How to Have Fun and Save Big in the New Year

01/04/2011 at 02:00 PM ET

Whether you’re a family of three or six, going out can be a costly endeavor.

So we decided to pick the brains of Joanie Demer and Heather Wheeler for their top tips on how to have family fun on a budget.

Lucky for us, the self-proclaimed “Krazy Coupon Ladies“, co-authors of Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey and recent guest stars on TLC’s Extreme Couponing were chock-full of ideas.

Check them out below:

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Spend time together for free. Everything from a trip to the park to hanging out at the local library doesn’t cost a thing. Even better? You can borrow DVD’s from the library for family movie night. They may not stock all the new releases, but they’ll more than likely have family-friendly classics.

Host a potluck. Having a party doesn’t have to be a financial burden. Invite a group of close friends over and have each family bring their favorite dish — and board game. It’s a guaranteed night of fun.

Coupon together. Get the kids involved and make finding deals a family event. Before long, your tots will be expert money savers.

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Kristine on

Sounds like a n exciting way to live life. Something in between might be better!

Jennifer on

I watched that Extreme Coupon show and I’ll keep my opinions on whether I think these people are “krazy” or not to myself but I would like to add that no one needs as much soda and other processed “garbage” foods as these people buy. Who cares if you are getting huge boxes of sugar coated cereal for free! Wish there were more coupons available for more healthy items.

Jessica on

Sorry, but I won’t be taking advice from a woman who has her 4 year old crawling around in a dumpster to dig for coupons… I agree with Jennifer, I watched the show too and her ” stockpile” was soda, Ragu, and all processed garbage. I wouldn’t feed my kids that crap even if it was free.

Lis on

What’s wrong with Ragu?

Kim on

Oh my gosh, yes! I have friends who are ridiculous about coupons! Problem is it is stuff that no one needs tons of, hence the reason they basically give it away! And I agree. Give us coupons for things that actually promote a healthier lifestyle and maybe I will start caring.

amw on

SOOO happy to see such sane comments. the coupon craze confuses me too. they almost never have sales or coupons for fresh produce, unprocessed meat, or wholesome foods. its all garbage. its like all those gadgets we have to help us save time…but what do we end up doing with it? exercising, de-stressing, spending time with family…no. we work more, commute further, and isolate ourselves with the technology. same with these coupons, they are supposed to be saving us money. but what do we do with the extra money? buy more worthless stuff we dont need. no thanks. im happy to spend a decent amount of money on quality foods for my daughter. she has found fresh apricots, cherries, zucchini, snowpeas, and other good things to be among her favorite things. i am horrified by the chefboyardee commercials trying to say that spaghetti-os have a full serving of vegetables. NO shock that there is a childhood obesity problem.

Corrie on

If you actually check out their site you see that what was bought during the show for TLC was donated to a food shelter, over 300 lbs of food. Save big , give big. Besides that January and February are the best times to find Great coupons on healthy foods and great products such as Kashi and frozen vegetables. I just started couponing 2 weeks ago and as a stay at home mom, Ill take all the savings I can get, especially on stuff I do need like cleaning products and toiletries.

Natalie on

You all are passing judgement without knowing anything! The Krazy Coupon Lady published her shopping list from TLC’s show on her blog today. She bought 3 gallons of milk, 2 lbs bananas, 5 lbs strawberries and 4 loaves of bread in addition to $600 in other groceries ALL for under $2 after coupons! So what if she got extra coupons out of the newspaper-only recycle bin?! If you like money, couponing is smart.

dcornell on

I “coupon” and have saved a bunch of money doing it. I agree, the “crap” is what you can get, but for those of us who work for what we have, many of us can’t afford the health food, no matter if we want to or not, and no matter if we coupon or not.

Anna on

Couponing has saved me a ton of money. And if anyone’s household doesn’t use coupon items, invite me over…I will laugh at your empty cupboards. THERE ARE coupons for produce and coupons for meat…they are a little harder to find, but it takes a little work to save a lot of money. I also get coupons for toilet paper (which I KNOW everyone uses), toothbrushes (I don’t pay for them anymore), and other household items. Before you start passing judgement, try it.

jkpta on

I think people should keep in mind that reality tv is not necessarily “reality”. The SHOW asked her to do the dumpster thing…she had never gotten in it before. To me, take the ideas you can use and live with, use coupons for things you USE, and do what you can to cut back. These ladies donate LOTS of toys/food to local charities by doing things the way they do it. I don’t think such harsh criticism is deserved. Just my opinion.

DK Stangeland on

I think couponing is GREAT and I am so grateful to Joanie and Heather for helping me understand it better, organize and save my family tons of money. I not only coupon, but I also supper swap with 3 other families and being organized and being able to save is wonderful.

If you don’t want to buy soda or canned pasta then don’t. Some people like it. But on the TLC program everyone also had a lot of toilet paper, toothpaste, sauce and other things that are very useful. They also gave a lot to their local food banks and churches. It’s hard out there right now, if anything helps your family save money I say DO IT!!

Buy fresh food but also have things you use to prepare your meals on hand too and if you get them for free that’s super! We all bake and make rice and beans for our families. These are things you can get awesome deals on if you try.

Don’t knock it til you try it!! Thanks Joanie and Heather!!!

lisa r on

I actually coupon and I find that even some processed foods are ok if used sparingly. I know that most of these extreme ladies donate a good bit of the ‘free’ stuff they buy. I coupon ‘krazy’ for all my toiletry products and save tons of money. Money I can use to buy all the fresh produce we need. 😉 Just saying!

Anonymous on

OK LADIES, take a breath. The KCL ladies are doing great things weather you want to admit it or be snooty about it is your own business. They are giving people a way to be financially free, healthy items included. Do you believe everything you see on t.v.? Try educating your self by doing more research or maybe even visit their blog. Oh and yeah, it’s SOOO horrible to let a 4 year old stand in a giant bin of PAPER. I would much rather he do something safe like watch t.v.! GET A LIFE.

Kandi on

I have been couponing for about 8 months now and I have cut my grocery budget from around $500 a month for a family of 3 to about $100 a month. That includes meat, produce, laundry, paper items, health and beauty and personal care items. I say thank you Krazy Coupon Lady!

MMS on

Thus far none of u miserable ppl know what ur talking about!!!!!
Just sharing ignorance, how sad

I have all type of fresh produce, that I got for FREE from Target, using…. u guessed it a freakin COUPON!!!!!! (pause 4 frightened screams from non-qponers)

Continue living pay check to pay check & giving it ALL to retail stores. While I continue to get a better quality product for pennies, compare to what u pay…….. LOL all the way to the bank, literally!!

A on

OK LADIES, take a breath. The KCL ladies are doing great things weather you want to admit it or be snooty about it is your own business. They are giving people a way to be financially free, healthy items included. Do you believe everything you see on t.v.? Try educating your self by doing more research or maybe even visit their blog. Oh and yeah, it’s SOOO horrible to let a 4 year old stand in a giant bin of PAPER. I would much rather he do something safe like watch t.v.! GET A LIFE.

Edamommy on

I was aware of KCL before the show aired and I love a deal, but I have cognitive dissonance over buying so many processed items. I have done better by paring down, using more multipurpose items (baking soda to clean, not buying soda, water, etc and using reusable bottles, etc), and buying mostly fresh fruit and veggies. While I admire anyone who can whittle $600+ to $2, it strikes me as more consumerist. I donate plenty and I don’t have to spend 2 hours/week clipping coupons and making 3+ shopping trips to do it. I like the retro movement of growing your own veg, renewing materials, and simply buying less.

jrr on

Well, I can say that couponing has changed my life and my family’s life. Since we started using coupons about seven months ago we’ve been able to save more money than ever and get things for free!

I love how people can comment on things they know nothing about. All that soda and cereal you saw? Most of it was donated. And most of us don’t go around buying a ton of Chefboyardee. In fact, I’ve never bought one in my life. While we might not be able to find great deals on fruit and vegetables (at least I don’t) all the money we save on things like cereal, pop, toothpaste, body wash, and a million other things allows us to buy meat, veggies, and whatever other healthy thing you want to talk about.

Jessica on

You pick and choose what savings and coupons work for you. If Ragu is upsetting to you, then you don’t get it. If you are a church having a spaghetti dinner, a bunch of Ragu for mega cheap is awesome! Obviously, it’s not for everyone… but those of us who love a good deal whether it be cheetos or shampoo… well, it’s fun and helpful!

Mom of 3 healthy, fit, and active kids (who get to have a soda every weekend!)


So if those of us who DO NOT eat organic or whatnot, we are bad people? Obviously you do not clip coupons or you would know that over half of the ones I receive in the papers are for fresh meats (get money off, etc) and veggies. Yes, I might have to buy, heaven forbid, ranch dressing to go with it, but its still money off. If you took the time to actually SEE what the show is about and not be the one to jump to the bad so quickly, maybe you would have a different opinion. So what if someone buys and feeds their kids cereal. Does it affect you in any way whatsoever, NO. Don’t judge honey, its not becoming.

