Jean-Paul Gaultier Debuts New Baby Collection

01/14/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean-Paul Gaultier designing babywear? Mais oui! Three years after launching his successful kid’s line  — Junior Gaultier — for tots aged 2 to 17, French fashion’s resident enfant terrible has set his sights on the layette look with a new collection for infants, Gaultier Bébé.

Created for babies from 0 to 2, it will include retro bonnets, jackets, denim dungarees, sweaters, dresses, tulle skirts and bodysuits — or as the French call them, ‘grenouillères’ (frogs) — in the designer’s signature marine stylings in bold red, white and blue.

The bad boy stylist is expected to debut the new line at his upcoming Fashion Week show in Paris on Jan. 26. And according to French press reports, pieces will be available in shops later this spring.

For a sneak peek of his pint-size Spring 2011 collections, go to

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Audrey on

Ick. I’d never put my baby in this. I never understand it when people want to wear some designer name splashed across their chest. Growing up, my mom always said such things looked tacky and classless, and I agree. I always assume when people are wearing something that announces “Gaultier” across the front, or stick their kid in something like that, that they can’t actually afford the designer’s real clothing items, and are insecure about that.

Kate on

I agree with Audrey:) same as those ‘juicy’ sweats etc.

Danielle on

I agree with Audrey. I may be able to afford this but it doesn’t mean I am going to buy it. I would rather shop at Old Navy & Target and put the money we save in my kids’ college funds.

Gaëlle on

Bodysuits = Grenouillères, not grenouilles.

Lauren on

Totally agree, Audrey and Kate. I’m an admitted label lover and buy designer when I can afford it, but these pieces are just beyond tacky. It’s one thing to have a recognizable pattern or logo on your accesories that is understated (the Tory Burch emblem on her shoes, the Chanel double C, etc), but these clothes make me think that the parents just want to show off that their kid has designer clothes, instead of letting the elegance of the clothes speak for itself. Not a fan at all.

Lisa on

Double ICK…it’s not the least bit cute. People who dress their babies in designer garb are only doing it for their own egos and not for the babies comfort. Please.

kim on

would be really sweet if not for the giant, ugly letters all over it.
Plus, I NEVER understand why anyone would pay a company to advertise for them. If Gaultier, Old Navy, Juicy, Abercrombie want to write their name across their clothes, then they should PAY ME to wear them!

kim on

PS: I give this 3 months till it’s cluttering the racks at TJMaxx

get real on

Advertising pays the bills, but turning it into an article, blended in with the celeb news and photos?

aeg66 on

I’m happy the consensus is that its awful. I find it obnoxious that in todays economic times, now they chose to release overpriced babywear??? Most of Europe is struggling worse so it can not be because the label is French either.
Tacky on all levels.

laura on

UGLY and tasteless

kmb on

haha kim, love the tjmaxx comment!
and i totally agree, seriously ugly, tacky, and ridiculous.

Lola on

I will not be buying this. And yes, this along with other over priced labels will be cluttering the racks at tjmaxx and marshalls

B.R on

I with everyone so far, the cloths are just ugly. I get buy quality which you can sometimes get by going designer, not always but sometimes, and if you are planning on more then one kid then buy a few designer things like coats, shoes and stuff like that I get, it worth it in the end, just like a good strollers and car seat. They grow out of it so fast so good quality with last a while. There is a simple black designer baby coat between my friends and I that is now on its 7th child not bad for something that cost $150, and it will live through at least 7 more. But what they show above to me just look cheap, tacky, ugly, and simply not worth the money.

Hm on

Hmm… grenouillères certainly doesn’t mean frogs!