Kate Hudson, Matthew Bellamy Expecting a Baby

01/12/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Kate … plus baby!

Kate Hudson is ready to start a family with her rocker boyfriend, Matthew Bellamy, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

“They couldn’t be more excited,” the source says of Hudson’s pregnancy. “Kate is really happy. She was always excited to have kids again at some point.”

The actress, 31, who has son Ryder Russell, 7, with ex-husband Chris Robinson, has been dating Bellamy, 32 — the British frontman for the rock band Muse — for about nine months.

Last summer, early in their relationship, Hudson called Bellamy “lovely,” and said that the two were “just learning about each other and it’s wonderful.”

She added: “I do believe in love. I believe that when you really open yourself up to love, it’s the most beautiful thing.”

In a 2007 interview, Hudson talked about how motherhood had changed her whole outlook on life. “You realize after you have had children that you’ll never love anything more than your child,” she said.

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Julia A on

Whoa another celeb baby on the way. Congrats!

Kathy on

whoo hoo! rock on hollywood with the out of wedlock babies!! great trend. love it 😉

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to her! I was wondering if PEOPLE was going to confirm it soon!

LOL, wonder who’s next now!

crazy.emma on

There’s a baby boom going on in Hollywood!!

Waverly on

WOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!! I’m actually really surprised by this one!! Yay!!

Toya L. on

Looks like someone changed their name. Anyway, Congratulations to Kate and Matthew on a child THEY are going to take care of.

Jessie on

Baby Boom 2011! LOL

Lisa on

Wow. Now Kate. All these pregnancy surprises! With Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson, Mariah Carey, Pink, Penelope Cruz etc. this will be a busy baby year in hollywood!

Brooke on

These just keep coming!!! 2011 is a going to be a busy year on Celebrity-Babies.com

Allie-Rose on

Congrats to them if it’s true … but if I read the article correctly, it’s still just a rumour …

Maria on

Ah this is lovely news, Ryder will be a cool big brother x

Hazel's momma on

Oh my God Kathy, shut up!

Anyways, congrats Kate!

tink1217 on

aww!! I love Kate!!!! Congrats to them!

Lady on

I guess I should be expecting them daily if not weekly by now, baby boom central!!!! I have my doubts about her…but hey, glad she found love (i hope) & this baby will be blessed…congrats!!

Tee on

Wow, totally surprising. There’s really a baby boom going on in Hollywood right now, but I would say this is the most exciting announcement so far. Congrats to them !!

Sam on

@ Hazel’s momma – nice language you use, how mature, thankyou for that.

A big surprise here, Kate has only been with this man for 9 months and has recently dated serveral other men before him. I’m agreeing with the ‘new trend’ Kathy speaks of, and I can see why. Not many couples stay together long any more so why waste time on wedding/divorce. Seriously, not being nasty, just truthful.

P.S. I’ll shut up now.

Chloe on

Wow, there is something in the celebrity water!

Erika on

Wow! Congrats to them! This is quite a year for pregnancy announcements!

showbizmom on

When did having kids outside of marriage become a “new trend”? Last I checked it’s being going on forever! They just happen to be in the public eye. A while back it was something like 4 out of 10 pregnancy’s were babies out of marriage and among teenagers.

Congrats to them

Crystal on

CONGRATS!!! I didn’t even know she was dating anyone since A-Rod. I can’t wait to see her little bump. I know Ryder is sooo excited to get another sibling. Boy or girl that child will be BEAUTIFUL!!! She always dressed so stylish and pretty with Ryder. Can’t wait to see what how she dresses with this baby!

jill on

Wow, didn’t know People confirmed stories from sources. Thought they only did from reps? Interesting….

Sam on

@ showbizmom – true, it is not new. Just seems busier then ever right now. 🙂

Jennie on

I totally agree with Sam and Kathy. Sam said everything i was thinking.

aurora mia on

Looks like pregnant is the new black!

Meghan on


Nina on

No surprise here.Kate’s been running all over town and spreading her legs for the past few years.It was only a matter of time.Yeah I know it’s vulgar but whatever.

Dodie on

What the heck is in the water out there?!? Congrats to all!!1

JMO on

wow there really is something in the water!! yikes!!
I don’t know about this one. She doesn’t seem to be able to keep a man longer then 5 min. But I wish her the best with the new man and the new baby!

