Bellybuds: Cool Stereophones for Your Bump

01/13/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Bellybuds

By the fifth month, your unborn baby can hear and respond to sounds outside the womb.

So why not let him get his groove on with Bellybuds ($50)?

Instead of holding clunky headphones up to your bump, these comfy “bellyphones” adhere to your belly with medical grade, reusable hydrogel rings.

Just plug them into your iPod or MP3 player — and you’re all set.

It even comes with a “Y-Splitter” so you and your unborn tot can listen to the same tunes simultaneously.

And don’t worry about the sound getting too loud. They’re designed so that the volume is never too high for your child’s developing ears.

Celeb mom-to-be Christina Applegate is already a fan. The actress recently Tweeted about how she uses them to play the same music daily for her baby.

And you don’t just have to play music, you can share voices too. Bellybuds just launched an innovative new VoiceShare application that allows friends and family to record messages for baby, which is great if one parent travels a lot for work or is in the military.

Added bonus: Since you can place the speakers anywhere, you might be able to encourage your baby to turn into a good birth position later in a pregnancy. Now, that’s music to any mom’s ears.

Courtesy Bellybuds

Stephanie Phoenix


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Li on

I’m sorry, but this has got to be one of the most overpriced useless products ever. What ever happened to plain ol’ headphones?

TC on

So you use this for 4 months and then what? 50 bucks for 4 months worth of use is a little much for me when there are cheaper alternatives

Kristen Marshall on

FYI- You can buy these on the babysteals archive for $14.99 plus shipping. (Sorry if this isn’t allowed, I know you have featured babysteals in the past.)

Anonymous on

How silly…..why not just go and throw $50 in the garbage!!

miche on

I guess the people who buy this also buy the diaper changing strait-jacket 🙂

There are much better, useful things to waste your money on!!

anonymous on

These are amazing! The people who are saying they’re useless need to educate yourselves in developmental psychology. Studies have shown again and again that babies who are exposed to soothing sounds in the womb are not only more reactive to them after birth (think bedtime) but the babies are cognitively superior to others who were not exposed to this. This includes voices AND music. $50 is nothing compared to your baby’s health and well-being. Well done Bellybuds.

Marla on

Anonymous, you are actually wrong about the cognitive superiority of babies who listen to music in utero. No studies show this, unless it’s one funded by the Bellybuds company. Perhaps it does calm them or perhaps they can recognize after birth, but, that’s about it.

Just leave your baby alone while in utero. Eat right, excersize, take your vitamins and relax. And once they arrive, they don’t need to know how to read, or use the potty…Just enjoy the stage where you and your baby are.

Cheryl on

I actually love the idea of using these to play voices to the baby – that is such a great idea for military families for husbands that can’t be around to talk to the belly!

Kay on

This does seem like a silly and possibly dangerous product. I would be interested to see the independent studies that show attaching earbuds to your belly are advantageous to the developing baby. Also, how have they determined how many decibels are safe for the baby in utero?

Heather on

I used these for 4 months during my pregnancy and loved them. After my pregnancy I gave them to my pregnant friend who is still using them. They are EPIC! I played affirmations to my son from 3 months on and he still recognizes and calms to the songs immediately. He is the calmest, easiest baby I have ever seen. These were one of my favorite finds during my pregnancy~

Louise on

How on earth did babies ever manage to survive/thrive etc before all these great inventions!
Seriously though, I would talk and sing to my babies when they were inside of me and they managed to hear me without any fancy equiptment, and all three of my kids were easy to calm and very contented.

Katie on

omg, these are sooo cute and awesome! I bought a pair for my sister in Tampa bc my nephew was in breach and she played John Mayer for him and it worked! He turned before her next appointment!

Waverly on

Kay: Agreed! Hopefully women won’t be so quick to snatch these up. Since the beginning of time, babies have been born — and without “bellybuds”…and, given the thriving population today, I think it’s safe to assume that one can give birth to a healthy and happy child without music blasting into the womb.

Marisa on

Bellybuds are awesome! My best friend got a pair at her shower and has had nothing but great things to say about them. Her baby recognizes the music that he was played in utero, and it instantly calms him down. I will definitely be using them during my pregnancy.

Tee on

I live in constant amazement at the crazy inventions that people come up with! Babies have heard music and voices in the womb since the beginning of time! No headphones needed!

kim on

uh, no. just no.

Indira on

It’s just cute. People have wasted 50 bucks on worse.

amw on

helicopter parenting starts early! i wonder if people are concerned that this could be damaging brain cells rather than creating geniuses. actually, if you are willing to pay $50 then your brain cells must already be damaged.