BumpWatch: Baby No. 3 for Kevin James & Steffiana de la Cruz

01/10/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Barry Brecheisen/WireImage

Looks like there’s a third child on the way!

Kevin James‘ wife Steffiana de la Cruz debuted quite the baby belly as the couple arrived at the premiere of The Dilemma on Thursday in Chicago.

The actor later confirmed the news on the Today show.

James, 45, and de la Cruz are already parents to daughters Shea Joelle, 3½, and Sienna-Marie, 5.

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Mommy of 2 on

well theres a way to announce a pregnancy!

Mia on

Congrats! Hope it’s a boy.

Laura on

So exciting! I love him!!

Kellie on

Love him and they are a sweet couple! Congrats!

Waverly on

Love Kevin James and his beautiful wife!! Exciting news!!

Sat on

Great pic!

JS on

she is stunning! Going to be yet another good looking child.

Stef on

Has anyone seen pics of their two daughters? I bet they’re adorable!

Sarah M. on

Stef – I posted a link that has a picture of both girls together. It’s old (Sienna was almost 2 and Shea was 1 month old), but if you type in ‘images of Kevin James’ kids’ into google, some more might come up. 🙂

Congrats to them! I wonder if they’ll continue with the ‘s’ theme…

CelebBabyLover on

Congrats! Does anyone remember whether they ever announced their pregnancies with their two girls?

Lacey on

I didn’t even know he had kids! Great news!

Jaedyn on

Wow, their daughters are adorable! Since Steffiana gets to name this child (it says so in some article), I also wonder if it will be another S-baby. If it’s a third girl, I guess they’ll go with the theme, if it’s a boy, maybe a K-name like Daddy 😉 Congrats to Kevin, Steffiana, Sienna and Shea!

Adrienne on

Why is it that when someone has multiple children of only one sex, people love to say “I hope you/they have *insert opposite sex here* ?
I have 2 girls and I hear it ALL THE TIME–“Are you going to try for a boy?” comments drive me nuts.

I’m newly pregnant and I have not once said to myself “I hope it’s a boy”. I think of all of my children as awesome blessings and would be THRILLED to have another girl and if I’m having a boy, I’ll also be THRILLED. My life would not be lacking if I have only girls and I know many moms of only boys who feel the same way I do.

Mina on

Adrienne some people want to experience parenting both genders. Of course anyone is thrilled with a healthy baby, and once its born, you fall in love no matter the gender. I wanted a girl and was dissapointed when my sonogram showed boy. But once he was born, my heart exploded with love. I would die for him, gladly. BUT I still want a girl and if I got pregnant again, I would hope for one. There are times when I see moms bonding with their girls over things I love myself, like fashion and pink frilly dresses while I am stuck playing babeball all day, and I get jealous tendencies. It doesnt mean I LOVE my son any less…but I would LIKE to experience what its like to have a daughter!

Adrienne on

That’s fine Mina, but I personally think it is rude for people to make comments that assume one sex is preferred over the other.
Like I said, I get comments all the time and hate it.

Darla on

I think its kind of selfish to want a certain gender, because the reasons most people provide are just shallow like “I want a cute girl to dress in pink dresses”. Really?! I thought being a parent was more than just having a cute doll. You never know how your kid is going to turn out anyway because gender roles don’t really exist. Parents and Society condition children to be a certain way, but if people stopped influencing their kids in that regard, they could end up with a son who hates sports and wants to play with dolls, or a female tomboy who hates cute, frilly dresses. I have a 3 1/2 yr old daughter who I am raising to be very independent because I want her to develop a personality of her own. I have exposed her to dolls, but also cars and other “male toys”, and she likes them both equally. She also hates pink and dresses!

My 8 yr old nephew, on the other hand, is taking ballet classes (and is quite good at it, he wants to make a career out of it) and he prefers to wear pink, baby blue, light green and other “girly”, pastel colors. And before people start saying he is going to grow up to be a homosexual…There’s nothing wrong with being homosexual! However, I doubt he will grow up to be gay because he is already showing interest in females, and he has a “girlfriend” (totally PG of course, they just hold hands and play innocent games).

So really, I’m just sick of hearing parents express their desire for a certain gender solely due to shallow reasons. There’s nothing wrong with preferring a certain gender, but please have real reasons for that preference. I have a daughter, and I’d really like to have a son, but if I got pregnant and found out I’m having another girl, I wouldn’t be disappointed. Just be happy you are able to have children, and that your baby is healthy!

Jen DC on

@ Adrienne: I think you’re reading into peoples’ comments too strongly. Most people are (probably) genuinely trying to engage you in a conversation about your family and not expressing a preference for male children over the two daughters you already have or expecting you to have a preference. It’s a natural, if unimaginative, follow up to your answer, “I have two daughters.”

