Meet John Travolta & Kelly Preston’s Son Benjamin

01/12/2011 at 07:00 AM ET

John Travolta and Kelly Preston had tried for another child for three years, so the surprise news last year that Preston was pregnant left them “completely blown away!” the actress tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview.

Now, seven weeks after Preston, 48, delivered Benjamin on Nov. 23, the proud parents are showing off their little “miracle.”

“He’s given the house a renewed spirit and purpose,” says Travolta, 56, who held Preston’s hand during labor as their 10-year-old daughter Ella Bleu waited excitedly outside the room with actress Kirstie Alley, a close family pal.

These days, the Travolta home in Ocala, Fla., is filled with joy, lullabies from Dad (“A Bushel and a Peck” is a favorite), readings of Good Night, Gorilla and hugs from big sister Ella. Best moment for both parents so far? Benjamin’s first smile.

For the exclusive interview and family photo album, pick up the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Elizabeth Leonard

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Narbara on

awwww bless them all! he’s sooo cute!

2little on

What a handsome little guy.

klutzy_girl on

He’s so cute!

Louise on

What a little angel! Ben is absolutely adorable!

Lisa on

Ooh, I think he’s gonna look like daddy!

Sheri on

I couldn’t be more thrilled for them!!! Joy is coming back into their lives with this precious little one. Little Ben looks so good and healthy, too! God bless this sweet family ~

erica on

happy for them, but don’t believe she was actually pregnant.

Kristine on

Much happiness to all of them. Great news to hear considering all the problems in the world

tink1217 on

so happy for them…he is adorable!!!

erica..what a cruel thing to say…

Lisa on

Erica, why don’t u believe she was actually pregnant? I thought there were pregnancy pics of her with a big belly on here. Do u think that was just a pillow? Do u think she faked her pregnancy and actually had a surrogate? Just curious why u would say such a thing.

steph on

if she wasnt pregnant then did she put a fake belly under her clothes? I am sure a 48 yr lady can get pregnant and carry it. You hear of ladies in their 50’s doing it. Heres a pic of her pregnant she looks pregnant to me.

Katie on

Oh is he cute!! So thrilled for them. I bet she had IVF done. But who cares really. What a miracle!

Sheri on

Erica ~ You can even see in this picture that Kelly is carrying baby weight still in her face since Ben is only about 7 weeks old. What an ignorant comment you made!

Serena on

erica …if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Congratulations to the Travolta family! What a beautiful little boy!!

JMO on

oh he’s precious!!! They always did make cute babies!

NM on

@Erica-She was ACTUALLY pregnant. There are many, many photos of her and John at public events, with a pregnant belly. Do you REALLY think she was wearing a prothestic stomach? She WAS pregnant!

Sky on

He looks so much like baby Ella and baby Jett did! He’s beautiful!

kaatse on

that is one pretty kid. all of their kids are, if you ask me (which you dont, but i’ll say it anyway). all theree of them are looking like little pretty versions of john.
hope little benjamin is a healthy, happy child. oh, and i love his name by the way 🙂
now i’m going to actually read the article.

Lady on

Way to bring the drama Erica…can always count on morons on this site to say ridiculous things….SMH

Anyways…baby Ben is so precious, what a doll. Wish Ella was in this photo too!

camilla on

@erica, I’m sure your the type of person who believes in other crazy conspiracies such as “man really never landed on the moon.” Give me a break.

Benjamin is adorable. He looks so much like John. Wishing them the best : )

Corrie on

Erica, that’s a realiy nasty, ignorant thing to say. You should be ashamed of yourself.

To join the masses, I think he’s going to look like John. What a doll.

Emily on

Oh my what a beautiful baby! So happy for this family. I think he has Kelly’s eyes! (Which is weird since she wasn’t actually pregnant…JOKE! THAT IS A JOKE!)

Jennifer on

Well looks like Erica got her wish, all the spotlight on her and her ignorancy.

Congrats to them and their beautiful and healthy baby boy! They deserve the blessing.