Amber on

They had other things than just food, how much money do you spend on razers/shaving cream, shampoo/conditioner, toilet paper/paper towels, toothpaste/toothbrush/mouthwash? I cut coupons and get these things free plus much much more. Yes TLC had these couponers going to the extreme you cant stock pile from just one shopping trip it takes time but to say its all garbage sounds like jealous to me???
And she wasnt digging in dumpsters they were paper recycle so its all dry paper products??

Maria on

I agree with all of you. Alot of coupons are not for healthy foods however if you weren’t being so critical of what she chooses to save money on you would prob see that these women are teaching others how to SAVE! Not just on food but all household products!! I haven’t paid any where near retail price for cleaners, shavers, hygiene products etc… In the last four months that I started following their site. And if you read just a little of the site you’ll see that there are savings for everything that these women find and share with everyone! Please stop being critical. If you enjoy paying full price, please go continue. More coupons in the recycle bin for the rest of us 😉

Jennifer on

I am a big fan of the Krazy Coupon gals! For moms on a budget it really helps get the necessities for a fraction of the price. I love produce and health food, but everyone needs toiletries, frozen food, cereal and other packaged food as well. For me, saving money on all the coupon items leaves me more money to spend on all the fruits and vegetables that often get left out of money-pinched diets. I think these girls are super smart and I enjoy following their blog and learning from them.

cindy on

I have to say that I am a couponer..I purchase items that I need, such as, shampoo, razors, soap, etc…I do not buy much of the processed foods at all, but if it’s a great deal then I would donate it…My husband and I grow our own garden and I freeze or can everything so that saves a ton of money..I enjoyed watching extreme couponing and yes, it is extreme…lol..but if one enjoys couponing then so be it…Just remember that it’s not always food that you coupon..

Seanna on

I love couponing and following website weekly! I have found great deals on not just processed food, but heathy food, and on occasion you do find coupons for FRESH PRODUCE!! I am currently unemployed and have fallen under the 99ers catagory… So, if I can get 6 boxes of cereal for free … you better believe that I am going to get them!!! Because of couponing, I never pay for toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, toilet paper, garbage bags, foil, paper towels, paper plates,and the list can go on and on. Some of you may think that we spend the savings on gadgets and junk! Wrong!!! We can find those gadgets you speak of rather cheap as well, so more savings in my pocket. Most of my overstock goes to local food banks … and because of smart couponing and smart shopping I can donate more!! My kids are healthy and happy! My savings goes towards activities with my kids…. and where I can also find coupons for … like bowling, movies, theme parks, museums… the list can go on and on. Nobody is forced to clip coupons. I do it because it saves me money and provides for my kids.

juleen76 on

Wow, what’s with all the criticism? The point of the show (and this article) is to show you ways to save money, and they certainly accomplish that. They don’t make the coupons, or dictate which items coupons are available for. They just show you how to make the most of the coupons that are available. Often times the people who need coupons the most are the people that can’t always afford to serve up gourmet meals with fresh produce and unprocessed meat. It might not always be the most healthy options, but those of us on a tight budget make do by whatever means we can.

Karilyn on

FYI you can get wheat pasta, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, tampons, razors, and a huge variety of other items for super cheap/free with coupons.

Many of us couponers use the overages we accrue using coupons to purchase our meat and produce. It’s not like we are feeding our children candy bars and ice cream for dinner.

The other thing you need to understand is that even though you may see a couponer purchasing 10 bottles/cases of soda…that usually just means they won’t be buying it again for 6-9 months. We purchase in cycles. And they usually don’t use it all themselves. Do you honestly NEVER have soda?

Feel free to continue to pay full price though, because if everybody couponed…they would probably stop offering them.

Becca on

While I don’t tend to buy a lot of processed foods myself, I do take advantage of the often free or nearly free products I get from couponing. All thanks to these “Krazy” ladies I pay very little, or often times nothing, for items such as detergent, shampoo, razors, deodorant, cleaning or products, etc (items every “normal” person I know uses). There are those who criticize and that’s okay by me because I’m the one laughing when they’re paying full price and I’m scoring a bargain!!

Cameron on

I am a huge fan of the Krazy Coupon lady – along with others. I have to say that I just used a coupon for Cutie clementines (which goes against the comment that there are NEVER coupons for “good wholesome food”. I have also recently purchased organic products with coupons.) I have yet to hear anyone praising these people for keeping their local food pantries stocked. I watched the Extreme Couponing show. I guess I missed the part where she was digging in the dumpster. I did however see her looking through a paper recycling bin. If she were picking through dirty diapers and old coffee grounds, I would be concerned. It’s people like the Krazy coupon lady that helps those of us (the working class) feed our families! THANK YOU KRAZY COUPON LADY!!! KEEP SENDING US THOSE DEALS 🙂

Sam on

Not all coupons are created equally. There are plenty of coupons for non-processed foods or healthy alternatives if you look.

Furthermore, not all coupon users go the grocery route. I save thousands of dollars a year by not paying for the basic necessities i.e. toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo & conditioner, laundry soap, softener, stain sticks, etc.

If you are saving on those items…spending more on healthy food isn’t as painful to your wallet.

Just sayin’

Heather on

I am a couponer and love these ladies’ site. You don’t HAVE to buy everything that there are coupons for. Sure, there are lots of coupons out there for unhealthy foods, but it’s simple to make a choice NOT to buy them. Coupons for fresh meat and produce are hard to come by, but they ARE out there. And what about cleaning supplies? Most people need those. Even if you make your own, there are coupons for the stuff you need to make your own. And medicine? Most people use that too. If you choose not to coupon, that’s fine, but don’t be so critical of people who DO.

Andrea on

I for one appreciate the “krazy” coupon ladies, they make my life so easy! They put everything together so I can easily jot my list down, grab my coupons and go!I use coupons but I do not feed my kids junk. And there seems to be an increase in coupons for fresh meat, produce so I hope as we couponers use them they will put more out.
And a lot of the things you can get for free or nearly so are personal care items like toothpaste, floss, laundry detergent, dish soap, makeup, lotion! And who wouldn’t like getting that stuff for free or really cheap? If you buy a bunch of it at once when you can get it for free or cheap then when you run out of your shampoo you can get some out of your stockpile instead of pay full price. Your stockpile should suit your needs just like the Krazy Coupon Ladies suits them.

Jennifer @ Mom Spotted on

I thought it was great. So you mean to tell me you’ve never had a soda or a bowl of cereal? If it last 6 months then why not buy 3 months worth for $.05 instead of $1.60 EACH. If you have the space I’m all for it.

If you actually checked her site you’d see she offers deals on things of all nature. I just stocked up on Wisk HE for $.20 a bottle. Thanks Joanie I’m a new fan and I look forward to your posts!

Desirae on

In defense of the Krazy coupon ladies…first of all just because you buy 20 bottles of soda doesn’t mean you’re going to drink them in a week. Those 20 bottles could be for a party, or could be a year’s supply-so are you honestly sitting at your computer typing that because you NEVER buy soda? I doubt it-so wouldn’t you rather buy it when you can get it for FREE instead of buying it when you want it a FULL price? Secondly, when you spend less money out of pocket on things such as Ragu, you can afford to buy MORE fresh produce! How about using that free ragu and making a vegetable pasta dish? Yes, there are lots of coupons out there for junk food but Krazy couponers know that you don’t buy it just because there is a coupon for it, you need to pick and choose your savings to best meet the needs of your family. And lastly…Joanie’s 4 year old son was in a recycling container-not a garbage dumpster BIG difference. My daughter isn’t even a year old and loves flipping through my coupon binder and my 8 year old takes my expired coupons and play “shops” for deals. I love that I’m teaching my children to be frugal with money at a young age. And, I commend Joanie on using the shopping trip to teach her son, did you see how she was counting with him? If you read Joanie’s blog at all, you’d know that she did that HUGE shopping trip just for the show to prove how much you can save with coupons, she didn’t shop for weeks after that! I love shopping from my cupboards instead of having to go to the store! (My mom loves it too, she calls me before she goes to the store for that one item she forgot!)

Jennifer on

I am a coupon clipper and we don’t do processed foods at all. I also am an organic food buyer (there is an amazing amount of coupons for organic products) and we mostly eat on the “skirts” of the grocery store.

On the average, when I make a list and shop according to the sales listed on these sites, I can save 30% on my grovery bill – I start at $150 and usually end up with about $105 or so out of pocket. Somewhere in the middle is where we are. It is a nice place. I do, however, love that someone cares enough to do the legwork so I don’t have to myself. 🙂

That said, I followed their blog (starting just this week) and have profitted by getting a nice little stock of laundry soap (5 for under $1 a bottle) and free dishwashing detergent, shaving cream, dishwashing tablets and gel packs, Revlon products, and nail clippers and files. All they do on the site is link coupons and sales, with rebates and such to maximize your savings. I don’t get how that is crazy. What seems crazy to me is paying for something you can get for less money if it really doesn’t take you too far out of your way. It’s like being too lazy to bend over and pick up a $20 you see floating across your path.

