Family Photo: Mason Dash Disick Turns One!

01/09/2011 at 02:00 PM ET

Happy birthday Mason Dash Disick! In recently released photos, parents Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian celebrate their baby boy turning 1 year old at a party held Dec. 12 in Calabasas, Calif.

Albert Michael/Startraks


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Albert Michael/Startraks
Albert Michael/Startraks


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Minami86 on

Mason is totally all Kardashian! Happy Birthday!! <3<3

Charlotte on

Awe he’s adorable.. Looks just like Kourt, why does Scott dress so eccentric? Cute fam thought.

Shoshana on

Such a lovely family! They all look so happy!

Crystal on

Kourtney looks AMAZING! Massey is sooooo cute! I ♥ his shirt. It’s Ralph Lauren. Love it!!!

tink1217 on

very cute!! Is it just me or does Scott remind anyone of Christian Bale in American Psycho?? Just sayin…nothing against him or’s just strange. Happy Bday Mason!

Michelle on

Such a cute baby and Scott looks like a tool as usual!

Julianna on

God, Kourt is tiny next to Scott! I love how devoted she is to her little boy – Mason is growing up to be a mix of his parents!

DC on

Congrats for Masons 1st birthday. Some advice to Kourtney, Scott is the male version of a “gold digger”. Most women can spot those “scrubs” from a mile away. Scott has shown himself to not be good father material. Kourtney, run fast from this guy.

sar on

kourtney= gorgeous, mason= freaking adorable…
scott= creeps me out beyond belief.

Brooke on

Anyone else want to slap the crap out of Scott in that first pic????

Kris T on

I’m not a big fan of the Kardashian hype, I mean they seem like nice girls and good for them for making money and getting what they want and all that, but seriously, the child’s father is creepy and kinda gross in an icky way…seems kinds slimy IMO

Loraine on

That baby looks all Kardashian and nothing like his father. I do have to say that Scott dresses really different and that he is a very good looking guy, but at the same time he looks really sly and he creeps me out.

mrscabrera on

No matter how weird the guy looks, he’s still her child’s father and it appears she is trying to work it out so her son has him in his life. Many women do it, so it is not shocking a celebrity with a ton of money is doing it too.

Rachel on

Mason is so cute! I love the Kardasian girl’s hair! They have amazing hair! No comment on Scott..

Sadie on

Tink, I think I remember hearing Scott’s favorite movie is American Psycho because everyone tells him he looks like the main character, Patrick Bateman lol

tink1217 on

Sadie..LOL I knew it!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

very true. scott looks creepy. anyway, i havent seen any pics of him actually holding mason.

rachel on

What is the father’s professional background? Does he have a job outside the Kardashian’s show?

Holiday on

This is mean…. but I dont think Mason is an attractive baby.

Anonymous on

i absolutely LOVEEEE this family. kourtney is absolutely gorgeous and scott is as handsome as they come. i love that they aren’t traditional or cookie cutter celebrities. i am the first to admit that i am wildly jealous of their lives. i’m very happy scott is working hard to be good enough for kourtney and mason, who is the cutest celebaby EVER! much love guys!

Ash on

Scott may be a major tool but it seems to me that he tries to be a good dad to his little boy. Mason is really lucky to have such devoted parents. I also think Mason looks just like Kourtney’s dad and brother Rob. Such a cutie.

Sam on

Here is one. Google Images has more. 🙂

sky on

Just because Scott looks bad it makes him a bad father? Is there something I don’t know or are some of you really THAT shallow?

B.R on

He is creepy, I have been through a lot in my life and meet some creepy/scary people, it’s not what he wears or the hair, that hands down is a copy from American Psycho, but it’s the look in his eyes that is scary to me, and he always has the same look in his eyes regardless of what else he is doing with his body or where he is. Trust me the last person I’ve seen with a look like that in their eyes, well he was running the concentration camp I was in. So I truly hope she leaves him. He may never have done anything wrong in his life, some people don’t, but that doesn’t mean that he has not thought about it. But that is personal take on a person I have never talked to, only seen at public gatherings with my husband. That was only maybe four or five times, but when my husband made the offer to introduce us I said no, last time I saw Scott I felt so creepy standing near him that I made my husband take me home and that was the very night I told my husband Hollywood, money, private parties were his world and not mine and that I wanted none of it, I didn’t want me to be a part of the rich/famous, or his family, or his money. I have no idea how anyone lives like that? With someone always in your house doing your hair, make up, telling you what to wear every step of the day, like his mother and sisters. It’s just not for me. I like my life in the far north with a polar bear for my rescue pet. Each to their own I truly wish her all the happiness in the world, she does seem like the sweetest of all the girls.