NM on

Kelly WAS pregnant! For those of you joking that she wasn’t, or insisting that she wasn’t, it’s just plain mean. How would you feel, if someone said that about you, while you were pregnant? Think about that!!!!

Brooke on

I am so happy to see them smiling and happy with this sweet little boy. I am especially thrilled for Ella Bleu, so she can see happiness in her family again.

ELO on

Beautiful baby. Congrats to the Travoltas.

ForeverMoore on

I love the little baby toes peeking out!

Toya L. on

“Sucks teeth and takes a deep breath and releases”. He is a beautiful baby, Congratulations to the Travolta’s again.

Tess on

John has strong genes. All three kids look/ed exactly like him.

nelly on

im not defending erica but that rumor of her not really being pregnant was on ALL the blogs for months while she was “pregnant” im guessing erica is just relaying what she read..but congrats on to the travolta’s

Sam on

He is still sooo tiny and I love the little toes peeking out too.

@Erica (you should have ducked!) 🙂

Shar on

Congratulations! He is so cute!

Linda on

His full name is Benjamin Hunter Kaleo Travolta. I wonder why it hasn’t been written in this post?

Debbie on

Well Erica and all these people that say that these women dont carry these babies.. Seriously you are an idiot.. Sorry but someone has to say it…. Leave these people alone, they lost a child, the are humans and need compansion not stop comments, On a happier note. I also think he will look like daddy, so cute, Wish them a lifetime of happiness.
Enjoy enjoy enjoy…

Paige on

Benjamin’s a cutie. So happy for John, Kelly, and Ella. A baby is a blessing especially after some very difficult times for this family.

Continued well wishes for all of them. 🙂

Meghan on

Aww, Bushel and a Peck was a favorite when I was little, and will likely be sung a lot when I have children of my own.

As for this “she wasn’t pregnant” BS. I recall similar rumors when Katie Holmes was pregnant. I guess it’s some silly anti-scientologist retoric.

Beautiful boy, but I would expect nothing less from John and Kelly!

Kim on

No Meghan these same people claim Angelina and Nicole Kidman weren’t pregnant either. They claim the hospital in France where AJ had the babies was in cahoots.

Bridget on

Who cares if she did or didn’t carry him! Surrogacy happens all the time and is a wonderful option for someone that wants children but can’t carry for whatever reason.

Anywho, he is a beautiful baby, and I wish them all the happiness children bring.

Lis on

Congrats! Darling little baby!!

And I DEFNITELY believe she was pregnant!! She carried the weight in other places than her belly 😉 Which to me is a dead give-away!

Why do people think she wasn’t actually pregnant? Her age???

kris on

I believe she was pregnant. I don’t believe it was her eggs, she is just to old to have used her own eggs. Woman of 35 are considered advanced maternal age at which point egg quality starts to rapidly diminsh. She probably got pregnant with donor eggs and IVF. So, I have no idea how she was “suprised” she was pregnant.

kris on

To add to my previous comment, it is still a miracle and he is still precious and who cares how she conceived other than as somone who struggles with infertility I wish that celebrities would stop lying about when they used Advanced Reproductive Technologies to get pregnant. It makes it seem like woman should be ashamed of their infertility instead of creating an open, honest dialogue.

erica on

lol! some of you need to learn how to take a deep breath and not freak out over people who are basically strangers to you. unless any of you are relatives of the travoltas which i highly doubt.

that said, i’m sure kelly and john are thrilled w/ their baby, no matter how he got here.

Samantha2 on

Congratulations John and Kelly! What a beautiful little guy! 😀

soph on

Erica is an idiot, ignorant, and cruel for saying what she thinks? Sheri, are you really just going by the picture alone? There’s this little thing–you may have heard of it–called Photoshop. I’m not saying Kelly was or wasn’t, but I’m not going to 100% defend a celeb I DON’T KNOW. Sad that most of you lap up everything you read…

NM on

@Kris-Are you for real?? I’m older than her, and there are woman older than me, STILL having bioligcal children, WITH their own eggs. Kelly is NOT that old! She’s very capable of conceiving AND carrying her old children. I have a friend who’s husband is pushing 70, and they had twin girls almost 12 years ago. Give me a break!!!

