes to those things because A) It’s too painful B) They feel they can’t do anything about it. What my point was in my post was this: Jennifer Lopez’s CREDIBILITY is destroyed in doing such ads when she is herself so ignorant to the suffering of others, animal or human. And that point is FAR from dumb.

Sophie on

I totally agree with Kimberdee! People who wear fur apparently think it’s okay to have innocent animals murdered just to make a coat out of them…and that totally creeps me out (like they have no conscience or something). And eating meat does not have that connotation for me. Being a vegetarian myself, I don’t go about judging people who eat meat…but people who wear fur on the other hand…:@

Kellie on

Kimberdee- Jennifer’s credibility is not destroyed because she wears fur and not everyone thinks like you do. I appluad people that give to charities because it’s something that is lacking in our world today. It just show’s your ignorance not to see that imo.

Toya L. on

ASH- I hope you don’t have any children and do not implement your hateful ways of judging the looks of innocent children on the ones you do love. I’m sure you are really unattractive to some people too, I for one think your personality is.

I can count on 2 hands how many times her children have been shown but she is pimping out her kids? She can’t be a good mother or a humanitarian because she wears fur? GTFOH that has got to be the dumbest thing I have EVER read on here in all the years I’ve been coming here. If I had enough money to blow on fur I’d get me a fur hat, coat and gloves and parade right in front of a PETA rally and DARE them to throw something on it. She’s a bad mother for allowing her children to appear in a Gucci ad (for charity nonetheless) but the mothers on here bash/judge/belittle/put down celeb mothers on here almost on a daily and they are good parents? That’s ironic and laughable at best.

They have helped with at least 5 (that I know of) other charities in 2010 alone and she has her own, so maybe she donated to them. Damn celebrities that give to charities are pretentious and celebs that don’t give are selfish. Geezz

jessicad on

Seriously you guys show some class, stop talking about the kids.

Kat on

More kids?
One would think she choose invitro (twins) because she wanted to do it only once! Same case with Brangelina, Rebecca Romijn, Marie Pressley the list goes on and on. Anything that money can buy celebs will get it.

YolieMac on

Who is she trying to kid??? This woman is sooooo hungry for publicity, it hurts! She would sell her own kids to the devil, just to be in the picture!!! She is just a fake and will always be.yuk…

toni on

You do know, “you reap what you sow”. Calling her children ugly and making fun of her husband. What exactly did she do to all you guy? Could this be because she’s Puerto Rican, a brown woman making it in a white business. This woman worked hard for what she has. She didn’t have connections. If you read some old interviews of her, you would see, the stuff she had to endure. Racists hollywood “bigwigs” who said discusting things to her. Peace Out

Denise on

Are you people morons or did you only skim reading the article. She said she was doing it for the kids because the proceeds go to UNICEF. You guys are so judgmental JLO could have long ago made money off her kids if she wanted to and she has always done charity work. How else should they run the children’s line with all adults. MORONS!!! Good for her for helping out UNICEF, there are people in the world that will benefit from the ad!

Marie on

Re ‘would they pose for Kmart?’

I think the question is, would anyone ask Jennifer Lopez to pose for Kmart? Probably not!

Catherine on

It seems convenient in light of needing to get her name/face out there again for American Idol publicity. That’s probably why she did it. On the other hand, lots of celebs do those “Got Milk” ads with their kids, and I personally think those are cute. Who are we to judge?

ReAnne on

Ms. Lopez, you do not owe anyone an explanation on why you had your children model for Gucci. That’s your husband and your decision. I’m really getting sick of celebrities having to explain their choices, and even apologize at times (i.e. Tiger Woods). It’s none of our business.

Georgina on

I really don’t know, her credability kinda goes out of the window due to the fact she’s telling us why she did it. I mean theres nothing worse than a celeb that preaches how generous they are is there?

And I don’t really understand why she had to be in it with them? That makes it even odder, if thats possible.

Li-Li on

some of you need a life other than your children, because when you start calling children ugly and someone isn’t a good parent all because they like fur; there is something missing! that is so childish! and @ marie, i asked myself the same thing; who’s really going to ask her to pose for Kmart?

Kasey K. on

I cant believe people are saying Marc humbled Jlo and showed her family was #1. He left his wife and kids to be with Jlo, didnt he?

LaKesha on

There must be something special about J Lo that so many “moms” are jealous of her.

Agnes on

As if they need anymore money REALLY?!

Kimberdee on

OMG! Can you please stop with the jealousy comments, its just so stupid. So we aren’t capable of having a negative opinion of someone without being jealous of them?! Paahhhhlease.

Kimberdee on

Toya L: It doesn’t mean she can’t be a good mother (I never said that) OR a humanitarian. I said she had no credibility in the latter, because part of what being a credible humanitarian is – is caring for all living things. SO – in terms of publicity, YES that is the main reason she did the spread. She wants the money and the publicity. She couldn’t care less about the charity of it. And that’s MY OPINION. Something, JUST LIKE EVERYONE IN THIS FORUM, is entitled to.

