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01/04/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

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Meg on

We had a set of twins born in different years here in NC too 🙂 Wonder why CNN only featured this family?

Sky on

Why would you want your twins born in different years? What is the purpose? Here in Canada, that would put them in different grades in school.

Erika on

My little sister is friends with twins born in different milleniums. The boy was born 12/31/1999 at 11:49pm and the girl was born on 1/01/00 at 12:13am. They were about 1/2 hour apart. And Sky, the mother didn’t plan it. She went into labor and had both twins naturally. Those were the times they were born. I can’t speak for the woman in the article though, I don’t know if she planned it that way. Here in New York, the cut off is either September 1st (so all kids are the same age when they start school- 5 when they start kindergarten) or December 1st, depending on the area. Some probably have January 1st cut offs. I’m not sure how it is in Illinois. But if those twins had been born in a district with that cut off, they probably wouldn’t send them separate; both would be the oldest and start with other 2011 kids.

jill on

There is no state in the US that has a cutoff of Dec 31 for a school year.

jill on

Oh, and Erika the woman in the article chose to have them born in different years after asked by the doctor. She was originally scheduled to deliver at the end of January but when faced with delivering early, she was given the choice. It is pretty unique and not many twins can say that…..and not really sure of any negativity with it. They had it all over the news here in IL.

sky on

She chose for them to be born in different years, the article said that.

jessicad on

I think it’s cute, that will be a fun story for the twins to tell.

JC on

I am from the Rockford area, our cutoff date is September 1st, so the twins will be in the same grade. It is amazing all the negative comments people are making. The twins will have their own day for celebrating their birthday. I know a set of twins who were both on different days and they liked have their own day for their birthday.

JC on

CNN was probably not alerted to the the North Carolina story.

Erika on

jill- some private schools have a January 1st cut off, so it is possible. And I didn’t read that she chose to have them at that time, I didn’t realize. But I don’t really see the problem either, they will probably like it!

Alice on

Actually Erika, your sister’s friends were both born in the 2nd millenium, the third one started in 2001 (because there is no year 0). But it’s a funny story nonetheless.

I sure hope the kids in this story aren’t in different school years, that would be quite sad, especially for the one left behind. That said, I don’t see the point of choosing to have them being born in different years, they will have to explain for their whole life why their birthday isn’t the same.

IMO on

Erika, in the US? Please share……this will make an interesting topic. I have never heard of a private school sector having anything close to a January cutoff.

Erika on

IMO- There are two local Catholic schools near me (in New York) that have January 1st cutoffs. I have friends that attended them years ago until they graduated and I’m assuming the schools haven’t changed the cutoff!

shannon on

The negativity is because people think they were dumb for having one late on 12/31/2010 and the other on 1/1/11 because they can only write off one on their taxes. I have a cousin whose third child was initially due in early January but she had him in late December. She was actually hoping he would be born in January so she could get an extra year out of child tax credits. It’s likely that this family did the same thing so they could write off one right away and get an extra year of tax credit for the other.

IMO on

Interesting, I will share with my sister. She has worked for the Catholic school system for over 20 yeares and has never heard of this. They all have the same “boss.”

Georgia on

Wouldn’t twin two always know what they’d got for their birthday though, if they celebrated birthdays one day apart? As twin one would have already have opened it? (More so if they’re the same sex?) I think Id prefer them to celebrate on the same day, it would just be so much easier.

MiB on

@Georgia, well, then it’s a good incitament to never give them the same thing for their birthday 🙂

jill on

Why do twins need to get the same thing????? Huh?