Nicole Richie ‘Needs a Nap’ Before More Kids

01/08/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
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There’s one thing standing in the way of Nicole Richie expanding her family of four: a much-needed nap!

“I don’t think it’s fair to ask someone that had two [children] back to back if they’re going to have another one. Right now I’m like, ‘Nooo!'” Richie, 29, laughed during a Tuesday appearance on The Talk. “But you never know. I need a nap!”

A newlywed after tying the knot with Joel Madden last month, Richie jokes married life is a whole new playing field — filled with perks!

“It’s different because I know I can get away with more. I’m like, ‘Oh, he’s stuck. It’s fine,'” she says. “It’s only been [a month], so I haven’t tested him.”

That said, the couple have done nothing but compromise when it comes to raising their two children Harlow Winter Kate, 3 this week, and Sparrow James Midnight, 16 months. While Richie is a stickler for rules — including no plastic and no sugar in the house — Madden tends to take a different approach.

“Sugar is obviously a big no-no. No, no, no, definitely no Kool-aid. There’s no juice … My kids don’t have dairy either,” Richie explains. “Joel is not on the same page as me so I can sit here and say, ‘Oh, I wouldn’t do this, I wouldn’t do that,’ and I wouldn’t. But Joel does take Harlow out and she comes back … [and says], ‘We had pizza!’ And I’m like, ‘Okay, okay.'”

Noting that each person has their own parenting style, Richie refuses to interfere between her children and their father.

“Joel is not me and I have to let him be a dad and I have to let him do his thing and that’s their relationship,” she shares. “It’s not an every day thing; it’s not something that I necessarily agree with.”

Despite the no-sugar rule, Richie reveals that Harlow and Sparrow do indulge in the occasional cupcake — of the sugar-free, vegan kind. And according to the proud mama, her children have, in turn, embraced the healthy habits.

“I was at a birthday party and there was a cupcake with all this pink icing and there was a blueberry on top of the cupcake. Harlow looked at it and her eyes got so wide and I was like, ‘Oh boy, here we go,'” Richie recalls.

“And she was like, (gasps) ‘Blueberries!’ So I went into the kitchen and got her a whole thing of blueberries and she was happy.”



— Anya Leon

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tink1217 on

no sugar, no dairy, no plastic?? There is “friendly” plastic that is BPA free. I guess it all goes along with being “vegan”???? Ok…it IS their family, of course!!! Their kids are adorable and look happy. I know I could never get by with all that. costs more to eat organic, have your home completely “green”…I do what I can…some things I compromise on though. Nevertheless…they seem like a great little family.

Shannon on

That is a a really nice photo of her.

She’s on the right track. Taste preferences can be shaped during the first few years of life. She seems a bit extreme but I’m not surprised due to her past addictive behaviors. At least Joel lets them have some so-called forbidden foods. πŸ™‚

Crystal on

I didn’t even know Nicole was a vegan. I’m glad daddy lets them eat something resembling normalcy. I think that’s too strict but to each his own.

hayley w on

i was the same, every body said just you wait just you wait till they go to a party or christmas and they get a taste of all those things …,,

at home my kids have sugar free every things, and never ever fizzy *they are only 2&3 lol* or sweets or cakes how ever their dad sneaks them sweets lol and such like, but not ever day at least i hope not πŸ™‚

its not bad thing to make sure your kids have healthy food and its not bad thing to have a treat now and again.

JM on

oh dear. vegan. oh dear.
still the kids seem happy and healthy. to each their own i suppose, but i guess i would just prefer if they left it up to the kids to decide when they’re older…

Alice on

My mum is on the no dairy team too. I don’t see anything too extreme about their lifestyle except maybe no plastic, that seems hard to do. But it doesn’t say they’re vegan. I’m pretty sure they must eat meat. She just said vegan cupcakes which probably mean without dairy in them.

I don’t see how it could be a problem for the kids, if anything it’s maybe a bit harder for the parents, to give them healthy food and find ways around dairy. But really, nothing that should be left for the kids to “choose when they’re older”. They will eat whatever they want when they’re older! Now is the time for the parents to give them good eating habits so they instictively make good choices later, and it seems that’s what Nicole is doing.

Now it’s true, they will discover sweets and such at school, but even if they have them occasionnally at friends’ parties, that will never be enough for them to get too used to it. It will stay for special occasions and that’s it. Maybe they will *ask* for them but the parents have the final say. I love sweets though I wasn’t allowed to have them as a kid and now I have them sometimes but it’s not something I would ever keep in my house.