@ Darla: What’s shallow to you might be a “real reason” to someone else. I’m sure most desires for daughters (or children of one’s own sex) go deeper than “I want to have a doll to dress up.” People often can’t figure out ways to express those deeper psychological desires to have a child that more closely resembles themselves.

You’re both projecting waaaaay more than is actually necessary.

jill on

adrienne, i agree with you. it bothers me….a lot.
darla, i agree with you as well. oh, and i really like your posts…please keep posting 🙂

jen d.c., they are both projecting THEIR OPINION…so it isn’t waaayy too much. it is how THEY feel.

Mina on

Its not so much having a doll! I am a FEMALE myself, so to CONSTANTLY be doing boys things, ways on me. There are days I feel MALE myself. And I am NOT. I would like a daughter to balance out the family. My son goes off with his father and do manly things are they get to bond in ways “mommy” can’t. I try, boy do I try to be the best “male” to my son considering I am a stay at home mom and his father works all day. So I am the one left playing sports, and playing trucks (he is an only child as well, so other children are limited). If I acted TOTALLY female for my son, he would be pretty bored.

Mia on

Wow his girls are beautiful! I think people get overly offended on the “boy” or “girl” situation. Like I said, I do hope they have a boy.

Everyone’s situation is different. Some people love having boys and would love to have another boy, or some love having girls and would want another girl-but I think it makes the most sense to have both and experience the difference. Also I think it’s great for the parents too + be able have both to relate to on their own terms.

LisaS on

Wow, I had no idea he was married! Glad to see him looking so happy, he seems like such a nice guy. His wife is absolutely stunning and she’s just glowing in this picture.

The linked article cracked me up–hey, Kevin, maybe you can get her to name this one Citi Field. Best of luck with that. 😀

Halley on

Adrienne, I completely agree with you! I have a son and am pregnant again and people keep saying, “oh, I hope you get a girl!” What? Why? My son is the joy of my life, and if I had the $$ (and time, and engery, lol) I’d have 10 more just like him.

I dont see the big deal about needing to parent both genders. Of course, I just want a healthy baby, but I would be tickled to death if we had another boy, even knowing that this is our last baby.

Congrats to the James family. I am sure they would see three girls as a huge blessing!

Jac on

In that Mall Cop movie he is in, in the beginning, when he’s in the mall, he walks up to a lady w/ two young girls – – – that’s his wife, Steffiana and their two daughters. Just a FYI for those of you that are asking about their kids.

Bridget on

Totally agree with you Adrienne. I have a wonderful son and am pregnant with my second son. Everyone I tell asks me if I am going to try next for a girl. Personally I didn’t “try” to get one gender. We were blessed to get pregnant and could care less what gender it is.

SLawson on

Love Kevin James! Didn’t even know he was married, but I’m so happy for him and his wife. At least he is married and having kids.

jess on

Adrienne, I totally agree with you. I am pregnant with my third boy and I can’t stand all the comments I get. “Oh I feel so sorry for you”, “I’m sure you wanted a girl this time, you must be so disappointed” It’s just rude of people to assume I’m disappointed with my baby and I am sick of hearing it. Also, I am not stupid enough to have a baby just to “try” for a certain gender.

Jules on

Adrienne – I totally agree with you. As the mom of two girls, trying for another child, I cannot express how annoying it is when people say “oh, you’re going for a boy???” No, I am going for a healthy child. My husband and I have always wanted 3 kids, regardless of gender. Congrats to Kevin and his wife. I wish them a healthy baby!!

Tara on

Absolute fan of Kevin James. Beautiful wife and they make a great couple! Congrats to the James family!!

Annie on

I hope it’s a boy!! It’s great to experience both sexes. But above all that…congrats and here’s to a healthy 9 months and baby!!!!

Jackie on

Congrats to Kevin and family on their great news!!! I’m sure they are gorgeous kids!

I have 2 boys and I like having the same gender-hoping that will help them to have more in common and (hopefully) will keep them closer when they grow up:) And of course I still get a lot of comments about “trying for that girl” but nope-I’m good with my 2:)

Samantha2 on

Awww, there really is a baby boom in 2011! lol. I love Kevin James…congratulations to the both of them! 😀

Mrs Kevin James on


um…who cares?

Tara on

I’m thinking it’s another girl whose first name will begin with the letter “S” haha.

alicia on

Geeez Adrienne settle down. Nobody means any ill will by saying I hope you have a boy or girl. It’s a different experience with a boy vs girl and some parents would like to experience both. You said you have to girls, well I hope you have a boy.

