Natalie Portman: Fiancé Is the ‘Best Actor’

01/17/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Frazer Harrison/Getty

There were great expectations about Natalie Portman‘s Golden Globes night: Would she win a best actress award — and what would she wear?

On both fronts, the evening delivered.

The mom-to-be won best performance in a motion picture drama for her turn as the disturbed ballet dancer Nina Sayers in Black Swan, and she thanked her fiancé Benjamin Millepied, with whom she’s expecting her first child.

“He’s the best actor,” she joked of Millepied, who choreographed the film and also costarred in it as a dancer who said he was not sexually attracted to her character. “It’s not true,” she laughed onstage. “He totally wants to sleep with me.”

Before the ceremony, Portman, 29, showcased her baby bump and glowed in a Viktor & Rolf gown and Tiffany jewelry on the red carpet.

“I’m really bad at taking compliments [and] congratulations, that kind of thing,” the actress told Ryan Seacrest before the show. “So, I’m going to squeeze it into one thing. Everyone can be like one big congratulation.”

She also told Seacrest she’s just starting to pick out baby names. “I’ve definitely been thinking about it,” she said. “[I’m] open to suggestions.”

— Brian Orloff

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Ruthie on

I thought her speech was very funny and Natalie didn’t take her self seriously at all.

Allie-Rose on

I love her dress, it’s gorgeous!

stacey m on

Natalie looked radiant and her speech was heartfelt and lovely!

Mommy of 2 on

such a cute speech!! Her dress was stunning…as was she!! Pregnancy definitely suits her!!!

kai on

Um, I thought her speech was so embarassing… let’s blame it on the hormones.

Shannon on

I love the cut of the dress, but hate the flower. I think it would have been much prettier without. Loved her speech! Adorable!

Brooke on

I thought her speech was tacky, and not not befit a Harvard graduate…..

Julia A on

I love Natalie’s pregnancy fashion, so classy and elegant.

A on

Natalie was, is and always has been- so stunning. i’m sure SAR (?) is going to have something to say to the contrary though.

Pregnancy does suit her and I’m glad she showed it off last night. She’s probably due sooner than we all thought. I can’t wait to see her dress for the Oscars.

There were other pregnant celebs there that cbb could post shots of. Rachel Zoe, Toni Collette ect.

And If anyone watched the golden globes that entire night was pretty tacky- the robert de niro deportation/ waiter joke, ricky gervais was being tact (i know it’s “brit” humor but i thought a lot of it was just rude and irrelevant- i don’t think charlie sheen and hugh hefner were even at the globes so the bashing was just desperate) and so many of the actors were giving long speeches attempting to be witty and they just came off bad most of the time. Sorry for the long comment (:

Tina on

I thought her speech was sweet. You can tell she is in love.

JM on

i like natalie portman, i really do. but i thought her speech as really really cringy. more like what you would expect from someone like miley cyrus, it was giggly teenage girl like.

i am sure natalie portman could do better than that, i know she is an intelligent woman.

Jen K on

I agree with some of you, I thought her speech was kinda tacky. I’m hoping she just got caught up in the excitment.

She looked great though. Love that dress on her.

tiff on

I was suprised when she said she was due this summer…she sure has a big baby bump for this being her first pregnancy and not being due for another 4-5 months (if it’s true).

Jazzy'sMommy on

Love Natalie!!! She looked great, as she always does!

Anonymous on

Oh my god, she is so beautiful … 🙂

mary on

I think she looked beautiful! In fact she always looks beautiful! I can see why my 16 year old has a crush on her!

Lilith'smommy on

I loved the her speech! I didn’t think it was tacky whatsoever! She looked beautiful. I loved the fact that her fiance was blushing during her speech.

She is such a sweet person. I do agree that the flower could have been taken off but then others would think the dress was too simple.

Michelle Z. on

Someone commented to me that her dress looked like a box of Valentines’ Day Chocolates, and I had to agree.

On the other hand, I thought Jane Krakowski was gorgeous!