Lisa on

JM: Leave it up to the kids to decide? You always have to make decisions on what your children eat because you have to give them food. Giving them meat or eggs to eat means you are making a decision for them just as much as raising them vegetarian or vegan is.

Besides, she didn’t actually say that her children are vegan, did she? She obviously lets them eat non-vegan food with Joel so I don’t see any problem here. It’s not like eating a vegan cupcake once in a while would do them any harm.

Sarah K. on

“oh dear. vegan. oh dear.
still the kids seem happy and healthy. to each their own i suppose, but i guess i would just prefer if they left it up to the kids to decide when they’re older…”

1. What’s wrong with being vegan? You act like she’s depriving her children of food. As long as the kids are getting all of the nutrients they need e.g. protein, what’s so bad? It’s not like Harlow needs cupcakes to be happy. She looks very healthy and very happy despite being “deprived” junk food and hamburgers.

2. Your last sentence is, no offense, ridiculous. If they want their children to be vegan forever, why would they wait until their kids were older to expose them that lifestyle? Every parent, including you, raises their child from infancy with the values they hold.

It’s ok to raise children to eat meat and junk food, but if don’t want your kids to eat meat you should wait until they can choose – where is the sense in that?

Why the difference? Is it because YOU aren’t vegan and therefore children shouldn’t be exposed to such “weird” morals

Imo on

I like they she has humor when people ask her about more kids. I have always found her funny. I agree that is a great photo of her.

My friend is feeding her daughter vegetarian…..because she herself is and like Nicole, her husband can feed her daughter the other foods. Aldo, my great aunt is vegan and only serves vegan food in her home. So her two grandchildren (I think 5 and 8) only eat vegan food when at her house. And are fine with it. So I understand where she’s coming from.

The plastic thing…..not understanding that.

victoria on

i seem to remeber reading that being a vegan is not reccemened for young children ( was it in alicia silverstoens blog?) and her kids are young wait until they get older and it will have all changed!!!

showbizmom on

My kids are the same. No sugar and no junk food in the house. At a Christmas party my daughter took one bite of a brownie and then spit it out in my napkin and proceeded to eat carrots. You have to start them young, but not hide the world of junk food from them either. My hubby sneaks Happy Meals and Slushies from time to time and that’s fine. I find it funny that parents are shocked at some of these statements. She’s wanting a healthy environment for herself and her kids. I get stopped almost everyday by someone congratulating me on my kids drinking water in their water bottles instead of juice. I tell them, they drink and eat what I give them.

Anna on

It sounds unhealthy to be so extreme. So it’s good Joel creates some balance.

TM on

I’m in the “no sugar” camp as well. Fruit is naturally sweet and just so yummy! My 21 month old daughter will wolf down blueberries, pineapples, apples, and bananas, and could care less about junk food. She’s never even had a happy meal and I’m just fine with that!

I don’t want to keep her away from junk food forever. I just want to get her in the habit of making smart food decisions before she can be influenced by her peers.

Good job, Nicole!

Sadie on

Is this a new thing? I remember Joel tweeting a picture of Nicole eating pizza in bed because he was grossed out that she was eating in bed or something.

Leia on

I wonder why no plastic? and to what extreme, is it an environmental thing? if so what happens when the kids get a new toy or something. Those packages have a ridiculous amount of plastic πŸ˜‰ I am also curious is she uses cloth diapers. Or does she just mean no plastic food containers…

Selene on

This reminds me of when Ellen Pompeo said her daughter had never had a cheerio and I remember loads of comments with people being somewhat outraged at this thought.

Its really no wonder as to why so many people in America and The UK rely so heavily on comfert eating when from and early aged it is sniffed at to be healthy.

When I was 10 I chose to become a vegetarian, I now eat vegan most of the time and I am perfectly happy without eating at kfc and running to eat a tub of ice cream whenever I am down. I have a sweet tooth and I indulge in that from time to time, like I’m sure Nicole does.

I think Nicole and Joel are doing a wonderful job in raising their teo beautiful children. Nicole has said that the no plastic rule is because of chemicals in some plastic toys have been proven to be harmful but Joel has sneaked a few in.

ecl on

While there is a lot to give kudos about in this article, the only thing that gives me pause is her past issue with food. She obviously had a bad relationship with food, so anything strict makes me wonder if this is just a new manifestation. I myself don’t choose to be this strict with my son, but I don’t see a problem with this early on since the kids really don’t know any better yet. Good to set healthy eating habits early. Although I don’t think dairy is unhealthy.