Luna on

I agree with Lisa 100%.

I saw this interview and J.Lo seemed very genuine. It was an add for charity and children (correct me if I’m wrong here) were going to be used either way. She said that if children were going to be in the add, she wanted them to be her children, so the true connection would be there. While I don’t agree with wearing fur, I do not think it effects her ability to parent Max and Emme. The amount of ignorance people show sometimes, insulting three-year-olds, is beyond me.

ariana on

i agree shannon, not buying any of it…the ad nor the having more kids

Toya L. on

You may need to read my post again because I NEVER said that YOU said anything. You are correct though how you feel is your opinion and you are entitled to it, the same way it’s my opinion to feel that she has done several charity events that have not been posted on here so why this one is considered publicity to me for some people is mind boggling, but whatever. I choose to believe it’s not for publicity but that’s just my opinion that I’m entitled to.

I also believe you can be a “credible” humanitarian and wear fur. If being a “credible” humanitarian is as simple as caring for all living things, then I consider that a matter of semantics. I have killed roaches, rats, flies, ticks, gnats, fleas etc… and they WERE living things and I can pretty much bet that more than majority of people who don’t support wearing fur have too. (yes rats are rodents just like chinchillas are and they both have been skinned for furs. Killing living things for whatever the purpose is, is just that “killing living things”.

Ginny on

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony used the charitable donations to lower their tax obligation and then didn’t pay taxes.

I find nothing honorable about them at all.

Kim on

Who cares if some of you “aren’t buying it”. It’s HER kids, not yours. She and Marc actually seem like really good parents and you very seldom see them dragging their kids around in public showing them off like some celebs do. (Can you say SURI CRUISE?) I’m sure if given the opportunity to do something with your own kids that would benefit a charity came along, you’d jump at it. But then maybe your kids are too ugly…

Mia on

I like Jennifer Lopez a lot and I think she seems a lot happier in her recent marriage and with her kids. It was 1 ad-I don’t think it’s that big of deal for the sake of her twins + plus it was for a good cause.

It would be nice if they had more kids. It is possible they had fertility help, but twins can be conceived naturally. Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie had their twins naturally-it was a surprise. Twins are in the family.

Also-we don’t really know where their money goes to. A lot of people donate quietly or “anonymously”. Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie and their charity work is very in the public because they are the #1 couple and family in hollywood, so the media follows them everywhere. And just because you don’t support “one cause” (like Lopez wearing fur-example: animal rights) doesn’t mean that cancels out any causes she/her family does support.

zeze on

yea, maybe it had more to do with marc anthony owing millions to the irs….

Indira on

humanitarian |(h)yoōˌmaniˈte(ə)rēən|
concerned with or seeking to promote HUMAN welfare : groups sending humanitarian aid | a humanitarian organization.
a person who seeks to promote human welfare; a philanthropist.

Melissa on

You know what, either way she would have been wrong. If there had been an article stating she didn’t want to use her children there would have been people saying she was wrong and wasn’t truly charitable, etc… Everyone has their own opinion and no matter what people do everyone thinks they need to judge. Would you want it to be you being judged? Just cause she has more money and a career in the limelight people think its ok to treat her different than they would want to be treated.

JMO on

Well I think we need to criticize thousands of mothers. Everyday you pick up ads or magazines and there are children in them. Those horrible horrible parents. How dare you put your beautiful babies in magazines and “pimp” them for the world to see!! Without these babies we would have empty reading material like Parents or Family Fun!! Get over yourselves people!

If someone came up to me and said we could totally put your kids in mags/ads etc and they could make money I would ask them where do I sign!!! Does that make me a greedy horrible parent? Surely if my chidl was miserable and didn’t like it I wouldn’t force them but half the time kids in magazines/ads are there bc they have the presonality and they don’t mind having their picture taken! If you kids don’t you probably won’t find them posing for any!!
JLO isn’t doing anything wrong and I think her children are cute.

T.U.M on

Just because the majority of your kids are not made for the business does not mean the same rules apply to every one else kids.

My son, who is two, begs me to take him on photo shoots, he sings /dances/ performs every waking moment of the day and I do not encourage him one bit.

In fact, because I did not want to create a little showbiz monster, I did not encourage him at all. However, after thinking about it carefully, I have decided to let him do all the modelling/performing he wants. His happiness is my only focus, and if he does not fulfil his passions, he is not a happy boy.

It goes back to nature versus nurture. My son is just born to be a star.

john on

This is all about, “my kids are cute, i want to show them off .. oh, and get me in the picture too!”