NM on

Some of you people here and your comments, are just downright MEAN!!!

Alice on

Looking like Daddy. I can’t believe how good Kelly looks. She might be photoshopped in the mag but I remember even in other pics during the pregnancy she always looked so young and beautiful.

Lila on

That baby is…breathtaking.

Annie on

Check out these pics..

My hubby noticed it first but don’t they look exactly alike?!?!? Almost as if they cloned him. hehehe

Michelle on

I am with Kris.. come on, she is 48 years old- those were not her eggs. Does it matter? NO. But lets be honest, the likelyhood that she was “surprise” pregnant is just laughable at her age.

I would rather she just came clean, said that with the loss of Jett they really wanted another baby and they were fortunate enough to the have the means to use medical advancements to help them have their dream, blah blah- but while I could give a hoot about scientology, I assume that is frowned upon, so will be kept quiet. Plus, it really is none of our business.

Lauren2 on

Michelle and Kris, You both obviously live in bubbles. There are women who are able to have a baby with their own eggs at her age. It may be difficult, but to say it is not her egss….makes no sense.

jordan on

those are the most beautiful blue eyes. He’s a cutie

CelebBabyLover on

NM- I agree! How do we have any way of knowing for sure that Kelly did IVF or didn’t use her own eggs? Women 48 and over can and DO get pregnant the old-fashioned way (in fact, one of my great-grandmothers and one of my great-aunts both had change of life babies!)! Is it common? No. But is it impossible? Also no. Also, it says they’d tried for three years, so they WERE being honest that they DID struggle to concieve. They didn’t make it sound like they got pregnant on the first try or anything!

Also, if anything, Benjamin himself should make it clear they didn’t use donor eggs. He looks so much like Kelly! 🙂 Anyway, I can’t wait to get this issue of PEOPLE (I subscribe)….and I hope there’s at least one picture in there of Ella holding her baby brother. That would be so cute! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Also, I don’t get why people claim Kelly wasn’t pregnant….yet people have no trouble believing that Geena Davis was pregnant at the same age (and with twins to boot!), or that Marcia Cross was pregnant in her mid-40s, or that…..well, you get the idea!

Romy on

John needs a new hairpiece! Cute baby boy, very sweet.

Kresta on

My friend, at 49, gave birth to her fourth daughter. And this was after an earlier tubal ligation which obviously failed. At first, she thought she was just going through menopause but a doctor’s visit confirmed she was 4 months pregnant. It is possible to get pregnant if you are still ovulating so don’t think it can’t happen to you just because you are over a certain age or you may find yourself with a big mid-life surprise.

Taylor on

Why should she admit to something if it’s not true? I know over a handful of women, 46 and over, who have gotten pregnant without the help of donor eggs, IVF, etc. I’m not sure why it’s such a hard concept for people to grasp.

Janna on

Why get all up in arms? The odds are that it wasn’t her egg. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. Maybe she faked a pregnancy, maybe she didn’t. I don’t consider those things to be anyone’s business. Who cares?

Congrats on the new arrival!

Rachael on

I think everyone has their right to their own opinions here, no need to get so negative… It really doesn’t matter to me where this baby came from, it’s their business.

I will agree though, that it has to be pretty hard to get pregnant at 48, and I wish them all the luck in the world raising this baby, running after him when he’s a toddler, going through his teen years and such at an age when most of us are looking forward to the golden years and enjoying our grandchildren. I’m sure they have lots of help and always will.

I know they realize what a gift this child is, congrats to them!

Leslee on

Take note, ladies, do not believe your ovaries are only collecting dust after 35. Yes, one should not postpone pregnancy betting their egg bearing jewels are going to be ready to roll, be sensible, of course. However, many, many, many women have found themselves pregnant, even after having begun menopause in earnest. Until it’s been a year since your monthly frenemy has reared her head, assume you can and will get pregnant.

