Céline Dion: Twins Tiring, But an ‘Intense Joy’

01/06/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Gérard Schachmes

Ten weeks after delivering twin boys, Céline Dion says she’s ‘coping day by day’ with sons Nelson and Eddy.

In an interview with French magazine GALA, the singer, 42, explains that she’s thankful for the help she receives from her mother Thérèse and sister Linda, as their presence means she doesn’t have to worry about “housework, cooking or doing the shopping.”

“I didn’t have these children to not take care of them, to give myself to them 200 – 300 percent,” she explains.

“I am changing diapers and breastfeeding and that’s something where no one can take my place. It’s tiring but an intense joy.”

“I take things day by day,” Dion adds. “That’s the secret to me. In any case, breastfeeding is more difficult if you are stressed. Sometimes I find myself in comical situations I don’t know how to get myself out of. For example, when both are feeding and one has gas while the other is burping, I don’t know which position to adopt!”

After delivering the boys on Oct. 23, Dion says she experienced loss of appetite and a change in mood, which others noticed. “Some of the first days after I came home, I was a little outside myself,” the singer notes. “I had no appetite and that bothered me. My mother remarked that she noticed I had moments of lifelessness, but reassured me that this was entirely normal.”

She also experience mood swings, telling the magazine, “One moment, tremendous happiness; the next, fatigue sets in, and I cried for no reason, and then that took care of itself. It’s for things like that after having a baby that mothers really need emotional support.”

Though she will begin lightly rehearsing later this month for her Las Vegas return in March, Dion isn’t putting too much pressure on herself.

“In reality, I’ve had almost no time getting a shower and feeding myself. My preoccupation has been eating sensibly,” she shares. “My only worry has been to be able to open and close [my tops] quickly for breastfeeding. It’s been out of the question to even wear a blouse!”

As for the beauty details, “makeup can wait. There’ll be time for all that,” Dion laughs.

— Peter Mikelbank

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tink1217 on

LOVE her attitude!!!

B.R on

I love her she is always she is so honest with the media about what she thinks about things and what is going on in her life. I just truly hope that she did take care of her postpartum depression properly cause from what I have see from my friends postpartum depression it can take over your life very quickly and turn it upside down. I love hearing that her mom and sister are there with her. It’s nice to hear about someone as famous as her still being close to family and reaching to them for help before hiring a stranger to do. Also her comment about she didn’t have the kids NOT to raise them herself is refreshing in the world of ultra famous and rich. She is so down to earth that even thou I really am not a fan of her music I am a huge fan of her. I wish her and the family all the best in the future.

Mina on

If I didn’t have housework, shopping, and cooking to do then I could raise twins just fine. What about her olders son? Does she spend time with him? My mother gave birth to twins when my brother was 13 months old and my dad was always working, then at the bar. Nobody did her cooking, cleaning, or shopping..she did it all. She did a fine job too. Homecooked meals every night from scratch, from HER hand. She put off alot of sleep to do her jobs. Imagine there are some folks out there who have triplets or more! THEY are the people who deserve an article. Just sayin…

Belinda on

There’s always a defensive and judgmental one on here to stir the pot…Mina, I can’t imagine having twins would be easy as you seem to claim (even without all the help) and if her Mum and sister are will to help, as many out there are (especially because she is raising her other son) then kudos to her. I have a close friend who found the adjustment to baby twins extraordinarily difficult, and her two sisters and mother played tandem with the housework and cooking just to help her get onto her feet. There’s nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t make them less of a mother!

Jenny on

Give me a break, it IS hard. I can’t believe someone found a way to criticize her.

Debbie on

I agree with Mina, We all have babies and we all have to work and cook and clean and do everything with out help. Now you tell me, that she doesnt have a chef and a lady to clean her house. If all i had to do was breastfeed my babies and spend all my time with them I would be one happy mommy. But my other children needed to be fed, played with and bathed. So yes we are happy that she is breastfeeding her children and spending quality with them, but KUDOS to the MOM’s who have no help and have twins and triplets..

Andrea on

Sounds like Mina is jealous.

JM on

mina, yeah those regular people deserve an article maybe, but did you miss the part where this is a CELEBRITY baby blog. kind of makes sense doesn’t it?

alice jane on

Mina, why are you reading a *celebrity* baby blog if you think other people like your mother (who I am sure is every bit as admirable as you say, but I doubt is famous) deserve an article more? What do people get out of cutting another parent down just because there’s someone out there who you think has more on their plate?

I loved this article and what Celine had to say, it sounds to me like she’s got such a good attitude and mindset. It’s refreshing.

Maddie on

If you had twins and were able to afford/access help, wouldn’t you do it? Leave the woman alone. Infant twins are hard work! I’m very impressed that she is breastfeeding them, that would be no easy feat

Shoshana on

Just hearing that someone has twins makes me feel exhausted! LOL…so, kudos to Celine and all the other mothers (twins or not) out there!

Indira on

Why wouldn’t she spend time with her older son? There really isn’t anything negative about this article.

By the way, the criteria on this site in order to have a article written about you, is that you’re a) a celebrity and b) you’re expecting, have children or are talking about them.

Shannon on

“I didn’t have these children to not take care of them, to give myself to them 200 – 300 percent,” she explains.“I am changing diapers and breastfeeding and that’s something where no one can take my place. It’s tiring but an intense joy.”

^^^Love her attitude! She sounds like a great mother!

kazumi on

having just one baby is hard, but having two at the same time is…extremely difficult. babies are demanding customers and i’m glad she has help from people who truly care about her.

why do i always see mina with negative comments? just wondering.

tink1217 on

jenny…unfortunately women will always find a way to criticize another woman…especially about mothering. Personally..I try hard not to.

Emily on

Mina- First of all, she got the article because she is famous, not because she claimed to be some kind of baby juggler. Second, people are allowed to have personal struggles even if someone else in a similliar situation maybe did not. It’s silly to suggest otherwise.

Rose on

I don’t believe for a second that she did housework, cleaning or shopping even before the twins were born. She even admitted as much in her book.

I have no idea why celebrities try so hard to act as if they are just like the average mother, cleaning their own toilets and scrubbing their own floors when it’s not true. It’s really disingenous.

Rose on

@Andrea: I seriously hopey you’re 12-years-old, otherwise there’s no excuse for the “oh she’s jealous” stuff. It’s possible to disagree with someone without being jealous – those of us who are capable of complex thought understand that. Grow up.

Leslee on

Well, I have twins that have just turned three and I divorced while pregnant and proceeded to take care of them entirely by myself 24/7. I have not had any help shopping, cleaning, cooking or similar.

That said, I am not flagging her for being exhausted and being grateful for help. I don’t see anywhere that she stated how much misses cleaning toilets or making boxes of mac and cheese but she does have help in managing what is likely to be a busy and demanding household. It’s reassuring to know that someone that loves you is helping to keep it all running smoothly and helping to get things done the way you would.

God help the rest of us that don’t have friends, family and/or household help to get us through the marathon.

Mina, your mother worked hard no doubt and deserves to have that recognized but please don’t disrespect her by being so hateful towards someone you don’t know and isn’t even complaining. The woman doesn’t have to express one word of gratitude to anyone, yet she does. Enough said.

jessicad on

I love her attitude as well, she sounds very devoted to all of her boys and like a regular Mom trying to juggle it all. She said she’s thankful for the help she has so I don’t get where some of you are getting your negativity from, or the idea that she neglects her older son. If everything on this site pisses you off why bother coming here?

amy on

i love that mina is casting judgement, when she herself doesn’t have twins – or she would’ve said so.

celine went through A LOT to have those precious baby boys. i do not blame her for wanting to do nothing else other than love on her boys – all THREE of them. thank god she has her mother and sister willing and able to help her – it is truly a blessing to her entire family.

mina – you should learn not to judge when YOU have not been in that person’s shoes. have you struggled with infertility AND your husbands cancer for YEARS? have you given birth to TWINS at the age of 42? i highly doubt it. kudos to celine for doing what is right for her and her family.

Kat on

well i have read all the comments and i have to say that i gave birth to fraternal twin boys myself in august of 2010 and i don’t have alot of help and i tend to my oldest daughter and still have time to take care of my sons and clean the house shop and do laundry and cook without any outside help, and be there for my husband as well

Kristine on

Oh my gosh…what a bunch of jealous women…leave her alone. She is honest and those boys are lucky to have her. I can’t believe how jealous women are of moms that are successful….men would never dream of passing judgement on other men. Shame on y jealous women

Lyoness on

I’m a twin. My mother said it was hard and apparently has blocked a lot of the first couple of years out because it was so intense. LOL!! Luckily we lived in a city where my grandmother and 2 aunts lived and they were so helpful with cooking, cleaning, and babysitting when she needed a break. My mom says she doesn’t know how she would have gotten through it.

