Spotted: Sarah Jessica Parker Totes Her Twins

01/05/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

Bundled up Broderick babies! Sarah Jessica Parker and a nanny take the twins — Marion Loretta (l) and Tabitha Hodge (r) — for a West Village walk on Tuesday in New York City. The actress and her 17-month-old budding fashionistas even made a stop at Marc Jacobs! Parker, 45, and husband Matthew Broderick are also parents to son James Wilkie, 8.

Bauer Griffin

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Bauer Griffin


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Naita on

OMG,they are ADORABLE!!

Now I want to have twins! LOL

Jacqui on

Pretty nanny!

kmb on

those girls are absolutely beautiful!!

Manal on

how freaking adorableeeeeeeeee! i want twins too!

Lacey on

They’re little Matthew’s. How cute!

Katie on

That’s what I was thinking Lacey. They look like Matthew! Cute!!

crg on

Yeah, there’s no doubt they are his children!

Tee on

Oh, they are so adorable! Sweet picture!

Chloe on

Wow I think Marion really looks like Matthew Broderick, both are so cute!

Terri on

They’re both so cute, but I just wanna pinch Tabitha’s cheeks!

M from CA on

I wonder if they are her biological daughters. They look like their dad!!

stephaie on

Adorable kids the nanny is young and attractive.I prefer a older nanny to take care of the twins.

Shoshana on

ADORABLE!!! Love SJP and all her children!!!

Brooke on

Could Loretta look ANY more like Matthew?

Mama on

Little buttons!

Maddie on

The nanny is pretty! I like when celebrities are photographed with their nannies, because at least they are admitting they have help. I wonder how this nanny starting working for Sarah? I find it funny how their hair is streaked in the same way, lol. Maybe that’s a nanny perk? Marion looks more like Sarah than Tabitha, but the twins still look so much like Matthew!

ali on

I don’t see Sarah in them at all. I wonder if they used donor eggs. Hmmmm.

Stephaie…insecure much?

Maddie on

Stephaie – just because their nanny is young and attractive, it doesn’t mean she’s going to steal Sarah’s husband away…. that’s just buying into the young nanny stereotype, IMO.

I’m a preschool teacher, who’s young – and often this is a plus of the job because you have enough energy to keep up with toddlers (and children in general). And with *twin* toddlers, you need twice the amount! Nannies tend to work long hours as well… the nanny is probably very good at her job, which is why they hired her. I’m sure both parents would have interviewed her or at least consulted with each other about which nanny they were both comfortable with. You need to trust the person taking care of your children. It sounds like you may be a little insecure…

Shoshana on

stephaie: have you by any chance seen the second Sex and the City movie? There’s a small sub plot regarding Charlotte’s insecurities about her young, attractive nanny (who doesn’t wear a bra). You might find it interesting, especially since..(**small spoiler alert**) the end, all is well, because not only is the nanny great, but she’s also a lesbian — thus making Charlotte feel much better. Just thought you’d find this interesting, based on your earlier comment. 🙂

Lacey on

I’ve noticed that celebrity nanny’s look like their employers. Like Gwen’s nanny and this one.

Annie on

Her girls are so cute! I hope she can keep up with them in 9 years when they’re 10 and she’s 55.

Julie on

I think that they are definitely not her eggs they used but a donor’s with Matthew’s sperm

Jacqui on

Annie, I don’t know how old you are, but apparently you don’t know anyone who is 55, in good health, good shape, happy and positive. You think she’s going to break a hip bending down to give them a hug?

Holiday on

The nanny doesnt look all that young to me. She appears to be close to 30. Personally I would prefer someone that age then an old nanny! The girls are adorable, very cute.

Rachael on

@Holiday… she doesn’t look that young, close to 30?! Since when is 30 old?

Cute kids, I’m glad to see them out and about, I imagine they live quite the life!

ELO on

Super adorable girls!. They do look exactly like Matthew. However…

Julie- Just because they don’t look like Sarah doesn’t mean they used a donor. None of my 3 siblings look anything like either of my parents.

