Jewel & Ty Murray: We’re Having a Baby

01/11/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
Albert Michael/Startraks

It was on the first day of her job as the co-host of Bravo’s upcoming new reality show Going Platinum that Jewel got the happy news.

“I took a pregnancy test and it was positive!” the singer, 36, tells PEOPLE. “It was so hard to keep it a secret. I was worried I’d start throwing up on set and everyone would be like, ‘Oh, she’s pregnant.'”

Now in her second trimester, Jewel and her husband, rodeo star Ty Murray, are finally ready to share their happy news.

“We’re so excited to be expecting our first baby,” says Murray, 41. “We always knew we wanted to have a child and this time in our lives feels right.”

The couple, who wed in the Bahamas in 2008, had been trying for two years to get pregnant. “I have always been a workaholic, so I had to learn how to slow down and take care of myself in a different way,” says Jewel about her struggle to conceive.

Jewel and Murray, who live on a 2,200-acre ranch in Texas, are currently remodeling their home and converting the guest room to a nursery.

“I’m trying to be in the moment and really enjoy my pregnancy,” says the singer, who released a collection of children’s songs titled Lullaby in 2009 and is working on a new album. “I feel really lucky.”

— Ulrica Wihlborg

For more on Jewel and Ty, pick up the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

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Manal on

Whats up with everyone getting pregnant!! whos next Beyonce?! or maybe Angelina Jolie!! great news!! congrats!!:D

merry on

I’m almost scared to move (visit this site) for another exciting announcement 😀

Natasha on

It’s like 2005/06 all over again with this baby boom! Congrats to Jewel & Ty.

Paige on

Wonderful news! Congratulations to Jewel and Ty. I was wondering when they would have a little one.

Sounds like this will be a year of babies. Can’t wait to see who’s next. 🙂

jordan #1 on

AWW! congrats to them 😀

Alison on

Great news!! Love Jewel and Ty really won me over on Dancing with the Stars. They have been together a long time, can’t wait to see their baby.

ll65 on

Super baby boom hollywood style. Congratulations to Jewel & Ty!!!

klutzy_girl on

Holy baby boom! Who’s next?

Congratulations to them!

Cate on

Yay! I love all the baby news! Can’t wait to hear the names and see the cute pregnancy fashion.

Lady on

Baby boom is right, wow!!! I cant keep up with everyone…how exciting though, love Jewewl & her husband was so cute on DWTS lol!!

tink1217 on

wow I love this announcement!!!!! Ty is adorable and such a sweetheart!! And Jewell…well such a major talent!!! Congrats!!!!

JMO on

That’s so awesome!! Wow they’re def. is a baby boom in Hollywood right now!!

Ashley on

Congrats to them!!! I really like Jewel and Ty!!

jessicad on

Aw how sweet, she’ll make a great Mom, she seems so calm and down to earth. Congrats to them!

Harley on

How awesome!!! I’m so excited for them!

chocol8.drgnfly on

Been a Jewel fan since ’96, and a PBR fan for 6years now. Jewel has an amazing voice, especially when you hear her live. And as for TY, well, how could you not like a PBR cowboy:)
I wish them all the best for a happy and healthy family!

Brooke on

I am so happy for both of them….I totally expect a Western name from them (i.e. Cheyenne, Ryder, etc)

Mina on

I’m thinking Cody or Wyatt for a name.

erilynne on

So many babies!!

Congrats to Jewel & her Husband.


I’m a longtime fan, so happy for her.

She released a Lullabies album a few years back…it is one of my kids favories, sure to be a favorite of her baby’s too. If any of you have not heard it, get yourselves over to itunes or something- it is really beautiful.

soph on

Mina: Why? Are those “Texas” names?

Tina on

I have not been able to stand Ty since he was a major jerk to my 4 year old nephew. Refused to sign his autograph but was more than happy to sign for the ladies. Real class act! I do like Jewel, so congrats to her!

Jgirl on

Tina, wow, he doesn’t come off as rude. That is too bad he treated your nephew so poorly.
Congratulations on this news though, what an exciting time!

Emily's Aunt on

On a recent awards show (first annual American Country Awards, I believe), I remember thinking and wondering if Jewel was pregnant. The dress she wore made me wonder. Congrats to her and Ty on their upcoming arrival!

Abby on

Wow. I SOOOO appreciate her honesty. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for almost a year now, and every time I read about a pregnancy announcement, no one says anything about any difficulty or taking a long time to conceive so I feel like “Am the only one?” She makes me feel less alone and like it WILL happen to me one day soon. Thanks, Jewel!

Nella on

Awww one of my fave pregnancy announcements! Congrats to Jewel and Ty!Love Jewel, she has a beautiful voice and seems like a very nice person.

Bree on

Abby my husband and I have been trying for a while now too so you are not the only one!! Everytime I turn around someone is announcing their pregnancy, it is driving me crazy!!

Congrats to Jewel and Ty, this little one is going to be adorable!! Can’t wait to see her pregnancy progress!!

CelebBabyLover on

Manal- I doubt Angelina Jolie will get pregnant again any time soon (in fact, for some reason, I have a feeling she and Brad are done having biological kids, especially since she said in a recent interview that she “only planned for two” in regards to bio kids. Of course, she got a bonus one as well since she had twins the second time around. :)). But I’m guessing we may see another Jolie-Pitt adoption this year.

That being said, I completely agree with the rest of your comment….and congrats to Ty and Jewel!

erinm on

Congratulations!!! By far one of the most real Hollywood couples out there! Love Ty and Jewel! So excited for them!!

JMT on

Jewel and Ty stopped at a gas station in my small hometown which lies on a major interstate between Oklahoma and Texas while they were traveling. I was in line behind them and they were so incredibly nice and down-to-earth that they were walking toward the door before it hit me who they were! I didn’t bother them, I just had a little minor internal freak-out and the lady working the counter and I looked at each other with huge eyes. They were in a muddy pick-up truck without an entourage or anything that would scream, “we’re famous!” They are going to be great parents.

CelebBabyLover on

Tina- I’m sorry Ty was so rude to your nephew, but going by the rest of the comments I’m guessing he was just having an off-day. 🙂

Lee Ann on

Congratulations!!!! I am so excited to hear the news! I was wondering when these two were gonna expand the family! I will keep you in my prayers!

Melanie Falcon on

congrats to jewel and ty on your pregancy i can’t wait to see her pregancy progress. they are gonna be good parents to the little one soon

spiveyjean on

No, Murray is a jerk. He came in to a diner a good friend of my waitresses at in Stephenville. She is one of the favorites there. Very hard working and friendly. Ty was with some of his cowboy friends. Ty picked up the tab and left her a 50 cent tip! She chased him down and gave it back to him and said in front of everybody, “Here’s your 50 cent tip you left me, go ahead and keep it, looks like you need it more than I do.” Then, instead of apologizing, he got all read and embarrassed and turn and left! Sorry, he’s a jerk in my book too.