I don’t understand why Mina is complaining… Isn’t Celine the youngest of an extremely large family? She’s getting help from her mother and sister not a team of nannies. I bet they helped her when she had her first son. That’s what family does. Happens all over the world and you don’t have to be a celebrity. You take help where you can get it and don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Don’t be a martyr when you don’t have to be.

KPR on

Thank you Alice Jane! A. If you don’t want to hear about the life of celebrities then WHY are you reading “Celebrity Baby Blog”? B. Each and everyone of you should STOP complaining. You all have beautiful and loved children. Before you continue to berate Celine for all that she has and whether or not she appreciates it to the fullest … look in the mirror. If you have a child and you love that child and can hold that child in your arms …. then why can’t you just enjoy that and allow others to do the same? Nuff said. 🙂

Sherri P on

So I am a mother of almost 6 month twin boys.

First off, part of that depression I’m sure had to do with her boys being in NICU for a bit, I can attest it did a big number on me.

Second, I really think she’s just letting people know she’s grateful for the help she’s getting from family. Mom’s don’t get paid afterall. I’m also breastfeeding my boys and I’ll tell you its exhausting and it seems as soon as you are done they are hungry again and its that much harder because there are 2, tandem nursing is hard, most the time I feed them 1 at a time its just easier on me and I’ll tell you, my house has only been clean in the last 6 months because of my husband. Only recently have I felt up to starting to do it myself.

Unless you yourself have twins, and not your mom or your friend, you really don’t have leg to stand on, and even if you do, not everyone is capable of the same things. People are just trying to do the best they can and we need to give them credit for it. I admire what she’s doing. Good for her!

Kathy C on

It is exhausting. My son and his wife had twins and I was glad my daughter in law was breastfeeding, it was the only time she sat down. Plus she had five sisters and a Mom to help her. I moved to be near my daughter and help her with her girls. This is what families do. I do not begrudge her the help of her Mom and Sister.

You can be a celebrity and very wealthy but you still have very human issues, experiences and problems and joys. She is wealthy but her husband still got cancer, she still had to go through many failed IV procedures to get pregnant. Money doesn’t block out life and the things that happen in life. It has it’s advantages but there are many problems and issues that money don’t solve. I am happy for her, I wish her and all new mothers healthy children and a wonderful life.

Lynn on

welcome to the REAL world Celine!! You’re a mom now so get used to it. A lot of women are the moms of multiples and they don’t have all kinds of help raising them.

JJ on

My daughter had preemie twin girls & was exhausted every day! Between the monitors, feedings, bathings, housework, cooking, etc., she was tired, but it was a happy tired. The twins were her first children (she now has a son too). Twins are not easy. My husband & I helped in every way we could but didn’t live with them.

Yes, it is hard but very worth it!!! The girls are now 10 1/2 & perfectly healthy! Both have even been tested for the gifted children’s program & tested in the top 7% in the nation on intelligence. Yes, their mommy even found time to read to them & teach them things to help them learn.

Celine is wonderful & I commend her for not hiring nannies!!

Crystal on

@ Mina & Debbie – jealous much? You both clearly have NO concept and are completely ignorant of how difficult and emotionally draining it is to have to endure rounds and rounds of IVF to become pregnant and suffer miscarriage after miscarriage. My husband and I struggled like Céline and Réne have to become pregnant due to myself having PCOS (an ovarian disease). After many tears of sadness we now have 2 beautiful sons. Réne is also a cancer survivor and in my house he is very admired for battling it because I’ve had 3 loved ones fighting it (my oldest sister won her battle – my father did not – and my other sister is fighting it now).

If you both read past recent interviews with Céline you would know that she has 2 sisters assisting her with her children DAILY! 1 of her sisters even lives with her while the other lives a few doors away.

Céline is Canadian and we Canadians do not believe in having others raise our children.

So you can both shove your ridiculous idiotic comments up your you know what! It sounds like you both are 2 years old.

Cheryl on

Mina ~ it is hard to raise kids. I have raised 3 by myself with no help. BUT .. if I had family, if I had help surely I would have taken it. Almost every mother can relate to the emotional roller coaster of hormones and exhaustion after a baby, let alone 2 babies! It’s nice to hear that Celine has a supportive family and help around her. It’s also nice to hear Celine talking about normal mom things, like lack of sleep, breastfeeding, changing diapers, etc and not that she is hitting the gym 4 hours a day with a personal trainer like other celebs gloat about after baby. Go Celine! PS – Celine, those babies are beautiful!

Anna on

I came home with a set of twins and I had a 3 year old and a 2 year old, my mom stayed with us for a week b/c she worked, it was mainly my husband and I, we did it. Whatever the circumstances having twins is a blessing, she’s just a little luckier b/c she’s a celebrity and can afford a little more. I’m really happy for her and the new addtion to her family, she’s wanted another baby for a while now.

Nina on

This is called CELEBRITY BABY BLOG.If you want the lifestyle that celebrities like Celine Dion have,then go work for it.Celine Dion came from a life of poverty and lifted herself out.Through hard work and determination.She has earned the life she has.Stop making up excuses for why your life sucks and go do something about.

CelebObserver on

If you don’t want to read about a celebrity, then don’t come to a celebrity site. If you want to come to a celebrity site just to criticize a celebrity, then you’ve got problems far bigger than you realize. If you don’t like reading about celebrities, but want to read about “real life, non-celebrity” mothers, start a blog of your own, get the rest of the Mommy Mafia to join and have at it. I am sick to freaking death of this inane bullcrap.

Celine is a celebrity. She has certain privileges in life and she’s worked hard and been blessed with the gift of an incredible voice, so there you go. She has the same rights to make choices in her life (as long as they are legal and pose no harm to her children) as any mother and she is just sharing her life, in words some people love to pick and tear apart like vultures, with the rest of us. She is not my favorite celebrity nor is she my least favorite, but I don’t know her to like or dislike her. I think she has a beautiful voice, am happy she has three precious gifts in her boys and would not make the exact choices in my life that she has made because I don’t have the same talents or privileges or life she has so what would I do if everything in my life was just like hers? I honestly don’t know.

It’s VERY easy to say what we would or would not do, or like or don’t like, about people whose lives do NOT mirror our own…but, we are just speculating and have no possible way to know what we really would do given the same exact life she has. There is a huge difference between coming to a site to give an opinion, good or bad, same or different, and coming to a site to cut people to ribbons or say what you “would do” instead of the celebrity or get out your microscope or magnifying glass to find a flaw you can blow into magnanimous proportions.

Bottom line is, you do not know WHAT you would do because you can’t have credible actions or reactions to a ficticious or speculative life any more than you can say how a baby should or should not be raised if you bring them up in a laboratory. It’s just not duplicable to real life! So, please just take your snarky barbs, that have no basis other than than pure, unadulterate b!tch!ness, to your shrinks and quit unloading them here. I need freaking waders to slog through the BS.

Meghan on

I find it SO annoying to come on here, read a lovely article like this one, and then find obnoxious comments. I didn’t feel like she was being disingenUous AT ALL. And it’s lovely that Mina’s mother managed to have a gaggle of children and cook and clean and raise such fine, upstanding (?) citizens while her husband was out boozing, but seriously. That is not the norm.

I had one baby, and my mom was over at my house every night for the first 2 weeks because my husband worked nights and I had a c-section and needed help. Even if I hadn’t had a c-sec, housework, etc is the last thing a mom with newborn(s) needs to be doing. Give it a rest, you negative posters! Why are there some people who feel the need to cut down celebs no matter what the content of the story? Green does NOT look good on you.

Cate on

You can’t tell me that if you have family close by and you are in contact with them, that when you have a child – or in this case, two children – that they will be around to help you out. I have five children; a set of twins and a set of triplets. The twins were five when the triplets were born. On both occasions, I had the assistance of my parents, my husband’s mother and our neighbors even took turns making meals for us, babysitting, taking the twins for a day if we needed to focus on the triplets for a bit. Speaking from experience, it’s unbelievably and incredibly helpful to have any and all assistance. I give her all the credit in the world. Best of luck to her and her family.

Cheryl on

oh boo boo hoo hoo

Jennifer on

I’m a twin myself and so I have an idea of how difficult it must be trying to raise two babies! Kudos to her!

Bullet on

@Rose – You’d be surprised what Celine does at home!! She was seen numerous times grocery shopping!!! She likes to cook too.

@Mina – Did your mom give interviews to medias from all over the world, prepare a French and an English album, and an upcoming show in Vegas while taking care of her kids…? Just saying…

Her attitude is truly spectacular for a superstar and even for a regular mom!!!