Indira on

I grew up in a home with no junk food and home cooked meal everynight. As soon as I got an allowance I’d follow the heard of my other schoolmates to the bodega, to buy hero sandwiches and bags of chips. I knew how to eat well but, I just didn’t care. As I grew up, I found my way back to good eating habits. I think Nicole herself grew up with few boundaries and in hindsight she sees the importance of them. As someone else said Joel is striking a good balance.

ELO on

Nicole has grown into such an amazing young woman. Looking back at her days with Paris Hilton it is incredible to see the total turnaround that she has done. I would say that Nicole definitely sets a good example to those who are maybe not too happy with the path their lives’ are on, a change is always doable.

wow on

Again with the judge-y people.

No sugar? If you want your kids running around like little brats high off sugar and then acting like a cranky little beast when they’ve had a sugar crash. Knock yourselves out.

A parent who chooses not to feed their kid shit so their kid has a chance at not being addicted to the nasty additives in “food” should be praised, not pillored as some kind of mean mother.

There is also nothing wrong with a vegan diet, it’s pretty balanced. Also she never said she was feeding her kids a vegan diet; just that the cupcakes she was allowed were sugar free and vegan.

J on

She sounds a bit extreme, but maybe more people would adopt more of these habits if they, like her, had the time, $, resources to do so. For the rest of us, very litty refined sugar and fast food seem simple enough rules to adopt with our kids.

Sus on

I really enjoy “The Talk” and I’ve always admired Nicole’s bohemian style. But I really didn’t like this interview with Nicole. She didn’t seem very warm or genuine speaking with the hosts of “The Talk”.

I think when the children become older it will be very difficult to avoid plastic and sugar. I did like the part of the interview where Nicole admitted that although her kids only eat vegan cupcakes that she would never eat one because SHE has had the real thing. πŸ™‚

Mommy of 2 on

I watched this interview and was a little taken back. I think that she is a wonderful mom, but i dont know how they can go with no sugar, diary, plastic and she also said that the kids cant have toys with batteries and have to wear all organic clothing. I have two kids also and think that it would be impossible. My youngest(2) loves veggies but is still allowed juice and pizza. I try to buy organic, but no dairy plastic batteries etc. seems a little extreme.
P.S. what is wrong with dairy????

SAR on

Forming a child’s taste buds in their early years can only go so far. I recall the author Barbara Kingsolver talking about how when her first child was born, she gave her all organic food, no white sugar, etc., hoping that would ensure that the child would not develop a taste for candy and so forth.

However, on the little girl’s second birthday, someone brought a chocolate cake, and Kingsolver’s “sugar-free” child took one taste of the frosting…and promptly pushed her whole face into the cake.

Sarah on

To each their own! You want to stuff your kid full of doritos and soda.. go ahead.
I think it’s great what Nicole is doing and her kids ARE YOUNG.. too young for soda and sweets anyways.

We never gave my son sweets, no whipped cream, ice cream, sugar.. until he was older than we started allowing a taste of sweets once in a while. He chooses fruits and veggies every time.

Cortney on

Who cares about what she does with her kids….I just seem to remember People had an interview with Joel and Nicole back before she was pregnant with Sparrow and she said I need a nap before more kids…Not three months later she was pregnant…She better not jinx herself this time and go and get some sleep!

t on

Nowhere does it say the children are vegan. Read the article, the only vegan comment is of the sugar-free vegan cupcake. A vegan cupcake would not contain any dairy which she previously said the children do not eat.

lena on

She seems like a responsible parent, but no dairy seems really strict for a child. I hope they get enough calcium.

CelebBabyLover on

wow- But the thing is, if you NEVER allow your kid to have sugar or any kind of junk food and treat it like the forbidden fruit, then when they’re older and can buy their own food, they’re probably going to gobble up junk food like crazy. It is never, in my opinion, a good idea to completely forbid something like food. I think “everything in moderation” is the better approach to take.

That being said, Nicole and Joel obviously DON’T completely forbid junk food, as Nicole mentioned that Joel sometimes takes Harlow out for pizza or gives her and Sparrow other types of junk food.

sadie- Nicole never said that SHE doesn’t eat things like pizza (in fact, as Sus pointed out, Nicole even admitted in the interview- a part of it that Moms & Babies didn’t post- that she herself eats real cupcakes, not the vegan kind!), just that she doesn’t allow her kids too.

Leia- These days, having a no-plastic policy doesn’t mean you have to use cloth diapers. There are several eco-friendly (as in they aren’t made with chemicals harmful to the environment and they are bio-degradable.), plastic-free disposable diapers on the market (Seventh Generation is one brand). Perhaps Nicole uses thoses.