CelebBabyLover on

Anon- He probably doesn’t get the chance very often! I’d imagine that Mason’s mother, grandmother, and aunts are constantly taking turns holding him. 🙂

Charlotte- Maybe because he likes to? 🙂

mrscabrera- Exactly! And I will never understand why some people would actually want Kourtney to rip her son away from his daddy and cause him to grow up in a broken home! Who would ever wish something that on an innocent little baby?!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and Mason is adorable!

mera on

he totally looks like his mummy but in the 2nd &3rd pic glancing half-bored like his dad always does (well, scott rather looks arrogant than bored, actually).

Calla on

I’ve heard the rumors about baby Mason’s real father being a guy named JJ, who is her brother Robs friend that she slept with right around when she got pregnant. I always thought that was silly rumors but in that first picture, Mason looks EXACTLY like him.


Mason is a wonderful boy… He’s so cute !!!! I love him….

Sus on

Beautiful family 🙂 Mason looks so grown up!

i need a name on

Poor Scott. Nobody likes him. Kourtney and Baby Mason are both adorable !!

Robyn on

Mason is all Kardashian and looks just like Rob…

Lisa on

To all the people that think Scott is a gold digger and just around for the money and fame…Him and Kort have been together and lived together long before they got famous, before the reality show. I think they have been together for over 4 years or something like that. At least he’s in his child’s life and helping raise him, unlike alot of men out there. I’m so tired of the Scott bashing. He made a few mistakes, get over it, Kourt and her family did and that’s all that matters. No one is perfect. You people look really bad bashing him and talking bad about him. Only God can judge.

Amy on

CelebBabyLover-maybe people want Mason to “grow up in a broken home” because it would be better for him to be away from his creepy, sociopath father who is a horrible role model to him. Seriously, look at these pictures. This guy gives me the chills. 100% creep. And p.s. Nice clothes Scott. What a TOOL. You know how to pick ’em Kourtney.

Kate on

B.R., your elaborate stories started to get really annoying.

Lady on

Well i do believe everyone has the ability to change, so why rag on the guy!? I think things are hyped up for TV purposes….honestly people.

Anyways, they are a nice looking family…Mason is such an adorable kid!


@Holiday I totally agree!

sunny on

I agree 100% with Holiday and Erica2.

Toya L. on

Scott does have some creepy eyes. Mason is so cute.

Meghan on

Thank you Holiday! I was wondering if someone would have the guts to say it!

iMO on

The kid looks nothing like JJ! I love how ppl are judging his parenting skills by how he looks and dresses. People may think all you parents are neglectful, Keeping in mind we don’t know anything about what and where your children are at when you are on here. I am childless.

Lisa, I agree with you. With all but the God part.
B.r. I thought I read a while back that you didn’t like being judged…..right?

ariana on

scott’s the best dad, i love him

Alyssa on

Mason looks more like his uncle than Scott.

Sarina on

I totally agree with Holiday and Erica2 that when I first saw Mason at around a few months old, he wasn’t and isn’t that cute little baby that all other babies look like.

Kristin on

Can’t believe I’m seeing grown women tear apart a defenseless baby’s looks. How pathetic.

jessicad on

I agree Kristin, absolutely disgusting. I’m hoping they are actually bored teenage girls instead of grown women, mature and educated women wouldn’t say such things.

Kate on

Just remember all you haters, Karma’s a bitch, it’s going to bite you when you least expect it:)

jill on

Wow….making comments about a child’s looks is totally uncalled for…sometimes you think things, but you don’t say them. How would you feel if someone said something to you about your child? Holiday, you did mention you have two small child. Kourt does read this….as she had responded. And even if she didn’t, it shouldn’t matter.

