David & Victoria Beckham Expecting Baby No. 4

01/09/2011 at 11:45 AM ET
Richard Young/Getty

The Beckham brood continues to expand!

David and Victoria Beckham are delighted to confirm they are expecting their fourth child in the summer,” their rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz are very excited about the arrival of their new brother or sister.”

With three sons ages 11, 8 and 5Β½, the Beckhams admitted to having a full house — but said they were willing to expand.

“I think one day, if we’re blessed to have more children, it would be amazing,” Victoria, 36, said when asked about additional kids with her soccer star husband. “It’s a lot having three boys … But who knows, one day?”

It appears that day has come!

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Alexis Chiu

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jude on


Hope they’ll welcome a fourth son just as much though!

mabsat on


matthew on

wow congratulations to the beckhams!!! wonder what sex this little bambino will be??

Sandra on

Actually said: ‘Yaaay! aloud. πŸ™‚

SO happy for them. Congrats. Hope a little girl comes their way πŸ™‚ Would be wonderful.

klutzy_girl on

Holy crap, I was not expecting this! Congratulations to them.

Feli on

I am so so happy for them! Victoria will look beautiful with a bump and she will rock maternity fashion πŸ™‚

jessica on

Omg im so shocked yet happy for them!! =) i hope this time around its a girl =)

tink1217 on

How exciting!!!!!! Love this family!

nelly on

aww congrats to the beckhams on a healthy baby (im sure they’re secretly wanting a girl) lol

Iris on

Wow! Didn’t see this one coming. I thougth they were done. This is really great for them, congrats! I hope it is a little girl. He or she will have a lovely, sweet and supporting family to grow up in.

Rita on

My jaw literary dropped! Happy for them!

maggie on

great news! However i hope people wont keep hammering on about how much they want a girl! baby’s health is what matters!

Ashley on

Congrats to them!!! Figured they would have another child just a matter of when!!

jessicad on

That’s awesome!! I remember her saying it would be nice to have a girl, since she’s so into fashion and has 3 boys already. Either way I hope it’s healthy!!

cat on

I canΒ΄t believe it, I didnΒ΄t see this coming at all! Such great news, congratulations to the whole Beckham family!

Erika on

OMG my eyes lit up when I saw this! How exciting. I hope it’s a much deserved little girl! She would be adorable and it would be so fun to watch how Victoria dresses her! I hope so badly that they get a sweet little daughter πŸ™‚ What wonderful news for the whole family!

Macy on


Hope its a boy! Their boy names turn out to be trendsetters, and the boys chart always needs a little variety, Beckham’s know how to pick interesting names. The girls already have too many “tryndee” names.

Natasha on

I’m BEYOND THRILLLED to hear this news!! I be fair, I knew it! πŸ˜‰

Michelle on

YAY!!!!! So fun. It will be a great addition to the family. The boys will be great big brothers no matter what. ❀

Alexandra on

Ahhh so happy for them! I actually had to read this twice because I was so surprised! I wish them a healthy, happy baby! I know he or she will be as gorgeous as their 3 boys. Can’t wait to hear the name as well

klutzy_girl on

And I just realized she’s the second Spice Girl pregnant this year – I completely forgot about Emma Bunton’s pregnancy.

Meghan on

Wow, this is totally suprising but in a good way! They are one of my faovrite power couples so this is exciting!! Ha, and I’ll have to go along with I hope they have a girl. I mean, those boy are handsome but how adorable would Posh dress her daughter?

The age difference will be interesting. My sister and I are 11 years apart just like Brooklyn will be with this baby and I love her to pieces but having a teenager and a toddler in the same house was challenging at times! But I’m sure they’ll make it work.

Daisy! on

The age difference will be grand, all their boys come across as very well balanced and I reckon they will dote on their new sibling. My oldest brother was 13 when I was born and he ended up being my godfather, as a way of showing that even though he wasn’t doing all the kiddie stuff with me he had a big responsibility. 23 years later we are still very close.

Congratulations to the whole family

steph on

How funny I read this, bc when new years come around I always in a half lighted heart look at the new year predications and one of them I read was the Beckham’s would announce in Feb that they were expecting a child. So they were off by a month…lol. Idk remember if they predicted a sex or not bc I was just skimming thru the predications.


Julia A on

Congrats! This is so exciting, I broke into a silly grin reading it.

Ava on

How great! I really love that family!