Was Toni Colette there? I remember when they called her name as a nominee, they didn’t go to a live shot of her, and I assumed she didn’t attend.

splendidmishap on

her speech was very cute, but that dress is awful. she looks like a valentine’s day surprise gone wrong. i expected her to be carrying a box of heart shaped chocolates instead of that evening bag. she’s a pink nightmare. lets hope she steps up her game for the oscars.

Shoshana on

Natalie Portman looks GORGEOUS as always…the dress is elegant and unique, and totally perfect for her! Viktor & Rolf have done some amazing Haute Couture pieces, while their ready-to-wear is still remains unique with a certain softness to it — absolutely LOVE!! Also, I thought her speech last night was SO cute and down to Earth! It just further proves that she’s the beautiful girl next door with a big heart of gold. 🙂

SAR on

“He totally wants to sleep with me.” Classy.

Congrats to her for the award. Hopefully once she pops out the kid, she’ll decide being a full-time mother is more important than her mostly mediocre acting. But I couldn’t possibly be that lucky.

Anonymous on

I personally liked her speech, but I’d see how some would cringe. The Golden Globes are supposed to be more casual, though, I guess. I’m sure we’ll see a different kind of speech if she wins at the Oscars. I agree that the rose isn’t working for her 🙂

Josh on

That Harvard education didn’t give her any class. The “sleep with me” comment was trashy. And what the heck is with that crazy laugh? Her fiancee was blushing because he looked “totally” embarrassed.

showbizmom on

I think she looked beautiful. I wouldn’t have picked that dress but then again I was like a size 20 when I was pregnant 😦 To all you folks saying it was tacky, I had the honor of being at the awards show and it was far from tacky everyone had a good laugh. Our table actually lifted our glasses to him and he smile and mouthed thanks!

Kinsey on

I’ve heard celebrities say much worse than her joke about her fiance sleeping with her. Um, hello? She’s pregnant! Of course they have had sex. I though she looked elegant in her dress, and not trashy as some other actresses sometimes dress when they’re pregnant.

As far as her speech; she was probably excited and happy she won a Golden Globe and caught up with nerves and emotions, maybe that’s why she wasn’t as articulate as a dictionary. I find some of the posts tacky, but I’m not surprised since this website went down the tubes after it was sold.

maggie on

We get it SAR you hate Natalie Portman! Can you just please stop acting like a whiny little brat about her acting, looks, or love-life, because it’s really getting annoying and quite pathetic. Also the next time if there’s a Natalie Portman post on here, be the bigger person and DON’T COMMENT!

I thought her speech was cute and it’s not that bad/tasteless compared to some of Ricky Gervais’s comments and the part where Robert De Niro talked about the deportation thing.

Indira on

I don’t like the dress or more specifically the flower.It looks superimposed into the picture. However, she’s pregnant and the dress gives an aura of happiness. I really wanted to know what was so “tacky” about her speech so I watched it. I felt that it was a little long winded and sort of random. I can’t see what her love life as to do with her acceptance speech for best actress but, I didn’t think it was tacky. It’s really impossible to win. I always found NP to be a little overly polished but, last night she was more laid-back. It wasn’t the most sophisticated comment but, she was acknowledging the pregnancy in a humorous way.

Kay on

I have to join the crowd that thinks the speech was embarrassing. It reminded me of the time Kirstie Alley thanked her husband for ‘giving her the big one’. Ummm…no.

She is such a beautiful woman. I think she could have done much better than this dress. It looked like a big pink sheet wrapped around her, and the rose applique was awful.

Frank on

Natalie Portman looked absolutely amazing at the GOLDEN GLOBES! I’m also really happy she won and I loved her speech! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Toya L. on

How did I know SARS was going to be in this post? I thought the speech was kinda cute but maybe not for this event. I don’t like the dress but she still looks gorgeous.

collete on

and i’ll say it again. natalie is undoubtedly a gorgeous girl with an amazing talent that i’ve loved watching progress since i saw her in leon when she was only yay high.

but this should have been michelle williams year. she couldn’t have done more. she gave her heart and soul to that part and i challenge anyone who has seen both films to argue that natalie gave more.

she was wonderful.
but no amount of dancing and training could compete with how heart-shreddingly beautiful michelle williams was in blue valentine.

