Spotted: Nicole Richie’s Two for One

01/04/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Walk this way!

Newlywed Nicole Richie leads her little ones — Harlow Winter Kate, 3 next week, and 16-month-old Sparrow James Midnight — out of an indoor playground after a play date Monday in Los Angeles.

Richie, 29, wed Joel Madden on Dec. 11 at her father Lionel Richie‘s California home. “It was magical,” she told PEOPLE, while Madden added, “It was the best night of my life.”

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Sahara on

I love,love,love this family!!

smiley on

Awwww!! Nicole and Joel’s little one’s are so adorable!

Pamela on

Beautiful children! Sparrow is going to be a heart-breaker!!

Brooklyn on

Adorable! Love all 3 of their outfits!

Lis on

So happy Joel and Nicole got married and are setting a good example for the little ones! Those babies are SOOO cute!

Lola Marie on

Aww I love Rows little jacket…he’s so adorable!! Nicoles outfit is suuuuper cute too, love it!!

IMO on

They are so cute!

There are many examples to set for your children and getting married isn’t necessarily one of them!

Waverly on

IMO: Actually, getting married is extremely important for people who have children. There are tons of legal benefits (for both the kids and spouses) that go along with marriage. While “setting a good example” may not be the best way to phrase it, it is definitely something that’s beneficial for everyone.

And to add to everyone’s comments, they are SOOO cute!

JM on

very cute kids! 🙂

Betsy on

I wonder what those kids feel about cameras and paparazzi. And, how they feel about it as they get older. I feel bad for the celeb kids. If kids in my town were incessantly followed the public would be up in arms. But I guess all bets are off as long as you are in a famous family. Who cares that they are kids, just snap away, buy the pics, show the pics.

B.R on

They are a very cute family but I am with IMO, there are other ways to set good examples for your kids, marriage isn’t necessarily one of them. If every one had equal rights when it came to marriage and would get the same legal benefits from marriage then maybe, but even then a healthy, happy, supportive relationship, on both sides, is more important then any piece of paper. Until equal right for all are in place marriage is just another way of showing your children the unfairness of this world and the laws within it. And if you don’t explain things to them it’s teaching them to treat differently/discriminate against homosexual, bisexual, and transgendered people, since the government of the very country you live in does it every day.

On the happy note I am glad that they found each other, a person to spend the rest of your life with and that they are happy together. I couldn’t think of a cuter couple. I wish all four of all the best in the future. Many, many years of health, happiness and joy ahead.

Indira on

Here we go….

Nicole Richie is so fashionable. Such a casusal outfit with that splash of color. Too cute.

CelebBabyLover on

The kids are adorable! 🙂

Dee on

Setting a good example for your kids to me means getting an education and letting them see the value of going to school, not smoking, not abusing alcohol and drugs while they are around, being respectful to your spouse and not saying negative things about them to the kids.

Teaching kids to give back, to clean up after themselves, to waste not and want not, to share, to volunteer, to help in their community and to respect themselves, property and others all by doing these things ourselves.

That being said marriage is not necessary as an example to anyone. Children in a relationship should not be the deciding factor that marriage is suitable for two people. You can have a long, healthy and successful relationship with kids and not be married. The idea that so many people still harp on this old fashion idea is so weird because this is 2011 and not 1811 where one could be outcasted for being a “bastard” child or unwed parent (mother).

Some unions work after kids and thats fine but there is also a great majority that dont and who suffers in the end???? The kids!!! Kids can still be covered on a parent’s insurance or be claimed or whatever happens in the states, but marriage is not necessary.

Marriage is simply not for some people and besides, after being together for a while in the eyes of the law you are already considered common-law (granted these days you have to claim it, nevertheless if you live years with someone, share kids and your life….you are married).

I am happy for Nicole and her family regardless if they had gotten married or not she has matured into a wonderful mother and that gives me hope for the rest of the “lost” Hollywood girls right now, especially that Lindsay!!!! Beautiful family 🙂

B.R on

CelebBabyLover please come back to us. I have read the nasty comment someone wrote about you in the Natalie Portman story, and all of your comments have been really short since then. Just so you know that comment was uncalled for, most of us here feel the opposite, I for one love reading all of your posts and how you see what others have said. And I do truly miss reading your opinion. On a personal note thank you for believing me, about who I am, about my dear friends, but most of all thank you for standing up for me when my anger was getting the better of me and I was not able to do it myself. That alone shows your true character. Your never ending beauty, goodness, and respect comes through in all of your posts. You truly are an amazing and kind person, please don’t ever change.

jill on

IMO: Actually, getting married is extremely important for people who have children. There are tons of legal benefits (for both the kids and spouses) that go along with marriage. While “setting a good example” may not be the best way to phrase it, it is definitely something that’s beneficial for everyone.

