Courtney Friel, Carter Evans Welcome Son Cash Hudson

01/03/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Courtesy Friel/Carter Family

Two news correspondents have their own breaking news to share — the birth of their son.

Courtney Friel of Fox News and her husband, CNN‘s Carter Evans, welcomed their first child, son Cash Hudson Evans, at 6:08 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 1 in New York City. Cash weighed in at 9 lbs.

“We’re so excited to start out 2011 with a new baby and this new chapter in our lives,” Friel, 30, tells PEOPLE.

The couple, who met in San Diego at the NBC station KNSD, married in 2005 in Los Angeles.

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Naun on

Congrats Courtney and Carter! What a great way to start the New Year! Cash is such an awesome name, lol πŸ˜€ God luck and God Bless!

abario on

Congrats to Courtney and Carter…all the best.

Alicia on

Cute name!

Terri on

Congratulations to them! I don’t watch Fox so I’m not familiar with her her, but I love him on CNN.

momof boys on

It looks like they are the ‘C’ Family.
Cash has become such a popular name lately. I really like it.

JM on

congrats to them and their little bundle of joy.
i hate the name Cash though, for a child?? such a capitalist, materialistic connotation, why not just call your child Money?
ah wait,…Fox News, never mind….

NewYear's baby on

He shares my birthday! 1.1.11 =)

Hea on

NewYear’s baby – Then you must have learned to read and write rather instantly! πŸ˜‰

Kaylava34 on

Hea, You’re killing me over here. Bahahaha

Lola Marie on

& JM you’re just as typical as the last little jab you tried to throw in there. Grow up lady!!!

Cute name, Congrats to their family!

JM on

Lola Marie, jesus, it was just a joke. lighten up. i’m not really sure what “JM you’re just as typical as the last little jab you tried to throw in there” means (does that even make sense?). but it was meant as a light hearted joke. as i have said time and time again here, people can name their kids whatever they want. i know they don’t care what i think of the name and why should they, i mean it’s their little child and that’s absolutely fine.

as for fox news, well it’s no secret really is it? i wasn’t saying anything bad about the family, but for me, yeah i do have to wonder why anyone would work for that station. i certainly couldn’t justify it to myself. it’s called and opinion, er ‘lady’ (as you so condescendingly called me), not everyone has to agree with you.

i wish this family all health and happiness, but yeah, there is nothing wrong with having an opinion.

Ari on

their baby boy would have to be gorgeous!!!

melanie on

LOL @ JM! Congrats, Courtney and Carter but Fox News sucks!

IMO on

JM….hilarious!!!! Love it and Fox news does….suck!

ANormalNameIndividual on

I agree with JM- Cash is a ridiculous name. What’s next? Coin? Bizarre these strange wannabe unique namers make it painfully obvious that they are in fact rather ordinary. If you were unique you wouldnt need a “notice me ” desperate attention seeking name.


JM on

πŸ™‚ cheers melanie, IMO, and ANornmalNamedIndividual, thanks for seeing sense.

Mira on

I also hate the name Cash due to its materialistic connotation. Plus, life may play a bad joke on all these wannabee rich people. What if Cash grows up to be rather cash-strapped?

GD on

My son’s name is Cash but we did not name that cause of “money”, my husband is a big Johnny Cash fan.

JD on

LOVE the name!! Why such comments about the name Cash…maybe they are Johnny Cash fans!? Just wondering why the name Cash upsets people…nobody makes a fuss when people name their kid Rose or Violet after a flower.

Danielle on

We’re planning the name Chase when our little guy is born in May…do people hate it as much as Cash? Cause we really liked Cash as well….how about if you have nothing nice to say about a child’s name or where their Mother works, don’t say anything at all!

JM on

Danielle, name your little boy anything you like. it is up to you, he is your son and of course you don’t have to care what anyone thinks. as long as it makes sense to you and your husband that is all that matters.

having said that, the phrase “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all” is just one of those phrases that really irks me, always have. (so i’m not attacking you personally here, LOTS of people on this blog use it).

to me it’s like saying “shut up and put up”. if we all followed that principle no one would ever voice their opinions if they thought it might be a negative one. it doesn’t make sense to me, particularly in a society that is supposed to have freedom of speech. if someone told me they didn’t like my kid’s name, that is absolutely fine. everyone is allowed to have an opinion. and i would much rather know that i lived in an environment where i could say something that might be unpopular, than in one where i had to constantly bite my tongue.

people are not always going to agree with each other, that’s just a fact of life.

for what it’s worth i don’t mind names like Chase, Rose, Violet etc (regardless of whether i would choose to name my own children that). to me with Cash it just has negative, materialistic connotations. like i said…

Kathleen on

Jm, I agree with what you say to Danielle. My thoughts to people on here are if you don’t like comment……move along. Some take things so personal and get so upset. Not saying Danielle was, but name your kids all what ya want. If reading whet people say on here bother you that is pretty frightening.

Personally, I do not like Johnny Cash. Met him as a small child….heard he was a jerk, don’t like his music,never been a rsn wouldn’t name my kid that….next. Since you asked I do not like Chase. It reminds me of someone I went to high school with and I am not a fan of him. In regards to Fox News…..can’t stand it and in this world of free speech….I am gonna agree with it. I wouldn’t name my kid Rose or Violet but I don’t mind them.

Sammie on

I know a baby named Cash….his dad sang “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” by Johnny Cash to his mom (a former classmate of mine) before he proposed to her in a video while he was deployed to Iraq. I thought it was sweet. So to each his own…there may be a story behind it.