Anyway, only two parts of the interview bother me. The first is that, when Harlow and Sparrow DO have cupcakes, it’s the vegan kind. Come on Nicole! A real cupcake every once in awhile isn’t going to hurt them!

The second part that bothered me is how she said that she doesn’t let her kids have dairy. I think that’s a little extreme. In fact, dairy is very important for kids because of all the calcium it contains. If Nicole wants Harlow and Sparrow to have strong bones, she should let them have dairy! At the very least, if she’s serious about never letting them have dairy, I hope she’s giving them calcium supplements!

Aimee on

Nicole is not vegan she has said heaps of times that her favorite food is sushi. Vegan cup cakes are free from dairy and as she said her kids don’t eat dairy. She didn’t say they don’t eat meat.

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and as for Nicole and Joel having more kids….If and when they do add to their family again, I hope they do so via adoption. Both have said multiple times in the past that they’re very open to adoption, and Nicole even once said that adoption was “definitley” in the cards since she was adopted herself. So I hope they do adopt and help out a child in need. πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

to all the commenters who are bewildered by her parenting choices: HUSH! she’s doing what is best for HER children. its common knowledge that everyone raises their kids differently, according to the mother’s instincts.

i, for one, am impressed by her motherly instincts. when her pregnancy was announced, i never in a million years expected her to be the “strict” parent. her tumultuous life before motherhood obviously wasn’t a waste; she is applying all of her life lessons to become a better mother.

from my viewpoint, she has done a much better job keeping her kids out of the spotlight than a lot of other celeb parents. her babies are clearly healthy and loved, and that’s all that matters. i’m sure she wouldn’t follow this dietary plan if it were unsafe. i’m sure she consults with her pediatrician regularly. and whoever said she might be projecting her issues with diets on her kids, OH PLEASE. just because she wants them to eat as healthy as possible doesn’t mean that she’s starving them so they won’t be fat.

i applaud you nicole!!! you’re beautiful and intelligent and hilarious. i admire you very much and your family is absolutely gorgeous. ❀

robinepowell on

I never did understand people who were Vegans. To have milk/dairy from animals, is not harmful to them and it is good for you.

I get the no sugar rule, because too many kids these days always have sugar and it’s not a good thing. Bad for the teeth and makes them super hyper.

mrscabrera on

@ mommy of 2

Some people don’t like dairy because they believe cow milk is for baby cows and breast milk is for baby humans. I read that on a site somewhere. I worked with a woman who didn’t give her daughter milk because of the hormones. There is also the allergy aspect. I’m sure there are other reasons like what happens to a cow in the milk industry and people not wanting to be apart of that. There are many personal reasons.

mrscabrera on

also, sugar makes kids fat. It is not just them being hyper, but if they are not getting enough activity, like a lot of American children, they will grow around the waist. Natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables are more than satisfying. I am not against occasional sweet treats, but children should really fall in love with the natural sweetness nature provides and not depend on the artificial that is found in junk foods.

kal on

Go Nicole! My childhood would have been A LOT better if I had parents who understood the effects of sugar and dairy on the body. These children are FANTASTICALLY LUCKY.

It speaks to the unhealthy and uneducated nature of our society that so many have commented here that they don’t understand the “strictness” of the food Nicole chooses. SUGAR and DAIRY, people! Come on! That’s not unusual at all. Grab any book on diet + Chinese Medicine and you’ll read chapters upon chapters of why sugar and dairy should be completely avoided. I avoid them both, and it’s EASY once you begin. Trust me. Easy! I have never felt better in all my 30 years.

Imogen on

She didn’t even say they are vegan, it was just that they eat vegan cupcakes………….

Kate on

CelebBabyLover, Seventh Generation diapers ARE NOT bio-degradable, they are just better disposables.
I’m just curious what she actually feeds the kids, and if she breastfed, or were they on soy formula.

dsfg on

CelebBabyLover, just because someone chooses to adopt does not mean they will choose to “help out a child in need.” For example, many people in the US want to adopt infants from the US, so many that there are more people trying to adopt than there are infants available. Some people try to adopt older children who live in sad situations, which is great, but either way adoption is not charity work, it’s a way to build a family.