Brittany on

I didn’t think there was anything wrong with her speech, whatsoever. It made me laugh. I was honestly expecting something more serious from her, so it was a pleasant surprise. Everyone on here is so uptight.

mary on

Have not seen this movie however the whole ‘he totally wants to sleep with me’ sounds funny to me since her character sleeps with a woman! At least that’s what I am told.

Emmaly on

Tacky is not the right word. She could have said far worse things… it was how she said it. The whole speech gave off a vibe of awkwardness that made a lot of people, including her fiance, feel uncomfortable.

But the dress is indeed beautiful and the flower actually adds an elegant twist to the otherwise plain pink. 😉

Mia on

I thought she looked great-and she is really starting to show. I’m guessing she is probably like 4 1/2 months along-maybe going onto 5 in early February. Which would mean she is due around June.

Her speech was not what I was expecting-but during the pre-show (arrivals special) she said she had no speech planned or anything. I think she was just really excited about winning and everything going on in her life with the upcoming marriage and new baby…etc. 2011 is definitely her year. I think if she wins at the Academy Awards it will be a more articulate/expected style of speech.

Golden Globes + even more so, SAG awards are very laid back/casual. However, The Academy Awards are THE show.

Alice on

I absolutely love that dress! It’s gorgeous on her! And I’m happy for her about her award! Great job Natalie!

Anne on

When I saw her dress, my thought was that satin sheets and roses are how you get pregnant, not what you wear to an awards show. She’s gorgeous, but yowza, that dress was awful.

Tee on

I haven’t heard the speech so I can’t comment on that. The dress is lovely, although I’m not altogether sure about the flower.

SAR, can I ask you a question out of pure curiousity? I’ve never noticed that you don’t like this woman but it’s clear from your comment here that you don’t. What do you have against her?

Maya on

I agree – the speech was tacky and unbefitting – I was so embarrassed for her parents and ‎fiance. Unless it was an immaculate conception we all know her baby-daddy “totally ‎wants to sleep with (her).”‎

SAR on

Natalie Portman is such a hypocrite. She not only started flinging off her clothes after loftily proclaiming she “wouldn’t do nudity,” but she now snootily claims she “will not be a Hollywood prostitute.” I’m not sure what that means, exactly, but it probably means she considers herself superior to other, “publicity-seeking” actresses.

How is she superior? She does nudity as regularly as other actresses do. She does sex scenes as frequently as other actresses do, and uses them as selling points…the Internet is all abuzz about her NUDE sex scene with Ashton Kutcher in their upcoming movie, and it was all abuzz about her girl-on-girl scene in “Black Swan,” months before the movie came out. She didn’t shy away from discussing it herself, either. Quite the opposite, in fact.

She recently posed nude for a perfume ad. Why did she need to be nude? To get more PUBCLICITY, that’s why. And now she’s pregnant…out of wedlock, no less, with the press rewarding her by fawning all over her and declaring her “classy” and “elegant” and “a role model,” while she preens and agrees.

Little Miss Portman needs to get over herself, and quit with the phony sanctimony. One thing I cannot abide is a self-righteous hypocrite, who does the very things she claims to be so “above.”

kmb on

SAR, she’s the hypocrite? You’re telling Natalie to get over herself, when I think I speak for everyone here that it’s YOU who should get over herself. I can pretty much guarantee that you have faults, just as anyone else does, Natalie included. She’s never said she was perfect, (considering you know everything about her, you should know that) but she does have fans who admire her work. And we’re tired of you. So, so, so tired of you. Crawl off your high horse and back into your hole.

IMO on

Come up with something new….

