Neil Patrick Harris Is Smitten With Twins’ Smiles

01/09/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
Gilbert Flores/Celebrity Photo

All of Neil Patrick Harrishard work during the first few weeks of fatherhood is finally paying off.

“I love when they’re smiling. That sounds very glib, but for a little while they don’t,” the actor, 37, said Wednesday at the People’s Choice Awards.

“You’re just kind of holding and hoping nothing goes wrong and now they’re starting to smile.”

And while Gideon Scott and Harper Grace, 3 months this week, have smiles that melt Harris and partner David Burtka‘s hearts, the How I Met Your Mother star admits their laughter might really stop him in his tracks — literally.

“Once they start laughing, I’m going to be head over heels for those two,” he muses. “Well, I already am, but then I’ll think they’re laughing at my comedy so I will never leave the house.”

There’s no doubt that double the babies also equals double the gear, but among all of the gifts given to the new family, Harris says there is one stand-out the new dads couldn’t live without.

The Moby Wrap. It’s this gigantic piece of fabric that you wrap around and around and around yourself until you look like you should be doing karate and then you sort of put them in and wrap them around and then you can carry on with your day,” he explains. “They just stay put and go to sleep.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Nina Tyler

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Mama on

Absolutely adore all Neil’s comments on his new babies!

Beaky on

Aww! This entire family are just too adorable for words! 🙂

Stef on

I love hearing Neil talk about his kids….it’s so cute!

Norm on

Congratulation guys on your fabulous family!

tink1217 on

he is just the most endearing new dad!! He almost makes up for not having Mark McGrath blogging anymore.

Marlin on

Such a precious family!

ForeverMoore on

Neil, check out the Baby K’tan…it’s kinda like the Moby but much easier to get into 😀

klutzy_girl on

The Burtka-Harrises are one of my favorite celeb families.

And Neil’s speech at the People’s Choice Awards was the most adorable of the night. I really should have turned it off after he won.

tomfoolkitten on

they are just way too happy for their own good… 😉 I love love love hearing about them and their family and I’m excited that they’re finally sharing their milestones! the whole family is so cute! ^-^

ohjalapeno on

I have a granddaughter named Harper! So happy for both of you!

Nana on

They seem like JUST the sort of people who should be parents! Those babies are so blessed 🙂


I’m so happy for them.

kazumi on

awwww this is just too sweet =)

Kelly on

If you like the moby, try the baby hawk. 🙂

Lauren on

I am the mom of 1 year old twins…..and Neil Patrick Harris is right on…The best baby equipment for twins is the MOBY WRAP.

Elby on

Baby wearing make life so much easier! Especially with twins as you never have enough hands otherwise, and in those difficult first few months when they want to be cuddled and loved a lot it’s like a gift from above. I don’t think I could have survived without my wrap slings.

Kim on

Read the article about them in the new People magazine. SUCH cute babies!! And the Dads aren’t bad either. 😉

Elizabeth on

So happy for you two. You are positively glowing. Enjoy every second, they grow up too fast!

Marie on

Much happiness to David and Neil. These babies are blessed to have such loving parents. I can’t imagine all the fun that house is going to have!

C8e on

Congrats, guys! I hope you are enjoying the early days, it goes so fast! I have tried a lot of slings and carriers, and while the Moby is a great one, neither of my babies liked it. My current fave is Ergobaby, I use it all the time! Besos to your babies!

CelebBabyLover on

I have just one thing to say: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

mera on

love that he seems to carry his little ones. such a good thing for them!

PreppieOne on

Enjoy every precious moment… my daughter is 30 now and blessed me with a 4 month-old grandson. They grow up so fast. Teach them to become productive adults!

Hannah on

Neil Patrick Harris just seems to be the perfect dad! Those two babies are very lucky kids and I hope that it’ll help also non-celeb families with two moms or two dads to more acceptance and tolerance!

Indira on

I read somewhere that David Burkta already has a set of twins. Is this true?

Alexa on

He was involved with someone that had twins that he helped raise. They weren’t legally his kids, and he still sees them sometimes and has taken them on vacation.

klutzy_girl on

David met a man who had already started the surrogacy process and helped raise those twins for a little while. Neil says they consider David their uncle.

Texasgirl on

David helped to raise his ex’s twins but they only know him as their uncle and not their other dad. People recently did an article in their latest double issue where they asked Neil and David about the other twins.

Elaine on

awwww you can’t melt more when you read this.. especially the fact they wear their babies…. so awesome! someone has gotta get em a Baby K’tan you so they ditch the wrapping!! Guessing they would looooooove that one!

Olivia on

Aww, every little tid bit Harris says about his babies is so endearing, now we learn he and his partner are into babywearing? Sooo freakin’ sweet I think I’m getting a tooth ache.

Maryan on

Awwwww… so sweet. Try the Baby K’tan though – it’s like the Moby but so much easier.

Jana on

What fortunate babies these are! All children should experience this kind of love and devotion. I’m so happy for this wonderful family!

NoAdditives on

How sweet! These two are such wonderful parents! And I have to agree, laughing is the best milestone!

HayLaura on

I am so happy for Neil and David. I have never seen Neil so happy. He is glowing.

Carrie Jo on

I’d love to see a pic of them wearing their babies!

Anonymous on

Okay, any daddy that wears his baby has my vote!