And that is your opinion…..I disagree. I feel that two people should get married because they want to….having children should have nothing to do with this. Getting married for other reasons is WRONG. Legal benefits….that is a reason to get married? Hmmmmm……. It is a big ole shame that not everyone in this country is given the same legal benefits. Neil Patrick Harris and his partner are parents but aren’t married, so why it is “extremely important for people who have children to be married?” Will something happen to their children? What will happen to the children of parents who can’t legally get married in this country?

My aunt had a child, she divorced because she finally admitted that she was a lesbian, her ex left her and her child for good and she met and has been with her wonderful partner for 20 years. So, my cousin didn’t have the option of his parents being married because his “father” ditched him. And his parents legally can’t marry. He is 28 and an awesome adult. Not looking to argue, just trying to really understand the logic.

jay on

Wow, B.R, you sound like you’re in love with CBL. Or obsessed with her.

IMO on

Dee……I wish this had a like button like Facebook!!!!
Waverly…..not really seeing what legal issues have to do with anything!
B.R…..I agree about equal rights and teaching children all about them.

MiB on

@IMO, I do see why it is important, legally, to be married when (or preferably before) you have children. When I was 12 or so, there was an unmarried couple, who had been together for several years, living just up the road with their daughter. Unfortunately the woman died unexpectedly during child birth (an undiagnosed anurysm that burst due to the strains of labour) and the poor father did not only have to deal with the death of his loved one, but also with several legal issues. Firstly the fact that he was not considered the father of the new born in the eyes of the law until paternity had been established (since the mother could not claim he was the father), meaning that he couldn’t take his daughter home. Luckily for him the maternal grandmother was granted custody of the baby in the mean time, and she was willing to move in with him and the older daughter. Secondly, as he was not married to his sweatheart, and none of them had a will, he did not inherit her, causing problems with regards to housing (she was on the rental contract, not him), insurance (he could have needed the money from the life insurance, not to mention that he could have gotten a small temporary pension) and many other things, just because they were not legally married and had not made sure to write comprehensive wills making sure that they would be each others beneficiaries. So, yes, there might not be that many legal issues as long as they are both alive and well, but if anything, God forbid, would happen to one of the party, it is legally better to be married.

B.R on

@ jay no not in love or obsessed with CBL just grateful to a complete stranger. she was very support and nice to me when my world was falling apart, and a very inappropriate rant by me ended up on this site, all due to a Kristin (another poster on here) being disrespectful/rude/ down right cruel to me and my dead friend. so instead of being a bigger person when it came to Kristin’s cruelty, the anger and the pain of loss of one of my greatest friends got the best of me and I said somethings that were ten times crueler to Kristin than she ever did say to me. It was the simple kindness of CBL and what she said that made me see how wrong the things that I said were. And now someone is being cruel to her, I just wanted to replay her for her kindness toward me by simply telling her the truth, I like reading what she posts, she has a different way of seeing what others have said, and I for one enjoy her point of view. But more than anything people on this site are getting ruder and crueler by the day. Not just by comments about children by saying that a 9 year old has hips that are too big and that she is fat, when in truth she is just a normal 9 year old, but to each other and attacking each other personally, rather then attacking their opinion and having valid arguments to support your opinion. So I just wanted to say a few nice words to someone that was very nice to me when I needed most.

Tee on

B.R., I must have missed that conversation that you are talking about but your comment here caught my attention. I, too, love reading the comments that CelebBabyLover leaves. She is extremely polite and upbeat, something that is sorely missing from this site these days! I’ve noticed that her comments aren’t as detailed as they use to be. I’m sorry to hear that somebody was rude about your friend. So uncalled for! Glad to know that somebody stuck up for you and wish I had been around to do the same!

Waverly on

MiB: Exactly! Unfortunately, it seems many people do not understand why marriage between a couple is so important – but you explained it perfectly. It has more to do with the unexpected than anything else.

jill: Please see MiB’s comment. I am sorry to hear about the predicament your aunt is/was in, but you (and your aunt, as well as her partner) should know that there are states (and cities) in this country that do not have laws banning same-sex marriage, and therefore, recognize as well as legalize, same-sex marriages: Massachusetts, Connecticut, and District of Columbia are a few that I can name off the top of my head. Sadly, it’s not a lot, but it does provide options, which is a very promising step in the right direction. Perhaps these options were not available when your aunt and her partner met, but they are now and it’s never too late.

To anyone else questioning why marriage is important regarding children: please read MiB’s comment. If that does not convince you, then I suggest you talk to someone who is a lawyer — specifically, one who practices family law. I know many (which is why I made the comment I did), so please trust me when I say it’s important.

Waverly on

Also, MiB: I appreciate you posting that story — so terribly heartbreaking and, unfortunately, so true.