Erin on

Nina – classy. Really really classy.

Selena on


Milosh on

She gained quite a bit of weight with her last one. Go easy on the Twinkies this time 🙂

Crystal on

Don’t get mad @ Nina for speaking the truth. She’s just telling it like it is and I for one find it refreshing! 🙂

Sam on

@ Jennie! Thankyou, and I didn’t even say one ugly old word! 🙂

Kellie on

nina-WOW, I would rather be Kate than be a judgmental witch like you. Also I don’t see you voicing your opinion about half of hollywood jumping from one partner to the next. You act like Katie is the first women to get pregnant by her boyfriend(natalie portman, angelina jolie, marion cotillard) to name a few, or they whores too????

Katie isn’t a slut or a whore as your making her out to be, she is a grown adult and can date whom she pleases. How is this different than half the men of hollywood…no wait she is a woman so that=slutty. So sexist, it’s women like you that make me sick.

But Congrats to Kate and Matt!

Tess on

Agree with Kathy, Sam, and Jennie.

tink1217 on

Kellie..well said!!!!

Lauren on

I have nothing wrong with children being born to a loving couple who are not married. BUT…..I will say that with all of these pregnancies this week in celebrity world and in my personal life some things I don’t agree with are this…. The babies that are born to couples that are not in what I consider long term relationships. Yes, I know, who am I to judge…and maybe these two will last forever. But with Kate and her 9 month long relationship, she is 3 months pregnant….so they have been together for 6 months!! Doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. Luke Wilson and his girlfriend are together a little over a year and she is 9 months pregnant, so they were together around 3 months when pregnant…. Doesn’t seem like a good idea to me.

So, it isn’t the marriage that is important to me…it is being in a long term committed relationship. You can’t possible know everything about a person in 3 to 4 months.

Sam on

@ Kellie – WOW INDEED! YOU are one of the posters on this site that just doesn’t ‘get it’! YOU just said mean and nasty things to Nina, all the while complaining she was being nasty about a picture she commented on. What makes it ok for you……..?


Lis on

I for one HATE the baby out of wedlock “trend” 😦

I find Kate to be a fun, free-spirited, lovely woman……… But why oh why set these kind of examples for your children? Sex is sacred, as is marraige… It’s a real shame that marraige gets such a bad rap these days 😦

I will say, though, that I can’t wait to see her bump!

jordan #1 on

@ Nina
Agreed. Easy come and go. Which is sad for the baby (as well as her other child).

I do wish them all the best of luck and hope this relationship lasts.

Lauren on

Kellie- Well said girl! Nina seriously you are calling her a slut bascially because you don’t like the number of men she has dated??? What year is this, should we give her a letter S for Slut or something?

Grow up uggg,you act like she is getting pregnant left and right.Like Kellie said she isn’t the first woman to get pregnant by her boyfriend and not the last.

Kellie is also right because you wouldn’t be saying the same thing if it were George Clooney who had gotten his gf pregnant because women can’t be librated sexually or not tied down to one guy but a man can do whatever and whomever he pleases. Disgusting is that kind of think that sets women back.

I say congrats to Kate don’t listen to these judgmental ugly bats, live your life and love whoever you want.

Mary Anne on

I feel that People is really going down the old tabloid path with using a “source” to confirm. Shouldn’t confirmation come from the couple?

nadya on


Her other son seems perfectly happy. Shows that shes a good mom not letting her relationships get in the way of her parenting.

And by the way its not just the celebs getting daily divorces, the average joes are doing it as well.

Congrats to them!! and many blessings!! Everyone has gone negative now a days….

Taylor on

Lis, that’s your opinion. To some, like myself, marriage isn’t sacred. It’s the relationship regardless of a piece of paper that matters.

As for out of wedlock children being a trend, it’s not. My great grandparents, who had my grandfather in the 40s, never married. Shocking, huh?

Indira on

I was going to comment on how Kate really “gets around” on the celebrity circuit..but, I realized she was married for quite awhile and has spent a great deal of her young adulthood being a wife and mother. So good for her for being on the dating scene.

