BumpWatch: Natalie Portman Presents at People’s Choice

01/08/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
Kevin Winter/Getty

Not much bump to see yet!

Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher present an award — and promote their new movie, No Strings Attached — during the 2011 People’s Choice Awards, held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

The actress, 29, recently announced that she is expecting her first child with her fiancé, Black Swan choreographer Benjamin Millepied.

“I have always kept my private life private but I will say that I am indescribably happy and feel very grateful to have this experience,” Portman said in a statement.

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Waverly on

She. Looks. GORGEOUS. But that’s no surprise — she always looks absolutely amazing!

Shannon on

She is stunning. Congrats Natalie!

Tess on

That dress is not flattering.

Cammy on

I know she has class and will never try to promote her son/daughter in any way. She will make a wonderful mother.

Stef on

She is too cute. I can’t wait to see her with a huge baby bump!

sar on

Yep, she’s promoting her dumb-looking movie with Ashton Kutcher in which she, who “won’t do nudity,” has yet another nude scene.

I don’t know why people keep insisting she’s “hot.” She’s got a very pretty, if increasingly homogenized-looking, face, but the body of an pre-adolescent boy. She’s a bony little thing but she still said she lost 20 lbs. for “Black Swan.” From where? Her earlobes? And she recently bragged that she “didn’t eat” and “almost died” while making the movie.

Yep, she’s a great role model for young girls, all right. Especially now that she’s pregnant out of wedlock, though to be fair, she is preparing to embark on a (loveless, shotgun) marriage with her just-add-water fiancé.

Sadie on

sar, you must be a joy to know!

Sat on

Seriously wow!

Bree on

Sar, to say that you have issues would be an understatment!! So many assumptions in your post!! Have you ever meet Natalie or her fiance?? How do you know that their’s is a loveless relationship, or that they are having a shot-gun wedding?? My aunt and uncle got engaged and two days later found out they were expecting and like Natalie and her fiance they were not together that long.

I am also guessing that you have weight issues given your comments about her weight, and she has alot more curves than some other celebrities!!

Get over yourself and be happy that a child is being brought into the world by a loving person who will take care of him or her and make sure they are loved and taken care of.

All that being said, not a fan of the dress but Natalie looks amazing and so happy and healthy, so excited for her!!

SAR on

My friends and family would probably say I’m a joy to know. They don’t judge me based on my opinion of an obscenely overrated actress.

Seriously, folks…she’s an ACTRESS. She isn’t curing cancer.

I noticed that her fans place great emphasis on her looks, as if her being “gorgeous” (I think she’s pretty, but was a lot prettier before she started homogenizing her appearance) is an actual virtue. If she was plain or ugly, I somehow doubt her fans would be so ferociously protective of her. In fact, I doubt anyone would have heard of her, since she got most of her parts based on her looks.

SAR on

Bree, kindly don’t lay your dime-store psychology on me. Little Miss Portman doesn’t even know what I’m saying about her, and if she did, I doubt she’d care. She doesn’t need such fierce protectors, OK? She’s got all the money in the world, and so much acclaim, adoration, and worship you’d think she saved the world, instead of appearing in some movies, only a few of which she was good in.

And why are you so protective of her in the first place? For someone who thinks they’re so keen on discerning “issues,” maybe you ought to look at your own.

Anonymous on

natalie portman is so cute. i’m happy for her pregnancy and impending marriage! its hard for me to believe she will be a mother and wife soon, since she’s so adorable…..she looks 15 years old!

CelebBabyLover on

Bree- You said it! I also want to add to what you said that, in regards to her comments about not doing nudity….People CAN change their minds, you know! Anyway, Natalie looks great!

maggie on

Thank you so much Bree :). Also Sar, Natalie is very becautiful infact she is almost a reincarnation of Audrey Hepburn (who also had a “body of a pre-adolescent boy).

Bree on

Thanks CelebBabyLover and Maggie.
Sar get a life, you attacked someone that you do not know very fiercely, why can I not defend that same person in the same way?? You present a very flawed logic in all of your posts.

Again Congrats to the happy family, love her work, can’t wait to see her pregnancy progress and see pictures of the baby when he or she comes!!

SAR on

Oh sure, Natalie “changed her mind” about doing nudity…and changed it back again. Once she did it during the making of a film. She flung off her clothes for “Closer,” then demanded that her “naughty bits” not be shown on film…and for some reason, the filmmakers complied. She started loftily reiterating that she “won’t do nudity” around that time.

Then she promptly flung off her clothes again for a Jason Schwartzbaum movie, and has scarcely kept her clothes ON for a role in the past year.