Debbie on

Give her a break. She’s a very successful entertainer who wants more than anything to be a successful parent, a good mother and bond with her new babies. Even tho she will never scrub floors, or toilets, or do dishes this does not affect her ability to be a loving mother. For now being a mother is her role…in a few months she will be back to performing and on stage and giving back to us! I love her and think she is an awsome performer! You go girl!!!

Anonymous on

I think it’s AWESOME that she is breastfeeding her twins! I remember being so overwhelmed breastfeeding my daughter, I could not imagine 2!!

Chris on

Wow lots of sour grapes out there about Celine. Like someone else said, hey she’s famous and that’s why she get’s this kind of press. Not only is she famous but she’s SUPER RICH too, ofcourse she can hire help for anything she needs. I think it’s great she’s in the trenches taking care of her twins, because she certainly could hire someone to do all the work if she wanted.

I frankly get more annoyed with people like Octomom who keeps having tons of babies without any regard or responsibility to the consequences of her actions.

I think Celine is a great role model for what a mother should be, a caring loving person, who can take care of their children both emotionally and financially.

Kathryn on

Does she really expect people to believe she has no hired domestic help whatsoever and cleans her mansion all by herself? Oh come on! Gosh, I’m really surprised she had time to do her hair and make up and all and then sit and pose for pictures & do an interview!

It really annoys me when celebrities try to take credit for doing things most of us do that they don’t.

Lisa on

It doesnt matter if she has help or not, she has EARNED it! She struggled for years to make it and now has and yea I wish I had zillions like her and help when I had my 4 children, but she is beautiful, talented, lovely and a great Mom she deserves every bit of happiness she gets.

Anna on

Wow. I had a baby the day after her, and i experienced the exact same thing. Sounds like it’s not post partum depression, just the baby blues. It went away within 2 weeks!

Lindsey on

Celine is the BEST mom to RC and the twins- she comes from good stock! Hang in there, Celine- the best is yet to come! The fans lurve you!

Eliza on

The critical ones sounds like they are jeaolus of Celine having a mother and sister who adore and support her, don’t hate if no one will do that for you. It obviously has nothing to do with money or fame.

Sahara on

I had my twins when I was 21,and Ill tell you this: ITS NO PICNIC!

I admire her!!

Vanessa on

I love Celine and how honest she is about everything! Wish I could see her in Vegas again…never say never though!

Lola on

Celine is just getting through a very normal stage in her life (but with twins) and she is honest about her attitude and thoughts – love that truthfulness! Money – she made it for her self and her family so it is nice that everyone is so helpful and understanding. Feel sorry that she has to go back to work so soon, though…

Yemisi on

I’ve got a lil girl & had to live with my Mom and two Sisters who were great help when she was born…

I was deny it, it was totally a difficult period for me but i managed to survive only with the help of these people…

Twins is twice more work, so kudos to Celine and I pray for more strenght for her since she’s an older Mom 2…

My love to all the Moms of singleton, multiple babies and children with special needs…

Marky on

I had help from my mother and my mother-in-law when my babies were born, and I was very grateful for it. Can’t imagine why anyone would begrudge Celine Dion the help and support of her mother and sisters after the birth of her children. Amazing what people can get so critical about.

If she can afford help with her house and shopping, good for her for giving someone a job who needs it, and giving herself a break. One of the biggest contributors to PPD is the idea that a new mom needs to have her baby, jump up and start doing laundry and shopping and whatever else, without any support. Why would any of us want that for another mother? If anyone can have help, they should, and no one should be bad-mouthing them for it, especially with twins.

Allie-Rose on

Maybe you have the entire interview because I clicked the link to the GALA article and there was nowhere near as much text as what’s up there. The names of her mother and sister are not even mentioned, nor the part about the mood swings and getting back to work.

In the French article, she talks about how thrilled René-Charles is to have baby brothers, how he can’t wait to play baseball with them, and how she’s taking care of her husband who is the one in charge of business, but inside the house, it’s her.

Steffalo on

If you read carefully, she states that it is with the help of her mother and sister that she is not having to worry about shopping, cleaning, cooking, etc. No where does this article say she is paying others to do her work for her. I see absolutely nothing wrong with getting help from your family whenever there is a new baby in the house, let alone two babies. And she is already looking at going badk to work. How can anyone complain about that? Really…

Puffin on

Completely agree with Nina, if you don’t want to hear about celebrities talk about their lifestyles then don’t go to a celebrity website! There are plenty of websites out there that celebrate and discuss mothers in more usual circumstances. Choosing to come here and complain about Celine’s lifestyle being “celebrated” is like writing about nannies in a thread about raising children with a minimum wage – it’s a waste of time and energy!

Kathryn on

Uh, a “regular mom” takes care of the kids, the house cleaning, the laundry, runs errands, cooks, does the grocery shopping and on and on. Does anyone really think Celine does all that and isn’t she lucky her mom & sister can do all that as I assume they do not work full time or have their own houses/families to take care of like most people do? Gosh, her hands look great for doing so much house cleaning and it does look like she managed to find the time to have a make up artist dab on a little for that photo! Come on, do you think maybe just maybe maids, nannies & personal assistants that “regular moms” do not have help her out with most everything? Isn’t she lucky she does not have to go back to working full time as fast as many new moms do and will not have to worry about child care while she is working? How many “regular moms” have nannies or will Celine drop the twins off at the local day care on her way to drop the older one off at school and then go to work? I am not saying she does not deserve the wealth she came by honestly by talent & working hard, but she should be honest and admit she has a lot of advantages real world new mothers do not have.

B.R on

they are her kids and she will take care of them, raise them, and not have 10 nannies doing it for her, i can really respect that. for all of you that are complaining “well she has help with the house work”, if you had her money all of you would too, and please do not say you wouldn’t. plus how different is it really hiring people to do it for you or having a family member or a friend come over and help you? at the end the result is the same, clean house, food on the table, and unlimited time for mama and the babes. so leave her be, unlike other people you read about you know this women worked for every last thing she has, and she has worked hard since she was very young, so if in this stage in her life she can afford help in order to have more time with her kids then i for one am all for it. it’s not like she is hiring someone to take care of her house and children so she can go out to party,to drink,to do drugs or to go into rehab for tenth time. she is doing it to be as good of the mother as she can to her kids, and to keep working and making money to support the life style she wants for herself and her family. so stop being so negative toward her, and if you want other women to have their own piece written about them MINA then go to another site, or read your local news paper, or better yet start your own site and only have things on there that you want, that make you happy, and stop spreading your negative dodo(lol) all over this site, you are making some of us really grumpy and i now you do it cause you get a kick out of people being female dogs and donkeys (as br always puts it oh dodo is her word as well, lol, prude)to each other. so for the record mina that makes you the biggest donkey of us all cause you started it.

sammy using b.r.’s computer just to drive her nuts and to see how mad i can make her, time for a new emotion i am just sooo tired and totally done with your sorrow, so on to anger we go :):):):):), hahaha, get a better password my dear old friend

Marie-Josee on

Come on, Celine is such a great person and mother. Of course RC is always by her side… This article is about the twins, does’nt mean she forgets her son… Have you heard of Jlo breastfeeding or being there 200 percent for her twins? Or Marcia Cross? Celine IS the real thing, even if she does have money and help… Her honesty and family values are what makes a difference… Great artist but foremost, great person!!!

Jay on

Good Lord, she acts like no one else knows what it’s like, plus look at all the help she has! Most women go at it by themselves and can’t afford help or have relatives to move in. Get over yourself Celine and stop the damn complaining, with all your hundreds of millions, gosh cheer up, your babies are HEALTHY, many are not. Can’t stand this foolish woman.

Carla on

As a mother of twins myself, kudos to Celine and to all other mothers out there who are doing it all. You have to admit, whether it be one or two or more babies, all brings each a new challenge. I gotta say, if I could afford the help I would definitely take it, especially the first three months which are the hardest (my babies are 5 months now) She seems to be doing well and good for her, and if she has her family to help her– thats great! My mom spent a whole week with me when they were 3 weeks old, not to mention my husband took parental leave for 2 months and we still found it trying– she seems to be in good spirits and THAT is what matters. Keep it at Celine… after a while you will be a PRO but take all the help you can get!

Elaine on

Breasfeeding one baby was hard work. Every 2-3 hours, he had to be fed and that took 45 minutes each time because newborns take forever! So in fact, you’re breasfeeding every second hour. Just imagine doing that with 2 babies at once! That’s a full time job.

i need a name on

I had to laugh when Celine mentioned the difficulty in opening and closing her tops quickly enough for breastfeeding. She is so tiny – I hope she has a nutritionist advising her on her food chooses. I give her credit for breastfeeding TWO babies !