Also, from a practical point– marriage isn’t as important to celebrities as for “common folk”. Marriage is a financial union firstly and if you’re a millionaire…..

Lauren on

Sam- What doesn’t Kellie get?? Nina basically called Kate a slut and you didn’t say a peep about that. Are you mad because Kellie didn’t juump on yours and Nina’s bandwagon by not agree with “Kate’s been running all over town and spreading her legs for the past few years.It was only a matter of time” What a sweet thing for Nina to say (roll eyes)

Erin on

Lis, may I suggest you study the marriage and birth records of 17/18th century colonists? Because you’re going to find that the math didn’t add up the the idyllic, romantic picture of marriage/sex as the “sacred” things you might think they would. Just get your facts straight before you start calling something that’s gone on since the beginning of time a “trend”.

loren on

Well I try not to comment on these pregnancy threads however, with 2/3 pregnancy announcements from Hollywood daily (it seems like it 🙂 ) I am going to chime in before this thread becomes too long to read 🙂 I agree with Sam, Kathy, Nina (she is calling it how its been presented to us; news and rumors of every man she has dated) and Lauren, “You can’t possible know everything about a person in 3 to 4 months” agree, you can’t know everything ever; but 3/4 months is barely enough time to have a difference of opinion, so I agree with Lauren. You are not alone thinking that a bit more time in a relationship (married or not) would serve the children of these unions better. Wishing everyone who is expecting in 2011 whatever their situation a healthy baby, all the best.

Anonymous on

first of all this couple will not last, leaving this baby tugged between two parents.

Shannon on

Dating for 9 months? Has the guy even met her son yet?

Lauren on

Loren I agree you can’t know that much about someone in 3-4 months time agreed! But whole problem it doesn’t matter how the media has presented her love life that still doesn’t give people the right to disrespect this woman by calling her a trap(looks at Nina and Sam).

Sam on

@ Lauren – WHAT??? “Kelly” said negative things ‘too’ and that was my point WITHOUT using a single mean or bad word toward her. You seem to imply that it’s ok, for “Kelly”, but not ‘Nina’ to say mean things. YOU don’t ‘get it’ either – if you don’t like what someone says on here, does saying equal/worse things make it ok???? Bashing a basher. Carry on then.

Sam on

@Lauren – prove your accusations. I never ever ever said such a thing about Kate or anyone. Please don’t bother looking at me again until you can look truthfully and accurately. Thankyou in advance.

Lauren on

Sam- You don’t get it because you haven’t said anything concerning Nina and of course you won’t because you agree with her. It’s ok for Nina to say mean things because you agree with her but not Kellie because you disagree with her? I think that Kellie calling Nina a witch was mean but deserved, I never denied that.

Lauren on

Sam can you please just stop it, sheesh.

šema on

Woah I didn’t even know the two of them were dating 😀 But I’m so happy for Matt! Yay.. I bet the kid will have a space themed name, haha.

Sam on

@Lauren – it is ok for ‘Nina’ to comment on a picture she sees here. That is what this place is for. “Kellie” commented on ‘Nina’ (which is fine too) but she used unkind words. You have now commented FALSELY on me.

Sam on

@ Lauren – You need to be more careful with your posts, if you don’t expect a poster (me) to correct your incorrect words. You’re grouping me with another poster, but my posts were nothing like hers’. Not cool.

Sat on

Kate is a financially independent woman. Why would she even consider getting married? Her biological clock is ticking and she found a good baby-making partner! Simple as that imho. Halle Berry did it, why can’t Kate? Natalie Portman is doing it, who wants to bet that she never ties the knot?

Tina on

WOW Sam are you an adult??? You really sound like an uneducated child to me!

Congrats to Kate!!!

ecl on

I agree with one of the Laurens – I also have no problem with out of wedlock sex and childbearing, but I do think children are better served when brought into a long term, stable relationship. These people have not known each other long enough to know whether this is the case. Maybe they will last. But until you have put in a significant amount of time with a person, you really can’t say what the relationship is made of.