Boy, people get so worked up when someone as inconsequential as an actress gets criticized. And by the way, her being “pretty” or “gorgeous” or “cute” is not a virtue, nor is it an accomplishment. It’s a genetic roll of the dice.

Can’t people find someone a bit more deserving of such ferocious, intolerant protectiveness?

Alice on

Sar, just about the weight issue in Black Swan – she was playing a ballerina. So it’s not surprising she had to lose weight, ballet dancers are VERY thin and light. More so than the “normal”, healthy thin. So I don’t think it’s fair to say that it’s the reason she’s a bad role model, if she *had* been thin enough then it would be bad.

Now about the rest of your problems with her, to each their own. I haven’t seen all her films so I can’t speak for sure about nudity, but I have seen Closer and I don’t remember anything too offensive showing. I think no nudity means no “complete” naked shots, and I don’t think she’s done that. Now if for you it means staying fully dressed a whole movie then I see your point though I don’t think it has any relevance in being a role model for “young girls”. They will get naked too at some point.

Personally, the reason I find her deserving of the praise she gets is that she has brains, she had a back up plan (= a degree) which is important for such a risky career, of what I’ve seen she’s been choosing more interesing roles over big blockbusters (usually), and she IS private compared to most of Hollywood. Just out of curiosity I’d be interested to know about the other actresses that you would think “deserving of such ferocious, intolerant protectiveness”.

SAR on

So deciding to live the unhealthy life of a ballerina, where they’re thin to start with and then get scarily thin, means Ms. Portman is a GOOD role model? Makes perfect sense.

I suppose she’d be an even BETTER role model if it turned out she took diruetics and vomited after every meal and had the nerves in her feet cut so she could dance on her toes 24/7. Those are all behaviors that professional ballerinas have been known to engage in. Read Gelsey Kirkland’s “Dancing on My Grave” sometime. It’s not a pretty story.

I don’t think Ms. Portman is “cute,” and I don’t think it’s particularly admirable to immerse yourself in an unhealthy lifestyle, losing 20 lbs. from an already rail-thin frame, “not eating,” and “almost dying” — for a frickin’ movie role. I wouldn’t call that sort of behavior that of a “role model.”

CelebBabyLover on

Alice- I think that’s what she meant about no nudity, too. I also agree with you about the Black Swan weight issue. The fact of the matter is, sometimes actors have to change their physical appearence to play a certain role in a movie….and sometimes that even includes having to lose weight (the reverse is also sometimes true: Sometimes actors are required to GAIN a lot of weight to play a role!).

I think most people who read her interviews about her weight-loss regimen for Black Swan will realize that she was just doing it for the movie, and that she doesn’t do it all the time or advocate that people should follow that kind of lifestyle.

But with that being said, although a lot of us want to defend Natalie, I think the best thing we can do right now with SAR’s comments is ignore them. By commenting back and getting upset with her, we’re just giving her what she wants!

Oh, and I think Natalie’s beautiful….and beauty isn’t just skin deep! 🙂

kmb on

poor sar. it must be hard being so mean and judgmental all the time.

Alice on

I have to agree CB Lover. I thought Sar must just dislike Natalie but now it seems she is a troll and doesn’t understand the definition of “acting”.

showbizmom on

Sar Not to toot my horn, but I’m probably the only person on this site that’s actually interacted with Ms. Portman and let me tell you, YOU are wrong about her. I’m sorry. Is she perfect Not by any means. She’s human, in fact I found it a bit annoying that she’s a vegan and we couldn’t have meat in our meeting. but other than that she was a joy to talk to. And come to find out she didn’t care but her “people” suggested we not have meat. In her words ” I don’t care I don’t eat it but you can”

You seem to have an issue with someone you don’t know and who can be shown in either a good light or bad light depending on the media outlet. A bit of jealously because you live in a double wide?

Being in “show business” I always say on this site you haters should take a class in editing,journalism, and public relations and learn about how it’s done because it’s a beast! Some celebrities are horrible, but the majority are normal people.

You must have problems with Tom Hanks, Hilary Swank ,Mila Kunis,Angelina Jolie,Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, and many many others that practice Method Acting. They have all done what she did for movie roles.

Also just for your information she went to Harvard, and gave a guest lecture Columbia University course in terrorism, worked with Alan Dershowitz, and continues to take classes for her Masters degree. SO no she’s not a good role model.

Holiday on

I think she is gorgeous and a great actress.

Jill on

You can toot away and you love to toot! I can’t say that I met her myself….but my Aunt has had the opportunity of meeting her, so I will give myself a partial toot. What the heck, a full toot. Because unlike you….I choose to not insult people and school them on how to conduct themselves on this site or call them “haters” because their opinion disagrees with mine. And the jealousy comment is something teenagers say, so you should really retire that one.