Carmencita on

First of all Celine is too old to have twins! Second, she*s too tired of what? Telling her nannies what to do? C*mon, enough already this is bull-sh*t!
I think she should have stayed with Rene only, now he must be very jealous of his siblings, he*s at that age when he*s jealous of them or he will not give a damn about them, ever!

rolyat on

Here is a news flash. Celine never hid the fact in previous years that she still cooks for her family and cleans her own house. Does she have a cleaning lady to help ? Yes, but not on a daily basis. Even while performing in Vegas, she made sure a hot meal was on the table before she left at night to perform. She never forgot her poverty roots. And that you must admire. She does not have Nanny’s raising her children. She does it. And her Mother and sisters have been there to help. Sounds like my household while growing up to me.

sharonh on

Mina raises an accurate point. I had twins when my other child was 3. My husband was working out of state for the first 3 months of their lives. My mother was deceased and so was my mother-in-law. I did all the feedings, childcare for the 3 year old, cooking, cleaning, laundry, pet care(2 dogs, 2 cats and a bunny), errands and all the work involved in cleaning and leaving a house every time it is shown for sale as out house was up for sale. I am glad Celine is at least taking care of her own babies. I know she had 3 sisters and her mother at first and now, 10 weeks later, still have 1 sister and her mother present. Wow, she is lucky. If I were her I would have my high-priced lawyers working on a way to get me out of that Las Vegas contract. It’s not like they need any more money.

Cara on

I think it’s wonderful that this fabulously wealthy woman is choosing to care for her children with the help of grandma and auntie, which is normal and as it should be. She could well afford to hire nannies who could not love those babies like family can. Those children need to bond normally.

I also think it’s terrific that she is talking about her “baby blues” (and I hope she doesn’t have the beginnings of postpartum depression, honestly) … the world out there needs to know that women can develop neurological problems following pregnancy and that those problems lead to changes in mood and behavior. On an unrelated but related topic … sorry, Tom Cruise … the medical community does not agree with your opinions about depression and until you show me your medical (or even college !) degree, your medical advice means nothing.

Marija on

Love the article and the attitude – one suggestion though is that diaper change can be done by other people too. I was really happy back then if my mom changed my son in the first months while I eat or shower or just relax.

I was a single mom then but my husband would have been on diaper duty too!

Laura on

Let’s face it, people. If we had as much money as Celine Dion, we would have staff to assist us as well! She’s earned every dollar through hard work and perseverence, why shouldn’t she hire people to help cook and clean! No, that’s not the reality for most of us, but don’t deny the fact that most of us would do the same thing, if the means were available. I know I would!

martina on

It is time for the moderators to ban obvious trolls. By trolls I mean those who’s only goal is to upset people. It goes beyond “criticism” – it’s mean-spirited stuff obviously designed to stir the pot. The same people post something mean early on in response to various articles, and change the tone of this blog.

As for Celine, she is known in Vegas as the non-diva star. I don’t know it’s the same everywhere she’s lived, but she doesn’t have a cook nor a live-in maid. I remember how tough it was to take care of a newborn after a c-section. I can only imagine how it is with two. I am sure she can afford to hire plenty of help. But her philosophy seems to be a bit different – having grown up in a large poor family and struggling for years to become a mother, she wants to take care of the babies herself.

geraldine higgins on

congratulations and very best wishes

D on

Mina, I have twins and there is nothing wrong with getting some help to make it through those early times (and beyond). Clearly you have never been there, so you have no right to judge. I did not worry about the cleaning and making “home-made” meals when all I was concentrating on was making sure I could feed, change and cuddle with my babies (and sleep maybe an hour at a time). Do you think that anyone cares that for a few months my family had take out or microwave dinners? Get over yourself and perhaps you shouldn’t be so judgemental when you can’t speak from your own first-hand personal experience (just b/c your mom had twins doesn’t count!!).

ec on

She’s a kajillionaire – she almost certainly has a platoon of nannies, housekeepers and chefs to, you know, pitch in a little bit. Yeah, I’m jealous – but I’m right.

Kristine on

Women are so jealous of each other. She is a beautiful person inside and out and her children are so loved. Other mothers are just jealous

Twin Mom on

Unless you’ve had twins yourself, please don’t judge how difficult those first 6 months are, especially when you have an older child to care for. Laundry and housework were the last things on my list. It’s very time consuming having newborn twins, especially when both are crying for no apparent reason and you can’t seem to do anything to calm them down. My days were spent caring for my twins, making sure my oldest got his fair share of time and making sure everyone was fed and yes, catching up on must needed sleep. The household chores were my least priority.

catherine bolling on

My mother had seven children all close in age and the last two where twins.She had no help. Count your blessings!

Tiff on

She does what other mothers do all the time (less)…why is it deemed “special” because she’s a celebrity? Give me a break…she has someone to do all the other things that need to be done…Lady, you have no idea what it is to be a real mother to twins…Pat yourself on the back for doing less than half of the work…good job…

Debbie on

Not only do I think Celine’s blog is bogus…I think most of the people leaving comments are also bogus!! Celine got a mouth full from “real” people when she did her first interview as most people realize she’s full of it!! And I seriously believe these comments are mostly left by Celine’s “people” to try and regain her “ain’t she sweet” status! Get over yourself Celine…the world knows you haven’t cleaned house or cooked in decades. And it wouldn’t surprise many if you actually do have hired hands to breast feed your children and please don’t try and convince anyone you don’t have a nanny or two running around your home. No time for showering?? Who are you kidding? You have time to go back to Vegas in March though?? I have only three words to describe Celine…Phoney, Phoney and Phoney!!

Kandice on

Some people have to much PRIDE to say i need help… I was a single parent from the time i was 3 months pregnant with the closest family member being 700 miles away. I was very grateful when i went into labor 3 weeks early (i was very healthy 24yr who worked out 3 times a week) that my grandmother flew down to help me, and when she left my mother came down. Rather you have one baby or two or more i dont see why people care if your family comes to help and love on the babies. If celine wasnt famous no one would care. Normally when a woman has a baby the mother comes down… Of course we can do it by ourself and make dinner from scratch and wash clothes etc.. I struggle with one and nursed him i wished i had more help.

Kidnurse on

I can guarantee you that, if I could afford it, I would have cooks, housekeepers etc, with or without children! Good for her I say. Kids grow up too fast, and you don’t want to miss something by having to scrub a toilet. Housework can wait. She worked too hard to have children. She should enjoy them.

Andie on

As a mom of 13 month old twins that I am still nursing I can totally attest to the fact that it can be very overwhelming for the first year. And as any twin mom knows, unless you’ve been through it you can’t really appreciate the challenge. I love Celine’s honesty and can relate to all of her feelings. Thankfully she does have the means to hire help and have family supports; many women are not that lucky.

Shanny on

I think her saying she wants to be the one raising them means she doesnt have a nanny that does it all. There are so many celebrities these days that have a baby then hands them off to 2 or 3 nannies and a baby nurse.

There is nothing wrong with a little help from family. Especially with 2 newborns in the house.

jill on

I find so many things wonderful to hear about this article. For starters, how much honesty and love you can hear through her story. Also, that she has her family helping her during the beginning. You would be amazed at how many celebrities and even non celebrities have babies and have a night nurse meet them at the hospital. My friend does this for a living and is with a baby right now. So many parents can not be bothered because there life is number one. And that is for one baby….Celine has two. Also, I think it is wonderful that she is breastfeading. I know not all mothers can do this, so it is wonderful when those who can take the opportunity to do so.

This article is about the babies. It isn’t going to list everyone and thing in her life. It is only going to list what they asked her. So if they didn’t ask her anything about RC or her husband…..than it won’t be listed.

Mina, Is a pot stirrer if you haven’t noticed, which you might not She 99% of the time posts negative comments. Been doing this for quite some time.

The jealousy comment makes ZERO sense. People really need to find a new one. That is really a third grade come back. Please ladies find something new.

Sue on

I think it is awesome that she can handle breastfeeding twins! I am still breastfeeding my 6 month old little girl. It was so hard in the beginning with her, I cant imagins doing it with two! I think its great that she is keeping with it! I wish her and her family all the best!

shay on

Imagine….she has family who help her…she has money to afford the best nannies and servants around, and she is raising her babies without that kind of help…she has her family….I applaud any mother who doesn’t pass her children to other people to raise.
All you critics need to grow up.
To Mina…what a great mother you must have had….to have done all those things, but if we all pitch in and show the love we are supposed to as families should, no one should have to go it alone and do it all by themselves, especially if they can afford the help.
Grow UP!!!