NU 116 Maternity on

it very well could be her children show signs of lactose intolerance, as thats quite common with infants, my nephew had soy based formula and also soymilk when he was older.And the hormones they put in dairy products are scary. I can agree with the sugar thing too. Juice is totally unnecessary from a dietary and a dental standpoint, even 100% fruit juices contain way more natural sugars than the actual whole fruit would. Plus you don’t get the benefits of the natural fiber like you do from eating whole fruits.Besides,she never says theyre vegan, she says she limits or avoids sugar and dairy. I do that myself because I’m diabetic, and my kids eat what I eat because I’m not going to make several different meals.

Shannon on

From Heroin to Holistic. This must be her next thing to be compulsive about.

Mommy of 2 on

mrscabrera…I breastfed my daughter also, but still gave her foods that had dairy in it. I believe that dairy is very good for you. I just think that she has taken it to the extremes. I like the no dugar dea…or atleast in moderation, but no dairy plastic and toys with batteries and ALL organic clothing seems a bit much and not very practical. but that is just my opinion.

Siana on

Is it healthy for a kid not to eat dairy? I thought kids needed to drink a lot of milk… :-S

Sarah K. on

@ Mommy of 2, I agree with Mrscabrera. If you do a little research, you’ll find that the way the industry is run, it can be extremely harmful to animals to provide milk to humans. The animals are kept in cramped, unsanitary conditions, injected with hormones, forced to produce milk in unnatural amounts. It can actually be quite painful and traumatic for them.

Also, we don’t know why Nicole isn’t giving her kids dairy. It could be the industry, an allergy, lactose intolerance, etc. There are other ways for the kids to get the calcium and vitamin D they need.

elle on

I wonder how long the “no sugar” rule is going to last. LOL!

fuzibuni on

I’m not vegetarian or vegan, but like Nicole, I try to avoid refined sugars and stay away from most dairy products with moderation.

There have been extensive marketing campaigns that lead us to believe cows milk is healthy for us, but there has been lots of research that proves otherwise. Do a little google search and see what you find.

Dairy is problematic for many people, causing digestive issues, allergies, runny nose, and acne break outs to name a few. Some people can’t process the lactose, and others have casein allergies. Often people don’t even realize that milk is causing these problems and think it is something else.

As for the “but don’t we need calcium?” question… there are many plant based foods that have higher levels of calcium than a glass of milk does. Most civilizations did not rely on cows milk as a source of nutrition and they did just fine without it. Only modern Western societies drink large amounts of milk.

Today’s dairy practices are not pretty and have caused most milk products to have high levels of hormones. During processing, the milk proteins and B vitamins are broken down, becoming less healthy for us.

Cows milk is not the superfood we think it is.

B.J. on

I can’t eat dairy. I wish my parents had never introduced me to soda and caffeine when I was young. Kudos to Nicole, but it seems like she and her husband should be on the some page when it comes to this. Their children’s diet seems like an important issue that should be understood and agreed upon by both parents.

Haleiwa on

Good for Nicole. She’s starting her children off with healthy eating habits and of course the sanctimommies have something to say about it because obese children eating fast food and drinking slurpies is the good ol’ American way.

Georgina on

It seems like a lot of posters think there is either the “vegan/vegatarian” camp or the fastfood fizzy drinks camp and nothing in between. You can disagree with Nicole’s strict outlines and still give your children a healthy diet.

I don’t really agree with cutting out whole food groups, particularly when kids are so young. But thats me, I was brought up to try a bit of everything, and Im doing the same with my children. Nicole has different view. We’ll see in a few years if it works!

Alice on

Dairy is NOT necessary for kids!!!

Doesn’t means kids can’t have it (obviously it’s not too harmful!!) but I’m always so annoyed at how people think it’s unhealthy to remove it from their diets.

It has big molecules that we’re not able to digest well and that make our digestive systems more tired breaking them down. It has hormones that kids (and people in general) don’t need… and they’re not only put in by the industry, but also naturally by the cows, for the baby cows to grow nice and fat very quickly! I’m sure you all know women who are on the pill just to cure their “hormone balance” that give them acne or stuff – that’s often dairy. But they’d rather take *more* hormones than try and stop dairy for a tiny bit to see if it gets better. And the calcium… there is more than enough calcium in a balanced dairy-free diet.

Give dairy to your kids if you want but please be aware that it’s like cupcakes, they don’t need it. And like cupcakes, it’s enjoyable but definitely not in the “very good for you” category.

alice jane on

robinepowell, the processes that most animals go through to produce dairy and eggs are actually incredibly harmful to them. I’m honestly going to try to not get too preachy so I’ll keep it short. They’re pumped full of hormones to produce faster and in factory farming (where most of the animal products you get in grocery stores come from) the animals are kept in horrible conditions, either in such tiny enclosures or with so many other animals that they can’t even turn around. Most of them never have and never will see daylight and have horrible health conditions.

