Family Photo: Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck and Violet Do the Wave

01/03/2011 at 09:00 AM ET

Whee! Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck help eldest daughter Violet Anne, 5, get into the swing of things while playing in the surf on Sunday. The family, including daughter Seraphina, 2 this week, celebrated the new year on vacation in Hawaii.

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Lila on

Such an adorable family! But really, can’t they enjoy their vacation without people taking pictures of them. Vacations should be off limits!

Megan on

I do so love this family…absolutely gorgeous pics–as are the others I’ve seen with all 4 of them…so sweet! Having said that, I do agree with Lila that a family vacation is kind of that sacred thing that should really be left alone…as much as I love seeing them, I would take a time with no pictures if it meant they got to spend some family time together without the paps…

Luna on

I agree with Megan and Lila. When you’re spending special alone time away from it all with your family, I don’t think you really want paparazzi taking pictures of you. This is such a sweet, innocent moment between parents and their little girl.

On the plus side, this is cute and now they can have it forever.

Julia A on

Call me old-fashioned, but I much prefer one-piece swimsuit than bikini for little girls.

Vanessa on

Julia A…she is wearing a one piece.

Brooke on

This is such a cute picture, but I agree with you guys. I know it’s all part of her career, but still. It’s a vacation.
I agree Julia A, I prefer one pieced suits on little girls.

Nella on

What a sweet picture 🙂 I also love this family, they just seem down to earth and loving toward one another.I can’t belive how time flies by I remember seeing pics of Violet as a little toddler.

Terri on

Jennifer looks so good. Seraphina should be celebrating a birthday very soon!

Ali on

I think this is one of the most gorgeous and real Hollywood families. I also think their kids are adorable!

Tess on

I agree about the one piece.

Gigi on

Ben is pregnant, don’t you think he looks pregnant?!?!?!

CelebBabyLover on

Vanessa- I think Julia A. just meant that she’s glad Violet’s in a one-piece rather than a bikini. That being said, I agree with her. I have nothing against bikinis per se, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with little girls wearing them (as long as they aren’t, like, string-bikinis or something!), but I’ve always preferred one-pieces myself…on both girls and women! 🙂

Brooke- You mean THEIR career. Ben is an actor too. 🙂

Sarah M. on

LOVE your comment, gigi!

They seem to be having fun!!

MiB on

I always hated one pieces, they are fine as long as they are dry, but once they get wet, oh horror, that wet feeling around the stomach and back!

B.R on

I love this family and like most of you agree we should see less of them. Some things should just be left private, vacations just being one of them, celebrity or not, they are good people who truly love their children so give them room and privacy to be a family without other people and cameras always being there.

@ Gigi I love your comment and I agree Ben is looking a little bigger around the middle, could be the camera angle but it could be a baby. You must be right Ben has to be pregnant:):):):):):):):):)

As for the whole one pieces bikini discussion I am really not sure. I grew up in Europe most of us children don’t wear bathing suits till we are six or seven. So when ever I see a a six month old or even a four year old in a bathing suits it just looks wrong to me. As an adult I am with MiB bikinis all the way, I just hate feeling wet and cold around my stomach and back. Last time I was at the beach in USA I had a complete stranger tell me I should put on a shirt or wear a one piece cause “no one wants to see scars like that, it’s just ugly” yet in Spain on a beach me in the same bikini, that same year, I had a guy tell that it’s covering too much of my perfect rear end and I should just take it off. I guess it’s just another reason why I prefer European beaches and the freedom that they offer both kids and adults. But that is just me, everyone has to be comfortable in their own skin and what they are wearing to the beach and every day, as long as that is accomplished and no laws are broken then it truly shouldn’t matter one piece or bikini.

Kelly on

He may have put on a few pounds, but I think he looks pretty normal

Terri on

I agree with you B.R, it’s just a matter of choice.

Erika on

Love this family! They seem so normal and happy! The girls are just adorable and Ben and Jen seem like great parents.

As for the bathing suits, I don’t mind either on people though I prefer bikinis for myself. When I was a child, I wore one pieces because I was very skinny and I was afraid a 2 piece would fall down. But either way, I think it’s fine. I don’t think that bikinis sexualize little girls. If the parents prefer one pieces, thats fine too.

B.R.- I think it’s terrible that someone would say that to you! Who cares if you have scars? It matters what is comfortable for you, not them! I live in the US and fortunately have never had anything like that said to me. I have heard people crack jokes about overweight people in bathing suits though. If they are comfortable with it, it’s none of my business, let them do what they want. I don’t think I would feel comfortable nude at a beach in Europe because I am very self conscious but it doesn’t bother me that others do it.

ss on

I don’t understand why people here argue so much about kids’ swimsuiuts… bikini or one piece, whatever, I’m used to see kids under 5 naked on the beach. it’s just that the upper part of a bikini is unnecessary…