Amy on

I had twins when my older son was 4. I couldn’t have done it without my husband and two sets of grandparents helping me to have a few minutes to shower, sleep and spend quality time with my older son. Having help from people who you love and trust is a gift to any new mom. Those of you who have done it on your own are truly remarkable women.

Patti STringer on

Please, Celine Dion does not cook or do housework – I am sure she has help – with her wealth especially – But why is she rushing to work – it is not like she needs the money – stay home enjoy your babies.

shay on

wow, such sour grapes….she has worked hard her whole life, using her talents, and money wisely to afford the luxuries she has…as women we should all look to her as a role model for making something of yourself and working hard at….she is no different…she is a working wife and mother…like most of America,…the difference is, she has made millions doing it…but her talent and hard work made her successful…and she’s got her family to support and help her after having babies…like most mothers would love to have….she doesn’t have nannies and cooks and cleaners…and if she wanted them she could afford them….she is not spoiled, she is enjoying the fruits of her labor…HATERS!

Toya L. on

There was absolutely nothing wrong with this interview, I swear women can be so catty. So she has help with her twins, big deal. I can’t believe some people feel that only the women who take care of their kids with no help should be the only ones who deserves a pat on the back. I think her system is awesome.

Couldn’t the argument be made that having a child *unless you were raped and do not believe in abortions* is a CHOICE and that those women don’t deserve a pat on the back either for taking care of a life they CHOOSE to bring into this world?

I am a mother of 4, with 2 under the age of 2. My husband works hard and a whole lot. For the most part I do all the cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, homework and the list goes on, without any outside help. Woopty Doo, that is what I am SUPPOSED to do as a parent. I made the CHOICE to have them knowing that I wasn’t going to have any outside help, so taking care of children I CHOOSE to have without any help is what I am SUPPOSED to do.

Karlee on

As a mother of 9 month old twins my husband was gracious enough and hired a maide and cook for me. So when he wasn’t home I would have help. I thank him every day for it.
When I tell people those few months were tough they laugh. I’m obviously not a really mother because I didn’t truly struggle because of my hired help.

Even with the help, I worried about a zillion of things concerning the twins, if they were breathing, if my breast milk was enough, how much they pooped,every little noise they made I was out of bed, also those late night feedings kicked my butt and I was a night owl. But I can those sweet moments looking down at my babies at 1 am and feeling my heart burst because I love them with my whole being. Having my mind blow away because I get to be their mom.

Though our experiences as mother’s may be different..I would hope many would know that my love for my children isn’t any less because I didn’t have to do any form of housework and just focused on them. Also what is wrong if you have the means to only foucs on your children when they are newborns. I was still exhausted even with the extra help,why????… I was taking care of my children…I wasn’t on the couch watching soaps and eating cupcakes, which is the messed up view that many women label me with. So much for supportive mother’s(roll eyes)

So please stop these childish comments that we aren’t regular mother’s if we have help. If some of you women only think that being a mother is the amount of landry,cleaning and food you make…You obviously don’t know what being a mother is actually about and I feel sorry for you.

Karlee on

Jay- Also do mother’s not have the right to complain about the hardships of motherhood and their struggles..even if she is a millionaire. I mean there is no way having a newborn can be exhausting at all if you are taking care of them. I mean we all know being a parent is the easiest thing in the world right???

It rubs me the wrong way that some of you super mother’s think she is bragging. Um she just gave birth it’s big news what do you think they are going to ask her. She isn’t saying ohhh I’m the first person to ever have kids or twins…she is being interviewed…and the first few month’s with newborns can be very similar to those super mother’s who don’t have help.

Anonymous on

Twins are a lot of work!! I’m very impressed with the money she has that she hasn’t hired help! I know if I had that kind of money I probably would have hired help when my boys first came home, for the night at least. It takes a lot of dedication to breast feed twins so kudos to her. They’re a lot of work but so worth it!

D on

@Mina-Celine is a great mother. She’s the best out there. Quite badmouthing her! It makes you look like a fool!

jamtx on

My Mother and Sister helped me too and I didn’t even have twins. BIG DEAL! Why are people always having to cut others down b/c they have money? Why are people so ignorant!

Stephanie on

Celine is what she is today because she worked hard for it. Regardless if you like her music or not, from what i read and ear on radio and tv (since i dont know her personaly) she is a great human being. Many celebrities should follow her exemple. She is in the news for the good reasons. She never hesitates to share and talk about how happy she is with her familly. When something is wrong, she is not hiding and will talk about it in interviews (like bad fashion lol) When did you read about Celine getting arrested for DUI, yelling at paparazzi or complaining that being popular is a pain? Never to my knowledge. Of corse, bad situations sell more then good news hmm? She is true to herself. If you dont like that then dont read articles about her. Anyway, she has so many fans, she will continue to survive without you buying her CDs

Celine tu es la meilleure!!!!

Indira on

Haters gon’ hate.

MG on

I don’t think the point of the article was to make it sound like Celine is the only mother who has gone through this. The purpose of the article was to look at how she’s adjusted to the twins being home. This isn’t a contest over who’s had it harder. Yes, she may have millions, but she’s still human & is at least taking an active interest in her kids lives. Non of you can honestly say that if you were in her position, you wouldn’t bring help in. She’s worked hard for what she has. Some of you need to get over yourselves.

fuzibuni on

Wow. Reality check folks. Do you have a clue how hard Celine Dion has worked throughout her career? Most of us would crumble under the amount of pressure she deals with. The woman is a total powerhouse. Youngest of 14 children, born into poverty, worked since 12 years old to prove herself musically, has sold over 200 million albums globally, and is one of the greatest entertainers in the world.

The lady has earned every bit of happiness in her life and deserves to have family help her with the twins. You can sit at home and complaining that she has it easy, but at the end of the day, she is Celine Dion… and you are not.

Suzy on

To have twins at 42 is vastly different than at 22 or 32. None of you critical ones have taken that into consideration in your condemnation of Celine. Also, many of us would hire all the help we could afford if it meant we could devote more time to caring for and bonding with our new infants. She probably pays her mum and sis for their selfless help as well. I am not able to find a ‘crime’ in this story.

Amy on

My sister has four children under the age of 9 and she manages to take care of the children, do all the housework and help her husband on the farm. She loves being a mom and wife and would give her life for her children. If someone can afford to have a housekeeper and chef, then that is their business. Celine Dion is a beautiful woman and she went through a lot to have all three of her children and should be commended for that.

maricela lopez on

My cousin delivered twin boys 10months ago , a single MOM no family just me and she managed all my herself, there were preemies, she is doing a hell of a job.

Today they weigh both 24punds and healthy, She does all housework ,cleaning, shopping with the twins in TOW so yes it can be done without help.

hayley w on

mina…negative…nooooooo , shock shock horror.

Unless you have twins you have no idea what its like, and blah blah she has money blah blah she doesn’t cook my left foot! Its her breast the are feeding off ..unless you numptys think she bought a wet nurse.

I hope she starts feeling more like herself soon, xxxx

fyi just because you don’t bring up your other child in a small interview means nothing , stop trying to stir it up . blehhhhhhhhh internet trollllsss lol

Nichole on

I’m breastfeeding one and I know that the extra help is much needed. I don’t know what I’d do without my husband to do the grocery shopping and the laundry. Sure, you can do it on your own but it is nice to have helps. You are also more likely to make breastfeeding more successfull if you have help.

Allison on

Oh yeah, well I have 14 kids and 3 sets of twins and 2 sets of octuplets and I clean my house and then clean the skid marks off the toilet and I cook all of our food on an open fire outside (while it’s snowing and raining and hailing)and my husband has no arms or legs and he works full time all while being blind and deaf and then he has to come home a feed the chickens,cows,horses and our ostrich.

Everyone needs to take a chill pill.

Justine on

I had twins 9 months ago and also have a three year old daughter. If it weren’t for my mom’s help, I wouldn’t have been able to breastfeed them for 6 months and give them the kind of attnetion that newborn babies require, not to mention the big sister, whose world turned upside down with the twins’ arrival. I consider myself very fortunate to have had my mom’s help, but I know not everyone is as lucky.

Jennifer on

Jay – No where in this article do I read that she’s acting like “no one else knows what it’s like”. She’s sharing her thoughts after the birth of her twins as she was obviously asked to do.

My mother and sister helped me after the births of each of my three children. My friend’s sister helped her after her twins were born. Seems like a normal thing to do when family is close by.

I’m also not rich but I pay someone to help clean my house every month (I do it the rest of the time). My husband and I spend this free time out with our children – guess that makes me less of a mother.

Sylvie on

Congrats on the twins! But if she really wants to give them 300% of her time, why is she going back to Vegas in March! Its not like she needs to work for a living! they already have more then they will ever spend! She should stay with her babies.

