Kourtney Kardashian: Yes, I’ll Take Some Help!

01/11/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
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Turns out being followed by photographers — and your fan base — isn’t such a bad thing, especially for first-time mom Kourtney Kardashian.

After agreeing to meet her sister for an afternoon of shopping, Kardashian and son Mason Dash, who just celebrated his first birthday, arrived not only to a waiting Kim, but to a large group of onlookers as well.

“It was my first time taking a taxi with Mason. I had to tell the driver to wait because I had to get the stroller out of the car,” Kardashian, 31, tells Parenting‘s February issue.

“I’m smiling and trying to open the stroller, but it wouldn’t open. Then one lady asked if I needed help. I said, ‘Yes, I would love that!'”

Reflecting back on her “first public — and very embarrassing — new mom moment,” Kardashian looks forward to the day her sisters will experience the struggles themselves.

“I can’t wait for the day that my sisters find out how hard it is,” she muses. “They try to tell me, ‘Do this and do that,’ but they just don’t know!”

However, other than the pursuing paparazzi, Kardashian insists she is like any other mother. In addition to making Mason’s baby food from scratch — and continuing to nurse — Kardashian and boyfriend Scott Disick are also co-sleeping with their baby boy.

“If I’ve had a long day, then I have that time at night, which is really important to me,” she explains. “Mason did fall on the floor once by mistake. It was the worst moment. I freaked out … so I emailed the doctor at four in the morning. I’ve since moved the mattress to the floor. I put pillows all around too.”

According to Kardashian, the family’s sleeping habits work for the couple. “Everyone needs to make the best choices for their life,” she explains. “He’s such a happy baby and I really think sleeping together has something to do with that.”

Although Kardashian admittedly does not follow a schedule when it comes to Mason’s routine, noting “you do whatever fits your lifestyle,” there is one issue the hands-on mom isn’t willing to negotiate: when she’s not working, neither is the nanny.

“I don’t want to judge, but I’ve also met women who think it’s cool to be out or away from their baby, and I don’t get that,” Kardashian says. “Every time I’m not working, he’s with me. Even on an airplane, he is with me even if the nanny is also on the plane. Any time I can have with him, I am lucky to have.”

But Kardashian’s favorite babysitter for her son? Stepfather Bruce Jenner.

“Out of everyone, I call [Bruce] for help the most,” she shares. “He’s … a perfect role model for him. He takes Mason to the car wash for ‘man time.'”

For more from the interview, including photo shoot outtakes, visit Parenting.com/Kardashian.

— Anya Leon

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ForeverMoore on

I can relate to that – my 7 month old rolled off our bed last month and I FREAKED…I tried to stay calm on the outside for my son’s sake but on the inside I was SO scared and felt like a horrible mother. I turned my back for just a second and he must have rolled like5 times to get to the edge. I always put him in the middle of the bed but I really learned my lesson that day. Now I put him on the floor with some toys!

Mom2boyz on

She looks so pretty dressed on and naturally looking. She is pretty anyway but she looks refreshed here. I have also had the horrible, 2st time mom moment when my son fell off the bed…he had never rolled over before and of course picked the time I ran to the kitchen to do it! I felt horrible.

Oh, as a 1st timer, I also pinched his little chest in the snaps of his undershirt….I felt sooooooo horrible that we both cried….luckily, my second son has been free of these misshaps…..except when he rolled down the steps LOL!

amw on

every time i read a story about her i think “how is she so normal in such a media-whore family”? i love her adventures in motherhood and her philosophy. i find myself thinking we could actually be friends. ive never had that reaction to reality tv stars. maybe its because she is the oldest in that clan, but i can relate to everything she says and i dig her openness about nursing, co-sleeping, wanting to be with her son as much as possible. go kourtney!

Holiday on

Why does she need a nanny with ONE kid? She is judging moms who enjoy a bit of time away from her kid, yet she has a nanny who travels with her?

Shelby on

I love her look here! So naturally beautiful, motherhood really agrees with her.

Cate on

Wow. I have never seen her look so natural and gorgeous. What a beautiful picture!! She’s my favorite of the three older Kardashian girls.

JMO on

My 11 month old niece fell off my bed yesterday! Her big sister did too when she was an infant! I’m 2 for 2 – go me!! Luckily unlike the first time I didn’t panic and just scooped her up, checked her out, gave her cuddles then gave her a cookie!! I think she was more scared then anything as she didn’t fall very far and it was on carpeting! I still felt horrible though!

