Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Welcome Daughter Faith Margaret

01/17/2011 at 03:55 PM ET
Jason Merritt/Getty

It’s a girl – and a huge surprise!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban revealed Monday that they are the parents of a baby girl, who was born via surrogate.

Faith Margaret Kidman Urban arrived Tuesday, Dec. 28 at Nashville’s Centennial Women’s Hospital. Faith was delivered through a gestational carrier and is the biological daughter of Kidman and Urban.

“Our family is truly blessed, and just so thankful, to have been given the gift of baby Faith Margaret,” the family says in a statement.

“No words can adequately convey the incredible gratitude that we feel for everyone who was so supportive throughout this process, in particular our gestational carrier.”

Kidman and Urban, both 43, had kept the birth a secret, saying nothing about being new parents when they attended the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night.

Married in 2006, Kidman gave birth to daughter Sunday Rose, 2Β½, in July 2008. Kidman and ex-husband Tom Cruise also adopted two children during their marriage, Connor, 16, and Isabella, 18.

— Julie Jordan

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klutzy_girl on

Holy crap, definitely not expecting this! Congratulations to them.

I love the name Faith Margaret.

Natasha on

Wow. What a surprise ! I’m so happy for them and I love the name. Congrats to their whole family

Milania on

literally said “wait, huh?!” congratulations, how wonderful!!

Ella on

wowwww! Congratulation. What a surprise – wow.

KC on

Wow. What a surprise! Congrats to them on the new addition to their family!

Julie on


Brooke on

WOW!! I had no idea they were expecting!! What a surprise. Congrats to them πŸ™‚ I love the name, too

Toya L. on

Wow!!! So unsuspected but Congratulations to them.

Mommy of 2 on

whoa!!! what the heck!!?? Did not see that happening!! I wonder why she chose to use a surrogate?? What a blessing!! Many congrats to them!

Jay on

Wow! That came out of left field. Did not see that one coming at all. Congrats to the family.

Sky on

ummmm WOW! I love how a poster guessed they’d have a second but I was SOO not expecting this. Congrats to Keith & Nicole. Gestational carriers/surrogates seem like some of the most selfless people in the world. Welcome baby Faith! (and I like her name better than Sunday…)

hannah on

Wow was that a huge surprise or what?! Congratulations Keith, Nicole and Sunday or your newest addition πŸ™‚

Tracy on

Do they know how to keep a secret or what? So hard in the industry they’re in. Many congratulations.

Alexis on

Awesome surprise! Good on them for keeping it a secret. I live in Nashville and definitely never heard any rumblings about this. Her name is gorgeous, and I’m sure she is too.

Indira on

lol well, that’s something. Congrats to them.

Sarah M. on

That’s bizarre! I was thinking the last few days, with all the pregnancy announcements, that I’d love to see these two have another. Then I come on here and see that they recently did!! LOVE the name, too!

Congrats to the whole family. πŸ™‚

mary on

Dont want to sound like a broken record, but WOW! I am very happy for them! Isn’t medicine and science great!

Sat on

Congrats!!! I knew they weren’t done πŸ˜‰ pats self on back lol

Shoshana on

WOWW!!! Aww…what a wonderful surprise!!!

steph on

out of all the surprises this week this one defintely takes top!

Sarah M. on

Mommy of 2 – She said in an interview (fairly recently I think) that Sunday was a miracle baby and that she has a very slim chance of getting pregnant again. I would guess that would explain the surrogate.

Michelle on

What the french toast??????? That is so cool…..suprising but very cool. Yay!!! I love the names……Sunday and Faith. πŸ™‚ Cant wait to see her. ❀

Brooklyn on

Wow! Did not see that coming!
Congrats to them both and I love the name Faith!

TC on

Wow! Congrats! That was totally unexpected.

This IS the year of the baby

Marilyn on

I had to read the title again to make sure I read it correctly. What a nice surprise!

Mia on

Wow! -Good for them! I’m surprised it wasn’t mentioned at the Golden Globes yesterday or that it wasn’t released until now. Very happy for the whole family. I wonder if this girl will be her mom’s mini-me since Sunday is clearly a mini-Keith. Congrats!!

Devon on

Privacy can be attained by celebrities if they want it. The sad thing is that most don’t. Most want the attention and “complain” about how annoying it is.