Amy on

There are coupons available for all kinds of items. You just have to know where to find them. The reality is a lot of people drink soda all the time. So, if you can get it dirt cheap or free and stock up so you don’t have to pay full price, why not? Her stockpile wasn’t just all “processed garbage”. She had all kinds of stuff that people buy on a regular basis such as ketchup, mustard, soup, toilet paper, apple juice, diapers, tomato sauce, salad dressing, bbq sauce etc.

Esther on

You GO GIRLS ! I’ve been couponing for 2 yrs and I LOVE IT ! I am now debt free and live life like no one else (as Dave Ramsey would say). Unless you clip coupons, you have no idea what your missing out on, and IF couponing makes us KRAZY, then be it ! I’d rather be Krazy and happy then stressed out about making ends meet or any other financial situation!

Joanie & Heather keep doing what you do best !

Noelle on

By following the Krazy Coupon site I have been able to put together a pretty good stockpile of bath supplies, toothpaste, diapers, toilet paper, cleaning supplies—and all for little or no money. I have a little family (my husband, a baby, and me) so we’re not too big into stockpiling the food as much but even still they do have coupons for some healthier items and with those you can get pretty good deals.

With the money we save couponing we’re able to set aside some money for savings, for extra trips with the family, extra items for the baby. And all this takes little or no more added time then when I wasn’t couponing.

Ally on

Not at coupons are for cereal or chefboyardee. In fact this morning I used coupons for 100 dishwasher packets and actually made money. I also promote a healthy lifestyle for my family and I coupon. Thanks Krazy coupon ladies for all your ideas, and sugar in your cereal is far from the end of the world!

Michelle on

The savings from couponing is a blessing, if you do it wisely. If you have coupons that result in “freebies” and you don’t need or want the items, but you know someone that does (like a homeless shelter or food pantry), why not get the item? If you are dieting or simply prefer a healthier lifestyle, then DON’T bring junk food in the house just because you can get it for free. If it’s an item that you can donate, drop it off at a donation site before even coming home! There are coupons out there for healthier choices. I recently got lots of free whole wheat pasta. (I kept some for my family, some went to a homeless shelter because I don’t have a desire for a huge stockpile). There are always coupons out there for frozen veggies, bottled juice (questionably healthy, I know!), cereal, and nuts. Just be wise about what you are buying. And keep track of your purchases. If you log all your purchases for a month and realize you are actually spending more than you used to, then redo your plan! Sure, you can easily save 50-75% on your grocery bill, but are you coming home with tons more than you normally would? Are you actually saving from your previous shopping trips? My favorite way to take advantage of coupons is healthy and beauty items and cleaning supplies. And finally, don’t let it control your life! Don’t let it become an obsession. God provides…no need to go to extremes to find coupons, sit in front of the computer all day looking for deals, or fill entire rooms in your house full of food and other stuff!

Asa on

I love these ladies. I have started using coupons more and am saving a good portion of money on each shopping trip. You don’t have to buy crazy amounts or totally processed foods. I bought Milk, Old fashioned oatmeal, canned beans, dishwasher detergent, laundry soap, and many other items today. I saved 50%. I do not buy garbage, and the money is going farther. Thank-you to these ladies for showing us how to do it.

Red Brew on

And who, exactly, should decide what is enough to be prepared and what type of food a family should buy? YOU?! No thanks. When you are living on a very low income and NOT taking government hand outs like free health care, WIC, or foodstamps, you cannot be choosy about the type of pasta sauce you use. Families are facing lengthy unemployments, rising costs of basic necessities, with lowering quantities per package (have you noticed?).

These women PAY ATTENTION and they work long hours to get the most bang for their buck for their families.

For confused about stores not having sales…Albertson’s CONTINUALLY has sales on fresh meat. Safeway ALWAYS has a bin of clearanced meats and other products. Fred Meyer ALWAYS has blocks of cheddar for almost half you get at Walmart and 100% whole wheat bread for $1.25 a loaf. It takes WORK. Organization. Dedication. And the job never stops. But then guess what happens? Because responsible women like this, who are not afraid of doing the work, have invested so much into saving their own family money, when someone else needs help it becomes EASY and JOYFUL to give to others.

Yesterday I went through my stockpile and donated a large laundry basket piled full of brand new, unopened, personal hygiene items (NAME BRANDS that cost on average of $3-5 each, which I got for cents or free) to a family who lost everything in a fire. Not the first time I have do so and won’t be the last!

It’s not crazy, it’s the most responsible form of sane.

Rebecca Foxworth on

Search for the Krazy Coupon Lady (Joanie) donating 300 pounds of food to a local food bank. They didn’t show that on TLC. I guess it wasn’t sensational enough. But that’s what she does with her excess stockpile…it benefits the hungry.

Rhonda on

Well I like the krazy coupon ladies. No I do not stockpile the sugar foods or processed foods, but if you actually look at their site it is about way more than that. I get my soaps, toothpaste, shampoo, dinning coupons, and lots of gifts for kids parties. It is not meant for you to follow it exactly the info is there for you to use as you please.

Ali G. on

I don’t know what you are all talking about, these coupon ladies have great coupon advice. It’s not all junk, unless you don’t use toilet paper, deodorant, shampoo, laundry detergent or dish detergent either. I don’t think a few cans of Chef Boyardee is going to kill anyone either. A year ago a storm came through my area and we were without power for over a week. I was seriously thankful for the ‘junk’ in my garage–at least we had food to eat.

Kim on

I think you need to look for the points that will work for your family and the life style you live. I have often seen coupons for salad mixes, especially store coupons or check stand coupons. And, don’t come knocking on my door when you need TP. I want to address this article though and not the TLC story.

Those are great ideas ladies! We have started hosting potlucks again and they are fun! And is more than awesome. I “stocked up” during December when they had the 80% off deal. Great deals and we have discovered some really great local resturants that way. Almost all my friends are on waiting lists for the big new release movies at the libraies.

I follow your facebook page and enjoy some of the deals and some I pass on. Glad to learn how to spend money more wisely on what we buy as a family.

Katie on

As I can see the concern with so many processed and sugary foods…what is wrong with stocking up on free laundry detergent, toilet paper, toothpaste, deodorant, etc? I coupon to get these items free…and it is all name brand. Someone commented that they only offer coupons for “junk”…so does it make your Crest toothpaste better if you pay $3 for it instead of nothing? I love how people are so quick to judge. Remember that show was a “reality” show…it was edited and made to sound the way TLC wanted it to sound. And as far as the 4 year old in the dumpster…it was a newspaper dumpster. Not a huge deal. Get over it. It was probably cleaner than most of your bathrooms.

Christina on

Must just be my house that gets coupons for razors, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deoderant, tp, soap, shampoo, and practical things like that. Oh wait, I get coupons for milk, cheese, yogurt, oatmeal, produce, meat, and other healthy useful things too. But, again, it must just be my house that gets them. And since no one needs that crap, stores can keep giving it away to me, cause it is really nice to be able to provide for my family, donate to charities, and cut my cost at the same time.

Joanna on

When a friend of mine first introduced me to couponing, I also thought it was nuts and only provided processed “garbage” foods. However, it does provide a lot of other things every family needs: toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, deodorant, shampoo, body wash, diapers, medicine, etc. Furthermore, I regularly get canned diced tomatoes, tomato soup, pasta and Cheerios (maybe not the best, but certainly not sugary) free or nearly so. I also learned about Catalinas that basically give you money back on stuff you are already going to buy that you can then spend on whatever you want – meat or produce, for example. Most people just don’t know about Catalinas so don’t buy the necessary items at the same time to generate them (or if they ARE generated, just don’t know what they are and toss them in the garbage like I used to do). I’ve saved a ton of money thanks to the Krazy Coupon Ladies, and if there’s a deal for food that I don’t want to give my family, I just don’t participate in it.

Natalie on

Ya know, even though these Krazy Coupon Ladies show thier stockpiles consisting of pasta, Ragu, soda (notice it was caffeine free soda!), and cereal, I am SURE they are also providing their families with lots of fresh produce and unprocessed meat. Heck, with all the money they are saving, they can afford it! And, those dumpsters were only recycled paper bins- no nasty trash in there!!

Devon on

Couponing is more than just clipping coupons and getting great deals. It’s about financial responsibility. In the mere two months I’ve been at this, I’ve saved enough money at the grocery store to be able to pay off a major medical bill AND open a high-yield CD for my three children.

Oh yeah, and those three kids had oatmeal for breakfast this morning.

Know what you’re talking about before you go on a tirade.

Heather on

I’m sorry but the amount of paranoia over food makes me cringe. I won’t be scared of what I put in my body, I will happily live in blissful ignorance and die a happy woman with my pack of $.50 oreos and free cereal stuffed in my coffin. Joanie and Heather are real women who have real solutions to saving money for the typical family. Nay-sayers can suck on the 12-pack of high-fructose corn syrup free pepsi that i got for $1!

