Layla Kayleigh’s Blog: Melody’s First White Winter

01/14/2011 at 09:00 AM ET

America’s Best Dance Crew co-host Layla Kayleigh is letting readers follow along as she tackles motherhood — daughter Melody Rain is now 14 months old! In her latest blog, Layla fills us in on the Covino family holidays, asks for tips on making traveling less stressful and shares pictures of Melody’s first snow!

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh


I was really looking forward to the holidays this year, because even though it wasn’t Melody’s first Christmas, it was the first Christmas Melody got to be with her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and our close friends.

Last year she was only a month old and it was such a bad flu season with swine flu that our pediatrician advised against traveling so far for the holidays — we would have been going from Los Angeles to New Jersey — due to her being so young.

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh


Speaking of traveling, I really have to take my hat off to the parents that travel with more than one child! It’s challenging enough to travel with one toddler, even more so when they start walking and discovering a glimpse into their independence.

When I see parents with two, three and sometimes four children at the airport — and how easy they make it look — I say to myself, “I wish I could be half as poised as they are!” I guess it’s not their first time at the rodeo like me … hopefully I will get better with time, and won’t be such a frazzled mess.

It’s not Melody that makes me feel like a hot mess though. It’s more about the looks and glares that I get if we’re not moving fast enough in the security line. Or when Melody starts crying on the plane because she’s tired and her ears hurt, and the guy next to me rolls his eyes and huffs and puffs in disappointment. Or when the entire row can smell her dirty diaper and I can’t move to change her because the seatbelt sign is still on! It’s really the pressure I feel from others that makes me all flustered…

I guess I’m curious as to how other parents handle others not understanding that we cannot control these things, and that we are doing the best that we can. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh


Other than the stress I felt from traveling this time around, we had an awesome Christmas and New Years! Melody took her first steps on Christmas Eve and was walking by Christmas day. I couldn’t help but shed a tear, my baby girl is getting so big!

Steven and I decided to stay in with Melody on New Years Eve — she stayed up with us and watched Dick Clark’s countdown and danced to all the performances. It may sound boring to some, but it was honestly one of the best New Years Eve’s Steven and I have had, just being with Melody and laughing and playing with her! We had our own mini dance party in the living room.

Besides Melody’s first steps, this was also her first white winter. She’d never seen snow before and she was mesmerized by it! As the snow came down she sat by the window, not making a sound and just staring at it. We decided to take her out to play in the snow for a bit, to see if she’d like it. She loved it so much she did not want to come inside!

Here are some pictures of her having the time of her (1-year-old) life. 🙂

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh


Much love,

— Layla Kayleigh

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Jessie on

cute, i love the eating snow photo

Allie-Rose on

The last picture is too cute for words!

Emily on

She’s adorable

Sheri on

Melody staring out the window…talk about a picture being worth a thousand words! So cute and what a great reminder of what it was like to be a kid!

Tcovino on

Cutest thing ever!! Layla is such a great mom!!

margaret on

The pictures of Melody are delightful…great unposed shots..As for the travel woes – Don’t worry about the passengers. Most moms do the best they can do..we’ve all been there. So happy the holiday season was so enjoyable on the East Coast. Melody, I love snow too : )

Kristina on

The best advice I can give you about travelling is to ignore everyone else. You’re doing the best you can with your baby and babies have needs and aren’t able to communicate with words (hence, the crying). If people are flying, they obviously know to expect young babies and kids sharing the flight with them. The feelings you’re having are obviously natural but just know that you are doing everything that you can possibly do, given the situation.

PS: Isn’t smelling baby poo the same as smelling a grown stranger/person’s fart? Only difference is, they never tell you it was them!! 😉

fuzibuni on

Cute pictures!

As for traveling with a little one… I don’t have kids yet but I understand when babies cry, or when it takes longer to go through the security line. The crying always stops at some point, and the security line always keeps moving. I keep ear plugs with me when I travel for reasons like this. It’s not parent’s fault that the TSA makes you go through every single thing in the diaper bag! Don’t worry about anyone who gets huffy, just take a deep breath and think peaceful thoughts!

However, I must admit to getting annoyed when I flew to Canada over Christmas. Two little kids got seated behind us, while the mom was seated in the next row over, with ear plugs in, watching a movie. She put the food trays down for her kids and put some toys on it for them to play with. These kids banged on those food trays and kicked the back of our seats non-stop for the entire flight while the mom watched tv. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to get into it with them, but it made our flight miserable 😦

Oh, and one other peeve about air travel with kids is when a child has a cough or cold and the parents don’t tell them to cover their mouth or use a kleenex. So the sick kid coughs and sneezes the whole flight and wipes their hands on the seats. Gross.

I think parents traveling with kids shouldn’t worry too much about things like crying or stinky diapers (I mean, what can you do about it??), but should be considerate of others and think about what you can do to minimize things like banging on seat backs and spreading germs in close quarters.

