Taye Diggs Doesn’t Worry About ‘Looking Cool’ for Daddy Duty

01/17/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
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There is one area of expertise that actor Taye Diggs will never add to his resume: handy man!

Fortunately Diggs’ wife Idina Menzel has a way of making the first-time father feel useful around the house — especially when it comes to the couple’s 16-month-old son Walker Nathaniel.

“My wife never throws anything at me that I can’t handle,” Diggs, 40, tells Good Housekeeping.

“I’m very proud of putting together a simple plastic slide for Walker. I feel like the king of the world.”

And although he’s admittedly “not very handy around the house,” the Private Practice star instead concentrates his efforts on pampering Menzel.

“After you’ve been together for so long and had kids, you’ve done all the stereotypical romantic stuff — chocolate and flowers,” he explains.

“It becomes what’s valuable to the other person in that moment, which for my wife is giving her a break — like, by handling bath time.”

That said, even Diggs has trouble believing his daddy duty accomplishments.

“I never thought I’d be caught doing the grunt work — stroller in one hand and diaper bag in the other,” he says. “I always thought I’d have everything worked out, but when you’re in it, you’re not thinking about looking cool.”

However, even through the toughest parts of parenthood, Diggs and Menzel still manage to find the humor in it all.

“We sing to Walker; we’re always making up songs — about poop, snot, the car seat,” he reveals. “We’re both musical people, and my mother raised [my siblings and me] with songs about brushing our teeth, so that’s definitely something that’s being handed down.”

— Anya Leon

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Tracy on

She is sooooooooo lucky! What a thoughtful husband Idina has. Unfortunately in my case, men like that are very rare. Taye Diggs sounds like a fantastic husband and father.

Alexis on

I love Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel!

They seem like great parents!

TM on

He’s a beautiful man and he sounds like a wonderful father!

Shoshana on

Aww, LOVE THEM!! So cute together!!

Tracy: Don’t worry — good men do exist! Unfortunately, they’re just harder to find! You sound like a really nice person, so I’m sure you’ll find the man you truly deserve (or maybe he’ll find you!). 🙂

anonymous on

I love how excited he is about successfully putting together a slide of all things. I still think they need to put together an album of kids music – I’ve heard a few of the songs at concerts and they are adorable.

Bree on

Tracey, guys like that are just really good at hiding in the most obvious places, you will find your guy!! I went to school with almost all of my husband’s cousins and knew his grandmother from the grocery store I worked at but met him online of all places!! He is out there and going as fast as he can to get to you.

LOVE Taye and Idina!! Anonymous I totally agree that they should put out a kids cd, I have a pile of young cousins and neices and nephews and am trying for a baby now so I would be buying a pile of cds!!

Gabby on

Love Taye and Idina! He seems like such a great guy/husband/father. Idina is one lucky girl. Little Walker is absolutely adorable too. =)

Tracy on

Thanks guys – am a single parent and not looking at the moment, but you never know (does Taye have a brother?!)

B.R on

@Tracey if someone like me, who simply put is a disaster of a human being in every way possible, can find someone who loves me unconditional you will too, I am sure of it. Like Bree said good men are out there and yours is looking for you. So don’t give up hope, just live your life, do the things you always wanted to do, and when it’s time you will find each other. Keeping my fingers, and toes crossed for you.

They sound like such a loving couple, they were truly made for each other. I love the story and how honest he is about everything, not being handy, the pride over putting together a slide, how she always has his back and would never give him something to do that would make him feel like he is being put down, now that is what every couple should be like. I think that so many people today forget how important pride is in a relationship, not just for men but women too.

They are truly luck to have found each other in this crazy world. I wish them nothing but health and happiness in the future.

OH and since everyone in Hollywood is having babies, or getting pregnant could they be next? I would really like them to be next, they make such cute babies and are so in love with each other, and imagine how cute it would be if they had a baby girl? Just a thought.

Elisa on

He’s a cake! – who watches Private Practice know what I’m talking about, lol.

Mshaye on

Aww, what a sweet interview! I love reading stories about this couple because their love is clearly genuine and strong.

My husband is romantic like him in taking care of the things I need, jumping in and taking care of bath duty or covering our daughter up for the hundredth time, cooking dinner etc. I have always said he is romantic in the non traditional sense. I think sometimes we forget to appreciate the little things and find the romance and care in those because society/media tries to teach us to look for big grand gestures.

@Tracy, you truly will find your Mr. Right in the most unlikely place. Don’t give up the hope and you will be sent the perfect man for you at the perfect time! 😉

Jessie on

B.R. I agree! I want them to be the next couple to announce they are expecting. They are totally adorable and I hope they have a little girl someday. And I only say girl (before people go crazy, haha) because so far all the grandchildren in their families have been boys. And I think Taye would be ridiculous with a daughter. Aww, haha.

MiB on

I can’t imagine him not looking cool, wether he intends to or not