Thrifty Shopper on

These ladies have a great website and great info. I don’t buy things with coupons just to get them free. I always have a coupon for diapers,laundry detergent,toilet paper. (I think almost EVERYONE uses those items) and there are healthy food coupons available IF YOU LOOK for them. If you are rich and don’t care what you spend on food, good for you. This article isn’t for you obviously. Keep spending big bucks and we will happily enjoy the savings!

Tammy on

I coupon. Yesterday I got deals on collard greens, bagged salads and avocados. I also get tons of great deals on dairy. My kids are very healthy and we save money. You all sound like you think you are too good for coupons. My family and I leave for Hawaii in 2 weeks because of my coupon savings last year. You folks that claim you eat nothing but fresh produce probably are overweight, and are probably not bright enough to figure out the math anyway.

Nic on

Seriously? Get a grip…I know there are a lot of people who eat healthy, but let’s face it it’s not every day and every meal. Especially if you have children. Most people work full time jobs and are on the go and whether you like to admit it or not you are feeding your kids Hamburger Helper and all of that “crap” you talk about. Just because people buy packaged foods such as cereal and mac-n-cheese doesn’t mean that is all of the nutrition they are getting. I serve vegetables and/or salad with every meal I prepare. Not everything on sale or that offer coupons is crap. Just this week I bought soups, Special K cereal, toiletries and cleaning supplies. Stop knocking what these ladies are doing if you don’t completely understand it. Saving a ton of money these days is a BIG deal. I salute you KRAZY ladies!

Anonymous on

i find coupons for fresh produce,fresh meat, lunch meat, salad dressing and tons of frozen veggies,yogurt,cheese,bottled water was not all about soda n ragu not to mention ALL that they donate 2 food banks n when my daughter came 2 me n wanted 2 fill a bag for her school food raising fund i wa able 2 fill it with canned corn, beans,rice,stuffing and CEREAL and PASTA!!!…because i had coupons n was able 2 get extra and pay it forward!!!

sarah on

I’ve actually really appreciated the tips I’ve gotten from the krazy ladies. I rarely do the couponing “scenarios” (where you combine store sale, store coupon and manufacturer’s coupon to get a super good deal) but I’ve become aware of shopping loss leaders (fruit, veg, meat and cheese are frequently loss leaders at my fav store Harvey’s/Food Lion). I’ve been in really tight times over the last few months and I can honestly say that my family has eaten better, more healthy and more balanced meals that we would have otherwise (when we’re eating on a budget) because of my new shopping “mindset”. I agree, I don’t often stock up the way some “krazy” shoppers do (though I bought several boxes of name brand toothpaste for super cheap this spring and it’s lasted until now), and I don’t buy everything that the sunday paper coupons offer, but I’ve gotten great deals on everything from whole turkeys to household cleaners.

Keri J on

They are a bit extreme. I still to sites like and where they coupon, but not to the extreme like these ladies.

Monica on

I started “couponing” about a year ago – I have two boys ages 4 and 6 and they are both need to have gluten free diets. We live on a one income budget in the Seattle area and with my couponing it is possible to live the life we do. My kids do not eat a lot of crap and processed foods but they do wipe their bottoms daily sometimes hourly, they brush their teeth, we wash their clothes (with Seventh Generation or other equivalent products), wash their hair/bodies, we wash their dishes, use to wear diapers, play board games and do art…ALL that I purchase products for with the use of coupons. As far as food goes, yes there are coupons for unprocessed meats and healthy and organic foods as well. There are also coupons for different fruits form time to time. I do have a stock piled pantry and part of my garage for house cleaning supplies, TP…not like the Krazy Coupon Ladies but enough for my family, I also do not donate car loads to the local food bank like they do. I wish one day I will, I do have crate going with toothpaste and such items that I got for free that I will be donating soon. So yes these ladies might be a little Krazy, but it is in a fun and good way. Now for the first couple on the show that in my opinion need to spend an hour a day doing something other than coupon so they might live long enough to enjoy that OUTRAGEOUS HOARD of stuff. So yes it is possible to coupon on a lesser scale for quality products that we all use and need… unless you are from that group of humans that do not shower, brush your teeth, wipe your behind, wash dishes, or clean your house. But also on another note we couponers need those who pay full price to keep paying full price so we can in turn coupon and get the steal of the deal – so thank you for doing what you do so we can do what we do!

Sharon on

I am one of those Krazy coupon ladies…….do you buy toilet paper, toothpaste, diapers, shampoo, bodywash, butter, eggs, kleenex, laundry detergent, the list goes on and on, then you too can save money by couponing. I personally don’t buy a lot of processed foods, but sometimes if I decide to buy it….I have a coupon for that too. I don’t stockpile to the extreme that was on t.v., but if one of my family members or friends needs an item, then can usually find it in my stockpile.

Jamie on

Wow. How wrong some people can be. There are TONS of coupons for money off of ORGANIC food and there are sales often. We are only on day 4 of the year and using coupons and sales I have saved $317.67 in 2011!

WOW and Tonight having tons of veggies, healthy cut/choice of meat, and some bread (we actually have water or organic milk with dinner but there is plenty choice of all other options available) for cheap or free. You can save money and have a rich life using coupons.

As a side note: I only stock pile items that I use regularly and we only buy one paper each sunday and print coupons online- so even without investing huge or getting extra coupons, it can be done. 🙂

Anonymous on

I see that not very many people understand exactly how couponing works. I’m a couponer and I get items like bread, milk, frozen vegetables, canned fruits, cheese, eggs, meat, etc. for dirt cheap. I got 30 pounds of lean meat the other day from Safeway for only .97 a pound – and not because it was close dated. My fridge is always stocked.

I do buy jarred and boxed foods as well, but it’s up to me how much I want to buy that’s junky. If you can’t control yourself and the coupons you use, then maybe you shouldn’t. Because I save on things like canned tomatoes, soy sauce, juice, etc., which I get for dirt cheap all the time, I can spend even MORE on produce. 🙂 I saved over $3,000 in 2010.

Not only that, but I’m sure those who go to food shelter and banks aren’t picky about what they get. Our family gives away TONS of food, hygiene supplies, and even comfort items because of couponing. I could never afford to give so much to my community and those in need if it weren’t for this.

Go to the websites and try to understand what it’s all about. You can’t just base it off one show. And it’s not so bad to go through a RECYCLING BIN. Toughen up a bit and reduce, re-use, recycle.

If it’s not your thing, that’s fine. No reason to judge what you don’t understand. 🙂

Desirae on

In defense of the Krazy coupon ladies…Kristine, not all families can afford to have an “exciting” life. The KCL’s are telling you that you can have family time together without spending much money, it might not be as exciting as a trip to Cancun or the zoo for that matter, but its a lot more exciting than having both parents work 2 jobs and never spending any time as a family at all.

Jennifer, I’m not sure what show you watched, but the last guy didn’t buy a ton of sugar coated cereal, he bought Total which is full of fiber and no sugar loaded. Also, just because you buy 20 bottles (or more) of soda doesn’t mean you’re going to drink it in a week! It could be for a party, or it could be a year’s supply! If you’re sitting at your computer typing that because you NEVER buy soda, then good for you, but I doubt it. So wouldn’t you rather buy it when you can get it for free instead of paying full price for it?

Jessica, I’m glad that you have time to make homemade pasta sauce for your family! But most of us don’t. So I take my free pasta sauce and mix it with fresh veggies and whole grain pasta-you see I can afford lots of fresh produce when I get other stuff for free. And BTW, Joanie’s son wasn’t digging in a garbage dumpster, it was a recycling dumpster, paper waste only-BIG difference.

Kim-saving on everyday stuff that you NEED to buy such as toilet paper, bodywash, shampoo, vitamins!…will just free up more money to spend on healthy food. Just because you can get junk for free doesn’t mean you need to take advantage of that deal. Every Krazy couponer knows that you only take advantage of the deals you will USE!

AMW-I don’t buy worthless stuff with the money I’m saving. I’m saving enough money on my groceries (and still feeding my family well balanced healthy meals) that I am able to be a stay at home mom-hardly worthless, in fact priceless.

You all shouldn’t be so negative, if you don’t like the idea, don’t do it, but if you have never tried couponing first hand, then keep your fingers and your comments to yourselves.

AJW on

I would like to disagree to an extent with some of you. I myself use coupons each and every time I shop. I save thousands of dollars on things you all probably use on a day to day basis. I buy only good food for my family and children. You can find even more than before great coupons for organic foods and eco-friendly cleaners and other items. My toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry soap, dishwasher liquid etc I get for nearly free. Organic healthy cereals I also get for nearly free. I do agree alot of coupons you can find are for items that are un-healthy but if you do a little more searching you will find the mother load of healthy choices.

As far as negative comments towards a child in a dumpster, it was full of paper not food and trash. I believe that negative comment was un-necessary.

