So Cute! The Kardashians Wear Matching Holiday Pajamas

01/12/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy Kim Kardashian

Talk about festive!

Every Christmas Eve, the Kardashian clan gets a new pair of pajamas and this year they received Hanna Andersson‘s adorable striped long johns.

The guys — including Mason — wore green stripes trimmed with red, while the girls wore red trimmed with green.

The 1-year-old — who celebrated his birthday on Dec. 14 — also rocked the company’s super cute Very Merry Swedish Mocs ($12).

“We all looked like elves… or maybe Waldo! LOL,” joked Kim in her blog.

Tell Us: What are your family’s fun holiday traditions?

Courtesy Kim Kardashian

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Lady on

Aww so precious…they look gorgeous without makeup on!!! My family always watches “A Christmas Story” & “Christmas Vacation” 100000 times on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day…it’s so much fun, never get sick of it!!!

kaatse on

I wish I had money and access to all these amazing clothes theyre always wearing. and look at Scott looking all grumpy and out of place in his unusal outfit. Its an interesting change, even though its too bad that he couldnt be bothered to wear matching pants, I guess you have to start small 😉

Demetria on

Mason looks cute!

tink1217 on

adorable!! we always try to do that Christmas too…Scott always looks so unhappy.

Tess on

I think matching pajamas might be cute when you’re a kid, but it seems silly to me when adults do it. I don’t blame the guy for looking less than happy.

Shoshana on

Oh my goodness!!! How cuuttteeee!!!! I don’t think Scott is trying to look angry…I think he just wants to look like a male model — except he sultriness comes off as…well, not sultriness…haha.

Toya L. on

LMAO at Scott, he looks hungover. This is so cute, I love when families keep their traditions no matter how much they differ from my own.

erilynne on

Kim looks like she hasn’t slept in 5 days

Sam on

hahahahahaha Sorry, but that was my first reaction. This is a fun trend when all your little ones are little ones but this just looks silly. Do they all live together or just visit in their pajamas?

Shoshana on

erilynne: Given her crazy work schedule, she probably hasn’t!

Sam: I think they do live together now that Kim and Kourtney moved to NYC to open up their newest Dash store in SoHo. The first season of their new show starts on 1/23, so I guess we’ll find out for real then. 🙂

Shoshana on

Sam: Silly is good!! It’s the silly moments that fill life with laughter and lightness!! 🙂

Sam on

@Shoshana – silly is NOT always good. This is ridiculous silly. They don’t all ‘match’, they are ‘opposites’. Kind of look like those old jail outfits from way back in the 30’s! Still loling over here!

Lauren on

I have always liked their matching pajama nights, idea They do this often while on vacation as well. I like the idea and it seems fun! I can tell you that my bf, would be looking and would dressed just like Scott!! He would think it is ridiculous silly and I would think it is fun silly!

I believe that Kourt, Scott and Mason still live with Kim.

Shoshana on

Sam: If you are LOLing, then it IS good!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

LisaS on

Or maybe Thing 1 and Thing 2. rotf

I love these pictures! lol Now where’s the rest of the clan? What a fun, silly tradition–why doesn’t mine do anything like that?

I think it’s great that the super-stylish Kardashian girls are willing to put their fashionable wear aside for a moment and don on some ridiculous stuff to participate in a family tradition. It shows how important family is to these girls, and it’s refreshing to see people like them acting silly and being able to laugh at themselves.

Shannon on

Cute on the baby and MAYBE his parents. Beyond that, it just seems silly. But it’s their tradition so who cares what I think.

Amber on

I thought Kim was the Octomom

Sam on

@Shoshana – ok then! lol

Shoshana on

LisaS: Totally agree!!

Marla on

Love hanna andersson jammies. We always buy them for our 3 boys for christmas. My hubby and I don’t join in the matching, though (I am not criticizing them, though). I don’t blame the dad in the picture for looking less than thrilled. It’s cracking me up that he only put on the shirt.

Crimpe on

Hanna Andersson makes them for dogs too, all sized dogs. You can always find them on ebay, and they are frequently on sale on the Hanna site. My husband and I wear them with our four very young children and the dogs – it IS fun and silly!

dholmas on

I would never get my husband to do that. LOL. I think it is a nice tradition. Maybe I could get him to since I got him into a black costume one year for Halloween with full makeup.

Emily on

I think this looks like such a cute tradition!! I think the matching PJ’s are probably fun and it seems like Kourtney and Kim are enjoying it…My favorite part of the picture though?? In that bottom shot Mason’s slipper is matching, and even lining up with, Kim’s pants!!

alice jane on

I think it’s sweet! Who cares if they’re adults or the whole family is doing it? I love how, even though they’re all so busy they make it a point to keep the traditions alive and just have fun with each other! There’s no harm in not taking yourself too seriously and having fun with the holidays.

Erika on

I think it is cute! I read a while back that it is a family tradition for them to wear matching pajamas on Christmas and I like that the adults participate too. Pajamas are not just for kids, they *are* made for adults too, so I don’t find it odd or creepy at all. It’s a cute family tradition that makes for a nice tradition. And while I don’t have kids yet, I am a young adult who still wears Christmas pajamas. I think it’s fun!

CelebBabyLover on

Sam- Well, the girls match each other and the boys match each other. 🙂 Anyway, I think this is an adorable picture!

Hea on

I’m a big fan of silly. Silly brightens up a day like nothing else.

Sam on

@CelebrityBabyLover – right, that’s what I said, ‘they don’t ALL match, they are opposites’. Right.

Kathy on

Love it. They look so cute! Hanna Andersson rocks.

CelebBabyLover on

For what it’s worth, I like that the girls had red pajamas and the boys green. They look like red and green candy canes. 🙂