I think Vic will be very stylish, so interested in her maternity style.

I hope for them for a girl, but who will cry about a 4th beautiful boy? πŸ˜‰

Greetings from Germany/Bavaria!

Nina on

Congratulations to Victoria.She might be tiny,but she is obviously very very healthy.I’m quite delighted for her David and the boys.On a side note,not all celebs have eating issues.I lost 15 pounds in one month simply by staying away from processed foods.Staying away from processed foods is one trick celebs swear by.Again congrats to Victoria and David.Sweet……..

Elly on

So happy for them both! Over a decade of marriage (I think?!) later and they’re still so in love, beautiful.

Lexi on

i hope they have a little girlvictoria can take her shopping and she can dress her up in all these cute clothes she would be so cute πŸ™‚

erilynne on

I got so excited over this! Congrats so much to them!

I hope they have a girl cause of always wanted one with 3 boys. If not, I will still be ecstatic for her with a boy and I’m SURE they will be too.

fuzibuni on

What exciting news! I was legitimately surprised and yelled out “Yay!!” when it popped up on my screen πŸ™‚

None of us even noticed and there have been photos of the family out recently. Probably because V has been wearing coats lately. 4 boys would be epic… but I would also love to see Vic dress a little girl. Either way it turns out, Cheers to the Beckhams and their new baby!

Stella Bella on

Congratulations to them! πŸ™‚

ll65 on


Laura on

I wasn’t expecting this but congratulations to them!!!

Mommy of 2 on

yay!! congrats to the whole beckham family!! Cant wait to see how victoria rocks maternity fashion!!!

mo on

Hope its a girl!! (:

Natasha on

Brooklyn will be 12 when the baby is born, Romeo will be almost 9 and Cruz will be 6 and a half. The age difference is big but at least Cruz isn’t THAT much older.

I have no idea what they’ll have. I’d love them to have either, but if I HAD to predict, I’d predict a boy.

Any big Beckham fans would probably have seen this coming because of Victoria’s sister Louise having her 4th baby a few months ago. Each of Victoria’s boys were born just months after Louise had her kids, so it makes sense that Victoria would be having another one now.

Jessica on

Congrats to them! I’m guessing it’s going to be another boy

Shannon on

How exciting and wonderful. I thought I heard or read somewhere that they named their boys from where they were conceived. If that’s true, wonder what the new little one’s name will be!?!

Blair Bass on

Congratulations to them and best wishes! This is definitely a happy surprise. πŸ™‚

Waverly on

YES!!!! I KNEW they’d have another child!!! I read somewhere that Victoria hoped for a girl one day. Regardless, I hope she’s happy and healthy, and I can’t wait for more updates!!

Indira on

I’m actually not surprised by this for some reason. I hope they get a girl but, something tells me this brood is staying all boy! Congrats to them!

micheley on

I’m so excited for them!!! I know they have both said they would love more, but I was doubting if it would actually happen. πŸ™‚

linda* on

hope now they gonna have a little victoria! ;P

congratz… i love her.

Kellie on

So happy for the Beckham’s baby will be beautiful. Also I’m 11 years older than my youngest brother and we are really close.

Chelsea on

Now this is exciting celeb baby news! I love this couple. Just wishing them a healthy child, and a fourth boy would be just as adorable as his siblings, but here’s hoping they get the healthy girl they’ve always said they want!

Katie on

Congratulations to them!

B.J. on

Hurray!! I am so excited for them! I remember hearing once she loved the name Luna for a baby girl, so I’m hoping for a girl, because I love the name πŸ˜€

Crystal on

I am THRILLED about this news!!!! I am soooo excited!!! Victoria has always talked about her want for a little girl so I hope and pray it’s a girl!!! Yay!!!! I’m super happy for them!! I pray she has a happy pregnancy and healthy DAUGHTER!!! πŸ™‚

Shirelle on

This news has completely shocked me. I am so happy for them! I hope it’s a girl.

JMO on

oh that’s awesome I knew they would eventually have another! I hope for their sake they have a girl cause I know how much Victoria would love one but I just have a feeling it’s a boy!! (unless they did some sort of method to insure a girl)!

Alice on

YAY! It must be hard not to hope too much for a girl at that point!! I’ll be a little sad if it’s another boy but he’ll be a happy one with all these big bros!!

I think the age difference is good too, they probably had their hands full with three small ones but now it will be a different kind of sibling relationship.