I thought my ovaries would be DOA, too, sure that I wasn’t going to be fertile like years before. Nope, at nearly 38, I conceived fraternal twins the old fashioned way with no fertility drugs etc during the first month of “trying.” Both healthy, full term boys that are thriving. My now former mother-in law, RIP, was 44 when she has her surprise. My friend’s mother gave birth to her youngest daughter the same day, and in the same hospital, that her daughter-in-law gave birth to her first grandchild. That made the paper. My friend’s mother was well into her mid 40s AND had her tubes tied years before.

Don’t count your ovaries out, or Kelly’s 🙂

I looked back at some of those baby pix of Jett, RIP, and of Ella, both have a very similar look to little guy Ben. He seems to have her nose, too.

I wish them all happiness and hope that others find it, too.

Jennifer on

Absolutely GORGEOUS!

Grammar Advocate on

Just a quick grammar lesson:

Your implies possession.
Example: Is that your car?

You’re is short for you are.
Example: You’re not a nice person.

When you’re not sure if you should use me or I, separate the sentence.
Example: You and I are going to the store. ( You are going to the store. I am going to the store. You and I are going to the store.)
Example: Grandma brought a present for you and me. (Grandma brought a present for you. Grandma brought a present for me. Grandma brought a present for you and me.)

If you are going to voice an opinion, and you want to sound intelligent, you should use proper grammar.

pamela on

My ex mother in law was having her own biological children into her mid 50’s. When I was in the hospital having my last child – 22 years ago – I shared a room with a woman that was 51. She had an 18 year old daughter, tried to get pregnant again for years ,never did. She then thought she was “too old” to get pregnant again. Well low and behold, when she thought she was feeling strange due to menopause – she was actually pregnant. It can and does happen.

Toya L. on

Erica A*K*A Kathy – yes I screensaved your name and comment so I know for a FACT that you are the one and same, maybe you need to get a life!!!!

Mom Of Twinz on

@Erica–If you didn’t think Kelly was even pregnant, my post such a nice message. OH, YOU DIDN’T!

Mom Of Twinz on

@Carrie Fisher–A Friend? It’s not you business to “out” John Travolta even if he is gay or bi-sexual. Get you head out of the liquior bottle, and tend to your own business. He has every right to seek legal action against anyone who slanders his name, I hope he comes after you next.

CelebBabyLover on

Leslee- I saw a picture that another poster linked to of baby Jett….and Ben DOES look a lot like him. And that certainly suggests that Kelly concieved with her own eggs. 🙂

I also meant to say earlier that I highly doubt surrogacy or assisted reproduction are things that are frowned upon/forbidden by Scientology (and hence John and Kelly would have no reason to hide either one!). Why do I think that? Because Michelle Stafford is also a Scientologist, and she has been extremely open about the fact that she used surrogacy to have her daughter….and that she underwent artificial insemination several times herself before turning to surrogacy (due to the AI being unsuccesfull). 🙂

If Scientology frowned on/forbade either of those things, Michelle almost certainly wouldn’t be admitting that she had/used them, let alone talking about them so openly! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and Benjamin is a cutie! 🙂

Anonymous on

Benjamin is so precious! For Kris and the others that are saying that it’s next to impossible for women of “advanced maternal age” to get pregnant with their own eggs, you really need to take a good look at the plain community. Most Amish and Mennonite women have babies well into their late 40’s and early to mid 50’s. You can rest assured that NO plain woman uses somebody else’s eggs. So it is possible and happens more often than people think.

Whitney on

to the comment on a man being 70 and having twins…. men never have an age limit on the ability to have children – for women it becomes increasingly harder and dangerous as you age…. I had a college prof. who was 75 with a 3 year old – his wife was much much younger…

They don’t specify when they were trying for three years to get pregnant.

I kust hope they are not trying to replace Jett…. you can never replace those who have passed.

However, congrats to them and their family on their healthy baby and they have the money to have some younger nanny help keep up with a baby…

We are evolving and with age expectations increasing it makes sense that women are having children later in life. I just would not want to be the mom at your kids events that is twice the age if the other parents. I think about these people having kids at an older age and being 75 when they have teenagers.