I wish you all could just take a look at what these ladies were talking about and realize that before you judge, realize what they are doing is krazy good. No matter what you think of their eating habits realize how much of these free foods and items they donate. And even despite the food think of how much you could save on everything else besides the food.

Thanks to these women who have saved me so much money. Who have helped ensure I can stay home with my two beautiful babies by not having to spend more than I have to!

Heather on

Did any of the people who watched extreme couponing notice how many cartons of FRESH STRAWBERRIES that Joanie had in her cart?? Geez seriously, people will find any excuse to find a negative in someone elses life style. Give me a break. I love coupons, I love, and even better I love having a fatter wallet!

Teri on

The Krazy Coupon Ladies are awesome. I am unemployed and have exhausted my 99 weeks of unemployment and my husband has cancer and is on disability. We have a very limited income. By using coupons and stacking coupons with store sales, I can walk into a store and save 60-70% of my total. Choose what you want to use coupons on. Just because you have a coupon doesn’t mean you have to use it. I buy non-food items as well. I never pay full price for toilet paper and other toiletries. What I have extra of, I share with family or donate.
Those of you who are critical of coupon users need to put yourselves in a position like mine. The money I save, just might pay my power bill or some other necessity that we would otherwise not have the money for if we had to pay full price for groceries.

Teri on

Oh, and those of you complaining about not getting deals on healthy stuff..check out this website.

Christen on

It’s simple, couponers match sale prices with coupons and then stockpile these items. Then when you need to bring something to a get-to-gether, school party, ect. you go to your pantry and pull out something you paid almost nothing or nothing for and bring that instead of running to the store to pay full price. I’ve been couponing for 10 years now and my grocery budget is half of what my friends who don’t coupon are for a family of 5. Our freezers, fridge and pantry are full. With us saving so much on groceries and household supplies we have more money left over for dinners out, camping trips, movies, museums and more which we also use coupons for. Couponing isn’t the only way our family saves money, we also grow a garden and herbs and stock up on fresh meats that we fill our freezer with when they are on sale. Living frugally like we do has taught my children so much about the value of a dollar, I wouldn’t change a thing, I’m proud to be a couponer!

Tonia Clark on

Thanks to Joanie’s appearance on TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” my husband is only just now supporting my coupon clipping habit. He never saw the point of it up until watching the show. I myself am still a novice but thanks to blogs like these gals have I’m saving more & more for my family. Most of the points I wanted to make have all ready been made above. However what should be considered is if more Americans were using coupons, I guarantee there would be a lot less people needing welfare assistance. I think it’s wonderful that people who know how to really use coupons donate to food banks as well. That’s what is should be all about. It’s like the last lady said on “Extreme Couponing”, to people who think coupons are a waste of time “You just ain’t never been broke honey”. I loved her comment because it is so true. If you’ve never been in dire straits you don’t know what it means to really have to make tough choices to take care of your family. People who judge quickly I find are those who really have no idea what they’re talking about based on just there opinions and no actual facts, or are questioning there own decisions as well and find it easier to be critical of other peoples lives.

Stephanie on

I have saved so much using coupons, get tips that I have used personally, they work.I don’t have a huge overstock but when I see a good deal on the things my family uses I will stock up, this has come in handy when my husband lost his job. I am a stay at home mom and saving money is my way to contribute to our budget, after all a penny saved is a penny earned. Way to go from one crazy coupon lady to another!!!

mpage on

What I don’t understand is why people think that these people are eating junkfood just because they have coupons, when the truth of the matter is, these people using coupons to buy junkfood obviously have no problems with junkfood and would be eating it with or without coupons. I am a “KRAZY” couponer and what I have found to be true is that SO MANY of the women who are passionate about living frugally are EQUALLY as passionate about feeding their family healthy foods. It is never wise to judge an entire process on 4 examples out of hundreds of thousands. The people who were shown on this show were exceptions, and the majority of us who coupon do not dumpster dive, eat junk, or hoard. Yes, we may have a pantry and freezer stocked with good deals, and yes, we research deals and clip coupons, but we are normal people who know how to stretch a dollar and in this economy, that is a GIFT!

Georgia on

I love the word coupon! Its really not used that much in England! My canadian sister-in-law always makes me chuckle when she annouces she has a coupon when we’re at the check-out!

So you guys get these coupon from the newspapers or what? I didnt read the links the site posted (lazy I know) just the comments, and Im confused? Do the shops send you coupons for stuff or what? We don’t really have “vouchers” that you cut out of the newspaper here, but we have things like loyalty cards, or the store sends you money off vouchers, you no like £2.00 when you spend over £20.00, generally off stuff you never buy!

I am a fan of stocking up on things though, here they seem to change the lay-out of the shelves in shops at certain times of the year, and so they sell of the goods, like shampoos or toothbrushes simply because they have to get rid of it, so I stock pile then. Much to my husbands horror, but who has toothpaste in an emergency a?

Jenny Brinkman on

I support the KCL’s!!! They don’t just stockpile loads of “processed crap.” Are you kidding me? They get the same items that MOST Americans buy, and they save about 75% off of their grocery bill! I started using coupons and watching the sales last March, and I save a ton of money! I have 5 kids and we spend approximately $75 a week on groceries. That includes diapers for two, all toiletries, and YOU GUESSED IT….. FRESH PRODUCE & MEAT!!!! I suppose we should all stop couponing and let the taxpayers supply our groceries via food stamps???

My point is simple, you do what you have to do to support your family. If you’re too snobby to clip a coupon, then that’s your problem. As for me, I am couponing to the extreme, and you can PICK ANOTHER CHECKOUT LANE, HONEY.

Jalayne on

I just read all the comments….and it’s too bad that people “think” it’s all processed food and pop.
No one has mentioned that we also get heads up from these wonderful gals about toys and gifts! I bought a lot of toys this year at 75-90 percent off and donated to Toys for Tots. I bet the kids who received those gifts are grateful for coupons!

Melanie on

I have done coupons before and was turned off because they didn’t include healthy items. But now just a few years later getting back into it is is shocking at the difference. There are coupons for organic, whole wheat bread, pasta with Omega 3 and even for FRUIT! Never though tI would see that! Some people don’t believe in this system and that’s fine, because if everybody did it wouldn’t work for those of us that want to do it. So please continue to pay full price so the manufacturers will continue to throw coupons out to us! 🙂 Love a good deal and paying close to nothing for things my family needs…more money to go to the zoo or museum or park.

Practical Couponer on

Wow. Such harsh comments. Check out for practical couponing … we’re free to join and we do promote shelf clearing, or hoarding. Now, I admit, I feed my kids Ragu and cereal (Special K and Rice Krispies) and fruit snacks and cheese sticks and FREE produce … is that processed crap? Perhaps the fruit snacks. Anyway, I do give Joanie credit, she does donate 75% (or more) of what she gets, what church or shelter wouldn’t want the processed cereals or processed spaghetti sauce? It’s all about survival to them. Keep on keeping on Joanie … you’re one smart lady.

BobbiLea on

I applaude the KCL and lifestyle that they live. I have learned how to completely reinvent the way that I shop by following them and many other frugal moms. My family eats better, we have better tolietries, and we never run out of toliet paper!!!! I love the fact that I have learned to go shopping and can typically save almost half off!!!! I get my fruits, vegtables, meats, cheeses, and dairy products for practically NOTHING!!!!

marge on

i was happy to see this show on tlc. i am a coupon shopper. i have to provide for my family on a part-time income. i save between 500.00 to 1000.00 a month. i do stockpile. we live 2 hours from a chain market and live in a town of 1000 people so food is expensive. i get canned and frozen veggies, shampoo, tp, soap, juice, cheese, milk, eggs ect… for just the sales tax most times. couponing has played a big part of keeping food on my table and personal products in my home. i love the women who take the time to blog and help keep me informed.

Kristen on

I started extreme couponing 2 years ago and have saved a huge amount of money. Our credit cards will be paid off this year and we have not used a credit card in a year. My husband and I have two kids, one still in diapers. We would be in so much debt right now if I had not “discovered” coupons. We recently switched to an organic/natural diet and our food budget only increased by $30-$50(depending on the week). By still stockpiling with coupons and prioritizing our purchases we are able to still stick to a budget. “Healthy” coupons are out there and there are many well known brands that sell products that don’t contain “garbage” (as some have put it) you just have to read the labels.