Mia on

Aw, finally! I hope it’s a girl!

Mina on

I hope they share the gender and name before she gives birth…I can’t wait 9 months! (Or 6 months, if she is already 3 along, usually when couples announce it).

Terri on

A few years back she was always talking about having another baby and hoping that it would be a girl. Girl or boy it’s something to celebrate and I hope that it’s an easy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Congratulations!

Amy on

Wow I’m so excited about this news!!!! They’re one of my favorite families. I’d love to hear their name for a little girl, but I’m positive they’ll be equally as happy and grateful for another little guy!

Sophia on

Of course it will be a girl, sure they will have done pgd! congratulations to them both.

Luna on

I gasped. Out loud. I am so happy for them! Today in church I sat behind a family with four boys and I have to say, they were all extremely well behaved. The Beckhams could do it. I’m sure Victoria and David only want a healthy baby. But I’m guessing Victoria wants a little girl to dress up. Congratulations David, Victoria, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz!

Mina on

I have a weird feeling that if its a girl they are going to go with the name Isabella or Isabelle or Sophie or Sophia. I dont know why. Any other guesses?

Stef on

I think it would be great for Victoria to have a little girl. I could see her being such a little fashionista like her mommy. I’m sure they don’t care what the sex is as long as the baby is healthy but it would definitely add a new dynamic to the house. Also, I think the boys would be great big brothers.

Sabrina S. on

Congratulations David, Victoria (and family)


Hi on

I come on this website quite a bit, and just a couple weeks ago I was thining how weird it would be if they announced they were having Beckham #6.
I actually know a family where they have three sons who are really close in age, then a girl who’s several years younger. (I also know a family who have four boys who are really close in age, and a girl who’s several years younger.) Anyway, no matter what they have, we know the baby will have plenty of annoying older brothers and an interesting name.

Capri on

awww so surprised…wow…this is awesome news!!! Hope it’s a little girl *crosses fingers*

TV on

About time this was announced. I would have thought for sure it would have been mentioned last month when they were in Las Vegas and Victoria was seen only drinking water when they were at the nightclub inside Cosmo. Been patiently waiting for the past three weeks to hear if the rumors around here were correct or not.

robinepowell on

There’ll be six years between her two youngest kids when this one is born. The other kids are about three years apart. This one will be like an only child.

I was really surprised to hear she was having another baby, since her others are so much older. πŸ˜‰

ecl on

I am 5 years older than my sister. Trust me. Neither of us felt like only children. Their kids aren’t THAT much older.

Allison J on

What wonderful news! David and Victoria sure make beautiful babies! Best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Elena on

SOO excited for them! Congrats!!!! What a great news!!!

sky on

I’m so happy for them! Not that it REALLY matters because a sibling is a sibling but I think the baby will be similar to an only child in some ways. All of his/her siblings will be in school all day while he/she is at home. The older kids don’t need AS much attention because they’re a little older so a lot of the attention will be on the baby. Also, only children tend to grow up with people a lot older than them. Either way, I’ve seen studies where children who are born when their siblings are a lot older can develop “only child syndrome” in some ways.

Can’t wait for the 4th baby Beckham!

soph on

Mina: Doubtful. Those are very popular names. They don’t follow trends, they set them…didn’t Brooklyn start the whole name your baby after a town/city craze?

Karen on

Awww lucky them! If I had as much money as them, I’d have more kids too! I can’t wait to see Victoria preggo and hopefully gain some weight!

JMO on

Mina I remember Victoria saying before that she would love to name her daughter Luna. Not sure if she still loves that name but I think it’s sweet.
I can just see those 3 handsome boys taking good care of their baby sister!!

Sat on

Congrats! I wish them a healthy pregnancy & birth! Cant wait to see the bump!

Mary on

Congrats! I have four 18, 16, 10 and 6. Loads of work but lots of fun!

Sophia on

Wow, even though David and Victoria had said they wanted a fourth child one day, I was definitely not expecting this announcement! But what great news! Hopefully they get the little girl they wanted, but a fourth boy would be fantastic too; they make such gorgeous boys. Can’t wait to hear what they name him/her! Congratulations to David, Victoria, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz! x

Slim on

This literally made my day! I have been wondering if she would ever have another baby! SOOOOOO happy!!! :))) I remember seeing an interview with David on the BBC years back (before they had Cruz) and he was talking about having kids and how he really would love to have a daughter and that he actually wanted a girl more then Victoria did. I thought that was very cute.