Caroline on

He is a beautiful baby and for the record I don’t think judging a person’s character by a reality show (where no doubt he is playing up being the bad guy for ratings, and you only get a few clips of their life) is fair.

LisaS on

Wow. Knocking a baby for his looks. I mean, yeah, I get that not everyone’s going to think the same babies are cute (hell, I don’t find most babies to be cute–including a lot of the ones that are always being raved about on this site) but they’re just innocent children after all, and we should have some boundaries when it comes to discussing a child’s looks. I doubt everyone thinks YOUR child is all that cute but most people have enough respect not to say such things around you.

Anyway, I don’t care for the Kardashians but I think Mason’s a cutie. I did see the episode where Kourtney gave birth to him and it brought tears to my eyes–she was so quiet and calm throughout the whole thing and then she just reached down and pulled him out (like she couldn’t wait to meet him or something). It was such a beautiful moment. I never thought I’d say this but Kourtney’s a very brave woman and I think she’s doing a fantastic job with Mason.

anon on

Aww he’s such an adorable kid. One thing I don’t understand is why do people call Scott a “tool”. I watched the show a couple times and he mentioned he used to ride in a limo to school everyday. I don’t know about you guys, but it sounds to me like the guy has money that he doesn’t need from Kourtney. Either way, I really love Kourtney and Khloe!

Mia on

I don’t know them but the way Scott is portrayed on the show he seems very full of himself and a tool. Also noted-he was raised in the Hamptons-so he obviously comes from a lot of money.

I hope Scott can better himself and make a better home life for his family. Mason is adorable! He looks so much like Kourtney!

Holiday on

yes I do have 2 small kids. Sorry I just dont think he is very cute and I am entitled to that opinion. Anyway I dont like Kourtney because I think its sick she thought about terminating her child, especially at the age of 30!

alice jane on

Mason has the sweetest face! I think he’s absolutely adorable, and seems so happy.

Kate on

Holiday, are you compensating for your kids being ugly?

Holiday on

No Kate luckily I have gorgeous kids. The most handsome 5 year old little guy and the most adorable 8 month old baby girl you could imagine.

IMO on

Holiday, Point missed…..of course. There is nothing wrong with thinking something….ya just don’t say everything ya think. For example, I will not say everything I think of you because I was taught proper manners. I guess you were not taught proper manners.

Luckily you have gorgeous kids??? What would you do if they were not? Give them up for adoption?

Luckily… Many people say luckily I have kids or luckily they are healthy.

IMO on

Mia, what is currently wrong in their home life that needs to be better? And who cares if he has money… thing it shows is he is not after her for her money!

Holiday on

No one “teared” apart his looks. I just stated I dont think he is as cute as people rave about.

IMO on

Holiday….that is not what you said. You said, “This is mean. But I don’t think Mason is an attractive baby.” There is a huge difference.

Kate on

Holiday, just go away…

kmb on

I think mason’s a little cutie!

It’s sad when women mock/judge other people’s innocent babies from behind their computer screens.

Holiday, why don’t you post a picture of your children and let everyone comment on whether or not they’re attractive? Just like you did. How would you like that? But most of us wouldn’t, because we’re not insecure.

Pretty sure Kourtney will read this, you should be ashamed of your judgmental rudeness.

Holiday on

Kourtney has better things to do then read what people have to say about her! And no I am not ashamed of saying I dont think he is very cute.

B.R on

@ Kate then don’t read what I write it is an option for you if you don’t like what I have to say. Just a through

@iMO I truly don’t care if other judge me. I cannot stop people from doing it, I believe English has a saying of “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes” I just think that you should do that before you judge someone else and their live. Judging doesn’t bother but people being rude, disrespectful, and down right cruel to each other without know the other person is what bothers me. I will be the first one to admit to saying some things on this site that never should have been said. But someone was being cruel and disrespectful to my dead friend and that I couldn’t take.

