Spotted: Rachel Weisz’s High Flyer

01/03/2011 at 02:00 PM ET

Ending her holiday at Heathrow, Rachel Weisz totes son Henry, 4½, as she makes her way from London to New York City on Sunday.

The actress, 40, and new beau Daniel Craig spent Christmas in the countryside of Dorset, where they stepped out holding hands for a trip to the pub.

Weisz split from her fiancé, Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky, last year.

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Shoshana on

She is a truly beautiful woman. And her son is absolutely adorable!

CelebBabyLover on

He’s a cute! I feel really bad that he apparently didn’t get to see his dad over Christmas, though!

MiB on

@Celebbabylover, it’s just a fact of life, in fact, I have spent most of my holidays with either my mother or my father (owing to the fact that they often lived in different countries). It’s not something I dwell or ever dwelled on, it’s not a big regret in my life, it was just how it was. Those years that they did live in the same city I would celebrate Christmas day with one parent and boxing day with the other. Growing up I knew several children who had it worse, who were ferried across town to celebrate Christmas twice on the same day, with the parents bickering about who would get the “best” part of the day. I knew children whose parents “for the sake of their children” celebrated together in ice cold disharmony. I knew children whose parents drank too much, quarreled, stressed, you name it. Celebrating Christmas (or any other holiday for that matter) without one parent isn’t a big deal if handled right, call them and tell them you love them, that they have some Christmas presents waiting for them when they see you the next time because Santa/baby Jesus stopped by at your house too and ask them what they have done. I don’t remember missing my “other parent” particularly at Christmas, easter, birthdays, but I know my parents did miss me more than usually at these times. I just wanted to say that. Don’t pity the child, pity the “other parent”.

amandamay on

celebbabylover – he actually spent christmas with his dad. rachel spent the holiday in the uk with her new bf (mr meerkat aka daniel craig):

kai on

gorgeous! both of them.
But I don’t like the tabloid-y tone of the article.

B.R on

Oh the drag your kid through the airport at holiday time nightmare. I still dislike those days and mine is 16.

He is a very good looking little boy, it helps that he has a very beautiful mom, for the life of me I can’t remember what his father looks like at the moment. I was sad to hear that her and her long time boyfriend broke up but she looks really happy with Mister James, James Bond. Sorry could help myself had to do the James Bond thing. I truly wish her and her baby boy a life time of health, joy and happiness. And maybe a little James Bond (Daniel Craig) baby running around. I know they just started seeing each other but they would truly have beautiful children. In no way I am saying that he son isn’t an absolute cutey, he is, I just think she makes beautiful children, she seems like a great mom, so why not have one or two more. If that is what would make her happy that is.

Devon on

I don’t think they’ve just started seeing each other. They worked on a movie together in early 2010 and there were rumours that they are screwing around on the down low. Convenient that they broke up with their long time significant others around the same time and are together now, non?

All that being said Rachel is very, very beautiful and Henry is darling.

Emma on

Celebrating Christmas with either one of his parents is mostly likely moot, since both Rachel and Darren are Jewish. Henry is adorable.

fuzibuni on

Rachel is a gorgeous woman, and her son is so handsome!

Someone in her PR team should get a gold medal though… because they did a great job getting the media to believe that she and Daniel Craig started seeing each other long after they separated from their respective fiances. The truth of the matter is that they were both still living with their partners and the affair broke up their families. 😦

sky on

wow, daniel craig. i was wondering why they broke up.

Terri on

MiB, I didn’t experience what you did, but I always did imagine that it was a lot harder on the other parent than the child.

jill on


how do you know these things…..when no one else does? do you live with them?

Georgia on

Everyone knows Daniel Craig isn’t a lover of the media, and has made no comments to them concerning his life generally let alone his love life, and neither she nor Darren have said anything about cheating, so why do you assume that?

Henry looks a lot like his dad! I think New York is probably the only place colder than Dorest a.t.m! Keep on your wooly hat!

Michelle on

Ick, Daniel Craig. Don’t understand the attraction and it is always sad when a relationship breaks up where kids are concerned!!

B.R on

Georgia are you talking about Dorset just west of Hampshire England? The lovely birth place of palaeontologist Mary Anning? Cause if you are, you have the greatest temps in the world. I mean your winter highs are average 4.5 to 8.7 °C that is beginning of the summer, where I live in Canada, trust me there are a lot colder places then New York, right now at 7pm it’s about -52 °C (and it’s going to still drop from here) and that is not the lowest we had this winter. Part of me wishes I lived in Dorset just for a few years to warm up.

fuzibuni on

Jill, you don’t have to believe me, but it’s the truth. It’s been verified to me by people who know.