Lisa Ann on

I was as skeptical as the next person after seeing the Krazy Coupon Ladies on the CBS Early Show, so I went to their website and checked it out. Five minutes later I had two coupons for the Sports Authority, a store I normally can’t afford to shop in. With the coupons I was able to purchase almost everything on our son’s Christmas list, which was a miracle considering the tough economic year our family has been through this year, and saved over $30.00. Not bad for five minutes worth of effort. In response to the respondents who thought they only offered unhealthy “junkfood” coupons, my son is getting plenty of healthy exercise wearing his new basketball shoes that I bought with my 20% off coupon. I’m so impressed with the site that I signed up for daily notifications on my facebook page. In my humble opinion, you’d have to be “Krazy” not to check out their site. =)

Kandice on

I don’t know if any of the “naysayers” will bother to come back and read the replies to their comments, but I thought I’d add my opinion. Yes, there are some couponers in the world who are completely OCD. They stock up on the worst foods, and spend all their time doing it and virtually no time with their families. No, these people are not the majority. Most couponers today are honest, hard-working mothers (and sometimes dads too!) just trying to make their dollar stretch a bit further. Yes, I’ve used coupons to buy “junk” many times. When I first started, I’d go for any good deal I could find because it was so exciting to me. Now that I’ve been doing it for a year and a half, I am much more selective about the products I stock up on, and the “junk” only comes once in a great while.

What you don’t understand if you’re not willing to give it a try is that couponing is only as healthy as the person doing the shopping. I stock up on such items as canned tomatoes (I make my spaghetti/pasta sauce from scratch), dried beans (I also make my refried beans from scratch), MEAT (I have 30 pounds of boneless skinless chicken in my freezer that I purchased at pennies on the dollar), cereal (the healthy kinds, like Kashi, Chex, and Shredded Wheat biscuits), and dried pasta. I also stock up on items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, lotion, bath soap, hand soap, toilet paper, shampoo and conditioner, Ziploc bags, etc. Not everyone who “stocks up” has a 40-year supply of toilet paper. Some of us only buy what we need and can use in a reasonable amount of time.

My church asks us to have a food storage to care for our families in an emergency. We are asked to have a 1-year supply of most non-perishables. I’ve never bought more of anything with my couponing that wasn’t used up in a year. And yes, often I dig into my 1-year food storage to find things to donate when the Scouts come calling.

If you are unwilling to hear both sides of a story, then you deserve to continue on in ignorance. Your lack of support or appreciation for this method of shopping is certainly not going to stop me from cutting my family grocery budget by 75%, which allows me to stay home with my children. Good luck to you in feeding your family “healthy” within your budget.

Karla on

For those that don’t use coupons, please continue to pay full price so I can continue to get products mentioned in the above posts for free. I need you anti-couponers to subsidize my grocery bill so I can afford to feed my family. Thank you for your support.

cpnclper on

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it…even a little bit. Once you see what is possible you want to kick yourself for paying full price all these years.

I have followed the KCLs for a year now. I have 2 reasons to thank them. First, they simply taught me how to shop smarter at the grocery store. I learned how to track prices at the 2 stores I shop most (Kroger & Walgreens) on items I buy most so that I know when they are really on sale. Then you just match a coupon to the item on sale. You don’t have to buy bulk and you don’t have to buy items you don’t like. For example, I saved $132.40 this year on Trop 50 orange juice (normally $3.28 but I can get it for $1.50 with a sale and coupon). Even if you don’t want to invest a couple hours a week for about 6 months learning prices at 1 or 2 stores (I’m a full-time attorney raising a 4-year old child with an attorney husband who works 60-70 hours a week and I still found time to do it) you can still easily save $10 a week just using coupons in a basic manner…that’s $520 a year (a month’s food budget foro me). Also, if you can’t find coupons on food you eat, you can still coupon for non-food items (toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, dental care, hair care, cosmetics, shaving items, deodorant, batteries, light bulbs, skin care, diapers, formula, etc.).

The second thank you is for helping change my shopping habits in general. Once I saw how much money I saved on groceries, I wondered what else I can save on. I no longer just walk in a store and grab things. For example, I love Ann Taylor. Instead of just stopping in randomly and buying at full price, I occasionally go online to see what’s new and mark what I like. Then I wait for a 40% or 50% off sale (they have several a year). I have gotten $750 worth of clothes for $300. I just got a $228 little black dress there for $50 (marked down on clearance and then 40% off). Before KCL, I never even glanced at the clearance rack. I also found Fashion Under $100 online, which takes celebrity outfits and shows you how to replicate them for under $100. I also found Groupon with deals for local businesses.

So, thank you KCL. Thank you for helping me change my habits for the better.

Denise on

Love it, Karla! I am a huge KCL fan!

Jennifer on

Did you look at the picture of these ladies? They don’t look like people who eat lots of processed foods and drink soda all day. They are fit, healthy, attractive young women. Seems like the type of women a lot of people want to be like. If you look at what they actually included in this article you will see that what the promote is really sane. So, while you spend $35 on your dinner out, I’ll spend $4. If you don’t want to save that kind of money, fine with me, but I’m taking that extra money to the bank!

TC on

I like when new people join this site and voice their opinion but I personally hate when we get so many comments on one product or service like this and those people sing the praises of said product and then disappear never to be heard again. It doesn’t help the company in my eyes to encourage people to come to a site and post their positive experience, in my eyes it’s akin to spamming.

Valerie on

I posted this on KCL’s status update asking her users to respond to comments here. Just in case it gets deleted there, I want it to be on the internet somewhere. I’m disgusted.

“OK, so you’re all for both positive and negative criticism, but you come here to Facebook and ask your fans specifically to respond to the criticism you were getting on the article? Seriously? Sorry, I didn’t realize that you were the sor…t to mobilize your little army of couponers to do your dirty work. I’m extremely put off by this.
I liked you before, but you will not be getting my page clicks anymore. I think you’ve lost sight of your supposed goal of saving families money and are now more focused on building your brand. I mean, c’mon. You used your article to promote, a mediocre restaurant savings site which pays you to promote it. How much of a kick back did they give you for that one? This isn’t about saving your fans money anymore. It’s about exploitation. I’m out.”

Megan on

WOW!! Seems like there is some jealousy going on. I watched the TV show on TLC a week ago and started couponing the next day. In one week I have saved or $140.00 and I didn’t just buy a bunch of junk or processed food items. I will NEVER shop the way I used to by throwing money away by NOT using coupons. It has changed my outlook on a lot of things and I am thankful for the Krazy Coupon Ladies for sharing their secrets with everyone!!! People are so ignorant and I think there are some jealous people out there who wish they would have thought of the idea first and besides they are cute hip moms and I am sure that adds to the negative smashing going on, get a life people if you don’t like then keep it to yourself!

Dotti on

I don’t know how we would get enough food to eat without coupons, it saves me 20% on my groceries on a regular basis. Because of a restricted diet, (I too wish there were more coupons for healthier items, and just healthier items available at my store in general) we aren’t able to use as many as some of the extreme couponers, and I don’t think most of us are “hoarders” either. Thanks to people like the Krazy Coupon Lady, who takes the time to help us all out in this miserable economy.

E on

FYI to all you negative people out there thinking coupons are only for junk food…..
I Got Caesar Salad kids for $0.50 a bag WITH COUPONS – I say that’s a deal when the regular price was $3.50 each and pretty darn HEALTHY !

And to all you out there with your negative comments…”Keep paying full price, we need stupid people to keep the economy going” !
I will happily CLIP & SAVE !

KAL on

Say what you will, but I won’t be spending a cent to wash my dishes with name brand dish soap or dishwasher detergent this year. Additionally, last year, my coupons paid for knee surgery and rehab (what insurance didn’t cover). As for me, I’m off to the store to use my doublers!

Teresa on

I think it is hilarious that certain people want to pass judgment about something they know absolutely nothing about. You are the kind of people that stand behind me in line and are happy to see how much I saved, yet you complain about the length of time it took to take all the coupons off when I leave the store. I can teach you how to do it too 🙂 Better yet, KCL can teach you just by logging in on their blogs. DON’T BE HATERS on those of us (that don’t have to cry at the end of the month) because of how much money we spent (or didn’t spend) at the grocery store.

mom of 5 on

I have 5 kids All of which I feel are constantly growing. However because of a good friend I just started couponing. So far I have done really good. I watched the ladies and have learned alot. Thank you ladies.

Uwoodz on

I can only assume that the people claiming coupons are only for “processed food” haven’t really taken the time to look at coupons. There are plenty available for produce, milk, organic foods and gluten free foods not to mention all the health & beauty items you could think of. I will also assume that those people don’t purchase deodorant, shampoo or body wash. Please take the time to look before you judge all couponers by this “extreme” example.

Marge on

I’ve been couponing for about 3 or 4 years now. I give away a lot of what I get. Toiletries are very easy to get for next to nothing with coupons. Yes, I do get processed food. But, sometimes a busy mom has to use those. At least I don’t pay anywhere near full price when I do!

Thrifty Shopper on

@Valerie, You won’t be missed. So good luck and happy shopping 😛

Suzanne on

Ultimately you can apply your coupon savvy to any and all parts of the store (grocery or otherwise). My last couponing trip to the grocery store I saved on fresh produce, fresh meat products, cat litter, dog food, laundry detergent, dish soap, handsoap, shampoo, contact lens solution, milk, eggs, bread, cereal, and many other items. Yes, some of the items are processed foods but they are foods I would have purchased anyhow. The savings on these items allow me more money to use for my fresh fruit and veggie purchases that I otherwise would not be able to afford.