IMO on

Ummmm……Waverly, thanks but my aunt isn’t going to move and that law still doesn’t give them the Same legal rights as hetersexual married couples. They,and I are very active in they gay community. They don’t have legal rights. Period.

While the story is sad……I still do not believe a couple should marry, just so if one dies, there isn’t problemillAwarra wil should always be in place when you havechildren!! These are priorities. Not marriage. In the story above…..that is a sad and rare story. My friends father went through the same thing. He was able to keep the baby…..and they were not married. Maybe different states? I am not saying marriage is not important but you shouldn’t get married for legal reasons.

In that case…..they both could have been on the rental property, could have taken out life insurance for each other…… Ii know its possible bc i did it and am not married! could of and should of is endless in every situation!

CelebBabyLover on

B.R. and Tee- Thank you guys! My comments may not be as detailed these days, but that’s not because of any nasty comments people directed at me (in fact, I don’t think I ever even saw the one on the Natalie Portman thread, as I left the thread shortly after posting my comment about B.R. I do that sometimes when things get heated, especially if I end up getting into a disagreement with another poster, because if I stay, I’m way too tempted to continue responding the person disagreeing with me…..and that’s not usually a very good thing to do. Better to just ignore the negativity in that case! 🙂

Mostly, it’s simply because I’ve been a bit busier than usually lately (nothing all that exciting, just life, basically!).

Anyway, as for the marriage debate, I can see both sides. I believe very strongly in marriage, and would never have kids with someone I wasn’t married to, let alone live with or sleep with someone I wasn’t married to (yes, I’m quite the oddball of my generation in that regard!).

However, I also know that marriage (whether before kids or otherwise) isn’t for everyone, and I don’t feel it’s my place to decide what’s best for other people.

MiB on

@IMO, I just wanted to highlight that there are so many things you don’t really think about until you stand there, things that are more or less automatically solved within the legal frame of marriage, after all the first thing people think of when they get to know when they are expecting is usually not to contact a family lawyer even though that’s what they should do, particularly if they are not married or intend to marry before the baby arrives (I also think people should consider pre-nup’s if they have any previous children, property that they want to keep in case of a divorce etc). I guess I am pretty unromantic, or may I call myself a pragmatic? 🙂

I agree that it is a great shame that gay couples have such unequal rights in most places (in many places where gay marriage is allowed, it still doesn’t give the same rights for gay couples as for heterosexual couples). Trust me, I have many gay friends and openly support gay rights

B.R on

Like MiB has pointed out there are problems with not being married and having kids especially in death of one partner, but all those things should be out lined in a last will and testament. Legal agreement about children should be done before birth/adoption as well. And these thing should be done if you are married or not. So many people assume that marriage is a sure way to get custody of children, collect insurance, who inherits what, and rental/property transfer of ownership. Let me tell you you could be married for tens of years still doesn’t guarantee anything when it comes to death of a spouse. It was a legal marriage of 12 years, a daughter, three dogs, a house, a cottage and two cars, mom dies from a transplant with no will, and all he!! break lose. Why? His mother is trying to claim that the grandchild was kept from her and is claiming emotional damages, is asking for custody, and so much more, part of the life insurance, the cottage and a car. So instead of moving on we are all in limbo fighting this women in court. Our lawyers are saying she just may win too, our only hope is since she never tried to get in touch with her son a year before the marriage, was invited to the wedding and did not show, that she really never wanted her grand daughter on the first place and this whole things is about money, since she gambled all of hers away. Marriage means little even when it comes to the eyes of the law these day, so why put so much stock into something that a)is not equally available to everyone b)something that even the law respects less and less every day.
But that is just me at the end of the day, if you choose to marry or not have a good lawyer and a will, you’ll need it regardless if you have that piece of paper or not.

Waverly on

jill/IMO: (since you apparently have two usernames, and I’m unsure of which one you will use next..haha, kind of confusing). I am sorry to hear that your aunt and her partner cannot move. Luckily, I have many gay friends who are not experiencing the troubles that your aunt and her partner have gone through – but I can definitely imagine just how difficult it can be. That being said, the story MiB posted is really not rare at all — like I said, I have many friends who practice family law…sadly, these things happen all the time.

MiB: Unfortunately, it all sounds unromantic, but as you’s definitely for the best. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and if a piece of paper adds extra security to one’s family and future, it’s definitely worth it. In today’s world, it pays to be smart and have all the legal work done. I also agree that prenuptial agreements are important — probably the least romantic item for a couple’s to-do list..haha, but sooo worth it…

IMO on

Not really confusing…. Hahaha…..if you knew a thing about public computers…..and shared computers… would know how this would happen. Connect the two and see if you can figure it out. If not……then oh boy do I feel sorry for you!

I won’t even waste my time commenting on the rest bc you seriously make no sense……