Keep Baby Snug with True Womb Sleeping Swaddle

12/31/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy True Womb

We all know how much newborns love to be swaddled. It makes them feel comfortable, secure and safe. And, most importantly, they sleep better.

Now you can wrap baby up in the same snug fetal position they enjoyed for nine months with the True Womb Sleeping Swaddle ($40).

Designed to keep mini feet and arms tucked in tight, it helps infants relax immediately.

And as babies get older and no longer need full swaddling, thereโ€™s aย Weaning Swaddle ($40) that features a T-shirt top design.

Both styles are available in three soft colors (mint, pink and blue) and made with a super soft cotton/spandex fabric.

Our only complaint: Opening the velcro is noisy enough to awaken a sleeping baby during a middle of the night changing. But no worries, your tot will fall asleep right away once swaddled again.

โ€” Stephanie Phoenix

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poppykai on

This looks like a knock off of the Miracle Blanket. I used the miracle blanket 3 yeears ago with my daughter and it worked wonders (there was no noisy velcro). I sound like an advertisement, but I just remember loving that product!

collie on

That does not look comfortable. It looks tight too.

Jeanne on

My brother and his wife are using something like this with my baby niece, and it really does work wonders. She’s the best sleeper out of all their kids. It’s amazing.

Michelle on

it looks EXACTLY like the miracle blanket. interesting.

Lacey on

My daughter hated being swaddled. She would fuss and fight her arms out. Even in the womb, she was a hitter and not a kicker. So, I’ve never used a product like this, but I can see how it would be comfortable for the baby.

Tee on

The miracle blanket is a great investment and this looks a lot like it!

erika on

That baby is adorable! She looks like she is smiling!

As for the blanket, I don’t think it looks bad. I don’t have kids yet, so I don’t know too much about swaddling, but I do know that some babies don’t mind being wrapped tightly. I used to love to be all wrapped up, even as a toddler. I would ask my parents to wrap me in a blanket and hold me. I think it looks comfortable.

Tee on

Erika, I’m 29 and I love being all wrapped up in a blanket! My family laughs at me and tells me that I need an oversized swaddling blanket!

Allegra on

How is this a new product? Several other companies have had swaddle blankets like these for years.

momof boys on

any blanket will work to swaddle your newborn!

Jennifer on

That doesn’t look very comfortable. I’ll ask what some of us are thinking….Doesn’t that look at tad like a straight-jacket for a baby?

Maki on

You don’t need a contraption to swaddle. That looks too tight on the tummy in my opinion. We used Swaddle Designs blankets. They have a handy label sewn on the blanket so you know how to make a nice swaddle. No noisy scratchy velcro (velcro ruins stuff in the wash too). AND you can use a blanket for lots of other things, and well after you no longer swaddle. Great fabric designs too.

Waverly on

Oh my, too tight!! That baby looks like she just wants to break free!!

Lisa on

My babies loved being swaddled, its the most overlooked baby trick out there I think.

Kresta on

My eldest son never liked being swaddled. Even at 2 days old he worked his way out of the swaddling and was happier to waves his arms and legs around freely. He didn’t even like being held close. As an adult he is an adventurous traveller who loves his freedom. I never swaddled my other 2 children although my second son was a very cuddly baby who would most likely have liked it. My children were born in the eighties and all three slept on their tummies and laid on lambskins which is frowned upon now. It’s a shame sleeping on the tummy is high risk as it’s such a comfortable position for some babies and they sleep so well. I slept my baby daughter on her back once and she vomited all over herself and almost choked on it.

Lilith-and-Cameron's mommy on

We used something like this on my kids who are now 5 and 2. They both hated to be swaddled. Lilith and Cameron would just cry everytime we wanted to use it. I personally would not buy this.

jessicad on

I’ve always heard that they love to be swaddled the first 3 or 4 weeks outside of the womb, but mine hated it of course! You never know what they’ll like, this looks comfy:)

laura on

Boppy pillows (like the one pictured that this baby is sleeping on) are covered with warnings that they are not safe for sleeping. They are against the SIDS recommendation guidelines. I thought this looked cute and promising for my next little baby, but I can’t take any company seriously that makes sleep products and won’t respect the SIDS guidelines/recommendations.

sky on

wow expensive. reminds me of the whole straight jacket idea we all commented on. we can learn for free how swaddle/burrito wrap at the hospital.

Romy on

as for sleeping on the Boppy pillow and sids, it’s different if the baby is napping in your company or if you are leaving them all night to sleep alone in the boppy. I don’t think they are advertising to do that. who would do that? as for the blanket itself it is nothing new. now at the hospital ( I had my 3rd baby 1 month ago) they say not to wrap their arms up. they want the baby to be able to pull their hands to their face plus have the startling relfex where their arms jerk. they feel this will help reduce crib deaths.