Congratulations to Nicole & Keith! I’m glad they had their own private time with Faith & Sunday before the news got out.

Lou x on

Blimey! How funny, after all the recent announcements we were all so surprised…then owen wilson went one better and only announced him and his OH’s pregnancy 5 days before they had their son. didn’t think anyone could beat that from a short notice/surprise aspect…wow!!! what next, lol.

Ooh, almost forgot to say congratulations! x

Crystal on

I saw this on a different site and I QUICKLY hopped over to to confirm the news. I am VERY VERY VERY happy for Nicole and Keith! I know that Connor, Isabella, and Sunday Rose are very happy to have another sister in the bunch! Tom and Katie you’re next!!! Lol! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY!!! Many many blessings to your all! ♥

Mommy of 2 on

Sarah M. Thanks!! I thought that I remebered that Sunday was hard to conceive, but wasnt sure!!
BTW love the name!! Cant wait to see the new addition!!!!

Selena on

Congrats!!! LOVE the name! I can’t wait to see pictures!! πŸ™‚

Jaedyn on

Congrats! Love the name!

elisabeth on

Biggest congrats what a wonderful late Christmas present. I am like the others hoping they’d have another either by birth adoption or surrogacy.

I live in the same county they do and had no idea so glad they were able to have privacy.

anonymous on

Wow! Congratulations to them both for the birth (love the name) and for keeping a private event private.

Marlee on

Pretty name!

Brooke on

WHAT????????????????????????????????? Did anyone else almost fall out of their chair when they read this??? OMG…..I am floored!

Traci on

wow. Didn’t see that coming. How wonderful!

maggie on

soooooo excited! honestly folks i feel like its happening in my family-thats how excited i am! adore this family…they ve had it tough but my god are they in love. I love how they are super super famous and rich but live such a low key life! i am genuinely thrilled for them both and for Sunday! and guys please lets not get political about this-Sunday is almost 3-they may have been trying to concieve for quite some time before heading down the surrogate road!

Lacey on

Totally unexpected!

Sarah M. on

Mommy of 2 – Your welcome! Glad I could help.

Romy on

everyone says she did not carry Sunday, so maybe this time she didn’t feel like faking it (if that’s true). A lot of times these crazy things ARE true, not saying I believe everything. Anyway, cute name and very happy for them.

ll65 on

Holy moly! What a great surprise! COngrats to them and Sunday, Connor & Isabella!!!! Hollywood baby boom continues!

K on

wow! i was just thinking last night when i was watching the GG red carpet stuff that i’d love to see them have another… was NOT expecting this! how exciting!

Sharon on

OMG nearly fell off my chair when i read this, I was watching a show with Nelson Aspen this morning and he was paying particular attention to Keith and Nicole on the red carpet, Saying look under her bow is that a baby bump, and how glowing and smiley she was, and even thou she did not win an oscar he overheard someone congratulate them, so i was pretty sure she was the next baby annoucement – But not that she already had one – CONGRATULATIONS to both of them.

April on

WOW! . I wonder why they chose to do this privately

Anne on

So excited for them! I was almost thinking Nicole would be on the next episode of “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”. I’m delighted for them that they were able to keep such a secret too!

cat on

DidnΒ΄t see this coming! Congratulations to the whole family!

Jazzy'sMommy on

LEFT FIELD!!! But Congratulations to Nicole and Keith on the new baby! Can’t wait to see pictures = )

ll65 on

Congrats to the entire family.

Manal on


Annie on

This is such happy news. Someone commented recently that she might be one to be announcing a pregnancy soon and I thought, yes I could see that. She did one better and announced the birth. Congratulations to them!! So happpy for them. Do wonder if all the trouble SJP went through influenced decision to keep it on the extreme quiet. Again, so happy for them.

Rosy on

What the heck!? That is crazy!! Congrats to them πŸ™‚ Sunday Rose will be such a good big sister, I’m sure. I guess Nicole was able to hide her pregnancy quite well because she carries so tiny!

Rosy on

Oh hold on, I got so excited I forgot to read the part about the surrogate, nevermind! :p Congrats again to the happy couple!

Sandra on

What! I had to take a second look at the head title again to believe what I was reading!! I looked again and couldn’t believe it. Wow, talk about everyone not knowing a thing! Congratulations anyway!

Holly on

Her and Owen Wilson are good at keeping secrets.