Sam on

Lauren – I’m 51 1/2. 🙂

Lauren2 on

There are multiple Lauren’s on this page everyone!!!
This is me….Gonna try and change my name….Geesh

I have nothing wrong with children being born to a loving couple who are not married. BUT…..I will say that with all of these pregnancies this week in celebrity world and in my personal life some things I don’t agree with are this…. The babies that are born to couples that are not in what I consider long term relationships. Yes, I know, who am I to judge…and maybe these two will last forever. But with Kate and her 9 month long relationship, she is 3 months pregnant….so they have been together for 6 months!! Doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. Luke Wilson and his girlfriend are together a little over a year and she is 9 months pregnant, so they were together around 3 months when pregnant…. Doesn’t seem like a good idea to me.

So, it isn’t the marriage that is important to me…it is being in a long term committed relationship. You can’t possible know everything about a person in 3 to 4 months.

– Lauren on January 12th, 2011

hayley w on

wonders if nina is really mina…….same kinda **** being spoken

congrats to kate xxxx a baby is a blessing xxx pregnant is the new black and am super excited to be in that ‘black’ myself 😀

Samantha2 on

I agree with the women who support Kate and her lifestyle. I am not a prude or nowhere near conservative and I am judged all the time. All the while, my brother or a man is doing the exact same thing and no one bats an eye. Really gets annoying as a woman to deal with such sexism and it’s even worse when it’s coming from one of our own — other women.

I love babies and I’m excited for Kate and her bf. The only time I have an issue with how people live their lives is if it negatively involves me. If you’re not raising the child in some way, then what is there to be negative about? And like someone said, Ryder seems to be a healthy happy child as most of the children born to the celebrities “out of wedlock” seem to be. Being married does not guarantee happiness. I was married and miserable. My kids weren’t as happy. My ex and I are now co-parenting and my sons are healthy and happy. I am happier. No one is paying for my sons except my ex and I and they are our utmost priority. They see us both equally and we adore them just as much as ever.

I also support the fact that babies have been born “out of wedlock” for centuries…people just lived in a shame and a lie and covered it up. Some of you do need to do your research. This “trend” is not new by far.

Congrats again to Kate and Matt and here’s wishing a healthy pregnancy to Kate as well. Babies are miracles and the love and support they receive is more important than where it comes from or how it’s presented.

Now, I’m getting off my soapbox…lol. Take care, all! 😀

Shawna on

Wow, haven’t all these stars heard of birth control? Or are they purposely getting pregnant after dating for only short periods of time? Not a good plan.

klutzy_girl on

Birth control is not 100% effective. It never has been!

And Kate’s been dating him for nine months, which I think is the longest relationship she’s had since she was with her ex-husband. I think these two will be okay!

soph on

Wow, nine months, sounds like a committed relationship. Wouldn’t be surprised if Bellamy goes the way of Chris Robinson.

Brianne on

I don’t see them lasting but congrats none the less!

Kitty on

Why can’t anyone give an opinion here without being attacked or told to shut up? You are never going to like what everyone else says, that’s why they are called opinions. Instead of attacking and hating on people, just post your own comment. Don’t we have enough hate in this world?

Suzie on

You people are nuts.

Alice on

Yay! Can’t wait to see the kid!

Nella on

Congrats to Kate and Matthew! Anyways, after reading these comments wow, talk about hostility and negativity on here!!! Kate is definitely not the first celeb to get pregnant after dating someone for less than a year. It might work, It might not, whatever happens she seems like a good mother who will do just fine raising this baby. So many others have gotten pregnant after knowing someone for a short amount of time and I don’t remember seeing this much negativity toward those celebs.

As far as having babies out of wedlock goes, again Kate isn’t the first to be doing this and definitely not last. People have done it for years.

Now as far as calling someone a slut that we don’t personally know is taking it a bit far and we don’t know for sure how many people she slept with and it’s also NONE of our business. I am all for people forming their own opinions and I completely understand that those opinions won’t always be positive, but what I don’t understand is the use of words people use to express themselves, very immature.

Also, The fact that other celebs have had a similar situation to Kate’s ,but instead of getting criticized they got Congratulated on their pregnancy and had positive comments,now that doesn’t make sense to me. Those are my thoughts on this.

Mrs.B on

Yay, we are big MUSE fans in our house so we are very excited about them! Matt is an amazing musician and Kate is just lovely!

I can’t believe the drama that is going on here.

