Michelle Williams: My Age Finally Matches My Life

01/07/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Courtesy Angeleno

There’s no doubt: Matilda Rose Ledger is growing up. And, according to mom Michelle Williams, gaining her own sense of style.

“Her hair is down to her chin and she has decided she can have her bangs trimmed, but she doesn’t want a bob anymore,” the Blue Valentine star tells the January issue of Angeleno magazine.

“A bob is cute for a three-year-old, but she is five now … it’s crazy how fast time is going for me and how agonizingly slow it is going for her.”

So slow, in fact, that Matilda is proud to include each and every day that goes by in her age count. “When she was four she would say, ‘I am four and a half, I am four and five-sixths, four and seven-eighths,’ because all the increments mattered,” the actress recalls.

Williams herself is no stranger to being a little fish in a big pond; When she was only 15 she moved to Los Angeles on her own. “I’ve done a lot. I have taken on a lot of things earlier than would be the standard in terms of working, of being in a serious relationship and of having a child,” she admits.

“I was 25 when I had Matilda and so I feel like I have caught up to myself, and 30 feels like a number that maybe matches all those things a little bit better.”

However, Williams treasures her career’s journey, including her Academy Award-nominated role in Brokeback Mountain, where she met Heath Ledger. “I was just an actor who happened to be lucky enough to be in the right place, and it was the place where I met Matilda’s father, and that is a lot,” she reveals.

“It was a lot. And it will be a lot for Matilda too, when she gets around to watching it. I will watch it with her, when she’s ready. It is hard to imagine what that would feel like, but one day, yes, we will watch it together.”

— Anya Leon

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tink1217 on

Love her!!!!

B.R on

She is such a great person and mom, the way she has held up after the death of Heath Ledger, the way she loves her child, and how respectful she is about her little girl when she dates impresses me. You do not see a line of men moving in and out of the house like you do with Christina Agulara. I love how she is look at aging and I think she is right. When you are a grown up time goes by way too fast but I remember being 6 and counting ever day till I was finally 7, to a child time does go by at agonizingly slow rate. The fact that she has a movie to show her daughter about the time that she and her dad meet, is impressive but also sad at the same time, this beautiful little girl will never know her father. Not many people who have lost a parent are lucky enough to have movies that will show them the love between their parents and she get to have that. I hope that when she grows up that she appreciate everything both of her parents have done for her and the movie that brought her parents and her godfather together. I wish both of them only the best things in the world.

Emmy on

She is wonderful, love her too! I love how she has kept in touch with Heath’s family, so Matilda can still see her extended family.

Erin on

I know she said she regrets the way her interview with Nightline played out, but watching her speak about the last several years was simply one of the most honest, raw, touching twenty minutes of television I’ve ever seen. Michelle, Matilda is lucky to have you – as was Heath.

liz on

She is great! Her movie “Me Without You” is one of my all time favorites.

ELO on

I absolutely love her. I think its great that she remains personal. I also think its wonderful how well Matilda is kept out of the public eye. I feel like photos of her have become few and far between.

josie on

i agree with the majority. she is raw, honest, mature for her age. she has kept her daughter out of the public eye unlike what other celebrity parents are supposedly doing for instance JLo.

Rachel on

I didn’t see the Nightline interview… but I can only imagine how painful it would be for her to have to speak about the past few years. In fact… I can’t even begin to imagine.

I love the line in this article about her being in the right place and meeting Heath there. No matter what happened, he will always be Matilda’s father. As mentioned in a previous post, as painful as it has to be to grow up without a father, at least Matilda will have those recorded memories (the movie and hopefully someone has saved interviews from those days) that showed how much her mother and father loved each other back then… and how excited they were about her!

micheley on

I just love Michelle and Matilda, and at first I loved her because she was from Dawson’s Creek and was a link Heath but now I’ve gained a respect for her that is soely based on her character.

I think its great that she plans on watching the movie WITH Matilda in the future, and I can’t help but wonder if there isn’t any behind the scene or between take footage that Michelle may have that she could also share with her.

Mallory on

One of the most touching interviews I saw of Heath & Michelle was when they were on Oprah not long after Brokeback Mountain came out. Anne and Jake were there, too, and it was a beautiful, hilarious interviews I’ve ever seen, but the part where Oprah spoke to Heath and Michelle about their relationship and Matilda was just so genuine, sweet, and heartwarming. 🙂

Anonymous on

i cannot express how much i admire michelle williams. she is truly an example for all women, everywhere, and no matter what profession. she’s so classy and articulate. she is such an amazing person. i don’t know what i’d do in her position. i know they weren’t dating at the time of his death, but you can tell she always loved him.

when i think of matilda, i feel such a bittersweet feeling. she’s so beautiful and so innocent. i wish she had known her father better, but i guess life isn’t perfect. i think it’s amazing how much they look alike. i hope she feels a strong connection to him as she grows and sees how much they look alike.

i wish michelle and matilda immense happiness and peace throughout their lives.