Jen on

Wow! Congratulations. Conner must be feeling severely outnumbered with all these sisters! What a wonderful blessing for a beautiful family.

Julia A on

I did not see that coming. Congrats! (been saying that a lot recently…)

Lilith'smommy on


stacey m on

Aw, what wonderful news!! Congratulations to the entire Kidman-Urban families! You can just tell how much love this family has to offer πŸ™‚

Alice on

WTF? Awesome!!!!! Gongrats! Sunday and Faith…

jessicad on

What in the world!! I also had to read it a few times, very shocking but very excited for them!! 2 girls, so precious:) Congrats and can’t wait to see her!

CelebBabyLover on

Romy- I just can’t see Nicole faking a pregnancy. She just doesn’t seem like that type of person to me. Plus, if she really wanted to fake being pregnant while actually having a surrogate carry Sunday, I think she’d have chosen a bigger, much more believable fake bump (the reason most people who say she had Sunday via surrogate claim that is because Nicole carried so small…which I feel bad for her about. It’s not unusual for tall women with long torsos, which Nicole is, to carry small.).

Inventing conspiracy theories about every celeb there is (two of my personal favorites: People claiming that Angelina Jolie faked her pregnancy with Knox and Viv and actually used a surrogate, and people claiming before Suri Cruise made her debut that she was actually an alien! I mean, come on! That’s about as ridiculious as you can possibly get!), is a hobby for some people, IMO. I’ve learned to shrug them off. πŸ™‚

But anyway, I totally wasn’t expecting this! When I first saw the headline, I was shocked to say the very least. Until I read the article, my thought was that they’d adopted. I’m very happy for them, and I hope we see Faith soon. Also, I love the name, and I’ll bet they chose it because they had faith they would have another child.

On another note…If and when Tom and Katie have another baby, it’ll be interesting to see if it’s a girl, too (how ironic would that be if both couples end up with two baby girls?).

Paige on

Aw. Wasn’t expecting this news. So happy for them.

Hayley on

well, blow me over with a feather. i had t re-read the first few lines a couple of times to get it around my head!
truly a surprise!!
congratulations on the newest little babe!!

sarawara on

Thank you Keith and Nicole for THE best surprise of 2011!!! What a joy and a gift she is to all of us! Congratulations!

B.J. on

Oh my goodness!!! What a wonderful surprise! I’ll bet she’ll be just as beautiful as Mama and big sis Sunday πŸ™‚

Sunday and Faith, however… How very church-y. Not really my thing but they’re cute names.

Sydney on

Congratulations on the new addition!

CBL – I just read the alicia silverstone announcement comments where you said you would be very surprised if Nicole announced. Well, surprise! Funny how these things work.

Tee on

Wow, that caught me off guard! What wonderful news! I was really hoping that they would have another baby… congratulations to Keith, Nicole, Bella, Connor and Sunday!

JMO on

I actually heard about this rumor the other day but wasn’t buying it. Hmm guess I was wrong!! Congrats to Keith and Nicole!!

JM on

wow, i know there have been a ridiculous amount of pregnancy announcements recently but honestly this was the one (the only one so far) that actually made me go ‘WHAT??’ outloud.
how utterly wonderful for them. it’s great that Sunday will have a little sibling so close in age and of course wonderful for Nicole and Keith.
on a personal note, i can’t stand the name πŸ™‚ Margaret is ok, but i think Faith is horrible.
but who cares right? congrats to them and all the best.

Kelly on

talk about outta left field!! Congrats none the less

klutzy_girl on

Now I’m just wondering if this counts as a point in my list of predictions for celeb pregnancies this year since I said Nicole. However, Faith was born at the tail end of ’10, so I’m not sure, LOL.

(But yay, finally someone on my list!)

torgster on

Wowza just like Sandra Bullock keeping Louis a secret last year! How do they hide these babies lol?

Lily on

Is there a reason why PEOPLE magazine ALWAYS use that crappy picture of the Urbans? Why not use one from the Golden Globes or one where they look fantastic!

soph on

Is she named after Faith Hill? Odd choice of name…

Whitney on

I know that Faith Hill and the Urbans are best friends so maybe she is named for her….