Annie- My mother is almost 56 and is better shape than many women half her age(including me). She exercises and takes care of herself and is as spry as a slinky.

Mia on

They def. used her egg + his sperm-it was reported it multiple interviews. One looks like her + the other like Matthew. The surrogate (it in most cases) is just a “host womb”.

CelebBabyLover on

ELO- Exactly! I look like a female version of my dad…..and almost nothing like my mom. Likewise, my brother looks very much like our mom….and almost nothing like our dad. But rest assured, both of our parents are our biological parents!

Also, SJP just recently pretty much confirmed that the twins are biologically hers by saying in an interview with Elle Magazine: “They looked surprisingly different from James Wilkie [her son, 8], which I wasn’t expecting.” Obviously if she’d used donor eggs, she wouldn’t have been expecting them to look much like James Wilkie! 🙂

Anyway, the girls are adorable, and Loretta is a mini-Matthew!

CelebBabyLover on

I also meant to say this: Does it really matter who’s eggs these sweet little girls are from?

Gemma on

So cute! The girls look just like their brother did at that age….and he was carried by Sarah Jessica 🙂

Dickie on

I look nothing like my mom. Does that mean my mom used donor eggs? Some people just think too simply. Biology doesnt work that way.
These babies are so darn cute. So happy for SJP.

Dickie on

BTW, could that be a sister or niece? SJP has like ten siblings!

Shannon on

Tabitha looks just like her big brother! Cute girls!

Lauren on

Tabitha looks a bit like James! What cuties!

annachestnut on

The nanny is average looking. The readers are reacting to her relative youth. We are a youth oriented society so young automatically equals pretty and old age equals ugly (by default).

Marie on

I am a 40 + Mom & have more energy than some 25 yr. olds. Also, I was just pregnant again as well, on my own.

Annie on

Love seeing SJP and her family. (different annie)

Minami86 on

Regarding the egg debate, many children take the features of only one parent. Genetics is a funny thing. My mom is mixed with German, spanish & french creole & she’s 5’10 & my dad is black & he’s 5’7. My older sister was born with red hair & I was born blonde & we both have a light tan complexion & we both look like our mother feature wise. My sister is 5’4 & I’m 5’9. The running joke in my family is because I’m so tall, all my kids will be short. It all depends on my boyfriend’s genes when we get married.

Even if SJP & Matthew used donor eggs, these little girls were wanted & they’re being loved & very well taken care of! =D

Waverly on

annachestnut: actually, we’re more of an appearance-oriented society — and I think you just proved it, haha 🙂

Rose on

@Rachael: She didn’t say 30 was old. She said it wasn’t young. I’m 30 and I don’t consider myself young. I don’t consider myself old either. I’m just somewhere in between.

Michelle Z. on

SJP said in an interview soon after the girls were born that one of the girls looked like her/had her coloring and the other looked like Matthew. That statement led me to believe that the girls were conceived with SJP’s eggs and MB’s sperm.

I think Tabitha’s eyes/nose/mouth looks so much like James Wilke, but her face is a little fuller. JW has always been such a slender little fellow.

Laura on

I agree with Maddie.

I’m 22 and a nanny and I would never touch my boss’s husband. Minus the fact that he repulses me beyond belief, I have morals. I think if you’re secure in your marriage, a younger, attractive nanny would not be an issue…

I also agree that you need a lot of energy to keep up with a toddler, let alone two! I saw an older woman attempting to keep up with one child at the park and it just wasn’t happening.

vicky on

Tabitha and Loretta Marion are such beautiful names!

JMH on

I did IVF and have boy/girl twins as a result. It is fun to guess which features the child has inherited. Also, I am an identical twin and have a certain fascination with who looks like whom. At any rate, as far as love and parenthood goes it absolutely does not matter if the egg was a donor egg or not! But it is something that would be of interest to people like myself who tried to have children at an “older” age (I was 36) whether or not the eggs worked out (if they were indeed SJP’s.) That matters only as a point of interest, not as a matter of how much she is their mother or not.