CelebBabyLover on

Rachel- I agree! And having read a lot of Michelle’s post-Heath’s-death interviews, it sounds a lot like, right before Heath died, she was hopefully that they would reconcile. That makes me feel even worse for her than I already did. To think that you were so hopeful of getting back together with your ex….only to have that chance ripped away from you! 😦

Anyway, I love her comments in this interview!

Nella on

Michelle Williams has turned into a kind, talented, and smart young woman. I love that she protects her daughter’s privacy and seems to be doing a great job raising her. I know she said she regrets doing the interview, but I happend to love her Nightline interview, it was honest and very emotional. She dealt with a very personal tragedy and the way she conducted herself during the interview really shows how mature and smart she is.


Michelle is a beautiful person! She has a wonderful spirit…………

stacy on

i’ve loved michelle since she was on dawson’s creek..she’s an amazing woman and an incredible mother.she dealt with the lost of heath in such a mature way..such a great role model for younger people..i wish, hope and pray she wins the oscar this year.

Isabel on

Michelle Williams is a rare gem in the business. She is talented and has she is touching, not the plain plastic beauty, but here is something about her that makes her more beautiful than many others. Maybe it is heart, soul, class and intelligence, a rare combination. Want to see more of her, can’t wait to see My Blue Valentine.

Anonymous on

love her!!

didi on

I love Michelle Williams. She is really a great person and artist.

Natasha on

The most beautiful actress.

Shannon on

She is an absolutely beautiful woman and, I bet, an amazing mother 🙂

Dawn on

Michelle Williams is a real class act. She has a very special quality about her as an actress and as a person. She also has longevity and staying power which most people do not have in Hollywood. I wish that people wouldn’t be so critical of people who have kids outside of marriage. I personally didn’t do it, but it happens. Yes, it’s better to be married when you have kids. However, there are married couples who don’t have good marriages. That sort of environment isn’t good for children either. We all come from different backgrounds and different situations and we just have to make the best of them. Try not to be so judgmental of others. None of us are perfect!

TM on

Michelle Williams is such a beautiful actress. She chooses her scripts based on their merit, and not how much money she will make. I love how she said that she has never been ambitious, and that after each film she has a moment where she thinks “this is enough for me”.

I can’t wait to see Blue Valentine. I just e-mailed the guy at my local fine arts theatre to find out when they will be showing it.

Helen on

I love her. She seems so lovely and genuine.

Also I think this is the first time I’ve read a CBB post with no negative comments! 😀

Laura on

I cannot express how much I admire this woman. Heath’s death was a tragedy and it deeply affected me…I can’t begin to imagine the hurt she and everyone who loved him must feel. I think of her and his family often and pray they are doing all right. Matilda is beautiful and has a wonderful mother to bring her up and help her remember her dear father. I cannot believe it’s almost been three years. My heart aches for what could have been for him.

God bless all of them.


Janey on

Agree with all the others – she is a classy woman, and semeingly a great mother. I always wondered about Jake? He was supposed to be Heaths friend and Matildas godfather, yet it went missing after Heaths death and seems to have no involvement in Matildas life.

Julianna on

I like Michelle a lot and it amazes me how she keeps on her low profile even being one of the most sought-after young actresses. She speaks nothing but good things of Heath and I feel he was the love of her life and she was his. Matilda is one of my favorite celeb kids and I’m always stunned by how much she reminds me of her daddy.

Catie on

I absolutely love her. She is such a kind and gracious person, and to be so while weathering such a horrifying storm…not many people can do that.

Imo on

I officially love this site again…..thank you CBB!

Michelle is a wonderful mom. My friend and Busy Phillips are cousins. I have heard wonderful stories about Michelle and her strength. Matilda is lucky to have a greet mom!

Rebecca on

I think that Michelle Williams is an excellent actress! I remember first seeing her in Dawson Creek and thinking she was very talented. I just recently got to watch Me without you and she was wonderful! That has to be one on the best movies I have seen in a very long time. Michelle seems to be a very good mother and I wish her every happiness in the world. She has turned out to be a remarkable woman in every way.

Carli on

How amazing is this woman???? It’s hard to believe she is/around the same age as the Kardashians and the Hiltons. Everything about her is admirable and it’s unfortunate that she, in a way, is considered different or unique compared to others in the same business. She’s such a mature and straight-minded person and I wish her and Matilda only the best.

Meghan on

It’s sad that there aren’t more people of Michelle’s character nowadays. She’s just lovely.

Natalie on

So is so calm and elegant and inspiring. LOVE her!

sieghrt on

Michelle, she’s one of my super crushes
I’m glad to hear that she’s having fun with her life and daughter ❤

S Miller on

I certainly hope that Brokeback Mountain isn’t the movie she will be showing Matilda until she’s an adult because I can garauntee if my mother showed me a movie where my dad was humping the heck out of another man…THAT would be the main thing I would remember, not the special love between my parents. Hopefully she will cut out those particular scenes.