@ Kate and iMO at the end of the day I am who I am, and I never plan on changing. I have had a crazy strange life that is hard to believe. Trust me, on most days its hard for me to believe that a person like me exists. But then I think of my friends/sister and know that I am not alone in this crazy world of ours. Most mornings when I wake up from bad dreams (memories), I look at my body cover in scars, I look over and see my amazing, beautiful husband next to me, walk down the hall check on our son, and look outside to a frozen Hudson Bay, and polar bears playing on it and wonder how in the world did I get this luck. At the end of the day I don’t lie, cheat, steal, break the law, I try to be as respectful of others as I can be, I try to live by treat others the way you want to be treat. I am not perfect and sometimes I fail. So if people want to judge me go ahead, I cannot stop you but at the end of the day I know I am a good person, I know who I am and what I want out of my life. And as long as those closes to me see that then my life is perfect, cause my family, friends, are all that matters at the end of the day, not strangers on a web site. So read what I write or don’t, love or hate it, ask question or not, that is all up to you.

IMO on

Holiday, Kourt has read and commented here.

B.R., the reason I said what I did is bc on another post, you told people they should not judge others. But here it is okay for you to judge others. Or do you know Scott? I have had some pretty horrible things said to me on the Internet……and I got to say. I never reacted the way you did. I can’t believe the things you said to people….I really wish that CBB would remove them. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I know your story bc you remind us weekly. You don’t know mine bc my life is private. Your life is no better or worse than mine.

The point is don’t tell others to not judge and criticize them for doing so, while you sit back and judge away. And you don’t live by treat others the way you want to be treated bc you would never have judged Scott, tried to explain Cindy Crawfords daughters hip, or attacked back the people. I don’t stalk your posts……they are very long and hard not to miss

Alice on

His head is huge, it’s funny.

Stop tearing people apart for stating their opinion. Yes, they judge a child’s looks. Don’t you think it’s a bit unfair if only the (over) nice comments are allowed? Do you think it helps in life, when only the people who think this dress looks great on you or your essay is well-written are allowed to speak? No, it doesn’t. Kourtney shouldn’t care what random strangers think of her kid anyway, *that* would be being insecure.

And as to why say anything at all if you don’t have anything nice to say, well that’s the same reason you responded. You read something you really don’t agree with, you feel the need to point it out. Really can’t see everyone’s problem with that.

B.R on

@ IMO I believe that my last sentence of each to their own make it clear that above stated is a personal opinion of a person not a judgment. I find him creepy, I, not everyone, not you, me, I, myself, and no I have not meet him cause I choose not to, he scares me like no one else ever has. I don’t know why he just does, he looked me once and I had a feeling of panic and having run for my life. So I left and never returned. I could wrong and he could be the nicest person in the world, I don’t know, to me he is creepy and scary, and I never plan on finding out. As for Kaia hip just couldn’t believe people think she is sick when it a simple matter of a tight top and bottom on a preteen that is a health weight. We all have put on cloths that are to tight and seen our love handles just like you can see in the picture of her. If you read the beginning of the post I say that I am sorry, it bothers me that I even wrote it and if I could I would remove that post. Scoliosis is a serious problem and for someone to have a bump of that size on their side the curve would have to be at 90 degrees, and she would have really hard time walking, which she clearly doesn’t. Scoliosis and Autism are two things I fight for every chance I get cause they are so miss understood. But you are right it was wrong of me to say that about a child. Like I said I try but I do fail and fall sometimes. Plus what sounds right in my head doesn’t always sound right in English or when written. As for my attack on Kristin well that was bad even for me, but I had reached my limit, Simi was an amazing, loving, brave person, someone I’ve always looked up to, and Aliana I still cry every night for her, no one should have to go through what she did, no one. So I reached my breaking point and lost it. Keep in mind I am a fighter and will do anything to protect the ones I love regardless of what the cost to me or others. Was I disrespectful, cruel, rude, a female dog? Yes I was all that but to defend and protect my sisters even when they are gone I will stop at nothing. But to be honest with you I don’t regret that post. I know I should be ashamed that I as a grown women could say that, but I am not. Simi, Aliana, Sammy, AK,GH, my husband and son come first, before me or anyone else in this world. I am loyal to a fault, but it’s who I am.