They have been dating for 9 months but we don’t know how long they actually known each other. Matt had a long relationship with some girl from Italy and they broke up and he started dating Kate.

He said (I think over the summer) that he is going to meet Kate’s parents, so probably he met Ryder too.
It doesn’t mean we know celebrities just because we see 0.001% of their lives in tabloids pictures.

I’m all about married first than kids but I aslo don’t judge other people choices.

Anyway, very happy for them!

Nina on

Sorry,but you guys made me laugh real hard.Especially the ones that took my comment, and ran with it.The hypocrosy on this site can be halarious.I do sometimes enjoy setting off the holy rollers ,and judgemental folks on here.

bella on

congrats to kate and matt. fantastic news allthough i didn’t expect it. i normally never comment on this site i just read everybody else’s but some people really annoyed me today.to all the people attacking kate can i remind you that nicole richie and joel madden were only together for like 3 or 4 months when she got pregnant and today they have 2 kids, are newlywed and seems to be everyone’s favourite family. and even if you get married first and then have children it still doesn’t mean that they’ll stay together. just look at christina aguilera and her husband or courtney cox and david arquette. seriously people stop being so mean and act like we’re all in high school and just say something nice and if you can’t then don’t say a word.

harley on

Officially not surprised by pregnancy announcements anymore lol! Congratulations to the family’s of the respective parents.

As for all the other comments…unless you are personally involved with these people, your talk is purely that. Yes, she’s dated quite a bit in the past few years AFTER her divorce; however, this makes her no more a tramp than the rest of the average American female population. So she’s preggers out of wedlock, God forbid a woman with substantial means, fantastic family support, and the proven ability to love and care for a child, procreate again. Would you be saying the same thing if she were artificially inseminated?

Let them be. At least they’re adults.

krewcat on

I have to say I really can’t stand the getting pregnant out of wedlock. I don’t care who thinks Im a prude. But a baby should really be brought into a relationship of love and honor. At 3 or 4 months you don’t even know someone. Espcially in Hollywood. It’s not like “real life” where you are together and going to work, and takign out the trash and building a relationship. Its more like hooking up when you can or when they are in town, or flying to their concert and seeing htem a couple hours…I can honestly say that.

My husband and I loved each other enough to bring a human being into this world, to be a family, to have a mom and a dad in a loving marriage. My children see everyday that I love my husband and they see everday how a man treats his wife and takes care of his family. I am really over the “lets have a baby and see how it goes…”REALLY?…they are precious souls that you are being trusted with and people treat them like accessories. Morals shoudln’t be so looked down on…it all goes hand in hand. Lack of morals, lack of repect, lack of empathy, political correcteness cause we dont want to hurt everyones feelings…sheesh.

Jennifer on

I wonder if she is going the way her mom and Kurt Russell did…they were never married. I know she was married before, but wonder if she doesn’t see it as so important because of her own upbringing. I myself, feel like knowing someone for a longer amount of time and then marrying and having kids, is best…call me old-fashioned, but that is my opinion. Kate seems real free-spirited and unconventional to me…I hope it all works out for them.

Sam on

@ Nina. You’re just so mean! :))

jaci on

ok so go ahead and bash me……im not a proponent of making babies out of wedlock. i know im swimming upstream here but everyone has their point of view. besides the fact that kate hudson seems to have some deep seated insecurities – thus the many many boyfriends — i wonder what effect it will have on her son. i hate the ongoing trend of babies first, then marriage….or not marriage, just babies. i firmly believe in Gods intent for us. love, marriage, babies.

Erin on

Nina, instead of spending your free time setting people off and waiting around for their reaction – you might want to invest in a dictionary and grammar book.

CelebBabyLover on

klutzy-girl- I agree. I don’t know why some people act like people never get pregnant while on birth control! Accidents do happen!

Mrs. B.- Very well said!

Also, I agree with the posters who have said it’s hardly a “trend” to get pregnant out of wedlock. One of my great-uncles and his wife were not married when they got pregnant with their first child. Same with a cousin (a second cousin, that is. He’s well in his 60s now.) of mine and his wife. It’s been going on for years, but was just kept a lot more quiet years ago (that was the case with the two above mentioned cases. Both couples kept it quiet, and as both were married by the time the babies were born, most of their relatives didn’t know the truth about the pregnancies for years! Women also tended to hide their pregnancies for a longer period of time back then, hence why no one suspected either couple was pregnant when they married!) due to all the stigma attatched to it back then (I mean, in those days, it wasn’t uncommon for parents to practical dis-own their children if they found out they were pregnant/had impregnated someone before marriage!).