There are tons of other sources of things like protein or calcium and I think it’s great when people utilize those foods instead. I absolutely think that there needs to be balance but in Harlow and Sparrow’s case, it sounds like they do have a good balance. I think it’s great that Nicole is trying to give them such a healthy diet, as long as they have a healthy mindset to go with it, it can only benefit them in the end.

Anna on

Though it is everybody’s own business how they raise their children, I have to comment…
Though it’s great that Nicole’s little ones are raised healthily, the whole sugar-free deal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. If she gives her children sugar-free cupcakes, that only means that they were made with artificial sweeteners, which are WAAAAAY worse than sugar.
Studies have proven that some sweeteners (saccharin, acesulfam, etc.) can actually cause cancer!!!
Personally I would reduce the general sugar intake (which she seems to have done) and if the kids want sweets, perhaps she should consider products sweetended naturally with honey, whole sugar, fruit sugar or stevia.
All in all though she seems to be a really good mother!

Rose on

@Siana: Yes, it’s perfectly healthy for kids to not have dairy. It’s not so much that kids need to drink milk, but that they need to get a lot of calcium – and just so long as they’re getting plenty of calcium from other sources (leafy green vegetables, sea vegetables, certain kinds of beans, molasses, some kinds of seeds and grains, etc) then they will be fine.

Terri on

Seems like there are a lot of sanctimommies on both sides…to each their own.

Mama on

I wouldn’t eat any meat or dairy or anything non-organic from the American food chain either.

Eating Animals and Food Inc. sorted that one out for me.

dsfg on

Haleiwa, I actually believe that forbidding certain foods LEADS to obesity. Only eating healthy foods lowers your metabolism. Once the kids get old enough to make their own food choices, they will get fat quickly as soon as they eat junk food because their body won’t be used to it.

Laura on

To each their own, of course, but there seems to be a lot of people believing that vegan and junk food are oppossites… If you have beliefs, then great, but someone who isn’t vegan or vegetarian can be just as healthy.

sar on

Hey, I’m not saying I disapprove of her wanting to feed her kids organic foods instead of processed stuff. I think it’s very admirable. I just don’t know how well it will stick, once the kids start getting older and more independent.

Nicole sure has turned her life around, hasn’t she? She looks very lovely and happy in that picture, and in general. And it’s pretty funny how she said she “needed a nap” before having a second child, then a couple months later she gets pregnant with Sparrow. Well, you sure don’t get a baby by “napping”!

B.R on

@Alice I fully agree with you there is also one other factor that most people don’t know about dairy. Milk contains a lot of potassium which a lot of people read and go ohh that is good for me, but ask anyone that know more the high school chem they will tell you the same thing I am. Put calcium and potassium together they bind and trust me your body cannot digest it. So at the end you get less calcium out of milk that you think so why bother giving it to your kids. MILK IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU. If you want calcium eat lots of green veggies I recommend lots of bok choy it has 105 mg (11%) per serving which is as good as you get.
But that is just me. She is good mom doing what is best for her children, so leave her be.

CelebBabyLover on

Kate- She breastfed both Harlow and Sparrow. She’s talked about it before. πŸ™‚

Now, to weigh in on the great milk debate…..I don’t think milk is neccesarily some sort of super-food. However, I also don’t think milk is the bad guy some people make it out to be, either. Yes, it can cause problems. In fact, my father is lactose intolerant (my brother is as well, but his case is so mild he barely notices it.). So I know first hand that milk can cause trouble for some people.

However, milk can also be a good source of nutrients. Also, in terms of concerns about hormones being in milk….You CAN buy hormone-free milk and dairy products. My family always has. And even being lactose intolerant doesn’t mean you have to avoid milk and dairy products. My dad buys lactose free milk and eats other dairy products in moderation.

Bottomline: Like so many other things, milk isn’t all black or all white. It’s a shade of gray. πŸ™‚

Darla on

The ignorance on this blog is astounding. Clearly all of the vegan bashers didn’t even bother to do their research.

Milk is NOT natural for humans to drink. Humans are the only animals who drink milk from another species as ADULTS. Just like human breast milk is meant for human children, Cow milk is meant for baby cows! Its common sense!

Milk is NOT humane. Cows are artificially inseminated, have their babies taken away from them within an hour after birth, are pumped with hormones to continue producing milk, are kept in filthy conditions, are kept in a cage so tiny they can not even turn around, are kept in the DARK their whole lives. How could ANYBODY support this? These are living, breathing, sentient beings who can feel pain and emotions.