Although I don’t agree with co-sleeping I do agree it’s what works for you! I would never judge anyone who does it and I will also be showing no sympathy to those trying to wean their kids from being in their bed when they’re 10 years old!! But if you like that sort of situation then to each their own.
I also agree I like this natural look she has going on!!

babyloover on

Holiday – Kourtney (and her sisters) both do a lot of late night appearances, maybe the nanny is literally just travelling with her so that when Mason is asleep and Kourtney goes to do her work someone is there to watch her for him?

Any way it’s really none of our business what specifically she has the nanny for but as a busy working mom (no matter how famous or well off) she may very well need an extra pair of hands every now and then while working.

I think she looks beautiful and Mason is so cute

Tonya on

I love her sweater. I wonder where it came from.

alice jane on

I love her interviews and blogs that she does about mothering. It is just so refreshing that she is “live and let live,” so to speak… Instead of acting like her ways of parenting are the best, she gets that different things work for different families. Mason’s adorable and I’ve always thought he seemed really happy, so whatever Kourtney and Scott are doing, must be working.

Holiday, maybe she needs a nanny because she works?

jessicad on

I didn’t get the vibe she meant just a little bit of time away, because she obviously spends time away when she does red carpet events and such, so that wouldn’t make sense. She has a nanny because she wants one and can afford it. I imagine her family members are just as busy and can’t help much in the babysitting area since they do a lot of events together, I would have a nanny as well! We all need at least one person we can depend on to help us out if needed, don’t see the big deal.

Kourtney seems like a great Mom and very hands on, and Mason is definitely a cutie!

N.S on

Kourtney is my absolute favourite celeb mom, and baby Mason is just adorable. Not such a fan of his Dad Scott though, gives me the creeps.

jill on

I have been a long time fan of Kourtney’s. She seems to have changed so much since becoming a mom. I enjoy reading her interviews and watching her on the show to see how responsible she is now that she is a mom. i enjoy seeing her with mason.

Regarding a nanny….not sure what is wrong with her having one? My next door neighbors have a one year old and have a nanny (they are not celebs). My friend is a nanny to a two year old. This is actually very common for people who work and can afford to have someone care for their child. I think this is wonderful. What would her other option be….daycare? There are so many other celebs that have nannies with one baby. And the airplane comment, I think I know what she is referring to…there was a lot of negative comments on here and rumors that when she flies she doesn’t hold Mason. That she has him fly with the nanny. Which never made sense to me. I see nothing wrong with her comments, as they are her opinions. Just like all of ours.

Jgirl on

Cute baby, cute mommy, ugly sweater!

Waverly on

In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with having a nanny — if you can afford it, and you feel you need it, then go for it! When you think about it, though…there’s really not a huge difference between hiring a personal nanny (who would ultimately be someone the parent(s) trusts and knows the background of), than dropping a child off at daycare before work. Either way, people are helping to care for the child. Not a big deal.

Larua on

Being a good mom is hard work and it’s so nice to see any woman succeeding at it, celebrity or not. Having a nanny instead of daycare when you work is totally reasonable. Especially since she travels so much for her job. Her job may pay more than a traditional job, but this is an example of how her job requires her to spend more too. I’d much rather have a wonderful, well trained nanny care for my babe then a good-intentioned but not very competent family member. She works hard and takes care of her baby. Good for her!

joan on

Grandpa Bruce is the favorite babysitter. Now that is just cute.

Holiday on

Im just saying dont knock other moms who choose not to spend all their time with their kids and then in the next sentence go on to talk about taking your nanny on an airplane. You have that luxury of bringing a nanny with you, other moms dont! BTW I am a stay at home mom and would never dream of leaving my kids. My daughter is 8 months and even if I just run to the store she is with me. I have not and will not leave her for even an hour.

Indira on

Nanny’s aren’t just for the rich and famous. I know a lot of people who live comfortably who sacrifice a little to accommodate the price of one. If she’s flying with a nanny, maybe she’s flying for work purposes and the nanny needs to be there in her absence.

Capri on

Awww, I love Bruce!!!! Beautiful mommy, adorable baby…love them!

jill on

Holiday the nanny is with her because she travels for her job….. Not really seeing the comparison.

Oh, and by the way…I don’t believe you for a second that you would never leave your child for an hour…..

Waverly on

jill: totally agreed.

Holiday: You don’t leave your child for an hour…yeah, right. Do you shower? Do you sleep? According to your words, you apparently don’t. So…good luck with all that.

Kate on

Holiday, like I said before: just go away.

jessicad on

Holiday the way you put that makes it sound like you could use an hour away, it comes off as bitterness that she has that luxury and you don’t. It almost seems you have a problem with Kourtney all around, and I don’t understand how someone with 2 children could say something so mean about the way a child looks, put yourself in her shoes and imagine that being said about your 8 month old. I honestly don’t mean that to be rude either, just curious why you seem so angry in all your comments.