Anyway, congrats to Kate, Matthew, and Ryder!

soph on

God’s intent, huh, jaci? You just said everyone has their point of view. Could you possibly accept that someone’s life doesn’t follow a set pattern or strict order like yours?

Ryan on

I think that it is every human being’s right to do as they please and as long as this child is LOVED…that is all that matters. I think people are making way too big of a deal about the “out of wedlock” situation. Just give it a rest. These are celebrities…they hardly live normal lives as it is. I think Kate has also communicated that her co-parenting with Chris Robinson has been amazing and that they get along great. That’s a great thing right there. Stop judging other people for not living up to your lifestyle standards. Live YOUR life that way. How does it effect you? It doesn’t. So, move on.

Congrats to them on the baby!

Amanda on

Wow, reading these comments really clears up the idea of why our world is so messed up now. Having morals and self respect is considered being a prude! Wow…

daria on

babies need love, food, and shelter. period. most of you are stating opinions couched in false concern for this child. getting married and knowing your partner for a long time does not mean you’ll avoid divorce or an unhappy marriage, or that your kid will be perfect.

Jennifer on


Sorry. I’m done yelling…

showbizmom on

@krewcat Are you teaching your kids about proper grammar and spelling while they are learning how a man takes care of his wife? Because your spelling and grammar would be okay if you were a child. Also I’m teaching my children proper grammar and spelling among other things, so they don’t need a man/woman to take care of them.

Those of you saying it’s not God’s plan, is it in God’s plan for you to a read and write gossip? Is it God’s plan for you to be judgmental of people you don’t know? Oh, wait sorry I know you guys will say, “I’m entitled to my opinion”. Yes, you are but sometimes it’s better to keep quiet then to run off at the mouth on things and people you know nothing about. K-12 of a private Christan school education here ladies if you want to starting quoting Bible verse where it says it’s okay for you guys to act like this.

Rosalie on

Some people on here are so old-fashioned. Yes, marriage is sacred, but some of you clearly don’t have any respect at all for those who aren’t married. Marriage is not the be-all-and-end-all. And who wrote the rule stating that you MUST be married to have a child? Exactly..

And yes, accidents do and will happen. It doesn’t make the baby any less of a blessing.

I could see why some would be kicking up a fuss about Kate and calling her names if she had a few children all to different men and she didn’t take care of them, but the truth of the matter is that she doesn’t. She has one son who is seven years old, and was married to his father for a decent amount of time. She’s not hurting anybody, let her live her life.

Congrats to Kate and Matthew

CelebBabyLover on

Lauren- You have the wrong Wilson brother. It’s Owen that’s expecting a baby (well, techincally, his girlfriend is expecting the baby, but you know what I mean!), not Luke. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

And speaking of Owen Wilson, he was once involved with Kate. I think it’s kind of funny that they’re each expecting a baby right now. 🙂

Tiff on

@Erin- I couldn’t agree with you more.

So, she’s having a kid with her flavor of the week? Stay classy Kate, stay classy.

Emily on

Wow! All these critical comments. I just wanna say congrats to them. I love Kate. I will admit I don’t think they will last because Kate has been with quite a few men off and on since her divorce and simply because so many celebrity couples don’t last….but this is still a new baby for her and that’s exciting and gorgeous! Even if they do break up this can still be a happy and loved child! It’ll be so nice for Ryder to have another sibling even though Chris has had a daughter recently.

Hea on

I don’t know how things work in the US, I guess some of you are from the bible belt or whatever… but where I live this is not an uncommon way of starting a family. I doubt “dating” means going out for dinner occasionally for everyone? I’m willing to bet these two live together, share their lives with each other and I am pretty sure he’s establishing a relationship with Kate’s son and probably has been for a while.

I wish them all the luck in the world and I think this is great news.

kai on

It’s beyond me why people feel compelled to comment on STRANGER’s lives like that. You know absolutely nothing about these people or their “morals”. The trash-talking only speaks for you.