Sat on

More power to J-Lo. I love the ad! AI must have made a sweet deal for her to agree to be a judge.

anjali on

why can you guys stop. Its her own choice she is the mother of emme and max not you or me or anyone els. If your a parent look at your own children and do whats best for them. And we have so much children who are acting and being a model because without them there woulden’t be full house or the cosby show, so let jenny in her way

az on

@ash you and a lot of people here,share racists views.
look in the mirror,what do you see?make a change bro

Niko on

Tammy, thank you for showing your age. Grow up.

Sarah on


Lori Beth on

The pictures are gorgeous!!!!

kt on

Now that I’ve seen the ads…why is she “vogueing” for the camera. It would look better if she was looking at her kids or something. Kinda strange to me, but I’m not the professional.

Amy on

I see a LOT of shallow people here today……man, get a life! Questioning her decisions as a parent or whom she chooses in a mate, that’s HER Business. Her children are loved, happy and blessed. Is that not enough for you people? Just because she’s a celebrity, you feel you have the right to criticize everything she does? Let’s reverse the tables here… all are not celebrities, but what would happen if someone critiqued EVERY little decision you made for your children or for the mate you chose? “oh she’s not a good mom, she doesn’t make her kids go to bed at 9pm on a school night” “Her husband is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen” Bah, and then people wonder what is wrong in this world today? Take a good long hard look at yourselves people, the bitterness and desire to judge everyone is a stupid trait. Only ONE has the right to judge and you are not Him!

damian on

@ Jennifer with the PhD, (not Jlo),
It is better to be ‘cute’. It’s a fact. Looks always win out. There is no nobility in being ugly, poor and smart. It’s important to teach our children that reality.

Child beauty contests are tacky and tasteless and the parents are normally southern, fat and ignorant.

Gucci, really not. Gucci kids is a very good look. Well done Frida, Benny and La Lopez.

sandyb on

when she posed with her newly born twins for a national tabloid magazine and demanded millions of pay for it — i suppose she wasn’t pimping or parading her kids then as well. give me a break. j.lo is a liar.

cami on

Okay, Dr. Jennifer – thank you for your medical opinion on the damaging effects of publicizing photos with your kids. Are you really that self-satisfied and egotistical? It’s time for a reality check, Doc. The paparrazzi are going to get photos of the children regardless, so why is it so wrong for Jennifer Lopez to allow photographers to capture a beautiful moment with her and her babies… for CHARITY, for heaven’s sake? It’s not like she’s parading them around on Toddler’s and Tiara’s. Now THAT’S deplorable behavior for a parent. And not even close to what Jennifer did. She considered this in depth and came to a mutual decision with her husband. I find what she did to be admirable and sweet. I can only imagine what kind of rubbish you feed the parents of your patients…

cami on

Did you actually think before you posted your comment? What in the world gives you the idea that J-lo needs to “get her face back out there” for American Idol. One I don’t think anyone’s forgotten her and two, being on AI does exactly that – it gets her face out there…

kortney on

Who cares! They are her kids, she is doing what she feels is right. Only she can decide that.

Kimberdee on

“humanitarian |(h)yoōˌmaniˈte(ə)rēən|
concerned with or seeking to promote HUMAN welfare : groups sending humanitarian aid | a humanitarian organization.
a person who seeks to promote human welfare; a philanthropist. Indira”

Indira – YOU ARE PATHETIC and likely a very sick individual. You actually brought out the dictionary to make a point that torturing animals is not a part of being a human or the true definition of a humanitarian. Are you a sociopath? Seriously, are you? OBVIOUSLY the ACTUAL definition comes from the root of human you idiot. Do you honestly think people don’t know that? But what others are able to see that you obviously arent – is that being a human does involve caring about all living things human and non. Again, go get some help you sociopath.

Jill on

Cami, I thought the same thing. She is on AI, right?
Kortney, We are discussing this because she did a PUBLIC photo shoot and a PUBLIC interview. We KNOW they are HER kids and HER decision. But WE are allowed to discuss this.


Half of you are probably not even mothers, because if you were you I find it hard to believe you would EVER judge another Mother on how SHE decides to raise her kids, as i am sure for those of you that are Mothers you know there is no handbook that comes with them, and you do your best…there are Mothers out there spraying tanning thier 3 and 4 year olds, making them wear mouth pieces, piling makeup and flase lashes on them. Yet you feel the need to whine about Jennifer allowing a natural tastfully done photo shoot on her and her kids! if you all spent as much energy on taking care of your own kids as you do sending childish comments about other people it would be nice. YOU do not even know her personaly, all you know about her and any other celeberty is what you READ and hear about on TV, you have absolutly NO idea what type or kind of person/people Jennifer or they (celeberties) REALLY are!!

I am sure you all know what ASSUME (ing) does!!!!!!!!!!


JusSayin on

I say she did it the same reason my mother let me model as a kid…because she’s their mom and can do whatever the he** she wants to with them. no explanation needed. no need for anyone to “buy it”…just as long as u buy the magazines their in and read/comment on the article written about it. thanks for playin.