I’d want to see my children graduate school (high school, college) and if they chose, have their own kids….

Sandra on

Wow, what a beautiful little baby! I see his little face and I remember looking at Jett as a little baby and I see he looks just like Jett did. He has sent them a baby from heaven! Congratulations!

jayne on

Wow….what a delightful little bundle of joy, he sure is a little sweetheart, and I think he’s the image of John.Huge congratulations to the entire family, may Ben bring you the joy and happiness you so richly deserve.Beautiful name too, but as the mum of a Ben myself, now 15,I suppose I’m more than a little biased!

DaniJude on

Oh my, what a sweetie!! I cannot wait to see this little angel grow up!
He looks like such a nice baby too! Congrats to John, Kelly and Ella!
It’s so nice to see them happy again! I was so sad over there loss.
Ben will grow up knowing up a amazing person his brother was.
ALL my love and best wishes to them! They are my favorite celeb couple!
So down to earth and lovely people.

NM on

@Whitney-Actually, men DO have fertility problems as they age. A man of 70’s sperm count and quality of spern is much less, than that of a many 20 years younger than him. They didn’t try for three years to conceive, they were married late in life, and were older parents when they conceived. I have 5 children myself, so I’m no stranger to this. John and Kelly did NOT have Benjamin to replace Jett. I don’t know how anyone could say such a thing. You can NEVER replace a lost child with another child.

erica on

i’m only back here to say i’m NOT kathy…i have no idea what what you’re talking about there.

@ mom of twinz, just b/c i don’t believe kelly carried benjamin doesn’t mean i can’t be happy for them, which i am. the two aren’t mutually exclusive (grab a dictionary if you don’t understand the term.)

NM on


I just can’t get over your posts. I’m 49 years old, and if I hadn’t gone through menopause early, I could have still very EASILY conceived another child, YES, using my own eggs. You have NO WAY of knowing whether Kelly used her own eggs or not, anymore than anyone else does. That is a total judgment call on your part. Why is it so hard to believe, that she and John actually conceived a child, the old fashioned way, by having sex? There’s nothing laughable about Kelly conceiving a child at 48 years old. What is laughable is your ignorance on this. Unbelievable! It’s like you don’t want them to be happy, or believe that she actually conceived without medical intervention.

YOU would rather she just come clean? Who in the hell do you think you are? Have you ever lost a child? You have no idea what they’ve been through, what they are thinking etc. They wanted another child, LONG before they lost Jett, and were trying for a number of years to conceive with no luck. Yes, they tried BEFORE Jett died, so to say that they are trying to replace Jett, is a horrible thing to say. There is a LOT of stress involved when trying to have a baby. That affects the body of a woman tremendously. After Jett died, there was even more stress to deal with, but a different kind. They experienced horrible grief, and I’m sure they still are. A parent cannot replace a lost child. I don’t believe they used any medical intervention to conceive this child. Why can’t you believe that they actually had sex, and got pregnant? You need to read about the Coble family, who lost their first set of triplets to a car crash 3 1/2 years ago. The couple made the decision after they had these children, that they were done having kids. They lost all three, and three months after this, decided that they wanted to have more children. Due to medical reasons, they went the IVF route, and conceived triplets again, two girls and one boy. They lost two girls and one boy in the car crash. All under the age of 6 years old! Oprah blatantly asked the mother, if their current children know about their lost sisters and brother, and the mother said yes. She matter of factly told Oprah, “we could never replace our lost children”. We grieve for them every day, but our second set of triplets has put the joy back in our lives”. No child can ever be replaced, EVER!!!!

NM on

@Lurker-“The odds are, that it wasn’t her egg”. Wow! Do you really believe that? At 48 years old, she’s still very capable of having her own kids.

FC on

Benjamin is absolutely beautiful. I just saw them run this story on Extra, including the cover of People, and he’s definitely got his dad’s luminous blue eyes. They popped on my TV screen and caught my attention first thing. He just looks so scrumptious!

