Katie Holmes Gets (and Takes!) Fashion Advice from Suri

01/06/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
Courtesy ELLE

At age 4½, Suri Cruise is already a seasoned fashionista.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise‘s daughter has been spotted in everything from Burberry dresses to silver pumps. And it turns out that she’s not only picking out her own clothes, but she’s not afraid to give her famous parents style pointers.

“She’ll really tell me [what she thinks],” Holmes, 32, tells ELLE in their latest issue.

“Like today I’m wearing brown suede pants, and she said, ‘I don’t like your pants.’ But then she’ll say, ‘You’ve got to wear these shoes.’ Or ‘That’s so pretty, Mom. Wear that.’ She’s got a great eye.”

The actress, who co-designs her own clothing line, Holmes & Yang, has obviously passed on her flare for fashion to Suri and the two are often spotted shopping together.

“The other day we came out of a store, and she said, ‘I want to go there,’ pointing at another store quite a distance away,” Holmes notes. “In that store was the dress that she wanted. I said, ‘Wow, Suri. You’re something. You picked that out from a football field away.'”

— Alla Byrne

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Lisa on

4 years old and even more vain than her parents… nice.

Indira on

Yeah, I know this is supposed to be a cutesy story but it isn’t to me. I feel like every story about Suri is fashion related and how into her clothes she is. I understand some little girls are very into dresses and pretty things but, I’ve never met a 4 year old that was critical of other peoples appearance. I know they’re famous people but it just strikes me as bizarre.

Jennifer on

Something tells me this is going to be a very busy place today.

Alexandra on

I’m sorry, but Suri sounds like a spoiled brat. Not that I blame the child, the parents will have their hands full with her when she gets into her teens!

Catca on

I’ve met 4 year olds who are into fashion and no they’re not the children of either famous or rich people! It’s not being critical to have an eye for putting colors and textures/fabrics together. It’s called having a natural ability for art and design. That’s not vain. She’s just being a child exploring her natural skills! Why is this a problem for people?

Denise on

I don’t think this is vain or unusual. I have three teenage daughters. They have always known exactly what they want to wear and they haven’t ever been shy telling me what or not to wear. I think most little girls are like this.

momof boys on

that over picture of Katie looks horrible. She looks like she’s trying to arch her shoulders and suck in her stomach. And it’s funny. Considering they complain that the paparazzi are always taking pictures of their daughter, THEY are always saying this, this, and this about her. Well my boys tell me too about my clothes if I look nice in them or not. AND my boys tell me what they like to wear. Imagine that. I’m tired of ‘Katie/Suri Cruise fashionista’

momintown on

basically what Suri wants, Suri gets! As stated ‘she wanted a dress and pointed’. It sounds like Suri is going to be a big handful when she’s older.

Ivey on

She has taken Suri shopping from a very young age. I guess it is how she bonds with her. Kids will do what you want because they want to please the parents, it is sad that Katie thinks this is such a special gift, that her daughter is obsessed with fashion, all it is teaching her is that *things* are important!! I’m just hoping she is being taught to love four year old experiences, and not just grown up fashion, shopping and materializm.

It would make it easier on all of us commentators if she would share some things about Suri that are not this superficial, but she never does.

Li on

Agreed, Catca. My daughter does similar things and we’re neither rich nor famous.

Georgia on

I agree with Indria, we’re all supposed to go arr how cute! Suri tells her mum what to wear. But from the way the article is written it sounds like Suri should be taught some manners. Obviously her mother never told her “if you can’t say anything nice…”

Tess on

Based on the way I’ve seen Katie look in pictures, Suri has horrible taste. Katie and Tom should really stop all of these Suri stories. It’s just ridiculous.

brannon on

I get the clothes thing as my 4 year old son also loves clothes and accessories … and he has never been in a store where he hasn’t seen something he likes or wants (not that he always gets it) … but the “fashionista” thing is OTT. Not one to usually criticize kids but as her parents seem to want her on the best/worst dress list considerations – she rarely looks cute. Hollywood has much cuter, better dressed children imho.

Miche on

My 3 yr old is totally into picking out her own clothes…and HAS to “match”. Which means, if she picks out a purple shirt, she has to wear purple pants, purple socks, purple shoes and a purple jacket. And shades of color dont matter. I think it’s so funny!!

And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve explained to her that jeans match just about everything, not just blue shirts!

I love how little kids’ minds work.