CelebBabyLover on

Sydney- I actually thought of that myself when I saw this post! Techinically, though, I said I’d be shocked if Nicole announced a pregnancy this year….and she didn’t. πŸ˜‰

Gabby on

Totally did not see this coming. Literally like others I was like “Wait, What?” Congrats to Nicole and Keith. Wish nothing but the best for their family.

HeatherR on

Congrats to them! Great name πŸ™‚

So who ELSE is next to jump on the celeb baby bandwagon? I am guessing Christina Aguilera and her new BF, Salma Hayek, Hilary Duff, Scott Wolf & wife Kelley and hopefully Alyson Hannigan (sp?)

Harley on

Holy freakin’ cheese biscuits!!!!! Absolutely did NOT expect to see this one today lol! Congratulations to the very happy and very blessed family on the addition of Faith Margaret.

Terri on

Congratulations to them! What a blessing. I’m so excited for them.

tobeornottobe on

Faith is a BEAUTIFUL name! My daughters name is Faith Elisabeth and I would not have it any other way. Welcome baby Faith!

Kat on

WOW!!! Huge surprise but I’m so happy for her! Her issues with infertility have been numerous and well documented :):) I’m so glad they have another bub! And that Sunday has a little sister :):) Wonderful news! πŸ™‚

SAR on

Congratulations on the new baby, and congratulations on keeping it all a secret. Some thought Nicole was getting a “baby bump” a few months ago. Well, maybe she was gaining “sympathy weight.” You know, the way men sometimes do when their wives are pregnant, only in this case the mother was having “sympathy,” with the surrogate.

Emma on

How wonderful! Nicole is so close to her daughter Sunday so know little Faith is going to have awesome parents.
felt so sorry for Nicole that her older two barely see her, so am so pleased she has 2 little girls with Keith now-not to replace them but so she has a family.
I was only hoping on Sunday (ironic!) that she’d have another baby.
So so pleased for them!

tink1217 on

awesome news!!!! Love this family!

B.R on

Sunday and Faith absolutely the cutest names for sister. I am in love with the names they have chosen for their family. I am every happy for both Keith and Nicole for being able to keep this moment private between them and their daughter. I wonder if Tom has allowed the older two kids to meet their new baby sister? Guess we’ll never know. This may sound very wrong but I am really happy she got another chance at love, marriage and motherhood. I know she is a mother of two with Tom Cruise, but it always looked like he controlled her and the kids, and she looks so happy and free with Keith but that is just me.

Wishing the family nothing but health and happiness in the years to come. Congratulations on your newest addition, may she bring you all the joy and happiness in the world.

Mandy on


I almost fell off my chair when I read this. Such wondrous news

I bet this has been a hard secret to keep for those two.

I can not wait to see how gorgeous their new little girl is. And I bet Sunday is thrilled to be a big sister!

IMO on

The older two have met Sunday. Nicole has discussed how she sees them.

Tess on

A low key couple who managed to keep things quiet, a nice normal name for their baby, congrats to them.

Bancie1031 on

My Mouth literally hit my chest when I saw this!!!!
Well it might not be an announcement of pregnancy but it’s definitely a announcement for a baby ….. (I remember on one of the other posts someone predicted them to be the next to announce a pregnancy!).

CONGRATULATIONS TO NICOLE, KEITH AND SUNDAY! Love the name btw! Can’t wait to see a picture of her πŸ™‚

Kristina on

Now thats a surprise!!!! AAnd a traditional name too!!! Love it!

Karen on

WOW just like everybody else I was shocked to hear the news! I love the name but I can’t help but think of Faith Hill and her daughter Maggie!

soph on

Why are you guys freaking out so much? If you’re falling out of your chairs, perhaps the seats are slippery…

CelebBabyLover on

IMO- Yup, and I’m sure they’ll be meeting Faith soon as well, if they haven’t already. And you’re right, Nicole has talked about how she sees them (she even mentioned right before Thanksgiving 2009 that they were going to spend Thanksgiving with her, Keith, and Sunday.). I also want to add that, for what it’s worth, Bella is 18 now, so when she visits her mother is totally her choice now. πŸ™‚

With that being said, I meant to say earlier that I wonder how they explained the process with the surrogate and all to Sunday. I’m sure they wanted to prepare her for her new sister….but how do you explain to a two year old about surrogacy? I wonder if they showed her ultrasounds or something, or if maybe she even met the surrogate?

