Neil Patrick Harris (and his Twins!) Love Wry Baby

01/17/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy ABC and Wry Baby

Neil Patrick Harris is known for his wit and dry humor. And nothing has changed now that he’s a father to twins. Not only is he smitten with his son and daughter’s smiles, but he’s also a big fan of Wry Baby‘s ironic onesies.

While guest-hosting LIVE with Regis & Kelly! on Jan. 7, the new dad revealed snapshots of his tots in the brand’s “I’m Super” snapsuit ($30), which features an adorable cape.

The twins — Gideon Scott and Harper Grace, 3 months — also wore the oh-so cute “I Love My Dads” snapsuits ($24, below) in a recent PEOPLE spread.

Love the line as much as he does? Check out the full collection at

Courtesy Wry Baby


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Susan Whithers on

Niel is a cutie and that baby is cute too!

Lilith'smommy on

Gideon is super adorable! Neil is super sweet! I love the “I love my dads” shirt. I going to give it to my gay friends who are expecting triplets in April.

mikaela on

adorable baby … hope to see how awesome harper is 🙂

IMO on

Both kids are adorable!!! They had pics of them in People….not sure why not both here.

Love the shirts!

Jessica on

Hey, Lilith’smommy- I LOVE your child’s name! My daughter too is named Lilith. She just turned 2 Friday, January 14th! I just had to tell you that! We named our daughter Lilith, in part, because we wanted her to have an interesting, semi-original name that would be hers alone, and she would be named after a strong, brave, resilient woman. My husband’s name is David, and mine is, of course, Jessica, two of the top five boys and girls names of 1981, and believe me we’ve felt that distinction all our lives!! lol. I find it so ironic, that given that we named her Lilith because it was unusual and beautiful, that we’ve now “met” two Lilith’s! One is girl, who is a twin, and lives in a very small town near us, and just so happened to have gone to the same at-home daycare. Now what are the chances?!

Now we’ve “met” TWO! Glad to know there are other Lilith’s out there! We need more of them!

Here’s wishing you well, from our family to yours!

Marie on

The twins Dads are pretty SUPER too.

Toya L. on

What a cutie and love the onesie.

Lilith'smommy on

@Jessica- COOL! I hve met 4 Liliths!

Lilith'smommy on

#5 including your daughter!

B.J. on

Love NPH. His little ones are so lucky to have him for a Papa!

P.S. Lilith is my favorite name for a future daughter someday 🙂 Beautiful name choice, ladies!

An on

sometimes it seems as though he’s more smitten with gideon than harper

Sky on

I think that assumption is ridiculous, An. There’s no possible way that you have children because a parent just does not favor one child over the other.

IMO on

People/CBB decides whet is posted here……not NPH. Not sure whet else you are basing your thought on.

Shannon on

One of the babies is biologically his so…An could be on to something.

An on

not necessarily favors, but it seems as though he clicks more with gideon than harper. in his people spread every picture he was holding gideon and talking about what a great baby he is, and he just seems to show off gideon more than harper.

Marlin on

Actually David was talking about how great of a baby Gideon is. But that doesn’t mean either of the Dads is playing favourites.

As a mother of twins myself, I must admit that I connected earlier with my son than with my daughter as well; that didn’t mean that I did not love both of them equally. There was just a quicker connection.

Gideon is obviously Neil’s biological son, so it would be easier for him to connect with his son, because that’s what nature does. But I am CERTAIN he loves his daughter just as much.

Jill on

Considering they don’t know who the father is of each child….how is it obvious to us?

Ally on

Neil is NOT originally blonde, and we do not know David`s hair color
when he was a child ( or the donor). Many are bright blonde when they are children, but they get much darker the older they get…..

It is very rude to say that they favor one of the twins, they did get the twins together, because they love each other and had a strong desire to start a family together.
Moreover, when they do not even know which of the twins are biologically to whom. How can it be obvious to people on the outside which twins biologically belongs to whom. It`s means nothing.

And in People magazin there were only 2 pictures with the children and their parents – not 25….

Neil and David are both fathers of the children, papa and daddy. It is a fact and that`s it.

The whole family is just adorable. So proud of them.