Minnie Driver’s Son Mistakes Nativity Scene for Old MacDonald’s Farm

01/12/2011 at 04:00 PM ET

Michael Williams/Startraks

At least he knew it was a barn!

Minnie Driver‘s 2-year-old son Henry Story is not only talking up a storm but singing, like he did over the holidays.

“He sang Old MacDonald to the Nativity scene in Malibu because he thought that’s what it was — a farm,” the actress, 40, laughs.

The Conviction star says her toddler is also attempting skateboarding while she tries to keep up.

“He’s divine,” Driver told PEOPLE at the premiere of Barney’s Version in New York on Monday.

She shares her secret to balancing life as a single, working mom: a staunch British disposition. “You just get on with it, really,” Driver explains.

“I think being English is quite good for being a working mother. But I suppose every mum in every country is a working mother in some way. You get on with it, but it’s a little challenging sometimes.”

Would Driver — who has declined to name Henry’s father — like more children in the future? “I would, very, very much so,” she shares.

— Asher Fogle

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Shoshana on

HAHAHAHA…it DOES look like a farm! What a little cutie!!!!!

Kim on

That’s hilarious! Two year olds can be too funny!

Annie on

he is just so precious!

mary on

Awe those cheeks! I just want to kiss them! And pinch them!

JB on

I have always wondered if Eddie Izzard fathered Minnie’s child and that picture of him certainly looks as though Eddie could be his dad.

Holiday on

That is cute. I love the 2 year old age. Lots of people dont but my son was a great two year old

Elizabeth on

Minnie that little boy is adorable!….She seems to be such a sweet genuine person…bet she is a great mom! Such a darling little boy!

Jennifer on

That is hilarious! I love it!

Sarah M. on

That great! I sit for a family that has a 1 year old and a 3 year old. Mom’s pregnant. They told the 3 year old around Christmas (they’re Christian, so they do the Jesus story, also), so now the 3 year old keeps telling everyone (multiple times each) that mom ‘has baby Jesus in her tummy’!! I LOVE the things little kids will come up with to say. 🙂

Henry is beyond adorable, too@ He’s one of my favorite celeb babies.

ForeverMoore on

There is a documentary about Eddie Izzard called “Believe”…there are quite a few photos of him when he was a wee lad…and let me just say that little Henry is a clone of Eddie for what its worth.

R on

The only reasons not to reveal the father must be because the father is either married and a member of parliment or a member of the royal family.

JB on

@ForeverMoore — I’ve seen Believe, as well as many pictures of Eddie as a child, which prompted my post. Glad to know that at least one more person concurs. (The timing of her pregnancy and co-starring with Eddie seems an interesting coincidence, as well.)

lizzy on

it could be possible that he is the father, but she said that he wasn’t “in this buisness”. meaning that he wasn’t an actor or anything like that.
she could just be saying that to protect eddie though.

IMO on

What she said was “he is sort of in the same business as me and he’s english.” I just pulled it up.

suzy diamond on

I think she had a sperm donor and THAT’S why she won’t name the father.

Meagan on

On the subject of Eddie Izzard, I just saw him in Across the Universe and he did a fantastic job! I am also a fan of Minnie. Henry is cute!

mary on

Sorry who is Eddie Izzard? I looked him up and it says a comedian. Has he ever played here in the US? He looks very…..British….. I mean that in a good way. I can’t recall but i remember a show on PBS that had British comedy and I remember a rollie pollie guy who would wear dresses. I can’t remember his name though. Is this Eddie like that?

CelebBabyLover on

lizzy- I was just going to say the same thing!

R- She’s said that she’s not revealing the father because he isn’t a public person and doesn’t want to be one. In otherwords, she’s just protecting his anonymity. 🙂 Anyway, this story is cute.

B.R on

Who cares who the father is? Truly does it matter in the end? As long as her and Henry are happy, health, and have enough money for rent, food, other everyday needs (regardless of which parent the money came from) then that is all that matters. Regardless of what people think, sometimes one parents is better, the two. If his father would be neglectful, abusive, hurtful in anyway to Henry or her, she is doing the right thing by never saying who he is, and keeping him out of her son’s life, and hers. I will say that I am in love with Henry he is just the cutest baby out there, the cheeks are perfect. And there is nothing like honesty of a child to make your day brighter. My friends son did something similar at Henry’s age but he managed to get away from us at church and start rearranging the animals “the camel is to big for the farm house it has to have another place to sleep” my friend was so red in an instant, I couldn’t stop laughing so my husband kicked me out of the church, where I continued to laugh with the Father of the church right by my side. I guess he found it as funny as I did. Thank you Minnie for sharing this story with the world, it reminded me of the good times, and since the kids are all grown now I have not thought about them being two in a really long time. So thank you.

@R there are many reasons not to say the name of the father, all the reasons you put are well the nice ones, still bad, but not as bad as saying, your father was abusive, a drug addict, a cruel person you should never know. So for Henry’s sake I hope it’s one of your reasons and not mine.

Tina on

@ R or maybe it is just nobodies business but hers and his and they want to keep it that way!

Devara on

e-i-e-i DOH!

Ashley on

He is SO cute! Allllmoooost makes me want a boy someday 🙂 They are really cute together though, seriously.

IMO on

I don’t care who the dad is…her business. I did look it up when I saw people saying stuff on here because things didn’t really make sense to me. I wish people wouldn’t quote someone incorrectly….or say they no something when they don’t.

lizzy- I was just going to say the same thing!
R She’s said that she’s not revealing the father because he isn’t a public person and doesn’t want to be one. In otherwords, she’s just protecting his anonymity. Anyway, this story is cute.

That actually is not true. She was interviewed and said the reason why she hasn’t told is because “it wasn’t his choice to get roped into all this stuff. It’ll come out in time and he’s really busy like me.” Then she said he is “sort of in the same business.”

Her is one of many sites where you can read the interview.

CelebBabyLover on

suzy diamond- It couldn’t have been a sperm donor, because Minnie has said that Henry’s father is still involved in his life (she’s also said that one of Henry’s first words was “Dada”!). 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

IMO- But Minnie also said in another interview that she’s a public person, but he isn’t, or something along those lines.

IMO on

Right……by public, i think she means in the public as much as her…as well known. At least that’s how I took it. Which is why she says he doesn’t deserve to get roped into this stuff.

Lala on

My 2 1/2 year old did the same thing when he saw the nativity scene at church. He kept asking where the chickens and pigs were.

Allison J on

What a funny story! It’s hilarious the things that little children say! Henry is such a cutie – love those checks and his two front teeth.