CelebBabyLover on

Also, I think they got Connor’s age wrong in this article. PEOPLE’s bio of Nicole has Connor’s birthday listed as February 6th, 1995…..which would mean he’s not turning 16 until next month.

CΓ©cile on

Congratulations to the whole family.They must be so thrilled.

Great to see that nobody bashes her for letting her newborn at home for enjoying a night out at the GG.Too bad not all celebs can get the same amount of support (yes,you Amanda Peet, “the bad mother”).

Liz on

I saw some pictures of her son Connor the other day having dinner with Tom Cruise and was thinking to myself how great it was that they seem to have such a good relationship and this just reinforces that feeling tenfold. That poor boy (well, young man) is so outnumbered now!!! Four sisters!!! But it’s great news! Congrats to the whole family!!!

B.R on

@IMO I know that they have met Sunday there have been pictures of all of them together I was just wondering if they got to meet Faith yet, that’s all.

@Emma I couldn’t agree with you more, I am so happy to see her have another chance at motherhood and happiness, with Sunday and Faith. I truly hope when Isabella and Conner grow up that they see their mom for a wonderful, loving, selfless person that she is. Cause let me tell you if my minors (which her children are) told me in a divorce that they wanted to live with the other parent I don’t think I would have been as graceful about it as she was. They would be living with me six months out of the year like it or not, but I am selfish that way.

WOW she is a mom of four now, she is getting close to the Jolie-Pitt family cause I truly hope that she and Keith have one or two more.

Chantal on

When I first read the news on a Dutch website (who is the king of giving strange titles to even weirder celebnews) I thought they got a new dog or so (thats the kind of news the dutch websites adds to his page and tops it with the news of a new family member.) But finding out they got a new bundle of joy my mouth dropped! So not expected, but so amazing for them!!!

Congrats to the happy familie with their new princess. Love the name! Faith and Sunday, it even sounds great for two sisters πŸ™‚

Shannon on

If anyone can keep a secret it would be Nicole! Just ask her ex husband! lol

Amanda on

Congrats!!!! I’m so happy about this announcement, they seem like such a loving, normal family and how wonderful that Sunday now has a baby sister! I love he name too, we are considering using Faith as a middle name if our newest baby is a girl.

Hea on

Wonderful news, congrats to them all! A bit strange though that they both would choose to go to an award show with this tiny little newborn at home. I wouldn’t have myself but I’m me, not them.

Jordan on

That’s a shock!! Good for them πŸ™‚

Georgina on

I believe she was nominate for an award, which is why she went to the GG? And to be technical, they didn’t anounce the baby’s arrival ’til monday so it would have been odd for her not to have been there really.

In the daily mail, there is an explanination of the baby’s name Faith because thats what they needed to get through the process of their daughter being born and Margaret after Nicole’s grandmother, who gave birth to her last child at 49. Here’s the link to the story and a really cute pic of Connor and Bella as kids:

Oh and Congrats!

Kim on

I’m going to say that we will hear a baby announcement from Alyssa Milano this year. Just a guess!

Ash on

congrats<3 definitely didn't see this coming! so happy for the kidman-urban family πŸ™‚

Mary on

There were pictures of her recently out at baby boutiques looking fuller around the middle and paps were speculating that they were expecting. So I was expecting a pregnancy announcement soon. This is a surprise though! Congrats to them. I love the name!

NoAdditives on

Am I the only one who is disappointed they used a surrogate? She adopted before, what’s wrong with that now?

Alice on

Why would you be disappointed? She’s adopted before, as you said, and she also had a biological child, is that wrong? Plus, I think it’s harder to adopt for older parents, which they both are now.

CBB Lover, I don’t think they would need any extra explanation for Sunday than reminding her once in a while that she’s having a new sister and sounding excited about it. She’s too young to “know” that babies grow in mothers’ tummies, I guess she wouldn’t have found it odd that Nicole wasn’t pregnant.

Laura on

Maybe she didn’t use a surrogate before because it didn’t seem to be as widely accepted as it is now.

Rose on

@No Additives: Keith has a history of substance abuse, including a recent (in the eyes of most adoption agencies, less than five years ago counts as recent) stay in rehab. That makes it significantly harder to adopt.

Not that it matters since it’s no ones business but the parents how they go about forming a family. There is no right way, and I find it so odd that people seem to think they get to dictate to infertile people how they form a family.