Many well wishes to John, Kelly, Ella and little Benjamin! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

NM- Exactly! They talked about wanting to have more children BEFORE Jett died, and back in August of 2007, they said they were trying for another baby (they didn’t specify when they’d started trying, but my guess is they’d been trying for several months already, and understandably didn’t want to broadcast that fact to the entire world!).

That definitely fits with what they said here about having tried for three years before finally concieving Benjamin. Here’s the article from 2007 if anyone’s interested:

Now, with that being said, I think saying, or even just insiuniating, that someone is trying to replace a child they lost is very cruel and heartless. Children can’t ever be replaced, and anyone who’s lost a child would be the first to tell you that. I actually know of a couple that lost not one, but two children. First they lost a baby girl due to her being born very prematurely. Then they lost a teenage son (in fact, at the time of his death, he was just a few years younger than Jett was when he died) several years later.

Losing a child is horrible no matter what the circumstances of course, but this loss was especially horrible for them because the death was not accidental, nor was it caused by another person (I’m not going to go into details out of respect for the family’s privacy.). All of this happened before I ever knew the family, but from what I’ve been told, that boy’s death just about destroyed that family (and I mean the entire family, including grandparents, aunts, and uncles.).

A few years later, the couple adopted a baby girl. Just like it seems like Benjamin is doing, that little girl put that broken family (I mean broken in terms of broken hearts and stuff. The parents hadn’t split up or anything like that!) back together, and allowed them to finally truly heal (not that you can ever completely heal from losing a child, but you know what I mean). But were her parents trying to replace the two children they had lost when they adopted her? Absolutly not! No one will ever replace those children in their family’s hearts.

Sorry about getting so long winded. I just needed to vent!

NM on

Benjamin looks just like John!

brbl on

@NM the cause of menopause is that you no longer have any viable eggs left in your ovaries. Girls are born with all the eggs they will ever have, and every day that passes, some die off. By the time you reach your late 40s, you have very few eggs left, and the ones you do have are often chromosomally damaged due to the natural effects of aging. Once your egg supply is depleted, your body stops ovulating and you enter menopause. Therefore, your statement that at age 49 you could have gotten pregnant with your own eggs if you hadn’t gone through menopause is completely non-sensical – the whole reason you went through menopause is because you don’t have any eggs left.
I don’t actually care one way or another about Kelly Preston and John Travolta, but people who are out there acting as if it’s no problem for a 48 year old woman to get pregnant naturally are doing a tremendous disservice to young women out there who assume they have plenty of time to get pregnant. As a 41 year old suffering from infertility and who has been through IVF at a very respected university affiliated clinic, I have been told repeatedly by the best experts in the field that your chances of becoming pregnant with your own eggs after age 40 are quite low, and they decline precipitously every year thereafter. The research shows that the odds of a natural conception at age 45 are only 1/2%. In addition, even if you do manage to conceive with your own eggs, at 45 the miscarriage rate is 75-80%, in large part because as you age, your eggs also age, which results in eggs that are chromosomally abnormal, don’t divide properly in early stages of pregnancy, etc. So while not impossible, it is highly unlikely that Kelly Preston, at age 48, conceived and carried to term a chromosomally normal child using her own egg.
For all you young ladies out there, don’t put off having children too late, or else you may find yourself out of luck.

Puhleeze on

Kelly had IVF behind JT’s back because she wanted a baby and wanted to keep up appearances. He was getting ready to come out of the closet (it is well-known all over Hollywood and on every set that JT is gay, sends out for “rent boys” and had thing with Jett’s male caregiver – he likes them on the younger side, not quite jailbait) and he did not know Kelly did IVF until she was pregnant. She wanted a baby and she was not ready to end the “contract” marriage so she did this before the story broke. He was absolutely furious, as it curtailed his plans. It was very ugly for awhile, but the CO$ intervened and they worked out staying together, despite Kelly’s decision to take matters into her own hands. Everyone in Hollywood knows this marriage is a sham. They even had their CO$ friend, Kirstie Alley, there, for the “church” owns her, too. If the public only knew what the Hollywood crowd knows, they would take these people OFF their pedestals and never spend another dime on their movies or magazines. The roles they play on screen are not the only acting jobs they have…their lives are one big act and now they’ve brought another helpless child into the mess.