You are right I don’t know you or your life story, but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t like to know about it. I know some times things I say about people come out as judgment, but truly it’s not, it’s just how I feel and what I think of a person. I, me, myself, plus my opinion as a whole doesn’t count for much. Everyone will continue to be who and what they are regardless of what I think. But tell you what I will stop sharing my life on here. You may like your life private, I how ever think the same as Simi, and that is that we should share as much as we can, when ever we can, with as many people as we can, cause if we don’t there will be no one to remember us once we are gone, and everything we’ve been through will be for nothing. So I share, in schools, internet, government seminars, UN, I share who I am, how I came about being a mom, I share me. But if the most people feel like you, and it looks that way, I will stop, and find another place where I can continue. See the reason why I first came on here is cause this was where the last piece of Simi and Aliana was left. But then my son said he wants a little brother/sister and for my husband and I to have a baby, not adopt again. It was always his decision cause my husband and I are happy either way. So we thought about it and this was the best place to find true information about how people feel about things. Everything else is all happiness and butterflies and life is not that. So I got addicted and stuck reading and posting here every day… maybe it was the wrong place I am not sure. But I am getting away from myself and the point. I try not to judge and my opinions and judgment are very different from each other. I have meet some people on this site spoken to them at my husband’s family parties, but I am not friends with them and I could never been so my opinions are based on small talk and short conversations. Opinions not Judgment. Please keep in mind none of what is said in this post is excuse just an explanation. And I am truly really sorry it’s so long. I am working on using less words and failing quite badly at it. Sorry. I don’t know who you are but thank you for asking for an explanation before judging me and pointing out some major flaws in my posts, I do appreciate that. Thank you.

IMO on

I don’t think there is anything wrong with saying I don’t like that dress or sweater or clothes, etc. But to say a child is ugly, unattractive, etc….is wrong. And if Kourt gets upset….that doesn’t make her insecure, that makes her a parent. If I were her, I wouldn’t do blogs or interviews exclusively with People because they don’t control their comments.

And I want to end with something you said, “Stop tearing people apart for stating their opinion.” You should do the same. Everytime someone says something… is there opinion. I have NO problems with what you posted. You feel Kourt would be insecure if upset…and I don’t. You feel people can say what they want and a lot of us don’t…. So, either people can say what they want or they can’t, but you can’t have it both ways!

Holiday on

I didnt say he was UGLY!I just said he isnt all that cute! Jill you have issues reading and scrutinizing everything I say. Are you jealous that I have kids and you dont?

Alice on

Yep, that was badly worded there sorry. I should have written something like “practise what you preach” as in if you don’t have nice stuff to say, don’t say it… about other posters either, otherwise your whole argument is irrelevant. I didn’t mean simply disagreeing, of course everybody is entitled to their opinion. The thing is, I’ve never seen someone attacking other posters – calling them, say, hypocrites or any other insulting term – for saying a child is “sooo cute” when they’re really not (not talking about this one in particular). That’s what I meant.

For the rest we’ll just agree to disagree.
You identify with the parent, I think, what if this was me as a baby and it is ridiculous. Mason or any kid, when old enough will never care what they looked like 20 years before, the parents’ egos… will recover. A bit of criticism will be there every time and better to acknowledge it imo.

IMO on

I never said YOU called the child ugly. You should really work on your comprehension skills. And read the conversation between Alice and I. Two people who have different opinions….who can actually be civil. Something you don’t know how to do.

First, you know nothing about me. Second, I believe nothing you say and even if it was true, I would never be jealous of you. You are one very very sad miserable person.

Jillian Lauren

sarah on

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and it should just be left at that. As for everyone else who have posted on her a zillion times, I’m just curious how you find the time to post your opinions on here constantly. There is a whole big world out there to be explored and enjoyed…. maybe the internet is making people a little cranky. Get out there in the sunlight and enjoy life instead of breaking people down and bickering like children.

Nadia on

Baby is cute. I think Scott may not be the father… The child doesn’t look anything like him. Scott has to be one of the ugliest characters on tv he really is a creak and is convinced he is attractive Someone needs to explain wearing loud clothes and always standing out in a crowd does not equal good taste or style. Quite the opposite