Kourtney Kardashian on Mason’s Latest Word: Kim!

01/04/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
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Mason Dash Disick gave his aunt Kim Kardashian a special Christmas gift — he spoke her name.

“We were so excited when Mason said ‘Kim’ not once but twice,” Kourtney Kardashian told PEOPLE while hosting a Ciroc Vodka New Year’s Eve party on the rooftop of Gansevoort South in Miami Beach.

“It’s like the third word he has ever said!”

After spending a great deal of time in the Big Apple with Kourtney’s sister Kim recently as the girls filmed the upcoming reality series Kourtney & Kim Take New York, 1-year-old Mason has grown accustomed to being around his aunt.

“Mason now cries when Kim leaves the room,” Kourtney laughs. “He knows her well from New York and loves having her around. It is so cute.”

It seems as though fellow aunt Khloé Kardashian has become a bit jealous of the attention!

“Khloé is mad about this new twist with Kim,” Kourtney quips. “She wants to spend more time with Mason and will be able to do it now that we are back in Los Angeles for awhile.”

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Shoshana on

Awww, that’s so cute!! I wonder what his first two words were!

micheley on

I saw this when Kim tweeted it on Christmas, and I thought it was so cute!!! I know that any member of the Kardashian/Jenner family would be extremely happy to have Mason say their name.

ali on

i’m sorry but I can’t stand these people.

Lola Marie on

Say what you want about these girls but I love how close their family is, it’s rare in Hollywood. Can’t wait for their new show too!!

Capri on

@Shoshana I think before I read somewhere that they were Mama & Dad

That’s super cute though, he cries when she leaves..aww!

IMO on

Awwe…..how cute! I can’t wait to see them all on the show when it comes back on. Kim dotes and loves Mason so much. What a nice Christmas present!

Ali, it’s great that you don’t have to read or watch them then…..

micheley on

I also heard that Mama and Dad were his first two words

collie on

AWWWW! Adorable!

Shoshana on

Capri: Thanks! I figured that’s what they were, but I wasn’t sure. So cute!

Tee on

Aw, I’ll bet that Auntie Kim is very happy! I cried the first time each of my nieces said my name! And because it’s just me and my sister, I never to think about them saying another aunt’s name first!

Mina on

Publicity stunt.

IMO on

Tee, I know the feeling,

Mina, how ya figure?

Sandra on

I just have to come out and say it! I cannot believe this family. They make my stomach turn. They are just wannabe whatevers!! Just trying to get in the limelight and I don’t know how they got in the spotlight in the first place. The whole bunch are just showoffs!

micheley on

Sandra, you could be right but I honestly don’t get that feeling from them. Yes, I’m sure they wanted to be famous but they have worked hard and from what I can tell they are good people. And you know what, if I had the ability to tell the world the adorable/wonderful things my kids, nephews/nieces, said I would. I’m a very proud parent/aunt and I love to brag and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Shoshana on

Sandra: Chill out. This family is a business empire — they started out with their boutique, Dash, in California and have expanded their business to include more stores, their own fragrances, clothing line, and even ad campaigns for great organizations like PETA. I realize it’s easy to be jealous, but if you read about the family (or watch any of their shows), you’d see that they actually work really hard and live pretty hectic lives. The above article is so precious, and it’s a shame you feel the need to comment negatively.

soontobe on

The got famous off of Kim’s sex tape…period

Kate on

@Shoshana: you said it much nicer then I was going to but that’s exactly how I feel:) I really enjoy the show and like this family, I have a daughter same age as Mason, and those firsts are so exciting!

Stephanie on

Ignoring the negativity!

I think it’s awesome. They are a very close family, and it’s so nice to see that he is saying his Aunt’s name. I live so far away from my family that my kids don’t even know their aunt and uncles! I really commend such a close family.

JM on

i’m afraid i have to agree with sandra. i’m not going to say anything mean about the family but it is just my opinion that there are too many of these types around. paris hilton being another, and the geldof daughters, it’s just too easy to take your parents’ famous name and never have to work hard for anything. they just come across as spoilt and out of touch with reality. it’s all very well and good saying that they do still work because they have a clothes line, a shop, a fragrance, but all that was basically handed to them because of their family name. and they are most famous for just BEING celebrities, rather than anything they have done.

baby lover! on

I guess we all know who the REAL mother is =P

jill on

The jealousy comment makes no sense, so don’t use it. With that being said, I do like this family. I like watching them on tv and I like the family unit they have formed. Did the become first noticed by Kim’s sex tape? Probably…..but they have become much more since then from their hard work and dedication. They have multiple clothing lines and stores, perfume line, modeling, etc. They are not TRYING to get into the limelight….they have been there a long time.