I’m just curious, do you ever go up to pregnant women and say “I’m kind of disappointed. Why do you need a biological child when you could have adopted?” The double standards applied to infertile couples is kind of appalling.

IMO on

B.R. Ummmm…..ok.wasn’t commenting to you, but whatever.

I am never disappointed how someone chooses to have a baby, since it’s their choice.

CelebBabyLover on

Georgina- I had a hunch that was why they named her Faith! πŸ™‚

Sophia on

If that isn’t the best kept celebrity baby secret, I don’t know what is! What a wonderful surprise! I’m so happy for Nicole, Keith, Bella, Connor and Sunday! Welcome to the world Faith Margaret πŸ™‚ x

Allison J on

I am so thrilled for this family! Good for them that they kept it a secret as long as they did. I remember when the paps found out that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick were using a surrogate, and then hounded the surrogate. Not cool!

Love the name “Faith.”

I’m not surprised Nicole and Keith chose surrogacy. Nicole has spoken in the past of her miscarriages and fertility problems.

Can’t wait to see a picture of little Faith. I wonder if she has red hair and looks like Nicole. Sunday is a mini-Keith in my opinion.

What fabulous news!

Mary on

Congratulations to Nicole and Keith! It’s a wonderful news for the happy family!

Kkh on

Nicole is in her mid40s now. I know that we hear about people like Kelly Preston Travolta at 48 having a baby. But read what the doctors say about over 40s women conceiving, and maintaining a pregnancy, as well as giving birth. Many things can go wrong, and do for a lot of people. If you have the money, surrogacy is a good option. Dennis Quaid and his wife had twins (biologically theirs too) through this type of surrogacy. Or some just choose to adopt, i.e.,Quaid’s ex Meg Ryan, Sandra Bullock (the Jolie-Pitts have been doing both).

Re: the secretiveness…Nicole has always kept most family things totally under the radar. When she was with Tom Cruise they never said a word about their two kids. Paparazzi got photos from far away only. They never did baby photos of her older two kids, or of Sunday. This is primarily the way Nicole is about her own life. Private. She was pregnant with Sunday, so it was obvious. And for those who think that it was a “fake” pregnancy, read more about her own reactions to herself during the time she carried the baby. Sounds very real to me. Just because she lost the weight fast doesn’t mean she did not really give birth. Everyone is different.

I think it is wonderful for them.

Kkh on

Even though we hear about the women in their 40s who can conceive and carry and give birth, the stats are not in their favor. I doubt that Sunday’s birth was anything but Nicole’s. She talked about the changes she went through, and it sounded plenty real to me. But if you have the money, this type of surrogacy is a nice way to go to increase your family. Dennis Quaid and his wife did it too. S.J.P. and Broderick too. Some adopt like Meg Ryan and Sandra Bullock. With money they have more choices. They just do.

Re: Secrecy issue, Nicole has always been one to keep everything related to family under the radar. She has never invited the photographers in to do a shoot of any of her kids. That is her perogative. We will be happy to wait to see.

And in reference to someone saying that Sunday looks only like Keith, she looks a lot like him, yes. But she has that cute little mouth that is Nicole’s real mouth that you can see in her earlier movies.

CelebBabyLover on

Kkh- “She has never invited the photographers in to do a shoot of any of her kids.” That’s not entirely true. She and Tom had Annie Leibovitz (the same photographer that later did Suri’s debut photos) take an offical photo of Bella and Connor when Bella was around 3 and Connor was around 1, which they then released to a magazine (I don’t remember which one at the moment).

CelebBabyLover on

I meant to say that, other than the photoshoot issue, Kkh, I agree with your posts entirely!

Anonymous on

is their daughter named after faith Hill and her daughters.

Kid on

Would you stay Young Forever?

Jackie on

WOW………….You were able to keep a secret from the ” media ” Good for you and Best Wishes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deb on

2011 news? Really?

Martha G. Brady on

this is their third daughter. nicole gave birth to their first one. then they had a second one with a surrogate, not this one was born with a surrogate. i don’t know why the second title girl wasn’t mentioned. the age of the first ones incorrect since she was born in 2008, she isn’t 2 1/2 but 9 or 10 depending on her birthday.

Martha G. Brady on

whoops! i didn’t see the date! why did this pop up in my feed today? weird. it’s from 2011!!!