There is nothing wrong with raising your children vegan. In fact, I think all children should be raised vegan and given the choice later on when they are old enough whether they want to eat meat/eggs/dairy and contribute to the cruel factory farming industry.

Studies prove that a low-fat vegan diet is the healthiest. Fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes provide all the nutrition that a child (or adult) needs. It is not cruel to “deprive” your child of junk food.

I went vegetarian at the age of 15 because I loved animals. I then decided to become a vegan at the age of 17 because I found out the truth about the dairy and egg industry, and I decided that if I truly care about animals, I should be vegan. At the time I became a vegan, I went from 5’7″ 190 lbs to 120 lbs in about 6 months without even trying! I was not even planning to lose weight, my sole reason for becoming vegan was for my love of animals. I have been vegan for the past 9 years and I have even gone through a vegan pregnancy. I lost all my baby weight effortlessly, and my current weight is 124 lbs. My daughter is 3 years old and she has been vegan since conception and she is in the best health she could be! She loves fruits, ALL vegetables, beans, and grains and she is very advanced for her age. (and I’m not just saying this because shes my little princess!) She really is very intelligent for her age and learns extremely quickly/easily. Her concentration is absolutely amazing for a 3 year old, and I give all the credit to her healthy diet! Children can not focus because of the garbage they are fed. They are constantly on sugar highs and lows. The food most americans give to their children literally act like drugs in the body.

In conclusion, a vegan diet is very healthy. My daughter and I are both living proof (not to mention my significant other, and my sister). People need to stop being so closed minded and actually do some research before opening their ignorant mouths!

Shannon on

I know vegans who have very unhealthy diets. To think vegan=healthy is totally wrong.

I never understood why humans would drink the milk of a cow. Yuck.

Tina on

Darla SHUT UP !!!

brannon on

This sounds like a great compromise (and good parenting!) I too don’t allow sugar, junk in the house but all bets are off when my kids are with their grandparents. I tried and tried to get them on board but they seemed insistent on ice cream and happy meals. Now … still don’t agree with it but my kids know it is just every now and then.

Given a choice between fruit and cupcakes, my 4 year old always chooses the cupcake … but then eats the fruit. My husband and I laugh because it’s usually one tiny bite because it looked cool but then remains on his plate at school parties while he digs into cheese and grapes. Kids will be kids but to give them junk when they are little just because they will be exposed at some point seems ridiculous.

And the “kids need to be kids” argument is even sillier … since when is being a kid about eating candy and processed foods? I wish my parents had instilled better habits in me so I wouldn’t have had to learn as much as I did when my children were born. They (admittedly) eat better than I do – by their own choice – and I love it.

In fact, last night out to dinner my son chose grilled salmon and broccoli over a hamburger and french fries – yes he had a choice as he was with his grandparents πŸ™‚ To each their own but it sounds like they are doing a great job.

MiB on

Wow, people seem to think that life is black and white! It isn’t. Just becuse you don’t serve something at home doesn’t mean that you can’t try it outside the home. I grew up around a lot of crunchy parents, and none of them ever forbade their children to eat sugar at birthday parties unless they were diabetic (and you don’t need artifical sweeteners to make sugar free cupcakes, you just use fruit instead).

As for raising your children vegan or vegetarian, many of my friends were raised vegan or vegetarian as babies and toddlers, and vere told that “we don’t eat meat/fish/eggs/dairy at home, but if you want to try it at … you can do it”. Many tried at one point or the other, but most of them are still vegetarian or vegan. After all, why should someone who has been a vegetarian all their life start cook meat for their children? My mother became a vegetarian as an adult, and even though she sometimes makes an effort to cook meat for her meat eating husband, he prefers to eat meat someone else than her has cooked because she simply doesn’t know how to cook meat.

Everyone makes conscious or unconscious decisions on how to live, some are culturally bound (and usually unconscious), others are chosen after a lot of consideration, and everyone raises their children in that environment, becuse that is the most practical, but there will come points in hte childrens lifes where they chose if they will go on living as their parents, or if they will chose a slightly or even totally different lifestyle.

As for me, should I live as my citydwelling, artsy, vegetarian mother or my as my rural living, conventinal, meat eating father? Well, as an adult I have taken the liberty to choose my own lifestyle inspired by my parents. So, yes, in time Harlow and Row will make their own choices.

Meghan on

Very mature comeback, Tina! If your opinion differs from Darla’s, try voicing it in a semi-mature manner.