K. on

Well when I was her age, I love(d) clothes, and always told my mom what to wear or what earings she’d put on, I love(d) all the girly things, I loved going through my mom’s makeup case (lol and she’d get so mad! Great childhood memories) and jewelley box. We were not “rich” nor “famous”. It doesn’t mean that I was a very shallow and mean girl who judged people on their apparence, or that I was a diva! I was not dumb either, but I still do love clothes. And that’s it, some love playing piano, some love chocolate, and some adore fashion from a very young age.

I think there’s some harsh comments here, only because it’s Suri, that her “irresponsible” parents let her do what she wants, and that they’re “weirdos”.

It is a cute story, the only thing I’d say is that Suri looks a little impolite. Sounds like a spoilt brat but the story is still cute.

Alexandra on

@K: What I find so disturbing is Katie seems to do whatever her daughter tells her to do. Go jump from a bridge, mom, …she’d probably do it, too xD

Sam on

Suri is a pretty little girl, looks almost exactly like Katie. I used to take my daughter shopping with me all the time when she was little and she was very ‘in to’ it and very fussy about what she chose. She still is. When we went shopping it was only when it was time to buy new clothes, needed a new dress, seasonal shopping, so my daughter did get what she ‘wanted’, the difference might be that she didn’t want everything she saw, only what she “really really liked”.

tink1217 on

although Suri looks cute most of the time..I hope she isn’t really the one who picks out Katie’s clothes. I think Katie looks sloppy most of the time. And…these parents and this kid always rub me the wrong way. Suri DOES seem very spoiled and has an “entitled” attitude at such a young age. My kids used to ask to go in all kinds of stores all the time…did I take them in every one and buy them everything they wanted?? No…seems Katie and Tom do just that…I really think this kid will be a handful as she gets older.

kmb on

no doubt that this child is spoiled. i’m curious to see who she’ll grow up to be.

Jennifer on

I wonder what other things Suri is into besides fashion and sweets? It will be interesting for this family when Katie has baby #2…..

B.J. on

Suri comes off as very rude in her mother’s stories. No doubt it’s supposed to make her sound cute or advanced, but she seems not only outspoken (which isn’t always a bad thing), but impolite.

Sus on

I am desperately trying to teach my daughters that it is what is on the INSIDE the counts. I hope Katie does the same.

Sarah on

Spoiled ? Probably

On one hand it’s really not a problem because THEY will be the ones to deal with her behavior – not us.. at least for a while anyways.

I think I remember Madonna syaing Lourdes used to criticize her clothes and such too from a young age and now she is pretty into fashion and such so maybe it’s just her interest blah blah.. who knows. Why should we care?

I think Katie enjoys tossing out stupid stuff about her kid to get everyone worked up over.

Bonnie on

I think Katie looks like a hot mess most of the time. There are very few outfits I’ve seen her in that I say “That is so chic! I want to dress like that!” So if she’s really getting advice from her 4 year old she should think about hiring a stylist or maybe picking up a magazine.

My daughter has an eye for fashion and she’s 3. But she’s only told me that she likes what I’m wearing. She’s very critical of her own clothes. She told me last week that her shirt was “too pink” to match her shoes.

tess on

Not that I am a fan of this family, but y’all have to understand that celebrity interviews are edited, and chopped up, and boiled down drastically. How much of a well-rounded impression do you really think you’re getting out of this of either the baby or the mother?

JMO on

Fashion advice from your 4 year old?! Well now that totally explains Katies’ look 98% of the time!!

jessicad on

I think it’s a cute story, my daughter is the same way. I grew up with little money and rarely had new clothes, now that I’m financially secure I take my daughter shopping often and she loves it, and she just turned 3. She enjoys picking out her clothes and compliments mine!

No matter what Katie says most people here will have something negative to say. I really hope they don’t read this site.

Shawna on

If my 4 year old told me “I don’t like your pants” I would tell her that was very rude and put her in time out! She must be real popular in school telling all the kids how she doesn’t like their clothes.

Kimberly Golden on

I’m wondering how cute it’s gonna be when she says that to another child and the kid gets their feelings hurt. This is the type of kid you see on reality shows like My Super Sweet 16 of Your Cut Off. I think it’s shameful.

tamara on

i don’t have a problem with suri, if she’s really such a”talented” fashionista, i’d say good for her… but is she good at anything else? i think that katie puts too much importance on the whole subject… every time she talks about suri it’s about her dressing, and her style, and her amazing fashion sense…etc. i don’t think that’s healthy, it’s almost like she’s projecting it into her daughter… even reading her last comment was so strange, “wow suri, you’re something… because you picket out a dress from a football field away…” all children want to wow their parents!

torgster on

Poor poor Suri is all I ever have to say. I wonder if there is so much as a minute of normalcy in this childs’ life. Does she ever get an opportunity to interact with other kids her own age, in order to learn “how” to before it’s too late and she becomes a social misfit? Not that she’ll have to worry about schoolyard bullies – she’ll be homeschooled and never out of her parents’ sights anyway. Sad.

