Family Photo: The Crawford-Gerbers – Beach Bums

01/04/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

Sand and surf! Model mama Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber stroll the beach in Los Cabos, Mexico while vacationing with kids Kaia Jordan, 9, and Presley Walker, 11, over the holidays.

Denise Truscello/WireImage

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Mallory on

And cue the comments about Kaia being too young to walk around in a bathing suit like that. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!

Cindy and Rande make some GORGEOUS kids, that is for sure!

Nona on

Well, since you set the pace….ummmmmm…way too young!

Molly on

Yup, let’s see how fast the comments will be about Kaia’s outfit, which I think is cute. 🙂
They look like a very happy family.

Jen DC on

It’s not an “outfit” it’s a swimsuit. She’s fine.

josie on

cmon guys lay off the comments about the girls’ bathing suit. its not VULGAR at all!!

however, they have a beautiful family. gorgeous kids!

Waverly on

The bathing suit is obviously kid-sized, so it would be weird if people had a problem with it.

Indira on

Uhh it’s not very flattering but, I don’t see how its inappropriate. They are on a beach after all.

Emily on

It’s a bathing suit…how is she too young for it? Why do 2 pieces frighten people?

sky on

GORGEOUS family!

jessicad on

I don’t see the difference in her wearing a bikini versus Honor Warren or any of the other toddlers we see all the time in them. I think it’s strange that people sexualize a 9 year old. I could understand if it was a 13 year old in a string bikini, but she’s still a little girl. I wore bikinis all the time when I was little and remember a lot of girls wearing them and it not being a big deal like it is now, just find it weird how people react to it.

EM on

Agreed, it’s a fine outfit. The only comment is that Kaia looks SO much older than her age but it happens…

Amy on

Kaia does look pretty. She also looks 14.

Erika on

I agree with JenDC. It isn’t an outfit, it’s a bathing suit and is acceptable for the beach. If she were wearing it to school, it would be inappropriate as it does expose a lot of skin. But for the beach it is perfectly fine and I have seen younger kids in even less.

She is a beautiful girl!

Jessica on

Wow look how tall Kaia is getting. Clearly taking after her mommy and papa. On a side note, it look like she has hips in this pics. I don’t know if it’s the angle or what but she has a little hip-to-waist difference and not straight up and down like most prepubescent kids.

LOL on

Oh good Lord Mallory. Just remember you started it.

Georgia on

That looks like a magazine shoot and advert! So perfect! The setting, the parents, the kids. Makes you sick doesn’t it! Lol!

I think the only reason I did a double take of Kaia is because she doesn’t look nine at all! I don’t no why, its not what shes wearing, maybe she just has that “mature” edge to her.

Makes me laugh that the boys are just wearing shorts and a t-shirt, like its any other day where as mum and daughter seem to have their prettiest bikinis on, like most men/women on holiday!

Kate on

This picture looks staged. They are a really good looking family.

IMO on

Cute family! Someone let me know where I can find the book that tells you what age is appropriate to wear a bikini? Haven’t found that one yet!

Erika and jessicad, perfectly said!

Rosy on

Wow those kids are gorgeous! And Cindy is looking amazing.

While I’m in the camp that thinks children shouldn’t wear bikinis, but I moreso have a problem with babies and toddlers in them, THAT is innapropriate and not sunsmart. I think it’s great that Kaia has a little skirt bottom, surely people don’t have a problem with that?…9 isn’t too bad.

Danielle on

I don’t have a problem with a bikini on a kid at any age but that top looks too small for her. They do have beautiful kids!

Elle on

I think her top looks like it doesn’t fit properly. Maybe it is the angle but I think because it is opened so wide in the front it looks unflattering.

I also agree…this photo looks staged. But the kids are beautiful!

IMO on

And I meant to also say that this photo seems very staged…..I like the more natural ones

momof boys on

oh goodness what is wrong with a 9 year old wearing a bikini at the beach? it’s not a thong!

JM on

Ha, IMO, good point 🙂 i also always wonder where these general consensus ideas come from. “that boy’s hair is too long”, “that girl shouldn’t dress like a boy”, “that girl is too young to be wearing a bikini” 😀 people state it with such authority as if these were universally accepted facts 🙂 what do i care about what someone else’s kid is wearing?
live and let live people 🙂

Elisa on

This family is TOO gorgeous that my eyes hurts when I look at them, lol. Gorgeous mom, gorgeous dad, 2 gorgeous kids. Gosh….
Presley’s hair is shorter?

