Mini Must-Have: Kingston and Zuma Rossdale’s Cool Sneaks

01/03/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Charley Gallay/WireImage

In early December, we spotted Gwen Stefani and her adorable boys hanging out at the Yo Gabba Gabba Live! concert in Los Angeles.

And we couldn’t help but notice Kingston and Zuma Rossdale‘s fun footwear.

Turns out, there was a party in their shoes.

Both tots were rocking kicks from Van‘s new Yo Gabba Gabba collection.

Kingston wore the Muno Slip-On ($37), while Zuma wore the Multi Slip-On ($32).

Love them as much as we do? Get a pair for your child at

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Roxy on

Zuma’s fashion and Bronx’s fashion is bringing that jacket into light and it looks very cute! The band jacket and military style is Disney all the way.

momof boys on

those shoes are so cute for little kids.

Jacqui on

Nice to see they got Kingston in for a color. Those roots were starting to make me think he was letting himself go!

Anonymous on

jacqui- yes he was overdue for a hair appointment, now its your turn for the psychologist!!!

Jacqui on

Aw, shucks, Anonymous. I was just joking!

NikNak on

Jacqui, I got it, lol.

shannon on

Forget getting “Yo Gabba Gabba” shoes for the kids. I’m upset that they don’t make them in adult sizes! I would so buy some for me.

Beo on

Actually I think that Kinston’s roots appear to be rather dark in this photo
…. so he really should be getting in to the salon any day now. Blonde or brunett, they’re both adorable little boys!

Sarah M. on

I can’t believe how bit Zuma is! I’ve alway’s loved both boys names’, too. And I really like that we see Gwen and Gavin with the boys so much. They have always seemed liked very hands on parents.

Mary on

What cute little fashion accessories Gwen has!

Maribeth on

Oh, come on guys. These snarky comments are really uncalled for.

Gwen has a lot of money and she’s always been funky and creative with her fashion. If you sit there and say that you don’t impress your fashion sense and your interests on to your children you would be lying. All parents do. Why poke fun at Gwen for doing the same thing?

As for his hair – If you look at any of those paparazzi videos it is beyond clear that Kingston has a very strong opinion on things and a vibrant, independent personality. Also, he’s been brought up in a punk rock climate with Gwen’s friends and band mates (as well as herself) having bleached and dyed hair in punk rock hair styles. It wouldn’t be hard to picture Kingston asking for his hair to be like that. And if you think Gwen would do anything to really hurt her children emotionally in any way (IE dying the hair) or if she wasn’t told it was safe for him she would do it that is nuts. No parent would do that and Gwen obviously adores both of her boys like any good mother should.

When I see comments like that I think it’s just out of making fun of what isn’t normal for you and that is very grade school. Different stokes for different folks. Live and let live etc etc etc :).

JM on

Maribeth, i completely agree. i am not even a fan of Gwen Stefani particularly or her style. but i also don’t see how it is anyone’s business how she dresses her kids. they are clearly healthy and happy and not dressed too warmly or too coolly, so who cares?

to those who complain, you don’t have to dress your kids like that, and who’s to say that people wouldn’t find the way you dress your kids weird or unattractive? surely if your kid came home from school and said their was a boy in their class who wore funny clothes, you wouldn’t tell them to go back to school, point, laugh and make fun of the kid? so why not practice what you preach?

it is a shame to see adults behaving like this.

Audrey on

Now now, everybody has a right to an opinion, and if you don’t like doesn’t mean its wrong! and besides that its not like they are saying anything that isn’t true anyway (with the hair I mean).

I think its wonderful having unique/funky/vibrant children. But you can do that without making a child a fashion statement. I mean its a CHILD.

I’m sorry but I think Gwen really does take it to far. Dyeing a child’s hair? seriously.

ChrisInVenice on

Shannon – Vans is coming out with adult sizes of the YGG! slip-ons in March …