Also: Kate has one, seven years old son with her ex-husband and is now expecting her second child with her new boyfriend at the age of 31. Big f-cking deal. She’s hardly “collecting baby daddies” like some comments would make you believe.

And I don’t even like Kate Hudson. Or Muse, for that matter.

Anyway, congrats.

Cécile on

Lack of morals, lack of repect, lack of empathy, political correcteness cause we dont want to hurt everyones feelings…sheesh.

– krewcat on January 12th, 2011
Yes, people who chose to have a stable and meaninful relationship without a contract and a ring really lack all those things. I’ll pass the word to my non married parents, now happy grand parents. They’ll be so upset to learn that living together for more than 40 years without the written approval of the state or a church made them horrible parents.

Or maybe no. Maybe because during those 40 years they had plenty of time to witness those morally superior and sanctimonious married people lecturing them and not doing such a better job than them in terms of raising their kids.
I’ve noted your genuine concern and can assure you (I’m in my mid 30s)that, just like your children, my brother and I saw love, respect between our parents. Trust me on this one when I tell you that the ability to love, respect and honor doesn’t come with the ring and the contract.

Rachel on


Congrats to Kate!

I knew my partner for 6 months before i fell pregnant. We are engaged and she will be 2 years old in 3 weeks. I also have 2 almost stepkids of 10 and 13 years old now AND my partner is 13 years older than me.

If you want it to work and you put in the effort IT WILL WORK!

krewcat on

I will apologize for my typos but nothing else.:)

If you way of debating what I say is to say I lack proper grammer and spelling, so be it..it gave me a laugh this morning..:)

NM on

Whatever happened to marriage BEFORE baby? I haven’t read one news article this week, about celebrities actually being married before they baby comes!!! I’m on board with Jaci!!!

Nina on

@Erin “NOT YOUR REAL NAME”,perhaps you should stick to your new years resolution.And stop using the word’REALLY’.Really Erin,really.Seems you to are sticking around to get a reaction to your comment.As you respond to mine everytime.Don’t you have kids to raise?let me quess someone else is raising them for you??tsk tsk.I give as good as I get darling….bad grammar and all.I’m no fan of yours…..

erilynne on

I have nothing to judge I just hope for the sake of the baby and the relationship that they last…it would be heartbreaking to bring a child in a unmarried SHORT relationship cause of a surprised birth.

Congrats to them though.

Sigh on

Did it ever occur to any of you that perhaps Kate was dating and not “spreading her legs”? I realize this will be hard for some of you to believe, but the two do not go hand-in-hand. Let’s try to be more open-minded in our judgment or a complete stranger, hmmm?

JM on

so krewcat, either two people are married, or there is just no way that they could be in a meaningful loving relationship, teach their children good morals and be good role models? your argument is totally illogical. being married and being a good parent are completely unrelated. there are plenty of unmarried parents around the world who do an equally outstanding job at raising their children.

it’s also a massive assumption to say that just because people are having a baby out of wedlock, that their attitude was “let’s have a baby and see how it goes”. you know you can PLAN to have a baby and not be married, some people prefer not to be married. what’s it to you?

brannon on

Frightens me that the majority of the commenters on this post are or are planning on being mothers. Not very religious but pretty sure I have heard something about “though shalt not judge.” Best wishes to your children … I’m pretty sure Kate’s will be just fine (quite possibly tolerant and open minded to boot.)

Mia on

That’s true. Goldie Hawn has been with Kurt Russell for 20 years+ since her divorce from Hudson’s father. Maybe Kate will do the same. Many reports have said she is 14 weeks, meaning she is due sometime in July.

Hea on

NM – These days, marriage is just not as important to some of us as it once used to be. Our reputation and our social situation as women does not depend on having a husband and I, for one, am VERY glad that that is the life I am living. I do not find marriage necessary at all. As long as we share each others lives and have love, fidelity, togetherness, mutual respect for one another and fun in our relationship then I am happy. I don’t need a piece of paper to tell the world who I belong with.