Mira on

I’m just floored by how good Cindy looks. And moreover, she looks like herself too, rather than like a botoxed, lifted, stretched caricature of her former self. And many celeb women her age and younger look like the latter.

Good for you, Cindy!

Tee on

What a beautiful picture! And since it was asked, I’ll say that I don’t think she should be wearing a bikini but that really has nothing to do with the fact that she’s nine. I don’t care for bikinis because I really don’t think that they are modest and I feel very strongly about modesty. However, it’s not my body and it’s not my daughter, so my opinion doesn’t matter! I’m okay with that!

Mina on

How do they get their kids to just walk around with them and not be bored? When I was 9 to 11 I wanted to be with friends or doing something fun…and now my kid is the same way. If we were just strolling along the beach he would surely run ahead or beg to bring a friend and certainly not want to be with mom n dad. lol

Abby on

Dude. Kaia is a kid, specifically a preteen girl. Of course she’s going to wear something like that.

Kresta on

I think that Kaia is going to look older thatn nine no matter what she wears. She is tall and her hair makes her look older too. Her bikini isn’t offensive but it isn’t really a nice style either.

tara on

Personally I would never let my 9year old wear that to the beach, nor would I put a toddler in a bikini (like I have seen a lot of parents and celebparents do) but that is my choice as a parent. It’s Cindy’s choice as her mother as to what she wears and if that’s what she thinks is appropriate then so be it I suppose.

Nella on

Cute family!I see nothing wrong with her daughter’s swimsuit. She’s at the beach and she’s a child so to me this isn’t sexual at all. I don’t understand people making a big deal out of kids wearing two piece swimsuits. As much as people say she may look older, you can clearly see that she’s still a child. I respect people having their own more conservative views, however she is their child and it’s their choice what she wears.On a side note, Cindy looks Incredible! That woman does not age hehe.

B.R on

They are a beautiful family, and they all look really good. I don’t see anything wrong with what any of them are wearing.

Mina if they have family walks every day, like my family does, even when it was just my husband and I, the kids maybe used to it, and find it an enjoyable family time together, I know my 16 year old does, and not once has he ever asked about bringing a friend or been running around unless all of us are:) We always taught him that is special time with the family, time to think and talk about what ever we want to. And he loves it, when he is having a bad day it’s never “mom can we talk?” it’s “mom can we go for a nice long walk?” I personally wouldn’t have it any other way, plus walking is good for the body his and mine. I hope it’s a tradition that he will continue as he grows and carry on with his kids when the time comes.

sarah on

seriously, i don’t care what she is wearing. they have to deal with it. but i wouldn’t dress MY daughter like that.

km on

Something freaky is happening with Kaia’s left hip or it may just be the angle. I think she looks cute, totally age appropriate for the beach.

Diann283 on

I had the same reaction…she’s way too young for that suit… but i think that since her parents obviously don’t have a problem with it… who are we… AND if memory serves me right wasnt there a controversy when she was younger like five or so and modelled a bikini at a fashion show or something…
All this picture does is make me know that i wont want my daughter at that age dressed in a bikini….

Amanda on

My daughters have been in swim class long enough for me to know that my choice to only allow one piece suits for children is now a rare one, but the cut of Kaia’s top seems very inappropriate for a girl her age. Not a choice I’d make but I think her parents have already proven they are hoping to turn her into Cindy Crawford #2

Cici on

My little sister wore that kind of thing when she was eight and up and there was a guy who totally wanted to do her and would get all excited and excuse himself whenever she was around (we lived near the beach), but it didn’t bother her. I mean exciting perverts isn’t the problem. It’s only when they act on that excitement that it’s criminal.

I’m more surprised that Kaia looks so heavy hipped in that outfit. I mean I see fat and obese kids all the time, but I guess when your mom is a model, I’d expect better eating habits. After all, she hasn’t even hit the worst part of puberty yet and she’s already thick in the hips.

jordan #1 on

Looks like something is trying to force itself out of her left side. At first I thought she was holding a ball to her side, but then I realized it was all her.

Robin on

Criticize the celebrities but NOT the kids…they didn’t ask for this lifestyle and now I see where this thread is now going from the inappropriateness of a child wearing a bikini to now how the child looks heavy hipped. That’s just wrong. They are a beautiful family and let’s just leave it at that.