We all need a little break now and then to do things we enjoy without our kids, nothing wrong with that. I make sure I go eat with my girlfriends at least twice a month. I’m more than just a Mom and doing things like that makes me feel better about myself as a woman and a Mother. People are so focused on the negative here, she also said she still nurses and makes his food, and loves to spend time with her son when she’s not working. I don’t understand why people purposely look for bad things to bash on someone about. I’m sure a lot of us know the Moms she was referring to, before I had my daughter I’d see women with kids out partying EVERY weekend and they thought it was cool to drop them off at daycare and go shopping every day, that’s who I figured she was talking about. Who knows.

Allison Braddy on

She is one of my fav celeb moms. She seems like she’s really down to earth and very hands on. Such a lovely lady and Mason is such a cutie pie. She needs to leave Scott though… bad news. She could do SO much better!

noam on

i think kourtney’s comments about the nanny makes sense. she uses one when she is working. when she is not working, mason is with her, even if the nanny is there, too, such as when they are traveling for a work-related event. the nanny is coming along for the time kourtney is away, but on the plane, mason stays with her.

the comments about other mothers are in regards to mothers who employ nannies 24/7, regardless of what they are doing in their time away from their children. i imagine that kourtney is talking about mothers who are going tanning or the beach or shopping for fun and leaving their kids with nannies.

in my opinion, the occasional hour or two away from your kids is healthy, but i definitely know parents who don’t do anything with their kids…

Li-Li on

So Holliday, you don’t leave your baby when you sleep or use the restroom? I think that all stay at home mothers (and fathers) need some time away from the kids to regain their sanity. Leaving your child with their father (or mommy) or a trusted friend or family member makes for a happy parent and leads to happy children!!! You may want to try to take a holliday, Holliday! (pun intended)

Princess on

Count your stars on all the love your son gets I am so happy about all the love he gets from the family. He seems so happy and that is the best. Trust me I am a mother of three boys, love is the best.

Amy on

She’s my favorite Kardashian!

Holiday on

Jill I really dont leave her with anyone, thats the truth. She sleeps in the same room as me and my husband and I dont even want to be away from her. I breast feed her and we are very close. When she naps I do things around the house but as for leaving her, nope never.

Courtney on

She seems like an awesome mom! Mason is a beautiful little boy. No need to consume yourself with guilt over the falling incident Kourtney. We try to protect our kids as best we can but we’re human and accidents happen. He’s ok, that’s all that matters! I agree, having a nanny is perfectly reasonable in her situation. I imagine her work keeps her very busy. On her comment about other moms wanting to spend time away from their kids…I don’t see what that has to do with her having a nanny watch her son when she’s working. What other alternative would she have? Leave him alone? If both parents are busy and there’s no friends or family available there would be no choice but to leave the child with a nanny or leave them at day care. I think she was referring to moms that spend a large amount of their free time away from their kids, when they could be spending quality time with them. However, it’s perfectly ok to have some “mommy time” and be away from your kids once in a while in order to stay sane. I go out about once a week for a couple hours and have family watch my 9 month old because it’s healthy and normal to have some time to yourself. Like someone else mentioned, I’m not just a mom. I’m a wife, a friend, a daughter. My son is at the top of my priority list but I have other important people in my life too that I can’t forget about.

Sarah on

Holiday, it seems like you have way attachment issues with your daughter. I understand wanting to be with her, but never leaving her with anyone and taking an hour for yoursel? That seems really excessive.

Love Kourtney, she appears to be loving being a mother!

Michelle on

Man time at the car wash. Too cute!

kmb on

I wish holiday would stop leaving comments altogether. Who’s with me? They’re most always negative, and do nothing but stir up controversy and arguments. Unnecessary.

Lioness on

I swear Kim made that little cutie all on her own, because he is her TWIN, lol. Man, those Kardashian genes are strong! Great pic of them, Mason is too handsome!!

court on

Mason is really starting to look more and more like his dad! Super cutie.

Holiday, I think it’s great you enjoy spending every waking moment with your daughter but be careful with that. The longer she goes without ever leaving your side, the more at risk she is for having separation anxiety when she finally does have to do things without you- say, go to school! Leaving our kids with people we trust if it’s for a few hours or even a few days is nothing we should be ashamed of and gives us some much needed R&R so we can recharge.