Daniella on

I don’t have any children yet since I’m only in grad school, but I can definitely say that I will take any help from family that I can get when I do. My mother has already said that she will stay with me as long as needed when I have my first child, and I’m fairly sure that my grandmother, aunts, and female cousins will help whenever they can if I live close enough to any of them. Hahaha, even my brothers have offered help if I very desperately need it. And if my future mother-in-law or sister-in-laws are willing, I would accept their help as well. I have no shame at all accepting that kind of help from family. That is what family is there for & it’s strict tradition in mine to help a new mother as much as possible.

And don’t forget about the husband either. I think women underestimate the ability of fathers to care for young children at times & I will expect my husband to help care for his child. There is no need for a mother to be a martyr if she has family members or friends who are close by & willing to help with the newborn, especially if you have to go back to work within two or three months like I will have to. I hold a great amount of respect for women who do have to do it all by themselves, but taking advantage of offered help is not something to be ashamed of at all.

Anonymous on

I read this site a lot, sometimes I leave a comment while reading certain articles. Mina is a name that i remember for often saying things to purposely irritate and annoy, Troll, whatever you want to call it.

And everyone else falls for it!

Gia on

She sounds like a great mom. I am sure that she has help around the house etc but just tending to (much less breastfeeding) twins is a full time job. Great to hear a celebrity sound so real.

jules on

People get off the celebrity trip. Céline is one of the wealthiest people in the world and is only trying to get people’s attention. The one that you should all feel for is her mother who had 14 children and raising them in poverty and that is the kind of a woman that you should all be celebrating not a celebrity with servants and I don’t know how many mansions. I don’t care for Céline whatsoever – a real show off. There are many moms out there who have raised children and didn’t have many homes, wealth, servants, etc. and were never given recognition. People get off the celebrity trip and think well of yourselves.

tam on

Sorry.. but I really doubt she was doing the housework and shopping for groceries BEFORE she had the babies. She should be the one taking care of them.. don’t see why that’s so extraordinary. Women every where, do it every day.

n0a on

People aren’t being judgmental. They’re just JEALOUS. My goodness, all this “I didn’t have what she has yadayada”… WHO CARES what you have or don’t, we didn’t click on the article to read about you. For the record, Celine Dion, who I’m not a fan of but whatever, has been working her little tush off since she was what? 13? The French remember when she was still unknown to the rest of the world. Just a little canadian “hick”, the youngest of 14 kids, with screwed up teefs and poor as hell parents that lived 14km from Charlemagne, Canada. For 30 years this woman has gotten up every morning to work for her passion and has made it. She get’s all my respect and I’m happy to see people like her happy and successful.

Meghan on

~welcome to the REAL world Celine!! You’re a mom now so get used to it.~ Lynn

Umm, @Lynn, Celine has been a mom for ten years now, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Also, as the youngest of 13 children born into poverty, who worked for and earned everything she has achieved, I’d say she knows more than you do about the REAL world!

sue on

Celine is doing a great job! She is 42 people not 22. I would have baby nurses and housekeepers and a cook if I were in her position. Kudos to her for trying to do so much herself and having her family help!

Manon on

Crystal – aggressive “much”?! Hate the grammar, btw.

Everyone is entitled to disagree on here if they want without this aggression. And if you did think the original posts were offensive, why not rise above it rather than answer in the same vein?

Misty on

Celine wanted these babies very much. Yes, she’s lucky in that she’s talented, so what if she has the money to have help? She obviously loves these children and wanted them, and I think it’s great that she is able to have the help to raise them. Blessings to her and her family. 🙂

unreal on

I can not believe the Celine bashing that is going on cause she has help…..wow…what a horrible person she is to actually have the LOVE of her family around her helping her out with 2 very precious babies! Who cares if she has a cook, or a maid, or a butler, or her mom or sister or who ever helping her and so-in-so’s mom did it all by herself! I know a woman who raised 16 kids by herself and her husband worked!! She isn’t asking for an award, it was just something she did! I say to Celine…”Congratulations on 2 very healthy babies (Especially at her age as I lost a baby when I was 40) and the best of luck to you and your family” How wonder to see something beautiful in this world….so stop the bashing of what she is doing…..

karine on

Céline’s sister Linda is living with her since Réné-Charles was born. She raised Réné-Charles (he called her second mama), linda’s husband is a chief and cook for the family. It’s great she has twins but I think it’s sad she’s going back so soon to Vegas for 3 year, I guess I would have to stop breastfeeding quickly.
On tv she said her son was sad because he’ll have to leave his school and study with skype !!!

elizabeth on

I think it’s sad she is rushing back to work like that. The twins are precious and a long time coming, she doesn’t need the money, why go and do a new show only a few months later??? Enjoy those babies and take a year or two off, that’s what bothers me. Is she supposed to be a machine? Babies grow so fast, stay home and savor every moment?? With all the wealth they have, why wouldn’t she?

Colleen on

What I have to ask is, why would the pooh-pooher’s be jealous? Because she is a celebrity, she’s had twins, or has a nine year old son? Because I am not jealous of that at all. Celebrities believe in lying. Saying one thing and practicing another. Do any of us actually know what goes on behind the closed doors of her mansion? No, we don’t.

And people are entitled to their opinions, whether they’re positive or negative.

Suzy on

Allison…super sarcastic, but made me laugh. So many bring up their self-promoting dramas, you’re right. I didn’t get that Celine gives a rat’s ass about competing with anyone to see who does the most and the best parenting job. She was just sharing HER experience with having twins at 42 years old and with a not-well, a geriatric husband, a preteen son, and a still-booming career.

Terri on

It’s almost never good when you see so many comments on any thread.

Personally I would take one, two, maybe even three years off, but Celine isn’t me and every mother should be able to make decisions for her family without judgement.

Buffy Hanschka on

Mina, Get a grip!!! At least she is a hands on Mom. If she wanted, she could get 4 nannies like that Camille person. And God Dammit if she can have the extra help, From Her Mother & Sister, more power to her. Her Mother and Sister, it’s not like she has some total strangers in and around her boys. Didn’t somebody say once, ” It takes a Village.” You need to remember that sometimes, it’s really hard to ask for help, and she had the courage to ask for help vs. paying somebody. Think about it, your mother didn’t ask for help, maybe she was afraid. If she had asked, maybe your father wouldn’t have been in the Bar every night!! So get over yourself. Some people never ever get home cooked meals, made from Scratch. So if you think about it, Drunk Dad and all, at least had real food.

Jen DC on

Man a lot of y’all are angry.

I don’t know what or who Celine Dion has in her house other than what I see or hear of on the news or whatever flashes like this I get. But I can tell you this: She seems to be enjoying the heck out of her fame, her work and her family. She seems to be at peace with the life she’s built for herself and that’s more than I can say for many of you who are bashing her without knowing (because unless you LIVE WITH HER, you don’t know) what’s really going on.

I’m glad she has the children she struggled for for so long. I’m glad her family is still close enough to her to want to be there for her and that she’s still humble enough to want to have them around. That’s beautiful.

I commend all you single moms out there, all you moms with hardworking husbands and no paid help. But just remember: We all have choices in life and yours was to bring children into the world, into your situation. Why are you hating on Celine Dion because her situation is (now) better than yours – at least financially?

Madea on

People, the Lord is not judging Celine. Why should we? Live happy and stop hating

Mom Of Twins on

Celine is so right, it is tiring but the joy of having twins is something only a “mother of twins” or mulitples would understand.

Kathryn on

I think the point is not that she has all that help and is not your typical new mom, it is that she did not acknowledge how fortunate she is to have all those people (other than family members) who do things for her that most of us do not have. I have great siblings, they all work full time & have their own famiies, so how would they drop everything to help me? I am not judging her because of her hard earned money or being able to afford help, I am judging her because she chose deceive and not to mention the many hired people that do things for her that the average new mom does not have. It seems most celebrities have amnesia when it come to giving credit to others who make them look good and make their lives easier.

soph on

Good lord, I’d hate to see how you women flip out on people in real life.

Sage on

Kathryn- I don’t uderstant you argument with judging her at all. Celebs have a whole village of people that work for them, do they have to mention everyone in interviews. She didn’t lie about anything she is givng her own personal experiences and if that bother’s you it smells like jealousy.