Amy on

Um…Cici’s comment was grotesque. It “didn’t bother” your eight year old sister that some old pervert wanted to “do” her (at age 8!!) and would excuse himself when she was around? because he was excited?!! It’s “okay for perverts to be excited as long as they don’t act on it”??! This is the most vile thing I’ve read in a long time.

lizzielui on

Are we seriously critiquing and criticizing a 9 year old for being heavy hipped? And people wonder why young women have body image issues. Amazing.

alice jane on

Man, the things some people say… I understand that this is a comment section and everyone’s entitled to their opinion, free speech, blah blah blah, but seriously… there are some comments that are better kept to yourself. I hopeKaia doesn’t ever decide to search herself or her family on Google and run across this thread or any others where people are criticizing a 9 year old’s body.

They’re a beautiful family. The kids have such striking features.

JMO on

My first thought when I saw this picture was omg people are gonna comment on Kaia’s bathingsuit!! yikes how predictible people have become!!
Well I find the bathing suit to be fine. But I agree Kaia doesn’t look anywhere close to being 9. I am sure she’s gonna be tall and beautiful like her mom. But I hope they keep her a little girl for as long as possible. I see pics of Ireland Baldwin and Ava Sambora and think OMG stop these young girls from wanting to be women so quickly!!

Sky on

Cici, that’s so disturbing. “Wanted to do her”? She’s 8 years old. Better choice of words next time maybe?

Indira on

haha @ cici–WOW dude. Wow. Anway, why are people so negative towards hips? I mean yeah this little girl has hips but honestly, I think that girls and women with hips usually look the best in bikinis. The victoria secret models all have a great waist-hip ratio.

I think Cici was trying to say that a pervert is going to sexualize a child no matter what. Even if the girl is dressed in a burka.The only thing I find off about this photo is that they’re all dressed and she isn’t.

Toya L. on

Beautiful family. Kaia does look older than 9 but she’s gorgeous like her mother. I wont comment on her bikini because I see nothing wrong other then the fit. I think it’s absolutely sad that lowlife a$$holes would criticize a 9 year old’s body build.

Lila on

I don’t see a problem with a 9 year old wearing a bathing suit- at the beach! I am rolling my eyes at the people who think she should be forced to wear a giant one piece because it makes YOU uncomfortable. She’s a kid. At the beach. In a swim suit. Is that really an issue?

Back on topic- Cindy looks amazing. She is such a classic beauty and you can tell takes very good care of herself.

zzzz on

From Kaia’s hips, it looks like she has severe scoliosis!

Terri on

It does look a little odd. She’s a beautiful girl though. The whole family is just gorgeous.

Indira on

if you try standing in the same position kaias in you’ll realize that your hip will jut out too. I don’t think she has scoliosis.

Lila on

OMG- a 9 year old showing her stomach. Call CYS!!!

And seriously, making comments about a child’s weight and posture. That’s just sad.

kirsty on

My three year old wears two pieces and one piece bathing suits and I prefer her to wear a two piece, way easier getting a wet bathing suit off when she has to go to the bathroom!

Mama on

Agree the bikini top is an awful cut, far too low and wide.

Cindy always said she was not naturally skinny, she worked VERY hard to stay slim and fit, it would seem her daughter has inherited those same healthy curvy and athletic genes.

It’s not news to see Kaia in a bikini though is it?!!

Nona on

haha..the outrage is worth it.
I think there were like 2 people who said the outfit was inappropriate and 50 people with five paragraph opinions. Talk about predictable.

Hea on

First of all, I do not mean to be mean now but is there something the matter with Kaia’s hips or maybe her back? It looks like a big lump on her left..? Could be the light. Beautiful family

Jennifer Redgrave on

Does Kaia Jordan have a problem in her back ?

B.R on

This is the most horrible thing I have ever written about anyone, let alone a child. Kaia if you ever read this I am so sorry, I do truly think you are very beautiful just like your mom, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way you look. You got beautiful curves every women should have and be proud of, in my opinion this is just a bad picture of you that is all.

Explanation for Kaia’s hip. Any women out there with any kind of curves to her, put on a tighter bottom, this way when you stand tall just a little bit of your love handles hangs over you pants, now transfer all of your weight to one leg and look in the mirror you will see that your hip looks the same as Kaia’s. She doesn’t have scoliosis trust me if she did she would look very different. I am physiotherapist and mostly work with children so I know what scoliosis looks like and that is not it. It’s just a case of a beautiful curvy girl wearing something that is to tight for her and then pushing her hip out. To me there is still nothing wrong with what she is wearing, and I still think she is very beautiful.

Cate on

Wasn’t her daughter involved in that Nanny photo scandal? I think the nanny took photos of her bound and gagged in provocative clothing to extort the parents. And the whole “tramp stamp” topless modeling pics when she was 5.

Hea on

B.R – Can hips be located that high up on the body? I thought her bikini bottom was fastened around her hips.