B.R on

wow people are getting mean and cruel on this site. yes I get everyone is allowed their opinion but do you have to be so cruel about it?

as for the short relationship thing, who cares I knew I was going to marry my husband after the first night we met and slept together, he felt the same way. 5 months later we were married, if it wasn’t for us wanting our sisters there we would have done it the day after we met. it’s now almost 12 years later and i could not be happier we still act like horny teenagers around each other as our son puts it. and we adopted him about three days after our wedding. time means nothing if you know what you feel in your heart to be true.

and marriage is a piece of paper that has no meaning what so ever. we did it for my husbands grandmother but if it wasn’t for her we would have spend the rest of our lives together regardless. it’s about the commitment you are willing to make to each other in private at the end of the worst day of your life, if you are willing to be there and help, love and support the person next you through good, bad, and the ugly that you have a relationship that will last marriage or not. people and marriage these days it not needed. so get of your high horse and stop judging people who will not marry but want and have children.

on to the good part congratulations to the happy couple. may you have a healthy happy baby, a easy deliver and a life time of happiness and joy.

jessicad on

As a single mother I find some of these very offensive. I do not sleep around and my birth control failed when I was in a serious relationship with the father of my daughter. I can’t help that he couldn’t handle it and bailed on both of us when I was pregnant.

My daughter is still very smart and well rounded, she has my father and brother to show her a healthy male perspective and when I meet the right guy she’ll have him as well, she’s perfectly fine and extremely advanced for her age. I love the look people get when I tell them it’s just me, it proves the whole single mother stereotype wrong.

Don’t tell people the way they do things is morally wrong or without honor. I didn’t have a child out of wedlock because it was trendy, try not to judge all of us like that.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Kate!

m-dot on

Wow, she dates around so much I totally didnt even know about this 9 mos relationship. Is that the guy in the pic? He kinda looks like a woman.

Hea on

– m-dot – Perhaps she doesn’t date around as much as you’ve been imagining that she does?

kaye on

Kate seems to be a nice girl looking for true love her problem two different musicians to father her childern they are usually wild unstable as far as family life I was married to one I know. She has a rough life ahead please pray for her I love Muse band I hope Matt will give up partying and be a loyal devoted partner and Father and change his views on God. Hope your baby is healthy I know it will be beautiful. Good Luck

Morgan on

Kate, unlike many kids who grew up in Hollywood, is a very stable individual without the typical Hollywood crazy partying lifestyle, who just happened to be dating all the wrong types of guys, so her relationships didn’t last with them. Better that she quit those relationships than marry someone wrong for her, don’t you think? Oh, and she really didn’t date that many guys actually. I think 5 guys in 5 years. Is that really that many? Doesn’t seem like it to me. Calling someone a slut for having several stable BF/GF relationships is just stupid.

Now she finally has a super nice guy, so I believe it will last. It just took her a few frogs to find her prince.

It saddens me how women can go after other women and call such nasty names without knowing the facts. Guys in Hollywood cheat constantly, screw hookers and porn stars, have one night stands, and aren’t called half the names some of the females are. Shame on some of you–and please grow up!

Jessica on

Well the way I see it… if you aren’t raising their child for them then back off. Congrats to them both, we are not put here on earth to judge other people when clearly no one is perfect. you don’t have to agree with how kate lives her life but who are you to judge her so harshly? unless you by some grace of god are absolutely perfect leave your negative opinions at home.

Terri on

Congratulations to them. Didn’t even know that they were dating.

Ana on


Rebecca on

I’m judgmental too…sorry. She should not have children with her boyfriend, her flighty nature just isn’t conducive to it. Why do I say flighty?? She’s 30 and doesn’t know about birth control and I’m sorry an adult doesn’t just make babies.. As for dating not meaning “spreading your legs” — oye whomever was naive enough to type really gave me a giggle – yep, she spent the night in Alex Rodriguez’ bed without spreading her legs…likewise with Lance Armstrong who is like the Kate Hudson of the male world…Comparing her nine month relationship to her mother’s 20-year partnership with Kurt Russell was way more than a leap of faith – it was disrespectful to Kurt and Goldie. You know I love the women who write that marriage is nothing more than a piece of paper, then why the heck do you all believe the homosexual community is working so hard for the right?

Fionna on

That you Samantha2 for explaining that. Congrats Kate on your pregnacy and hope Ryder loves his sibling the dearest. 😦