Shoshana on

SAR: While I understand that some people are afraid of nudity, I do believe it’s a beautiful thing — especially when it’s done tastefully, which is exactly how Natalie (and many other actors and actresses) does it. Also, it’s okay for people to change their minds. Natalie started out in Hollywood at a very young age, and it’s only normal and reasonable for people to change their minds as they grow up and evolve. For instance, today you appear to dislike Natalie Portman — but maybe tomorrow or next week, you’ll see a film or interview of hers that you’ve never seen before and decide she’s not all that bad. Would you like it if people decided to hate you merely because you chose to change your mind? Regardless, Natalie Portman is not a bad person. There are far, far, far worse people in this world currently making headlines — truly evil people who do horrible things to others. So, with that in mind, can you honestly still feel that your negative energy towards a talented and beautiful actress are worth it?

Rozine on

Yowza I just saw the speech and it felt like she was completely out of control. Her poor parents and fiance had these horribly embarrassed expressions, like they were afraid of what she would blabber out next to the nation. It was especially noticeable when she started talking about her fiance’s line in the movie, his eyes went wide and it seemed like he was saying, “Where are you going with this Natalie?”

Let’s blame it on the hormones and hope that her Harvard education will allow her to grace us with more eloquent speeches next time. :-/

B.R on

SAR could you please tell me how can you hate some so much, a person that you have never met, and a person that has no personal relations with you or has ever said anything bad to you or about you. So how can you hate her, as much as you do? I really want to know.

Oh and her being a hypocrite darling all of us are hypocrites at one time or another in our life. Sorry to tell you such thing as a perfect person does not exist.

So please please stop post on Natalie Portman stories, we get it you hate her, but please go on hating her on your own cause truth be told “darling I just don’t give a dame” or in this case we could care less about your opinion. It’s always the same. If you come up with something new please share with the rest of us but the whole “I hate her” thing is getting to old.

Dress not bad, not good either, but I will say it is better then what she has been wearing before so it’s a step in the right direction if you ask me. As for her speech again not good, not bad, it was nice to see her…how do I put this…out of her element, she didn’t know what to say, what to do, I like it, it was real, and you could really tell she loves her parents and the father of her baby, which I enjoyed as well. Now we wait till the Oscars:)

Tiff on

Natalie is great. missed the golden globes. but i really respected her as an actress and loved the movies she was in, in the past. i havent seen black swan yet, but i cant wait. and i have not seen the one with ashton but it looks like a shitty movie. sex comment was funny : ) shes cute, her dress was lovely, nix the rose

tlc on


Your posts REEK of jealousy and envy. You sound like a spoiled schoolgirl who lost a lead role in the year end play or the head cheerleader who was replaced by someone else. You sound immature and petty and like you actually KNOW Natalie.

It’s really sad and disturbing that you let someone you don’t even KNOW (heck, maybe you DO know her and that’s why all the venom..what did she beat you out for a part?) bother you so much. She’s a star yes, but she is also a HUMAN BEING who makes mistakes and furthermore, don’t believe everything you READ about her either…media and writers always take things out of context and blow them out of proportion.

You sound like a bitter fool…maybe it’s time to stop reading the internet and get a life.

Bella Mama on

Natalie looked beautiful and her speech was sweet. Love her!

Shannon on

Awkward. She doesn’t yet seem comfortable with the pregnancy or her situation. It’s like the Protest Too Much thing; just stop talking about it. Her baby daddy’s ex must be rolling her eyes.

Tess on

That dress is terrible, especially the flower. The best I’ve seen her look in pregnancy clothes was that airport picture.

Not a fan of Portman’s either, although the press has always seemed to love her.

Shoshana on

Rozine: I think her speech was the most down to Earth words of the whole evening! She even said she didn’t prepare a speech — which just makes her all the more humble and down to Earth! 🙂 Not all actors and actresses are robots, and quite frankly…that makes me very happy! And just because she went to Harvard doesn’t mean she can’t act like a normal person at an extremely prestigious and exciting event. Seriously, would we actually want cute, lovable Natalie to ramble on and on using rhetoric that would force everyone to break out their dictionaries? I think not..which is why Natalie rocks!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 You go, Natalie!!

Holiday on

She is completely gorgeous and looks great! Also a true talent!