Baby lover….We do, Kourt, which is why he said MAMA first!!

M on

@JM – nothing was handed to them by their family name. Their father was a famous lawyer, sure, and their stepfather was a famous Olympian, but that didn’t make them famous at all. The Kardashian girls themselves made their name famous. Nothing was handed to them by birth or family history. Kim especially made the name what it is today.

Kate on

Can those negative commenters tell me what in their opinion ‘working hard’ means? Do you want everybody sit at the desk 9-5, or be on assembly line 12 hours/day?

alice jane on

I can relate! My 2 year old nephew, through his mom and his dad, has a huge family and we all (both sides) spend a lot of time together so he sees most of us really often. Besides Mom, Dad, and his grandparents, I’m the only person whose name he knows and uses. It honestly never gets old hearing him pronounce my name in his baby way.

I don’t know why people put up such a fuss over how someone becomes famous. Who cares if the Kardashian name became so well known because of a sex tape or because of their father’s high-profile cases? It’s not like this family is spending all their time partying or in and out of rehab, and that’s how they stay in the spotlight. They may live a glamorous life but they are legitimate businesswomen. And I love how close they are with each other, Mason and any other future kids in the family are going to grow up with a lot of love.

Kate on

One thing, I am not a fan at all of the kardashians, however I have to respect them as women. Out of all the Lindsey Lohans, Paris Hiltons and party girls. They always keep their kitties covered, they are never coming out of parties drunk and seem to come from a very stable and loving family. Their parents seem to be a good influence on them and they are close. Unlike other parents, Dina Lohan for example, I think they are a good family. If anything I respect how Kim, Kourtney and now Khloe seem to have standards even for themselves and respect for themselves.

Sophie on

@Shoshana: ad campaigns for PETA?! I don’t know about Khloe or Kourtney, but Kim is known to be wearing fur all the time…so it’s a tiny bit weird to me that on the one hand she supports an animal rights organization and on the other hand she walks around wearing a dead animal :-S.

Sus on

I do believe this family’s sincerity and their closeness. They are not talented actors and actresses. I think they are naturally entertaining! Ever spent time with a big family? I think most big families I know COULD have their own tv show!!!
Wishing you the best in 2011, Kim, Kourtney and family!

Terri on

That’s sweet. I got to spend the holidays with my niece and it was her first Christmas. She’s not my own, but I sure do love her to pieces.

jill on

khloe did the PETA campaign and supports animal rights. kim does not.

Shannon on

Kim is an easier word to say than Khloe so it might be a while before he starts saying her name. Poor Khloe! 🙂

Mallory on

While I have to admit that sitting through one episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians gives me a headache, I must say that I do enjoy these articles about Kourtney and Mason and the others because they seem to be a close-knit, loving family and that’s a beautiful thing to see in Hollywood, the land of divorces and affairs.

And even if they *did* get famous from their parents, or Kim’s sex tape, or whatever, how anyone could dispute that these three women work their tails off with all of their business endeavors is just baffling to me.

angie on

Awww, so cute!! Maybe Mason’s fourth world will be Khloe! lol I love the Kardashians!!

Luna on

When I’ve watched the show, I do not doubt that this is a close family. And while they did originally get noticed for their father, stepfather, and Kim’s infamous tape, they have worked hard for fame. They aren’t nearly as bad as some of the people we see like Lindsay Lohan. And if you recall, she was not handed fame. I love this story. It’s adorable that he said Kim.

JMO on

So cute!

I have a two 5 yr old nephews and a 9 year old nephew and not one of them calls me Aunt. Yet they call all of their moms good friends Aunt. I don’t force them to say it but I’d love to hear them eventually call me Aunt. I remember never not calling my relatives aunt or uncle guess times have changed!

Shoshana on

Sophie: Khloe did an ad campaign for PETA. Additionally, Kim and her brother Robert have done volunteer work at animal shelters and are advocates of saving animals through adoption at shelters. Not sure if you watch the show, but there was also an episode where the whole family participated in a charity boxing event.

Lea on

I cannot believe those people are considered white really i never meet a white person that has that skin tone that looks like them. My son is the same color as them he is black (me) and white father and his features looke way more european then those kardashains. I guess my son can be considered white 🙂 only in america people get to choice whos white or not majority of creoles are lighter then them so they can be called white also.