CelebBabyLover on

Betsy- As some posters here have pointed out, not EVERYONE wants a boy and a girl. Some people are perfectly fine with just one gender. 🙂

Jen DC- Exactly! I don’t know if I’ll ever have kids, but if I did, I’d want at least one girl. And the reasons for that run very deep, too deep to fully get into here. Basically, my grandmother died when I was very young, and although I don’t have very many memories of her, those that I do have are very pleasent, and she passed on some wonderful things to me that I’d love to pass on myself to a little girl. I feel that would be a wonderful way to honor my grandmother’s memory. 🙂

Sarah S. on

WOW–there sure will be a ton of celebrities’ babies born this year!! Congrats to Kevin and Steffiana!! 🙂

LOL on

Mrs. Kevin James, you seemed to care.

Chris on

I think it’s hurtful to say you want a certain gender or to tell someone else you hope they have a certain gender, particularly if you have no idea what their feelings are on the subject.

There are a lot of us who are trying for a baby and would be thrilled just to finally be pregnant at all. I was in the store a while back and there was a pregnant woman checking out in front of me. The cashier asked if she knew the sex of the baby yet and the woman responded by going on and on about how disappointed she was when she found out it was a second girl instead of the boy she wanted. It was all I could do to not say something to her; not just because it made me angry but because she sounded truly upset that the child she was carrying wasn’t what she wanted, which is very sad for that baby girl.

Ryan on

The only time I can’t stand it when someone says they “hope it’s a boy!” is when it’s for a reason like, “You guys need a boy to pass on the family name!” or even worse…when the husband wants a son he can name after himself. I find that SO irritating and sexist. I actually hear it more often then you would think too! I know a few couples who have had two girls and I will hear the husbands say, “We gotta have another one so I can get that son to carry my name on.” or something like that and I just think that is SOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong. It’s not 1804! It’s friggin 2011!!! I just dislike when a spouse devalues a daughter in that sense. Hate that!!!

IMO on

Jess, halley, Jules, Adrienne, I agree with you guys.

Betsy, this page is proof you are wrong. And not to mention that many people only want one child. Kind of hard to have a boy and a girl, when you only have one kid 🙂

Alice, the word is two….not to. And do you have recess in third grade?

I think what people are missing…..at least in my opinion is that, not everyone wants both genders or hopes for it. So it is rude to make certain comments to expecting parents. I would rather your hopes and wishes go to me getting pregnant or me having a healthy baby. It is all personal preference. I don’t think it’s wrong for someone to want a girl…..but when someone wants a girl bc they have better clothes or for other materialistic reasons, that’s wrong. Or a boy so they can play football, same thing. People say hat and mean that, and IMO, that’s wrong.

Bancie1031 on

I’ve always been a fan of Kevin James (Ever since I seen him in Kings of Queens!) Him and his wife make a beautiful couple 🙂 Question …. does anyone know where I might find pictures of his daughters? I’ve never seen a picture of them (or at least I don’t remember seeing a picture of them) ….. Thanks ahead of time.

Chels on

IMO, There are two things that are really getting missed here. First of all that Kevin James and his lovely wife are expecting their second child and that we can’t control what gender we get anyways. So why waste time arguing over what we ASSUME people want and do not want.

People spend too much time on this website arguing.
Congratutations Kevin and Steffiana!

momof3boys on

I agree with Adrienne. I have three boys and everybody and their brother think I need to have a girl. No, I don’t.

dawn on

awww they are both preggos how cute.

IMO on

Chels… That is exactly my point 🙂

Laura on

@Dawn, rude.

Amy on

My oldest is a boy and when I was pregnant with my second most people didn’t believe me when I said I wanted a boy! I am so glad I have two boys, they play together and I hope they’ll be close as they grow up too. And my husband is glad that he has two boys to carry on his family name but that is because he doesn’t come from a big family and would like the name to continue on for a another generation if possible. I am now pregnant with my third and yes I get the girl comment. I actually prefer when people ask like “Are you hoping for a girl?” rather then tell me “You must want a girl”. It’s a bit rude to assume, so much nicer to be asked!

Leslie on

Congratulations to them!! I love how he keeps his family out of the media spotlight – I bet this daughters are absolutely gorgeous just like their mother, and no doubt the new baby will be a cutie as well! God Bless them!

Debbie on

First I wanted 3 boys. Had a girl first, but wanted a boy. Had a boy next, but wanted a girl. Pregnant again, wanted another boy, got it (finally). My point…does it matter? No. However, I have plenty of friends with all boys and would love to have a girl, and vice versa. Regardless, congrats.

Momof2girls on

Everyone just shut up about the whole gender thing. No one is wrong. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Get over it. I have two girls and I want my little boy. God willing it will happen. I’m HAPPY either way.