Crystal on

Holiday-That is not healthy. Do you and your husband have date nights? Do you guys do stuff together like you did before the baby? That is one of the main reasons marriages fail (money is the THE main reason) and that’s putting your children before your spouse. Your children are supposed to come after God/religion and your partner. Your child is going to feel extremely smothered if they don’t do some things without their mom always around. I understand wanting to be close to your child when they are babies but you still need time to work on yourself and your marriage and having your baby with you 24/7 is not the answer. At least not for me. To each his own.

tamara on

i saw her having lunch and shopping with her boyfriend at neiman marcus in canoga park multiple times… not once she had the baby with her. i don’t judge her for it, but then she shouldn’t say, that “every time i’m not working he’s with me”… because that’s not true.

Anonymous on

Good grief, people! You don’t have to agree with what Holiday said but the nasty comments are unwarranted. She clearly meant that she doesn’t leave her child with another caregiver, not that she brings her baby into the bathroom every time she needs to use the bathroom! I see no reason to call her a liar!

hayley w on

Holiday – than thats something you are choosing to do and oming across as as bitter about it

lets clear something up

Mums who ask for help or hire it arn’t lazy they are smart, being a mother is relentless, thanklass, hard work and if you get an hour to yourself a day your lucky so if some one offers take your child for day out or for a sleep over or babysit for goodness sake let them , i don’t pretend i can do every thing i can’t, does it make me bad mother no it makes me normal and most important truthful.

It doesn’t make you better than any one, your just making your life harder. Mums need time off too.

Suzi on

I love being away from my kids – it enables me to be me and not just mum all the time. When they were babies it was different and Kourtney is still very much in that stage.

Jennifer on

That is a beautiful picture of Kourtney and Mason. I love it!

jill on

What is really sad is you have another child, but have not mentioned him once? Guess you have no problems being away from him…..

jill on

I suggest you guys read the full interview….This post pieced together quotes from the full interview and takes things way out of context. For example, she clearly goes places as Grandpa Bruce is her favorite babysitter….AS SHE SHOULD. It is healthy for every parent to get a break from their children and grab a bite to eat or a cup of coffee once in a while. Her point, which you will see in the FULL interview is that the child is always with her NOT THE NANNY, when she is not working.

Sus on

I’m not sure how young Holiday’s child is but when my children were infants (especially my first born) I had a hard time leaving them with anyone. If you choose to be a stay at home mom and do not go back to work right away, it can be hard to picture your life before baby. When your kids grown up this changes. When they reach the toddler/preschool age they need interaction with other adults and kids to get them ready for kindergarten.

Kourtney is very fortunate to be a working moms who is blessed with the luxury of a nanny, someone she and Scott can trust that can keep their child in their own home, rather than a daycare. I think Kourtney sounds like a great mom. I believe her sincerity. I think she is a silly, funny loving woman who has definitely changed a lot since having her son. Keep up the good work, Kourtney!

Jennifer on

I really like this young woman.
She appears to be very level headed and a great mom.
Yes, although she has help in the form of a nanny, she appears to be a very hands on mom which is great.

JMO on

All parents need a break. Having a nanny is not a crime. Going out on a date and hiring a babysitter is not a crime. Nobody can be w/ their kids 24/7, 365 days of the year, without needing some kind of little break. And leaving your kids with others (that you obviously trust) is good for your kids too so that they don’t grow up to be socially awkward and shy!

kaatse on

I’ve never seen their show, but Kourtney seems really nice and down to earth. And little Mason looks so cute, all toothless and chubby.

Demetria on

She is an awesome mom!

LOL on

Seems like kmb and kate need to both grow up…

ecl on

Crystal –
Your child is supposed to come after god and husband? Says who? Holiday’s kid is 8 months old. Who would put their husband’s needs over the needs of an 8 month old? I agree that people need time off from their children and that couples should spend time connecting with each other without their kids, but the rest…. Not all of us are religious so to say that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Demetria on

Ecl- Crystal was just giving her opinion.

Holiday on

Jill my other child is 5 and in preschool so thats why he is not with me all the time. My daughter is an 8 month old little baby, so yes she is with me all the time. Things will change when she gets older but for now I dont leave her. Maybe you all dont mind leaving your babies but my baby like to be with her mama. Jill do you even have kids?

Holiday on

And my children comes BEFORE my husband. And thats the way it should be. My husband and I always put our kids first way before ourselves!

Holiday on

Crystal no we dont have date nights. We do stuff at home once the kids are in bed but like I said a million times I DO NOT WANT to leave my 8 month old daughter. My son is 5 and before the baby was born and he was past the baby stage we did have date nights, but I just dont leave my babies.