FC on

That photo of her eating snow is so cute, but the one of her staring out the window—eyes full of wonder—is just precious. She’s a precious girl, period.

As for traveling with kids and infants, I wouldn’t pay those people any mind. She’s a baby and she had her moments of discomfort. All babies/children do. You did what you could.

And who cares what the others around you think? You are allowed to travel with your children. It’s not like she purposely set out to make the flight miserable or something.

Anyway, sounds like the family had a great holiday, and that’s all that matters. 🙂

Kat_momof3 on

I love this blog, cause this is one mom who really seems to get it and is like most moms, except that she’s famous.

Melody looks like she had so much fun in the snow!

Lindsey on

What an angelic looking baby

Nella on

Melody is beautiful! Love all of the pictures! Too cuteeee! I don’t have children yet, but my sister does and I have traveled with her on several occassions. The best thing to do is not to worry too much about others. Most people will be understanding, now as far as a few of those negative, rude people go, well just ignore them. It’s a public transportation so people shouldn’t expect others not to bring children. Babies and Toddlers may not understand much ,so compassion is always nice to have. Layla seems like a very nice person and a regular mom who is just taking motherhood one day at a time. Keep up the positive attitude.

Me on

Oh my Melody is sooooooo adorable!!!
Beautiful pictures.

Iva on

She is just precious!! You have to wonder what was going through her little mind in the photo of her looking out the window at the snow…that photo is priceless!!!!! And what fun eating snow!!!!!! I said it before and I’ll say it again, what a beautiful family.

Shannon on

Layla posts some of the best pictures of Melody. I love the one of her eating the snow! That is just too cute for words.

Antoinette on

What a gorgeous baby, I love the pic of her eating snow.

Martin on

My wife and I have a little guy who will be two in April. My wife wanted to have another kid as soon as possible and I was a bit (a lot) hesitant. 18 month old has boundless energy and I’m still groggy from the first round of no sleep. I have no idea how it’s going to work, but we recently found out we are expecting our second baby in August. We had our first ultrasound last week and seeing that little heart beating washed away any trepidation. We’re hoping for a girl to complete the set, so to speak… I fear that adding a third kid would equal one more than I have hands and then I’d be in real trouble. haha…

As far as the people giving you dirty looks because of your child, f them. When I’m strapping my kid in the car seat and someone wants to pull into the open spot that I’m blocking, I don’t speed up or feel bad one bit. He’s the most important thing on the planet to me. If that somehow bothers someone else, I couldn’t care less. Babies cry. Children take a lot of time. If people don’t like it then they shouldn’t leave the house.

Tam on

I love the taste testing of the snow. The picture is so cute and such a pure and amazing time. Children are so precious. Your little one is so adorable, cherishe her forever…

Erica on

OMG she’s so cute! I can’t wait for my baby’s 1st christmas…unfortunately she won’t get to see any snow here in Florida.

Aly on

Oh she is such a cutie!!! I cant wait until i have a baby, she is adorable!!!!<3

Jules on

Lots and Lots of treats- I mean ALOT. Anything they like- LOTS of juice/water..etc…I load both my kids up the whole flight- A portable DVD player. While my kids (2 & 4) have a short attention span, you can almost gaurentee at least 15 min..(which may not sound like alot but it is) I also brought ear plugs -for the passengers..If anything it would get a laugh and they would at least know I was TRYING to keep control…Always bring an extra pair of clothes (my daughter peed on me an hour before we landed, i had no extra clothes)..My son (when he was 4 months old) pooped right at take off- Just change as soon as the safty belt sign goes off…Other than that, not much more you can do..most people get it…and those who don’t probably never had children or don’t remember!!!

Anonymous on


geepee on

She so sweet you can eat her! And those cheekers!!!! TOO DANG CUTE!

kortney mathews on

she is so cute lol 🙂

Elizabeth Parker on

Your baby is a real cutie! Traveling with kids is hard. I have two, and they had passports and started filling them up before they were 6 months old. They’re 11 and 9 now, and move along through security more quickly than many adults. They’re really experienced now, BUT it took lots of time for them to learn the ropes. You just have to be patient and considerate of the people around you without (unfortunately) expecting them to be the same way in return. Get to the airport well before your flight, if someone appears to be herniating behind you let them go ahead. I guarantee the next 2 or three people will do the same for you=) Don’t get overwhelmed by taking too much stuff with you, either. I usually waited to get on the plane until the end of boarding, too. No sense in extending the agony of eye-rolling neighbors an extra half hour. The flight attendants were always nice about that, and there was never a problem finding room for our stuff. And even though the world seems to be a big unfriendly place when you’re traveling with little kids, trust me, there a lots of us moms out there now with bigger kids who are perfectly willing to babble at your baby for a bit while you eat your pretzels.

alliyah skipper on

awwwwwww she is soooooo cute!!!!!!!