LisaS on

What’s with all this hate for this couple whom none of us here have ever met? So…you don’t like them. Fair enough. You don’t have to go onto a public forum and spread all these nasty rumors about some strangers you wouldn’t know from Adam if you passed by them out on the street. It’s one thing to gossip about your own friends and family behind their backs if that’s what tickles your fancy and makes you feel better about yourself, but to do it to people you don’t even know at all is just plain ugly from where I’m standing.

It’s beyond me how anyone can look at a picture of such a joyous occasion, read the article about two parents’ love and joy for their new baby, and then find such vicious things to say.

Anyway…about the pic: Benjamin looks like Jett did when he was a baby. He has a such a sweet, grave-looking little face. I love his hair, it seems so soft and downy! Best wishes for continued health and happiness to this family.

lilly raine on

your so right puhleeze, ive heard many rumors about john, saying he was gay, and all kinds of stories that included other men in hotel rooms, and yea most likely kelly went through ivf, its most likely she didnt get pregnant the natural way and i know its possible she can at that age, its just weird that she got pregnant now all of a sudden after the death of her son, and you would think she would of gotten pregnant if she was trying all those years. im pretty sure john is gay though, and too bad he just doesnt come clean, its time to fess up, today ppl shouldnt be ashamed or feel bad for coming out, people should feel proud of who they are.

IMO on

Puhleeze, good one….real good one.

I comment here all the time and I know that not everyone will believe me…..but I don’t care. My aunt is, ” in Hollywood.” She is around their age, knows both of them (has been in a movie with one of them). My aunt is not part of scientology. Hollywood doesn’t feel the way you have described….people may, but they are very well respected. People follow gossip and just want to believe it. It’s so sad. She deals with it as well.

They went through such a hard time losing Jett. Ben is not a replacement and anyone who has lost a child or knows someone who has, knows that.

Bancie1031 on

AWE! He’s such a little CUTIE!!!!! I’m so happy for them and you can just see how happy they are …… great looking family …..

CelebBabyLover on

You know, with the “great egg debate” going on, there’s another option that I can’t believe no one’s thought of. Kelly could have possibly gotten pregnant via IVF….using some of her own eggs that she had frozen several years ago. In otherwords, she could have used her own eggs, but they weren’t neccesarily 48-year-old eggs. She could have had eggs frozen when she was in her late 30s or early 40s.

Why, oh why, does everyone forget that women can and do freeze their eggs for later use? Can someone please explain that to me?

With all of that being said, going by their comments in this article, I’m guessing they concieved the old-fashioned way. 🙂

NM on

@brbl-I’m FULLY aware of why I went through menopause. I don’t need an science lesson from you! After 35 years of age, a woman’s eggs are old. Please, go lecture someone who needs it. I have 5 kids. I KNOW how this works!!!!!

NM on

@Puhleeze-YOUR PATHETIC!!!!

NM on

@lillyraine-Your as pathetic as puhleeze!! I think you’re both bored out of your minds. Otherwise, you’d both have more intelligent things to say. If you don’t like John or Kelly, just say so!!!

NM on

@puhleeze-Your sick.

NM on

How do puhleeze and lillyraine’s comments get on this page? I thought the page was moderated. This is NOT moderation, spreading these ugly lies!

Karine on

He is so cuuute, Congrats guys you guys deserve to be happy after what happend with your oldest son, it’s like Jet is up there and smiling knowing that you guys are happy.

NM on

I just can’t get over, how much he looks like John!!!

sarah on

I am happy the baby is healthy..but this is extremely unfair the the child. John and Kelly are way too old to have to raise a baby, he will grow up and his parents will be like grandparents. Just because you can physically have babies at your age, doesn’t mean you should. And I’m for surrogacy..if your young and want children, if you are in your forties and you cant make a baby on your own give up, its not worth it, especially when there are so many health risks to not only the child but also yourself.

kate on

Looks like a sad little old man

Renate on

Cute kid… are you sure it isn’t a clone of the dead son?