I can’t lie and say I don’t hope it’s a girl cause I really do! Just to see what she would look like and hear what kind of name they come up with for a girl! Having 3 big brothers would be amazing too! I can’t wait!!!

I hope they announce the sex soon!!! πŸ™‚

Holiday on

I bet the did gender selection for a girl

momintown on

WOW! I hope she is actually eating during this pregnancy. Good for them! boy or girl, I’m sure they only want a healthy baby.

SAR on

Well, boy or girl, it’ll be cute, because they make cute babies. And I know they want a girl but I’m sure they’d be perfectly happy with a boy.

Also, I think Posh looks better with a few pounds on her.

Brooklyn on

Aw! So happy for these two! Congrats!

CelebBabyLover on

Whoa! I’m totally surprised by this one for some reason. I actually had to read the headline twice just to make sure I was reading correctly! Anyway, of course I hope most of all that the baby is healthy, but I have to admit I hope it’s a girl!

And I just realized that if this baby IS a girl, and Emma’s baby is a boy, then the number of Spice baby boys and girls will stay even (right now there are four each: For girls there are Mel B’s two, Mel C.’s one, and Gerri’s one. For boys there are Victoria’s three and Emma’s one.).

Also, if this baby is a girl (or this baby is a boy but Emma’s is a girl), then there will be the same number of spice baby girls as there are Spice Girls. And who knows? Maybe someday they can be the Spice Girls 2.0! πŸ™‚

klutzy-girl- I had actually forgotten that Emma’s pregnant again, too! I’m guessing it’s because we haven’t really seen her since she announced the pregnancy, so out of sight, out of mind so to speak. πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I’m guessing she’s due in either June or July, as the rep said she’s due in the summer, and being due in June or July would put her at three or four months now (wheras being due in August would put her at only two months, and I doubt they’d be announcing it that early!). πŸ™‚

Emily on

This is so exciting!! I had given up on them having a fourth child and I know we all want it to just be a healthy baby no matter what the gender but I think a girl would be really nice for them!

Kat on

First, I wish for Victoria a healthy pregnancy, birth and a healthy baby boy or girl!

Second, I really hope they have a little girl! πŸ™‚

JM on

wow what a lovely surprise for them! i wish her a healthy and happy pregnancy. if i had to wager a bet i would say they are going to have another boy. but we’ll see. either way i’m sure they will be equally delighted.

h on

both of them are under 40 so why not having a 4th kid?

remember when Heidi Klum was pregnant with Lou, in the beginning, she was asked if she already knew if she has having a girl or a boy ( because she “only” had one daughter and 2 sons), she swears she didn’t know at the time and said ” i’m not going to lie, we’d like a girl, but a boy would be nice too…”, well a few weeks later she confirmed she was having a girl. I’m pretty certain they already knew when they announced the pregnancy that they were having a girl ( around 3 1/2 months).

Maybe the beckham already know… as for the name, maybe they’ll name her …Summer!

brannon on

Always feel horrible when people hope for one sex or another publicly because when people do find out the gender … it is inevitable “yay!” or “awww…” and I just think that is a horrible thing. I understand that she has expressed hope for a girl but when others do it sets it up for disappointment otherwise – not with the baby, just in the excitement of making the announcement and that’s sad 😦 I did this myself and when we announced it was a boy, people didn’t jump up and down and congratulate me, it felt more like they were giving condolences! Just a thought … In any case, congrats to them and best wishes!

Elisa on

Too much pressure under the fetus to be a girl, lol.
I’m very happy for them! I love this family.

Paige on

Congratulations to them!

I think it would be cute if they had a girl this time, but if it’s another boy, that’s just as awesome.

Anastasia on

I am soooooo happy for them!When i first read the news this morning i couldn’t stop smiling!I’ve been a Beckham fan for ages and i lov ethem both so much!They have such a nice,loving family and now they’ll be blessed with another baby.I think that’s the best answer to all these rumours throughout the years about their relationship and all the doubts about their love and committment to one another.they obviously are still very much in love and dedicated to each other and i admire them for that!

Iam wishimg them all the best from the bottom of my heart,everything to go smoothly with the pregnancy,to have a healthy baby.
And maybe it’s time for a little Beckham girl heh??

Tammy on

I am sure Victoria wants a girl, but not to dress up! Simply because a lot of Mommy’s want a little girl, especially after 3 boys!

