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01/18/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

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Brooke on

Zachary is adorable…..I can so see Elton in his face!

MiB on

You’d think giving birth is a valid reason to miss class :/

Indira on

I honestly don’t see anything wrong with what the professor did. The student to me seems very irresponsible.If you’re in your third trimester and you know you’re going to give birth while the semester is going on, it’s probably best you take that semester off. Especially if you’re in a grad program. If you’re not going to take the semester off, then at least speak to your professor which she clearly didn’t. It’s obvious that she didn’t make any plan to make up the work or to take the final, if she did then he wouldn’t have felt the need to do a poll. Also, perhaps this class size was very small and maybe, her peers knew her very well. Sometimes in smaller class sizes an absent student makes a huge difference in how the class is run. Someone at people needs to stop with misleading headlines. The article doesn’t say the kids are determining her grade. They’re just suggesting how to handle the situation.

mary on

I agree Brooke, Zachary is a handsome baby! Proud Papa’s indeed!

ecl on

Sorry, but it is NEVER appropriate for a professor to discuss a student’s grade with other students. Not only is it not appropriate, but it’s not allowed. And he did give other students a chance to decide her grade – what else does automatic C, etc. mean? If he can send an email to the class, he can send an email to her. And you have no idea if she approached him or not. My guess is yes, just because I’ve taught at the college level and students are ALWAYS coming to you to discuss ways to save their grade in the face of absences.

Jill on

eel, I agree. This is never acceptable and IMO, is very unprofessional.

It doesn’t matter if the students are determining the grade or if its a joke or whatever. The fact that this email went to the students is wrong on so many levels.

If you read other articles you will see why the student was still enrolled in classes:

Alicia Siu, who graduated last month, said her teachers accommodated her pregnancy.

“They were very understanding,” Siu said. “That information should be private. The teacher should talk to the students and work out what’s best for the student and the professor.”

The controversy has come to the attention of UC Chancellor Linda Katehi. In a statement she said, “during a student’s pregnancy, the school customarily works with her to help (her) catch up after being away for childbirth or to arrange for an extended leave.”

B.J. on

Baby Zachary is so precious!! I can definitely see Elton in him! This made my day 🙂

JC on

The professor violated that students rights. They could of worked out a solution without involving the other students. I don’t know ANY university that does not have options. I had a friend who got sick at the end of the semester so her grade was reported as incomplete. She worked with the professor of the class to find an appropriate make-up assignment for the final because we did small group simulations.

Alice on

I love how Leni asked why she couldn’t just marry Henry because she loved him!! That’s so cute, and unlike the girls who want to marry Daddy at least she picked one her age in the family 🙂

Jacqui on

I agree with Indira.