Colleen- So you are automatically dismissing what she is saying because all celebs lie? Try the whole human race including yourself, so should we really care about your comment or is it a lie.

pam on

what a hoot! there are plenty of ‘real moms’ with full time nannies, housekeepers, etc. there are plenty of real moms with family who love them and come help with a new baby in the family. why is it so hard to be okay with celine doing the same? if i won the lottery i would hire a slew of people to clean my house and keep it that way! i had twins while caring for three olders, and then had a couple more after them. and no, i could not afford full time help, but i sure did scrimp and save for someone to come be an extra set of hands and do the floors and bathrooms after my c section and let me just be mom and care for my kids. there is nothing wrong with having help. we are so pathetic! women of the past lived in groups and tribes and helped each other an no one was all “oh, i did this all alone” because no woman had to! she had her family near and we took care of each other. women today are such unkind females to each other always looking for a reason to be one up and put someone else down. instead of helping each other, we tear each other down. it is sad really. progress only to regress. i have seven kids with a set of twins in the mix, when i could afford help, i hired it. and i am a regular real life mom who does do her own toilets, shopping, and cooking. and i do not begrudge anyone the ability to hire that stuff out!!

me3 on

Mina is a jealous (secret) celeb hater. Makes her feel better to put others down. I’m glad for Celine, especially since she tried so hard to have these babies after some sad losses.
Mina, your green is showing!

Maria on

What about her husband? No mention of how hands on he is being.

B.J. on

noa – Well written and beautifully stated! She has worked harder than most people all of her life, if she is getting help with her twins now, then I think she deserves all the help she can get.

Alexia on

It’d be utterly shocking to stumble upon an article where Mina has something positive to say. If a celebrity’s life makes you so upset and defensive then why come to a website that exlusively highlights celebrity parents and their children? It’s clear that you like to stir the pot.

Perhaps it’s time to find a hobby.

darina on

how beautiful it is, when women, so famous like Celin Dion,turned out to be so similar to the ordinary one’s when become mothers…she is right – it is a constant joy!

Rae on

To the individuals who are questioning whether Celine does her own shopping. YES, she does. She has been seen multiple times in Florida shopping at the local grocery stores when they previously owned a home here.
Those who are critizing her must not have children of their own. I had one baby and when my Mom offered her help, you best be sure I took her up on it. I think it’s wonderful that her Mom and sister are able to help her and be there to bond with all three of Celine’s children.

Jan on

She does have huge payroll, her family.
The REAL MOTHERS ARE THE POOR ones of the world THAT DONT have this.
Cleaning and the Shopping for her lovely.
Cooking? Where’s dear old DADDY?

Lynn on

Celine should get over herself. She should see how us ‘regular’ moms do it all-we clean our own homes,cook food for our family,grocery shop and take care of the kids without any help.
Celine is such a lying fake and phony. She has no clue what it’s like to really be a mom. People do it all the time with out the help Celine has. If she finds it so damn hard to have kids and do housework,she shouldn’t have had them.

Lynn on

@ martina -that was such a funny comment-ban people from posting their opinions? Because they don’t agree with you they shouldn’t have the comments posted-how silly.

Lynn on

Mina is entitled to post her opinions just like you whether positive or negative. I also happen to agree with her.

Alexia on

Then Jamie, maybe it would be best to visit a website geared towards everyday mothers as opposed to celebrities.

Kellie on

Jan- You sound like a tool, how dare you say someone isn’t a real mother because she may have help. So am I not a real mother because I’m not poor and make a good chunk of change??? So please stop your sob story because I am playing the world’s smallest violin for you.

Barbi- Oh shut up seriously can you be any more dense. Yeah women do it without help(BRAVO)so what, and some women do it with help(BRAVO) so what??? If the kids are loved, parent’s are involved,shown guidance and aren’t neglected, WHAT THE HELL IS THE PROBLEM???

Mimi on

Get a life Celine. I grew up in the same area in Quebec as she did and if she was there with those 2 young babies she would have to suck it up and make things work. Instead she is in some compound in Florida with all the help she can ask for. Wow – if we could all have the perks that she has. I was an older parent as well and I managed. Now she is announcing a new Vegas show? Must be nice. Who will take care of her kids while she does that??

MaliasMom on

As a fan of Celine’s for many years, I have followed her career and little bits of her life that she shares with her fans. There are many photos of her, both in Florida and Las Vegas, shopping for her family. The only help she has, as far as daily tasks, are her family. As previously stated, her brother-in-law is the family cook, and her sister helps with Rene-Charles, but for the most part, Celine is a wife and mother when she is not promoting her “brand”. What’s wrong with having the help if you can afford it? As a single mom with a 6 yr old, I would have loved to have that when she was an infant. Stop Hating!

Sarah on

I’ve noticed several posts saying “At least she didn’t hire a nanny”
What’s wrong with hiring a nanny? I am a nanny, working with a “regular mom”. I take care of her daughter while she works. Nothing wrong with that. If people choose to hire a nanny to care for their children so be it. Nannies are wonderful people who take care of children not because they have to but because they WANT to.

LisaS on

Celine has worked hard to get to where she is today. So if she has the money to hire an army of nannies, maids, cooks, chauffeurs, butlers, what have you, she has every right to do so. She’s earned that money and she can spend it however she wants to, whether the lot of you like it or not. If I could afford it, I’d hire someone else to cook and clean and do my laundry too.

Sit here and disapprove and judge her all you want but I doubt she gives a fig about what any of us think. The only opinions that matter are those of her family and lucky for her, they obviously love her because even with all her millions, they’re there giving her that help for free.

Carol Senal on

She can afford plenty of help. I know twins are tough but most people don’t have the luxury of hiring a Nanny for each child.

Sweetbrat70 on

Its very exciting that Celine and her husband have been blessed with these two beautiful babies. I commend her for the hands on mother role. That is how it should be, tiring as it is, its rewarding just the same. I do have one question and its not meant to be negative, just something I have noticed and wonder if anyone else has noticed that in the two published pictures of Celine with the twins, she only holds one and the other is on a pillow? I find this unusual. If you are posing for pictures of your brand new beautiful children, why not hold both?

Elizabeth on

She’s an amazing, caring, loving woman and she has a lot on her plate even as a celebrity. Thankfully, she has family to help. I don’t think returning to Vegas in March, however, is wise—too soon in my opinion.

Nicole B on

I think that people have a right to an opinion but in reality no one knows what goes on in Celine’s home. People just speculate. And I think if you don’t have multiples then don’t judge. I have 6 month old twin boys that were born premature plus a 4 year old daughter. It isn’t easy by far because I work and go to college and I do choose to take the help that my family offers me. Does that make me less of a mom? Nope it doesn’t. I still carried my babies, birthed them, and make sure they are taken care of. Until you have walked in other’s shoes, don’t judge. If you don’t want to hear things from a celebrity’s prospective then don’t read. She has earned the money she has and she deserves to spend it on what she wants whether it be help in her home or what not. She shouldn’t be verbally beat down for that.

patricia adler on

celine is so real! i sat next to celine and her family at the dog track. it was her fathers birthday. she asked us to join in singing happy birthday . she shared the cake with us too! love her!

Donna on

It’s no secret how much Celine has always loved being a mother. I am so happy for her that she now has 3 lovely children who will bring her and her family much joy. Yes, children do sometimes tires us out, annoy us, give us sleepless nights, etc. but I don’t know of any mother (including myself) who would consider their precious gifts as anything other than the great joy sof their life.

Elizabeth on

This site caught my attention today because I love Celine and have followed her success for a number of years. But I also wondered (as did Sweetbratz) why she always holds one baby and the other is on a pillow. It is probably nothing but it is noticeable.

On the other hand, Kudos to her and her hubby for their new addtions.

Kim on

Wow, there always has to be a few resentful, jealous old hags that chime in here. Hopefully none of them have children to pass along their bitterness genes to…

Sonya on

Barbi- I assume you personally know her in order to trash her so badly. That is crap. Twins are hard work. No one can breastfeed for her

Kim on

I hope the people on here with the negative ,toxic, bitter comments know that your negative energy affects your childen ,even newborns.I will pray for you and your children

Joan on

Everyone really needs to get over themselves. If you had the opportunity to have help with your children and you pass it up to be a “super mom”, then you’re a fool. Period. She comes from a huge family and god knows how many of them she has helped personally and financially. So give the woman a break. She’s not any less of a mother because she’s financial stable enough to have them go shopping for her or have help. Stop criticizing the very thing you would do if you were in her position.

coleen on

Come on – do you think she EVER had to worry about cooking, cleaning the house or doing laundry?! Oh..maybe she worried about who was going to do it, but not her. I don’t blame her as I would have hired help if I had her life too. I have no doubt she treasured being a mum again as it’s hard to have someone else do that for you. I am happy for her and those babies are very very lucky!

nina on

funny she forgets to mention she has 24/7 help. even before she got pregnant. i know someone who was one of the many rotating help

oldmomtoo on

Hi, I am very happy for Celine and all moms who WAIT until they are ready in all areas to have children! However it bugs me when celebs with their means do not adopt children which can be done even when planning in-vitro, surrogacy. etc. If you want to be a parent so badly, why not? You don’t have to go as far as Angelina Jolie, but adopting one or two from the country of your choice would help. Yes, kids can grow up and become criminals but so can those you give birth to. My hope is that these twins will grow up very healthy, happy, and hard working.