Before anyone gets their britches in a twist, I’m not saying this because it was a gay twist to the movie, I would not want to see my dad having sex with anyone.

Deb on

She seems like a great person…and I have always been jealous of how wonderful she looks with that super short hair…=)

Angela on

Michelle is a woman to be commended and looked up to. She is an outstanding mother and actress. She is such a strong, responsible, and vibarant person.

JR Jake on

I wish I could say the same thing. I am still in my 20’s, I wonder how long it is going to take for me to reach my age? Anyone have the answer let me know.

Kranly on

I love, love, love Michelle! I’ve watched and admired her since her Dawson’s days and grown to really respect her as an actress, mother, and person over the years. Not only is Michelle a gorgeous natural beauty, but her recent interview shows what a beautiful mature, graceful, and classy woman she has become…my heart breaks for the loss of her precious Heath, but rejoices that she has their sweet daughter to share her life with. Michelle is someone for all actresses and women to emulate. I cannot wait to see Blue Valentine. It’s still not showing anywhere in my area. 😦

P.S. I love her in both her short and long hair!

Nae on

First, I have to say that I absolutely love that this is the first posting I’ve ever read on this site where there have been no negative comments! It’s nice!

Second, Michelle Williams is an amazing actress. I was never a fan of Dawson’s Creek, but she has done brilliant work. I love that she is smart, honest and real. My heart breaks for Matilda, that she will never know her father, but she has an amazing mother, and I’m sure she does and will continue to with share Matilda all the good things about her father.


Capri on

❤ her!!!!!

Anonymous on

janey, just because there are no pictures of jake gyllenhaal and matilda together, does not mean he isn’t involved in her life. picture it this way: say you and your best friend have been friends for 10 years. you don’t go out in public with her for a while, but you talk on the phone 24/7…….and someone said you weren’t friends anymore. you’d tell them they’re crazy, right? just because you’re not in public with them doesn’t mean you’re estranged.

that annoys me so much when people bash nicole kidman for not being pictured with her older kids, or when ben affleck was bashed for not being pictured with his daughters. paparazzi aren’t around 24/ 7. remember that a picture is only a minuscule fraction of a person’s day.

CelebBabyLover on

Anon- Exactly! I also want to point out that not all godparents are super-involved in their godchildren’s lives. Mine have never been. They send me Christmas cards and such, and we see each other occasionally at family gatherings (they happen to be relatives of mine as well as being my godparents!), but that’s about it. And my parents have two godchildren and haven’t seen either one in years (and the godchildren, who are both adults now, are just fine with that. In fact, I think they probably prefer it that way!).

Point being, just because you’re someone’s godparent doesn’t neccesarily mean you’re going to be that active in their lives. 🙂

dsfg on

“and I feel he was the love of her life and she was his”

Uh, that’s great “feel good” thought, but not very realistic . . .

Imo on

Nae, I agree with you!! They were here and this site is finally being monitored again and had them deleted!!

dazzle on

i love michelle and mati also i was really sorry when heath dead 😦

jude on

Michelle is a sweetheart!

Can’t wait to finally see Matilda with a different haircut! About time! Really don’t like that bob. On any child.

Anonymous on

jude, you had to come poop on the positivity of this blog. i think you went a bit period-happy there, huh lol. she’s cute. don’t cut bobs on your kids. end of story.

B.R on

@ JR Jake to answer your question for some people it never happens. It depends how life has treated you along the way, some with amazing, happy childhoods like my great grandmother remain at about the age 10 their whole lives, and she was 103 when she pasted away. She was swearing, giving people the middle finger, stick her tongue out at then every chance she got, and said things like ” pull my finger” and then fart @ 103, she never grew up. She married and had 12 children, the way her husband tells it she was always like that, from the moment they met which is how he knew she was the one for him, they were 5 years old when they met, never dated anyone else, married at 16th and passed a way the same night. Some get luck and stay young forever, but I think that was mostly cause they always had each other, through three wars, and they were still children. Then there are people like my son and I, who’s lives have been hard to a point that you would wish our faith on to your worse enemy, where every day was a fight, a fight to make it, we turned 103 before our 10th birthdays. So look at how you feel now at the age of 20. Are you older or younger? Then look at the reasons to way you feel like that. It you choose to change the reasons/habits that make you feel older/younger then your age and personality will match sooner, mind you there are some things you can’t change, but you can change how you feel about them. If you choose to leave things as they are then it may never happen, or you may get luck like Michelle and it will happen, no one can tell you the future kiddo, no one. I do truly hope that life has treated you kindly and that it will continue to do so, and that you will be one of the luck ones that will reach a point in your life when everything feel right, and your age and how you feel about yourself are one and the same, I truly hope it happens for you.

Melissa on

I like her a lot, she’s a very classy lady. Good luck to her and Matilda.