Limawa on

I think it’s tacky The Krazy Coupon Ladies asked all their readers to come post positive comments. It’s as if they’re asking people to justify their methods. Definitely nothing wrong with couponing, I love it. I just think it’s tacky to ask people to make a comment on a board and jump down naysayers throats.

Lisa on

I am so thankful for the people who teach you how to use coupons. As frugal as I am i was always a non-believer until last year. We have had a couple years of financial unrest, and by couponing we’ve been able to have good food and also have a fun hobby.

I have had the opportunity to get many items not only for free, but that I would make money on; however, if they are processed I will pass. I don’t need 20 packages of Jimmy Dean at all. But because I scrounge through the recycle bin at our rental condo I take all the coupons no one else wants to use, and I do some serious stocking up. Oatmeal, healthy cereal, coffee, all sorts of personal hygiene items that were mostly free(nice stuff too, better than what I would buy normally), water, canned goods, dressing, peanut butter, and my personal vice, Kettle Chips – at $.25 a bag I don’t feel guilty about it. I’ve also gotten tons of tofu, Greek yogurt, almond milk, brie, satsumas, salad and spinach, juice and more for free or almost free, and can usually repeat that on a regular basis.

We live on mostly an Asian diet, so I can tell you we eat pretty healthy. When I want to go off the tracks though, there’s always free chocolate to be found.

It’s also amazing to me that people don’t check their coupons that print out at the register. This week, just from taking the coupons that the person in front of me left, I have gotten a free bag of chips, 2 free 2-liters of pop(diet!), a free box of wipes, 4 free vitamin waters, and 2 free boxes of Breathe-Right snoring strips(YAY!!) This happens all the time because people don’t pay attention, don’t think the little purchases matter.

People don’t want to coupon because it’s time consuming and confusing at first. But there’s really no way to properly manage all aspects of your finances without spending a significant amount of time on it. But for the non-believers, keep telling yourselves it doesn’t work and I’ll be right behind you picking up your discarded coupons and getting free food!

Emily on

Wow. People are passionate about their coupons.

I get toothbrushes for free also. They give me two every time I go to the dentist and I go every six months. 🙂

IMO on

Caeser salads are NOT healthy…..just so ya know

Jeni on

I just got a TON of healthy stuff free with coupons. I mean, isn’t toothpaste, toothbrushes, laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent healthy? If I didn’t use those things, I wouldn’t have teeth, clean dishes, or clean clothes! There is also coupons for lots of healthy stuff, just look!! Thanks Krazy Coupon Ladies for all the great idea!

Alyssa on

Just adding my already stated two cents!!!
Saving money does not mean you have to eat processed foods and drink pop 24/7!!! I eat natural and organic and still save a ton of money on all of my household products. With the prices of everything rising, why not save money where you can. You don’t have to compromise your food habits to save money.
There are a few coupons for organic things out there if you take the time to look and if you stock up on things when they are on sale you will be saving money over the long run.
No need to judge anyone. All walks of life can learn and apply this to the benefit of their family and others.
YOU ROCK KCL’s!!!!!!

Valerie on

@Thrifty Shopper (aka the coward who won’t post their name) – I’m sure I won’t be missed. There are plenty of mindless, uneducated readers to keep their website running by clicking their affiliate links and buying their worthless book. Luckily for me, there are also plenty of other coupon websites that don’t post so many affiliate links that you can’t tell what’s a great deal for me rather than a great paycheck for the site owner.
Do yourself a favor, Thrifty Shopper, and don’t try to sugar coat insults. You make yourself sound weak.

Renee on

I think the KCL ladies are awesome! I have a family of five and we live on a budget. I have learned a lot from the KCL ladies. My grocery budget is $100 every two weeks. By using coupons I am able to get the things I need including fruit, veggies, meats, and other necessary household items with that amount!

Thanks KCL ladies for sharing your knowledge and teaching others how to use their money wisely!!!

Indira on

Whats unhealthy about a caesar salad?? Its a little high in fat but I wouldn’t say it isn’t healthy.

IMO on

Indiria, what makes a store bought cesar salad healthy?

Katy on

Joanie and Heather, you girls are rock stars! I love the site and I love seeing my grocery bill drop. I also love how all the couponers out there have spoken up in defense. Makes me proud to be a krazy coupon lady!

TAM on

Let’s be honest here, those of you who call us couponers “crazy,junk food crazed” people, have you ever found yourself without a job and not enough money to feed & povide the basic necessities to your family?
Being forced into couponing as a way to make ends meet, I have been exposed to an entirely new concept of shopping. This spans fromgrocey shopping, clothes shopping and yes, EVEN VACATIONS. There are many items that we choose not to buy whether or not we have coupons for them, but so what if I have 50 boxes of fruit rollups in my food storage?! Ya, I have insane amounts of cereal, pastas (oh and yes, I do have over 2 dozen boxes of wheat pasta that I got for FREE), sauces, peanut butters, canned foods, etc,. But certainly just because I stock piled it when it was free or next to free does NOT mean that I give my children full rein of eating as much as they would like. What’s so wrong with having a 2 year supply of food at all times?? Regardless, whatever we don’t use will get donated to someone who will. Guess what? I went from spending $600-$800 per month of groceris and toiletries to $200 a month….and ALL with coupons! Go ahead and call me crazy, obsessive and whatever else you’de like to call us couponers….but while your paying $9 a bottle for your tide laundry soap or your razors or bodywashes, you can rest assured that I have a stockpile of atleast 20 bottles (at all times) and mine were all free! Now, who’s the crazy one??

PS…the uneducated (coupon wise) comments from most of you bashers just shows your own ignorance to save your own hard earned money!! Why would you NOT want to save your own money to have more of it?? You’de be surprised how couponing will open your eyes about your spending habbits..hence, why rich people NEVER pay full price for things!

Amy on

Our monthly income has been cut almost in half for the past year. It has been a struggle to pay the bills, let alone purchase the things we need on a daily basis. Thanks to the KCL website, I CAN obtain the things we need like food, toilet paper, storage bags, etc. using coupons and reward cards. Before leaving comments that are completely ridiculous and just plain ‘nasty’, don’t judge them by the television show and misconstrue the information. Check out their website and do a little research first.

Jen on

KCL has shown me the hidden coupons & savings! Target’s website offers print at home coupons for a huge variety of items; bottled water, Kashi, cereal, bread, veggies & fruit, frozen foods (like Amy’s Kitchen). Fred Meyer’s offers coupons that download on your reward card; Deli meats & cheeses, household items, yogurts, etc. And to the I don’t use a coupon for processed food critics — guess what just because there is a coupon for foods your family doesn’t eat or you don’t want to buy than don’t buy it! Use the coupons on items you do purchase.

Nina on

@Corrie,I agree with you I have found coupons for healthy options.Props for being a stay at home mom,it’s very rewarding.Happy clipping:)

Holly on

I consider our family very blessed to have the Krazy Coupon Lady share deals and coupons with us. I went from living paycheck to paycheck for groceries to having more food remaining in the cupboards even after the next payday. If you think a certain item is unhealthy don’t buy it. Use the money saved from couponing to buy healthy food items. I don’t understand why so many are being harsh, KCL is teaching us all how to live a better life through couponing. Do the “dislikers” stop to think about the homeless people and/or extremely poor families, how they feel when they can put another meal on the table…it’s a blessing! I thank God for KCL and other couponing sites as I have saved so much money. Thank you KCL for all that you do!!!!

maryA on

Yes, like coupons for Carrots, apples lettuce and such. Which I actually could use those kinds of coupons! Since I have to shop for a family of 6 my food bill costs A LOT!!! I have one child who is a total vegetarian, three males who are 100% carnivores and my 18 yr old and I could go either way! Meat, potatoes, rice, veggies and fruit those are the coupons I truly need! And let’s not forget the 6-8 gallons of milk I go thru a week! Throw that coupon in as well!

Coupon Crocodile on

I just started crazy couponing this week- my New Year’s Resolution. And their blog has been one of the most helpful that I have found. I am proud to say that I bought three tubes of Colgate toothpaste today for $1- one of the tubes was actually totally free. Even if you grow your own food and raise your own organic cows in your back garden, I certainly hope you can appreciate toothpaste and toilet paper and chapstick coupons.

I have also learned that if you look hard enough (which is pretty easy with the internet), you can find plenty of coupons for organics. Tomorrow, with a printed coupon in hand, I will walk over to my local food co-op to purchase organic mixed greens for $1 (normally nearly $5).

I am new to this couponing lifestyle but I can already see so many positive changes and outcomes.

Also, what’s wrong with one bowl of sugar cereal in the morning? Look at the nutritional panels of some popular cereals compared to a vanilla latte at Starbucks or bagel or muffin. Most are actually much healthier.