Sydney on

Congrats to the Beckhams!

CBL – Emma has not been hiding away. She has been presenting Breakfast Television in the UK and is a judge on the Dancing on Ice Panel. She is doing really well and is more high profile in the UK right now than she has been for years. But that doesn’t translate to US sites like People which is why you wouldn’t have seen her.

Georgina on

I hope if they do have a girl she is a tom-boy! I don’t understand the whole “have a girl so Victoria can dress her up” she’s not a doll!

And yes, David has expressed his desire for a daughter more than Victoria. I think the boys are mummies boys so he’s looking for someone on his side!

JM on

i’m sure they will be happy with either a boy or a girl, or at least they should be. amanda holden however, is a moron, she apparently wrote on their facebook congratulating them saying something like “i hope it’s a pink baby” (meaning a girl). i just always think it’s sad when someone insinuates that having one sex would be preferable to another. who cares? she has three wonderful boys whom she loves, why would a fourth be any different? i just hope the baby is happy and healthy.

Georgina on

Well said JM, I don’t understand all this hope its a girl. Whats going to happen if it is a boy? OK the baby isn’t going to know what the general media are saying but what about the other boys? There going to read about their parents so called disapointment, and wonder if it was the same when they were born? It seems so cruel.

AND I hope it is a boy, that will have our midfield sorted out. Hopefully someone can use their left foot!

Oh and who says after this one they won’t have another one, then there won’t be a huge age gap between this baby and all of its siblings. Not that a biggish gap is a problem, no-one was worried about Paul Bettany’s new addition, nor the travoltas, nor SJPs. All 6 years min no?

soph on

Totally agreed, brannon–can people just say congrats and not add “hope it’s a girl this time!!!!”?

Alice on

Come on, it’s not preferable to have a girl over a boy, but they already have boys so yes, people hope they can get the chance to raise both genders!

When asked if she’d try and have another baby so she could get a girl Victoria herself said that someday she’d like another *child* but she thought by this point the chances of a girl were slim… so she obviously doesn’t care too much abut the baby’s gender.

Kelly on

Anyone besides me notice that people jump all over one another in the comment section when someone writes “I hope it’s a girl” but when someone ‘hopes’ baby-to-be is a boy, it’s all kosher???

jill on

Kelly, I see no difference.

I get really fed up with people wishing and hoping for either gender. Or when a baby is born they say….oh bummer I wished it was a girl. Those are wasted wished and hopes. IMO, people should be wishing and hoping (if anything) for a healthy baby. That is for anyone other than the parents…. We don’t know these people. If someone said, I would like to see her with a girl, well than that makes sense. But wish/hope…. The word choice to me doesn’t make sense. You wish/hope someone something they WANT and none of us trully knows what she wants RIGHT NOW….based on the article, it seems like a brother OR a sister is what the kids want.

So bring on the attacks, I don’t really care. I just find it so silly to wish a celebrity you don’t know, to have a baby of a sex you don’t even know they want. If you want to hope and wish for celebrities…How about wishing that Lily Allen can successful hold a baby full term next time?

Kelly on

For the record, it doesn’t really matter to me who has what…That misses my point entirely.

Just pointing out that the general sentiment “I hope it’s a girl” by what I’d guess as mostly female posters seems to get, in general, more flack than the opposing statement.

sky on

Kelly – I seem to notice a lot more slack if a male says he wants a son (or even a female).

Kelly on

What difference does the sex of a baby truly matter-yes, a *celebrity’s baby*, but beyond that a normal infant nontheless?

Erika on

I agree with Kelly. Women seem to be more defensive when others say they want a girl. I think this may be because it is assumed that all women want a girl, even though it isn’t always the case. When a woman says she wants a boy, it is seen as a nice change. I’m guessing because boys are preferred less often, but I could be wrong. I have noticed it seems to be the same, in reverse, for men. It is probably just because of sterotypes and the assumption that every man wants a son and every woman wants a daughter.