Waverly on

Yeah, hate to say it, but Suri sounds really spoiled…if she’s like this now, I can’t imagine what kind of teenager she’ll be… Yikes.

Amy on

Suri sounds spoiled rotten, vain, shallow. Don’t the Cruises have anything bigger to do in life, like help out those less fortunate rather than taking Suri on daily shopping excusions? They make me ill.

Shannon on

“The other day we came out of a store, and she said, ‘I want to go there,’ pointing at another store quite a distance away,” Holmes notes. “In that store was the dress that she wanted. I said, ‘Wow, Suri. You’re something. You picked that out from a football field away.’”

*facepalm* Katie seems delusional. 😦 The kid just tells her mother I want to go there. What about saying please? What about saying may we go there? Just, I want to go there? And Katie is impressed? I’d hate to hear how the child talks to other people if she speaks to her own mother this way. Yikes.

The issue isn’t her interest in fashion. I think that’s so cute. Hey, she might be the next big designer someday. But the rudeness and entitlement and superficiality is atrocious. Does this child learn anything about the world beyond how to look cute and get cute things? Such a horrible reflection of the parents. The poor child obviously doesn’t know any better.

jessicad on

Katie is doing interviews for FASHION magazines, what else would she talk about?

Tinkertoy on

Guess Suri is not into cosmology much from the looks of her dirty, stringy hair. :o(

steph on

While I don’t give a rats about either Tom or Katie, the idea that you people think Suri is ‘rude’ based on a quote from her mum is ridiculous. Do you always repeat word for word what your kids have said?!?! You don’t know that Suri did or did not say please or thankyou, and you don’t know whether Katie asked for Suri’s opinion thus getting a perfectly reasonable response in “I don’t like your pants”. Some of you need to grow up and realise you’re bagging out a child, not an adult…

e on

I’m sure they’re raising Suri to be a well rounded, normal girl in general, and maybe it gets old to Katie too always having interviewers just want to talk to her about their clothes!

Emmy on

Sorry but Suri does not sound cute at all! Katie should teach her about limits and critising mums clothes is off limits!

JMO on

Shawna so true. My friends daughter got so upset when a 5 yr old little girl said to her, “eww you wore that same outfit last week!” It’s fine to like fashion but it’s also good to teach your child manners and that it’s not polite to comment on other peoples clothing (unless your being paid for it)!

Shannon on

Some of you need to grow up and realise you’re bagging out a child, not an adult…
– steph on January 6th, 2011

Trying to change the subject by making people think adults are bullying children? Nice try but no one is blaming the child. Reading is fundamental.

soph on

Silver pumps at 4 1/2? Lame.

steph on

Really Anonymous? “Suri is a spoiled brat” is NOT bullying the child?? I’d hate to think what is in your opinion…and I am very good at reading thankyou very much, which is why I made the comment in the first place, I don’t ‘try’ to do anything when posting other than sharing my opinion.

Veronica on

Are you all really talking trash about a 4 year old? And about a Mom who is simply sharing a story? Oh, I forgot, you are all perfect and have every right to criticize other people you don’t even know. I have a 4 year old daughter, she loves clothes and talks about fashion as Suri does, and she is far from spoiled. You all talk like you have to be ugly and dress like a schlub to be a good person! Geez! Good luck to your kids.

Danielle on

Does this child do anything but shop? All they talk about is how much she likes dresses and high-heels and tells her mother what to wear. Does she ever play in the dirt? Finger-paint? Dance around? READ A BOOK!!?

lea on

Katie neds some adult friends fast and a reality check that her 4 year old is NOT her BFF. I HATE mothers who want to be BFF”s with their daughters. You are their mother, not their friend. Grow up and deal with it.

If I listened to everything my 5 year olds told me. I would be serving ice cream for dinner and naming my soon to be son, Snowflake.

This story is sad and pathetic.

Kristine on

Give me a break. Katie is a bore and has nothing to talk about so she talks about suri