Felicity Huffman’s Home Décor for Daughters? Pillows!

01/18/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Courtesy Scholastic Parent & Child

They say it takes a village to raise a child and no one knows that better than mother-of-two Felicity Huffman.

“I don’t feel like I have an ingrained talent for parenting. A lot of what I know comes from my sisters and what they’ve done with their children and books I’ve read,” the actress, 48, tells the February issue of Scholastic Parent & Child.

“Since I’m one of eight, I make a lot of decisions by committee. My husband [William H. Macy] makes a joke that in order for my sisters and I to figure out what movie to go to, it takes 13 phone calls and two people crying.”

That said, the family of four — including daughters Sofia Grace, 10, and Georgia Grace, 8½ — have a handful of traditions of their own. After welcoming their first child in 2000, Huffman admits romantic holidays such as Valentine’s Day have taken on a whole new meaning.

“Once we had kids it became a family holiday that we all celebrated together,” she says. “I get those heart-shaped boxes of chocolate for my kids. We exchange flowers. I make cards for the girls every year, and they make them for me.”

Despite the continued success of Desperate Housewives and Macy’s own busy acting schedule, Huffman makes it a point to spend quality time with her girls in their home. Come nighttime, the family can often be found reading aloud and cuddling close on their custom-made throw pillows.

“Well, when the girls were little I sewed these big pillows for reading. They’re kind of like big dog beds — pillows on the floor that everyone curls up in,” she shares. “So it’s like this nook and we’d all crawl into the nook after everyone had gotten into their pajamas and we would read for half an hour.”

In fact, adds Huffman, her home décor has been adapted to incorporate the pillow frenzy — much to the chagrin of family friends!

“After a while I started making more pillows. A friend of mine made fun of me because I put them in the living room. I put them in the attic. I put them everywhere!”

— Anya Leon

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mary on

I really do believe it takes a village to raise a child! I don’t have parents anymore I am the oldest of 5 and I have the oldest kids too, so I guess for them I set the bar on what to do and what not to do, but let me tell you I wing it and I like reading about what others have done as to what not to do if and when that comes up in my home. I am grateful for neighbors and friends who will offer advice, but you never truly know how much you need or rely on your parents until they are gone.

With that said, I love night time! We are huge book reader in our house and you will find us curled up in our beds or the kid’s beds reading. We all take turns. I wouldn’t give that up for anything in the world. I am glad though that our youngest is 6 and is a fluent reader. Just when they are starting and they think they can read a book like Harry Potter and to read one page takes like an hour and you have to sit there and smile and listen to them sound out every single word and you just want to pull it out! Oh so funny! But to see how proud they are when they figure out a word on their own! So worth the patients.

I wish I was creative in the sewing department, like Felicity. My brain wants to be, but the hands don’t do what the brain wants. Oh well we all have our weaknesses. She certainly seems like a very down to earth mom! (and family)

Tracy on

I saw the Huffman/Macy family in Disneyland once. They had a Disney escort, yet insisted on waiting in line in the store to buy something just like everyone else, instead of getting special treatment. That right there tells me they are probably pretty good at this parenting gig. Teaching your kids that being rich and famous doesn’t make you special is a great thing!

TC on

My husband [William H. Macy] makes a joke that in order for my sisters and I to figure out what movie to go to, it takes 13 phone calls and two people crying.”

That is *MY* family! My mother is one of 5 and there are 30 of us cousins and we are all very close. That’s how it is with us if we try to do something as a group, there are a million phone calls and changing plans and someone always get their feelings hurt.

Mia on

They all seem like a close family. They have been married for a long time, so it seems like they do a good job at finding alone time throughout the year. Not just on “the day of the year”-Valentines Day.

CelebBabyLover on

We had “big pillows” when I was a kid, too (except we bought them, we didn’t make them).

Shannon on

I love her stories. I have a bunch of floor pillows and I love them. Everyone says they’re so comfy.

Lisa Letcher on

I went on a pillow making rampage when I was young. I still have some of the weird squares of material I sewed into pillow forms. They are far more comfortable then store bought! I love redecorating things.