When I say I hope they have a girl, it is because *they* have stated that they want a daughter. David was quoted saying that he would like to have a daughter. I have a very close relationship with my dad (and mom) and my dad has told me I was the best gift he could have ever gotten. He has said that a man’s life is not complete unless he has a daughter and that no man can imagine the love you can feel for a daughter unless you have one. It was very sweet, though I’m sure he told my brother the same thing in reverse lol. But because of this, it makes me tear up when a man wants a daughter or can’t have one, because my dad can’t picture his life without me and I can’t picture my life without him. It’s a sweet relationship, even now that I’m an adult! Although it would be cute to see how Victoria dresses a girl, it doesn’t really matter to me, as long as the baby is healthy. It isn’t even my family. I do agree with JM that what Amanda Holden said (I didn’t see it, just read about it here) was rude. To say it indirectly on a public forum is one thing, but to say it to the family is kind of rude. I’m sure they would love a healthy baby, regardless.

jill on

Kelly, to your statement, I said….Kelly, I see no difference. The rest was not directed to you….but a statement on this post.

Many celebrities do read these, so I would never say something here that I wouldn’t say directly to them. And I would never say to them, I hope you have a girl….or I hope you have a boy. I honestly don’t really care. I hope they have what THEY WANT. And I hope the baby is healthy. Maybe David wanted a girl with the last baby and maybe he doesn’t anymore. I have read stories about other celebrity mom’s on here who do not want girls. My sister has three boys and wouldn’t know what to do if she had a girl. She always thought she wanted a little girl and know is thankful she only has boys.

Mia on

Actually there was an article out a few weeks ago that said of couples that choose the sex of their child: 75% chose a girl.

As a female-I’ve always wanted mostly boys, but I would like a girl too someday. 2 boys + 1 girl would be great. One of each or two.

Brianne on

Congratulations Victoria, David, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz! I couldn’t be happier for you! I wish you all nothing but the very best!!!

blessedwithboys on

Here’s hoping that 4th c-section doesnt kill her!

Lucie on

I just hope it is a healthy baby! I’m sure it will be beautiful and loved!

Mira on

Did she really have 3 c-sections? Poor her.

Congrats on the pregnancy!

IMO on

She will be fine with 4! I know some who have he’d far more and they are breathing just fine! Always a negative nelly.

CelebBabyLover on

Georgina- If Victoria DOES have a little girl, I don’t see any problem with her dressing up that girl as long as the girl doesn’t mind! If the girl likes what Victoria dresses her in, what does it matter?

Kelly, Sky, and Erika- I agree! When a pregnancy announcement is posted on here and posters say, “I hope they have a boy!”, no one bats an eye for the most part. But when someone says on a pregnancy announcement “I hope they have a girl!”, people seem to jump all over that!

I’ve also noticed that female celebs seem to get far less criticism for wanting a boy than wanting a girl (with male celebs it seems to be the reverse, they’re criticized more for wanting a boy!). Anyway, I think it’s perfectly natural for people to hope Victoria and David have a little girl after three boys. For me at least, I’d simply love to see what a little girl of theirs would look like. I’d also love to see David wrapped around a little girl’s finger. πŸ™‚

Maria on

Congratulations to them.

As a mum of three boys myself some of the comments here are part of the reason I am unsure about having another. I would hate people to think we were trying for our “longed for” little girl, when in reality if we have another it won’t matter a jot what sex it is.

Smakky on

Well congrats to them and their families! I wasn’t expecting this one at all.

And yes, we all hope they have a healthy baby regardless of gender, but I think it would be awesome if they finally have a daughter since they’ve both wanted one for so long.


This just proves how much he would love to have a little girl. So sweet.

And again, hope they have a healthy baby; boy or girl.

Kristine on

Congrats to them. I can’t wait to see Victoria and her maternity fashions. I am jealous already. Love this girl!

Lola Lily on

Surprising and happy news! Warmest congratulatory wishes to David and Victoria. I hope the mom-to-be isn’t suffering too much with morning sickness and that David and the boys are solicitously taking good care of her. A baby boy would be just grand, but to see a wee girl in Victoria’s arms would be ever so lovely. And, might I add, after the sadness of the tragic shootings in Tucson and seeing funeral coverage today for sweet 9-year old Christina Taylor, this news of the Beckham’s new baby is a welcome lift. The gift of life is so precious.

Bancie1031 on

OMG WOW! I didn’t expect this! Congratulations to David and Victoria!

Emily May on

soo happy for them, hope the baby will be healthy

Kristy on

CelebBabyLover and others, that’s not true. People post comments for either wishes. Don’t you all remember Brooke Burke and her wishes for a boy? It was the same wishing (and bashing those that were wishing for a boy)

lisa on

A girl with those looks….:o

Anonymous on

hope they have another boy

freckles0818 on

im so exited for you im hope its a girl congrats