Lori on

I think these women are TOTALLY inspiring!! I have made my New Years resolution to become a Coupon Fanatic! Why not save money on products you already buy?? Why not stock up on products when they’re on sale? I’m also inspired to donate free items to my local food bank.

Here’s to a New Year of coupon savings!! Rock on Krazy Coupon Ladies!!!

Dawn on

I went shopping with my coupons today, and brought my bill down from $297.26 to $79.56. Using my coupons, I was able to buy meat, fruit, vegetables, milk, pastas, toothpaste, floss, laundry soap, deodorant, hand soap, bath soap, make-up, Oil of Olay lotion and body wash, air fresheners, dryer sheets, cheese, yogurt, 100% juice, diapers… and so much more! If you’re telling me that you don’t use that stuff in your home, then you are some hungry, STINKY people! I love you KCLs… you girls ROCK!!!

Jacqueline on

Couponing isn’t for everyone. But, it’s also something that a person learns to do, and doesn’t always come naturally. I grew up with my mom using coupons, but thanks to KCL and my own research I am am now teaching my mother. My husband has been very supportive throughout my learning process the past 4 months. I never thought I would hear him bragging about how much I save while he is at work! I’ve even had people stop me and ask for tips. We use coupons for many different things, but we also purchase things without coupons. For example, last week we needed some basic items (non-food) and payed $23 and SAVED $100! I was completely excited. Why? Because there were certain brands of shampoo and conditioner I would have normally skipped and grabbed the cheapest store brand one if I had not had my coupons. However, getting a $7.99 bottle of shampoo for $0.74 (with only 1 coupon on top of their sales/clearance price) made it even cheaper than a store brand item.

I don’t go overboard and buy out a whole store, but I do try to grab a few extras when I am able to. I don’t have much of a stockpile yet, and I cannot wait to have a stock pile like the KCL. My husband and I have already suggested that our ‘dream’ situation would be to have 6 months to a years supply of certain items stockpiled in case of emergency. I am 24, have already had 2 back surgerys, and always worry about us being prepared if something were to happen and my back were to go out. Having even a small stockpile relieves some of the worry when thinking of all the bills and so on that would be hanging over us in such a situation.

I’m no where near perfect… granted no one is. So in the end, it is up to each person whether to use coupons or not. But for me, coupons allow us to splurge on certain items and also to allow me the blessing of being a stay at home mom while I’m in college full-time. It’s not always easy, and it takes some time and careful planning when I go shopping (i stay up a little later 2 or so nights a week to clip, sort, organize, and plan). I do not put coupons or anything before my family, and even my daughter enjoys hunting for what is pictured on the coupon.

For those of you that speak of couponers over-spending because of the amount they/we save. I will be glad to admit that my daughter sleeps with a glow stick every night because it’s the only thing that helps with her fear of the dark and night terrors. If I were to go back to grocery shopping without using coupons or planning the way I do, I highly doubt that the small comfort of a glow stick would be as easy to provide.

We make our sacrifices just as any other family does. The work put into couponing isn’t always 100% rewarding. There are some days I would love to just throw in the towel. But, I also wake up every morning knowing how blessed I am.

jill on

I was wondering why there were so many comments… I searched for them on Facebook. Should have figured they would send out the troops for defending!

ANN on

Call me “Krazy” or “Crazy” just DON’T call me “The lady that pays full price”.
If you choose not to save money that’s on you! With the state of the economy we could all learn something from the “Krazy Coupon Ladies”! Go look at their website and then make your judgements!

Yes, I would love to find a PAPER ONLY recycle bin and climb in for free coupons! I would definately take my child and my grandchildren with me. I’m not ever gonna climb in a garbage can for coupons but you can if you would like! Saving money is smart and all of us need to use our brains a lot more.

Indira on

Most store bought “caesar salads” are usually just bags of romaine lettuce. The pre-made stuff is usually just romaine with a few croutons and no dressing at all. Anyway, caesar salads usually have egg, olive oil, lemon juice, and black pepper. What exactly is not healthy about that?? I really want to know how an appropriately portioned serving of caesar salad is harmful to your health? I personally substitute eggs for yogurt but, I had no idea I was eating something that was not healthy. Here I was thinking Romaine had vitamin A and C, eggs were high in protein and olive oil was a healthy fat. I’m not attributing this to you IMO but, I feel like some people won’t stop judging other moms food choices until we start eating everything fresh from our own home-kept gardens. That would be nice but it’s completely impractical for most of us.

Anyway– I’ve always wanted to get into coupon-ing but I’m always so lazy. I too thought that you couldn’t get organic meat and veggies with a coupon. I guess, I was mistaken! No harm in that. Thanks for those websites ladies!

Alyshia on

Yay! They are great resource for saving money on groceries and other fun family activities! Have you checked out their site? I love their site.

And don’t be hating on couponing! You can still coupon and eat healthy! I just got back from a shopping trip where I got free SILVER HILLS sprouted grain bread, 4 FREE Athenos GREEK yogurt and a FREE box of Kashi cereal! No Joke! It was amazing. I also got cheap items on other Kashi items like their yummy cereal bars (Just go to their website and request a free sample – they send coupons!).. You can get great deals on Kelloggs healthy cereals and Cheese… the list goes on! Who can’t have enough mozzarella cheese? yummmmyyyy.

IMO on

Indiria,aim not judging anyone or saying you need to eat from your home garden. The statement was made that they are healthy. That is not true. Oatmeal is healthy. I am waiting for someone to tell me how it is healthy. I make my own salad dressing….made it last night with olive oil and lemons over mixed greens. Cheap and healthy!
Most salad kit….it comes with croutons, cheese and a preservative based dressing, which comes out to 15 g fat and high sodium per serving……and NO protein. That does not mean healthy……

K'lyn on

Over the years as a stay-at-home mom, I have looked for ways I could “contribute” to the household income, without taking a job outside the home, away from my kids. The Krazy Coupon ladies have helped me learn how to budget, how to prepare and prep meals, how to shop smarter all while staying home. They’ve taught me the importance of every penny counting and helped me along my journey. I am so grateful to them for teaching me without cramming it down my throat, and allowing me to find what works best for our family. They may take it farther than I do, or you might, but without their “craziness” I couldn’t have saved as much! I love their overall goal: to save money so they can focus on what’s truly important…. their family…. their home… their wellbeing. What great moms!

Cate on

Watched this crazy coupon show last night…husband and I were appalled. Each marriage they showcased was obviously in trouble because of the obsessive behavior of the crazed coupon-clipper. It’s one thing to clip coupons and save on items that you NEED – it’s quite another to stockpile items, working on it 12 hours per day, for items you won’t even USE in the next year or more, because you have so much.

My husband and I had one thought – these people could be volunteering their time, helping OTHERS in need, doing something good for the community they live in. This is such a selfish obsessive habit, or, one that needs therapy. One lady was piling up 40 cans of Ragu on top of her little boy in the grocery cart, who was at the grocery store with her for over 3 hours. I, for one, was disgusted.

fuzibuni on

Hahah. I was trying to figure out why this post has 125+ comments. Then I scrolled through all the messages and noticed the distinct stench of spam wafting over most of them. You can always tell when a group of new people raid this site to say how “TOTALLY AWESOME” a product or person is.. OVER AND OVER AND OVER again ad nauseum.

We get the idea folks. You’ve taken the Krazy Coupon Lady as your lord and savior. Now go back and tell your master to lay off the spam brigade. It’s tacky and embarrassing.

jill on

Thank you fuzibini for noticing the same thing as well! I am done vomiting.

Feminist mom on

I have been working diligently in the last 6 months to reduce our household spending, including cutting our grocery bill. After reading this thread, I now believe that I must investigate using coupons. My household has 3 adults and 2 children. We spend roughly $150/week on groceries. This figure includes all cleaning supplies and diapers etc. I buy organic products only for the milk, meat and the soft skinned fruit. For any coupon savvy posters out there, does this figure seem high? I am hoping to further cut our grocery bill.

Thank you everyone for all the great comments in this thread. You have inspired me (as well as I am sure others) to investigate how to save more money.

Joyce on

I liked their ideas and sharing ways to save money. It got me motivated to clipping coupons and today I saved so much more at the store. If I really didn’t like what the show was about or what was going on I think I would of turned the channel instead of watching to complain later. Thank you “Krazy Coupon Ladies” for helping families save at the store!!

Charlotte on

I think all of you that think that extreme couponers are crazy and such are just jealous because you are to LAZY to get out there and clip coupons and save yourselves. If you would do a little research before giving your 2 cents worth you would know that all of the people on the show actually donate a great deal of what they get to shelters, food pantries and so forth something I bet none of you do at all. So before you go knocking people down for what they do to save money and support their families try doing an inventory of your own lives and what you do. At least what they are doing is legal get a life and leave these folks alone. I commend them for wanting to help others save money especially in these hard times.

jill on

i love when people thow out jealousy….yep, yep, yep….that must be it!! oh and get a life!

How the coupon people must be proud…..that their supporters are spewing such hate!