Lover her on

Mina, no need for jealousy. There are people in her life who are willing and able to help her out. Kids are difficult to raise. I’m sure she would manage without the help, but she hasn’t had to. Good for her. Anyone in her position would be crazy not accept help. I love Celine. She is real, and she can admit her weaknesses without shame. Good for her.

Laura on

I had my preemie twins 5 days after octomom. Twins are a blessing and a lot of work. Celine sounds like she is doing a great job. It will get better. I laugh every day watching mine interact with their 7 year old brother. Keep up the good work celling! You are a strong woman.

nattycountry on

Well, first congratulations to Céline and her husband for the newest additions to their family ! In this article, she share her impression and experience for taking care of her twins. I’m not a mother but I know from listening friend’s experiences that it’s pretty tough for a year when you have one. Two and breastfeeding, I can’t imagine !!! But at least, she’s taking care of them and didn’t hire an army of nannies (like some others celebrities: JLO, Angelina Jolie…) and I don’t have a thing against them, they are very helpful when you’re working.

Of course, she can afford a batallion of helps but ladies BE HONEST who like doing chores when you can have help.

Her family is very important for her and who else can she trust with her kids if not members of her family (and when you’re a celebrity trust and loyalty might be something hard to find !). But she’s still human and knows that life is pretty hard (even with her wealth): her husband had or have health cancer problems, endured some sad experiences before bringing those beautiful babies into the world and a decade ago or so, she lost her 16 years old niece who had uncuring decease (she was pretty close to her). So, for her, I think it’s important to be a mother and be a big part in her children life.

As for coming back to soon on stage and not enjoying her boys, it would be too soon for any other mother but she won’t have a 9 to 5 job !!! Her shows in Las Vegas are on evenings and she will be able, with assistance, to take care, enjoy them, watch theirs progresses. It’s not like she was on tour.

Heather on

I think its nice to have family help but RUDE to be a multi millionare and have your mom and sister clean and shop? Seriously hire a maid at the very least! A chef, a personal assistant you shouldnt have to make family do your clean up and errands when you are that rich and only when its something special like a meal here or there they all love or a special shopping trip. RUDE and cheap!

carol kesling on

celine& family, god bless you and your entire family.. gongrats on the twins:)))) love you lots.

Gram2Grls on

Good grief, these comments went downhill fast. I don’t know Celine, so I don’t know what’s real or not real. But, I just don’t get all the anger on here. There are a lot of scary, angry mothers out there. I just want to read the article. I think I’ll close my eyes and block out the comments from now on.

HC on

What an honest interview. Good for her. So glad to hear someone admit it isn’t always the easiest of times, yet still sound happy. Sounds just like any other mom of a newborn or newborns! Best wishes to her and to her family.

Stacy on

Good grief, leave Celine alone about the ‘help’ issue. I am a ‘normal’ mom – not a celebrity and not wealthy- and I have a nanny who helps with my kids and the housework. And mine are all in school! There is nothing wrong with getting help if you need it or want it. I personally think Celine is crazy if she doesn’t have a housekeeper and maybe even a personal assistant, with all her money. Why not make your life easier so you can spend more time with your children?

doris on

Mina–did you forget that Celine is one of the greatest entertainers and that equals extreme and tremendous work??

JoAnn on

Are you kidding me? Do you all truly believe this diva takes care of her own children. Of course she nurses them, she is the only one who can. After she nurses them, be certain, she is handing them over to a nanny. Just because a “star” says something in an interview, why do so many people believe it? I have been a nanny for many years and I know the truth about these rich people. The pictures you see rarely show the real person raising these children. Its all smokes and screens, just like magic.

Alice on

Celine has been a very honest celebrity ..that’s why there’s a lot of criticism for any detail she gives out..people just tend to lavish it on her.. She is a celebrity and there is nothing wrong with getting help from family members.. twins are a handful and they need attention and care.. this however doesn’t degrade mothers who do it without ANY help.. but it tends to be TIRING.. plus what’s SO worng about family cooking and helping each other out?!! it’s WAY better and makes the family closer..I don’t know why people tend to forget that celebrities just can’t easily juggle both worlds!!.. Celine has been a great mom for RC, she is sensititive and passionate and she waited like forever for Eddy and Nelson..So plz cut it out!.. I just wish her all the best and wish that she can relax more to give a hell of a show in Vegas and I am so glad that she has time for her twins.. God bless them all, the Dion family ❤

Beatrice on

I’ve spent the better part of 1/2 hour just reading all the comments about Celine.

Dion and her twins, Rene Charles & her help. What’s wrong with you people?

She’s 42 and had TWINS..Hello, this something that should be done by a 25 year old. having one baby at 42 would be taxing, having 2 is a bit more difficult. {she didn’t do it the easy way either, like most of us did – she worked hard for those little bundles of joy} Be thankful, not jealous, that she comes from a loving family continuing their loving ways. That’s what family does.. take care of each other. It doesn’t matter that she has star status. She has much more going for her. She has FAMILY STATUS. Something much, much better than being a super star. She has enough money and could easily hire “outside” help, but THIS is a special job & the job has special requirements – family is the best way to go!!!

Maybe, all of you who have a problem with her happiness should take the time to just close your eyes and put yourself in her place. Performing isn’t as easy as you might think. It’s very hard, you must be totally UP for the performance time. There are hours of preparation, learning new music, dance routines, etc…..
If you all have problems with this woman’s life, and don’t want to do housework for a day or so, my suggestion would be to do what either Erma Bombeck or Joan Rivers (not sure which one) suggests. Keep old “GET WELL” cards in a convenient drawer and when company comes unexpectedly, just stay in your robe & slippers, grab the cards and put some of them upright, THEN answer the door. Who knows , depending on the friend, you could get some help with running the sweeper. After all, you’ve been sick and any good friend will help you out.

RM on

If she’s managing the twins all by herself, she’s doing well. I have twins that were born prematurely- like hers. Two babies that are a smaller size can be a lot more demanding that a single full term infant.

Amanda on

Mina the violin is hurting my ears *eyeroll*

zappo on

OMG! I don’t know why some nasty nellies come on this website to begin with! The whole website is about celebrities, not everyday people, hence the name of the website. Alot are angry at the wealth she has earned , yet I will bet if it was their money, it would propbably be ok. Ugly, ugly women in this post this evening. I would hate to meet most of you in person if this is how you act when not hidden behind the safety of your computer comments. It’s hard for some people to get past their own insecurities to feel happy for someone who is so joyful and grateful for her blessings.

B.R on

wow people are getting rude on this site. How about this we stop judging people until we meet them or speak to them. Not everyone that has money abuses it and spends it like it’s nothing. My husband has more money that he ever hope to spend in a life time, but we choose a simple life, why up north, away from cities, Hollywood and parties. We both cook, clean, take care of our dogs, polar bear (don’t ask it’s better that way and our son, just like any other family other. The only difference is our house and cars are paid for, and we have a very different back balance from most people in this world. We shoppe, cook, clean, do community events, lend a helping hand when ever we can, to as many people as we can, diver our son where ever he has to go, same with his friends. We are a family just like any other. As is Celine and her family. She has worked hard for everything she has so stop, just stop with all the rudeness, disrespect, and bashing of her and each other.

Jennifer on

Congrats to Celine. I didn’t know she had her twins already. She made life choices and worked hard for her life. Much happiness to her and hers. Why hate because she worked hard and had some lucky breaks. Maybe in the next lifetime everyone who is sooooo jealous can do the hard work she had to do to get where she is.

Angela on

Congratulations Celine, I wish you all the best maternity period and your lovely babies Nelson and Eddy. Enjoy the blessings of motherhood and may God bless your whole family, Angela BC, Vancouver

KPR on

If women cannot support each other … then how can you believe you are entitled to being supported by the rest of society? Just asking …..

Mindy Coleman on

What a bunch of cry babies. And I am talking about some of the comments. This is a beautiful singer, wife and MOTHER. Some of you people need to get a grip. Why are some of you people so fast to judge people?? God has given this woman a freedom of speech and she is as honest to the public as anyone. If you are not interested in reading about these people, then don’t go into the site. She is human and she needs none of you jealous ones to condem her. Go into a corner and hide your face, she or anyone else wouldn’t be interested in hearing your petty comments. Maybe take a walk…………