Alice on

CBLover, genuine question here as I have never encountered anything called “hormone-free milk”: how do they make it hormone-free?

I could be wrong, but I assume it means they didn’t inject extra hormones in the cows to get more milk from them. It would also explain why I have never found it in Europe, as they never inject them here (I think).

Just to let you know, if that’s the case, there are *still* hormones, naturally present in the milk just like for women, who have lots of hormonal things going on during pregnancy and right after (without extra injections obviusly!). And these are what can throw off the balance in your body or your child’s.

Now if your milk undergoes some kind of procedure to remove the hormones it’s different. Never heard about it but it’s interesting.

I agree with Anonymous after Darla that even if vegetarian and vegan diets can be the healthiest, you have to know what you’re doing and not just “cut meat/eggs” but replace them with adequate foods to give you all necessary nutrients. They can be things you’re not used to eat (I know I rarely eat lentils and beans for example, which I should if I stopped eating meat). That’s why it can be tricky to maintain if you’re eating a the school or work restaurant all the time, or things like that.

Rose on

@dsfg: Actually, eating healthy keeps your endocrine system revved up, which keeps your metabolism high. Eating sugar and processed foods suppresses your endocrine system, which suppresses your metabolism. So you are mistaken if you think that avoiding sugar and processed foods leads to obesity.

jill on

Darla, Wow! You have done a ton of research and are doing such amazing things for you and your daughter. For that you deserve a pat on the back. Awesome. I don’t follow even 90% of what you said and do not have children, but I commend anyone who does. So bravo!

Anonymous, I so agree. Vegan does not always equal healthy! So many think it does. I too, have zero interest in drinking cow’s milk. Eww!

Tina, are you 12 years old?

dsfg, you are very wrong about everything you have said.

CelebBabyLover on

Alice- “Hormone free” milk over here is milk from cows that have not been fed or injected with growth hormones.

Em on

Not convinced about this non-dairy thing. Personnally, I wouldn’t do it because I love dairy so much. In the end, as long as they get the equivalent nutriments (e.g. calcium which is SUPER important) from something else and sufficiently, then I guess it’s fine.

I do know however that two friends of mine’s parents, both doctors, made sure that they ate meat and fish until they were fully developed (18 years-old-ish) and then they became vegetarians.

Bancie1031 on

I personally don’t like my daughter to have sugar either …. She had her first “soda” at the age of 4 or 5 at my cousin’s house ….. I was actually upset about that :-\ I felt like it wasn’t her place to give it to my daughter …. If I wanted her to have soda I would have given it to her myself …. anyways …. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with wanting your child to eat healthy but in the same breath you don’t want to go overboard with it (IMHO). My daughter is now 10 years old and she still chooses Veggies and fresh fruit over candy and I’m very proud of that!

I will tell you one thing that does aggravate me to no end …. my best friend does this and I’m always telling her to correct it but she doesn’t so to each his own and QUIT complaining to me about it! ….. People want to let their kids drink nothing but soda, fill up on junk food (from suckers/lollipops to chips to candy bars to ice cream to a whole pack of gum and so on and so on) WHILE popping a can or two (2) of soda to wash it down AND then want to wonder why their child can’t sit still or fidgets consistently or can’t sleep at night or wonders why they won’t eat their dinner even though while mom is/was cooking there the kids are sitting on the couch watching T.V. with a soda in one hand while the other hand is reaching into the bag for another chip to stuff in their mouth …… I mean come on! IF you honestly choose to raise your CHILD/CHILDREN like this (Which is your choice and decision) don’t go complaining; I can’t get them to eat healthy, I can’t get them to drink water, I can’t get them to eat their dinner, I can’t get them to go outside to play, I can’t get them to sit still, I can’t get them to do their homework, I can’t get them to go to bed at a reasonable hour, they’re so hyper their getting on my nerves ……. YOU DON’T SAY! I wonder why that is ….. it’s a choice you make to pump your kids full of sugar then wonder why they act like they have ants in their pants …….
People need to realize that sugar is like speed to children and it isn’t good for them or their little bodies …. now of course I’m not saying they can’t EVER have the before mentioned junk food but in moderation! Once in a while not all day every day …. that’s no kind of diet to have
Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying I’m a perfect parent because I”m far from it but common sense really should be more common instead of few and far between …….
Ok I guess I got my rage out I’m done …….

Nicole and Joel have gorgeous children! Harlow looks just like Nicole and Sparrow looks just like Joel πŸ™‚