JMO on

I agree my kids would def. come before my husband. I do hear people say that your husband should be the #1 priority because if your both happy then so are your kids. True but your husband may not always be your husband but your child will always be your child!

Holiday on

JMO exactly! I think its selfish when husbands and wives put each other before the kids. My kids come before anyone or anything else and luckily I have a great husband who feels the same way.

Samantha on

“True but your husband may not always be your husband but your child will always be your child!”

THAT is what is wrong with our society. Why bother getting married if you don’t take those vows seriously? Hey someday we won’t be together so lets not make us a priority. I believe when you take vows you are committed, until death do you part or one of you is unfaithful. Why go through vows etc. if one day you decide it’s just not working out and to divorce?! What is the point???? I believe my husband is my husband FOREVER, and I think that’s how you should feel. You and him become one flesh and you should look at marriage as binding.

That is why people cheat and break apart. You HAVE to make each other a priority, because that is how you keep your relationship alive. And it’s proven how tough divorce is on kids, so you are doing them a favor by having some time with their father.

Plus most things get MORE hectic after a divorce, you lose more time with your kids due to work, etc. so if you take some time out now as a couple you will be saving in the long run.

Also making each other a priority doesn’t mean date nights at an expensive restaurant, it could be as simple as drinking sparkling water on the balcony under the stars in your robes. Playing a board game when the kids go down etc. I remember david boranze (sp?) cheated on his wife and she said in an interview she took some blame, even though it was his bad to cheat, but that he would come home and she wouldn’t even bother to get up form her computer.

I have two children and a great husband and I know that it’s quite easy to have family/kid time and alone/couple time. I don’t think it even has to be a choice. Kids go to bed early for a reason 😉

Anna on

Crystal I do not agree at all. Why would you put God before your child? Your child is most important, they are dependant on you. God can take care of himself. Same goes for the husband.

MomofOne on

My only child is eighteen now and will be leaving for college in the fall. I love young parents….I chuckle at many of the comments….oh how things will change when your children are older. I know it’s hard to believe, but there will come a time when “stepping outside” will save your sanity. I have the best relationship with my daughter, and when she was a baby, she was on my hip, but in a healthy way…I wasn’t obsessed, just in love. And no matter what, I still see that baby in her eighteen year old eyes as only a mom can. Ladies, do your best with your children. Love them and spoil them a bit. Don’t sweat the stupid small stuff…they will be little for just a moment. And please don’t worry what others think of the small stuff. The best thing anyone can do is cherish these segments of their childrens lives. I promise you, my daughter was a baby just a minute ago and now she’s grown and leaving. I’m so glad I didn’t worry about the second she came off the bottle, peed in a potty, whose bed she was in, how many stories I read each night, or what age was best to remove my breast from her mouth. I did what I felt was best…and oddly enough, with no experience at all, she turned out to be fantastic…and she was on a bottle a little too long, on my breast a little too short, and slept in my bed sometimes, which she also rolled off of, much to my horror to this day. It’s a long road to Eden ladies and it’s not easy, but seriously, cherish those angels because in a minute they’ll be total opposite of those cherubs you know now. And you’ll adore the living daylights out of them more than you ever imagined.

Anonymous on

ridiculous, what works for a celebrity is not realistic at all. Since her “work” is hanging out with her sisters, going to clubs, etc. it’s pretty easy to not want to be away from her son when she is working.

Abby on

The nature of most celeb’s jobs leaves them flying from one end of the country to another multiple times a week. Especially celebs as in-demand as the Kardashians. To expect that they should try to parent WITHOUT nannies while still be working mothers is completely unrealistic.

So most women work 9-5 and can rely on day care or friends/family to watch their kids while they spend the day at the office. What if you were required to fly to Paris for a week to make any money at all, but couldn’t bring your baby without a nanny because you were breastfeeding? Or, you couldn’t have your kid with you because you really didn’t want to leave them, btu can’t take them everywhere with you because you know that you’ll be followed by paparrazzi and you might want to shield your kids from such things. Every situation is different, and it’s not up to any of us to justify a woman’s necessity to have a nanny.

You rely on celebrities for entertainment, to pay to see their shows and concerts, and due to the very nature of the beast which you feed as a consumer, you vilify these women for needing paid help to ensure they don’t neglect their babies.

And don’t say that maybe women who have such work commitments shouldn’t bother having kids – you clearly care enough about celebrity babies and this whole subset of celeb culture becasue you came to the Celebrity Baby Blog.

Sorry, just SO over women going nuts over women having nannies. So you don’t. So you have your opinions of what kind of mother really hries a nanny. In most cases, I’m certain these celebs with nannies are just regular parents with EXTREMELY demanding day jobs.