Miche on

I used muslin swaddling cloths for both my babies. As soon as we would swaddle them, they would sigh and go straight to sleep. And both have always slept through the night. When my son was a couple months old, he would break out and we used a swaddling blanket like this. It worked great!!

Amanda on

I always swaddled my kids with regular receiving blankets and they were much less expensive and worked all the same.

Sarah on

We used a Woombie with our newborn.. we got a lot of negative comments about it but he slept soo well in it and I liked that he could still move his arms and legs around inside it

sfmommy on

Both my girls weren’t crazy about being swaddled so I really don’t care about this product (maybe someday I’ll have a baby that likes swaddling).
All I can say is that baby in the picture is so cute it makes my ovaries hurt. How’s that for a ticking biological clock?

Sarah M. on

sky – To a point, I agree. I think most people’s issue with the other product is that it’s for such a short time. Swaddler’s are for naps or night-time (much longer periods of time). They’re usually used until a baby is old enough to realize that their arms are actually attached to them and they can control the movement. At which point, the vast majority of parents begin to transition the baby out of the swaddler. I have a nephew that was born on December 10. He was 5 weeks early and for the first 3 days at home was on the bilibed for jaundice (the same as the light in the hospital but used at home). He couldn’t be swaddled on that, and slept much more fitfully. After he got out, and was able to be put in the swaddler again, he was in 7th heaven! Wrap him up and cuddle with him, and he’d sleep forever. ๐Ÿ™‚ He does appear to LOVE being swaddled and being cuddled, though. I really think it depends on the baby. Some REALLY don’t like to be confined, so swaddling won’t work for them.

Swaddling blankets are nice, but as others have said, if you’re short on money any kind of blanket would also work. This one looks very similar to other brands I’ve seen on the market. Not that that’s good or bad, just another company making it.

Rach on

Maki and Sky, I agree. I learned right at the hospital, bought a pack of cotton baby blankets and a pack of baby towels and that took care of that until my son got out of the swaddling phase. He was mostly into the swaddling to sleep and the swaddling after baths. Everything with tax was like 12 dollars.. my kinda price, especially since a month later, into storage it went for the next baby.

Elby on

Why do you need a special blanket for swaddling? I just swaddled my kids in normal baby blankets, and you don’t know before the baby’s born whether or not they like to be swaddled so paying out for something you might not use is silly.

Maureen on

This product looks like it has lots of issues. Mainly the foot pocket is too shallow and the ankles look bound up. That can cause joint problems. Someone didn’t do their homework … but it does look like they looked closely at the Miracle Blanket and tried to change things … not for the better.

Kristy on

MIne didn’t liek being swaddled but we had to do that, since she had a really bad startling reflux. She did fight and cry (about half of the time) but she calmed down quickly and slept through the night. We swaddled until 6.5 months. We got the blanket for the baby shower and since then it was passed on to 4 different babies so i think its really well worth the money. The regular receiving blanket didn’t work for us because she just broke loose in no time. I dont think the baby on the picture is swaddled too tight on her tummy, look at how she wiggles her hands, they seem to be bended on her chest, so it only looks like her tummy is swaddled too tight but its not. We swaddled the hands down and poor baby slept like a mummy. But she slept ! It has nothing to do with the straight jacket, some babies need to be swaddled and some dont. I still startle myself sometimes and wake up so i know the feeling.

jessicad on

sfmommy I’m with you, that baby is cute and makes me want another!

Am I the only one who couldn’t get the whole swaddling thing with a regular blanket? It would fall apart within a minute,maybe that’s why my daughter didn’t like it! Too much going on and it never stuck in my mind I guess, but this blanket would’ve been perfect for me:)

Jessie on

the baby looks happy,lol. i would think a regular blanket would be just as effective though

lac's mom on

My daughter loved the miracle blanket and slept great in it. It was the best baby gift that we got. I automatically give it to all first time parents as a baby gift. I am convinced that swaddling was the key to baby sleep.
I am still a firm believer in swaddling but my son didn’t care of it at all and slept fine – totally unswaddled.

B.R on

sfmommy I couldn’t agree with you more, my son is 16, and my husband and I finally at the stage where we can leave him at home alone and not worry. But looking at that babies face, she looks like she is smiling, really makes my ovaries hurt, and want a little baby just like her now.

As for swaddling children if it works for you great, but if not there is nothing wrong with that either. Since I never had a baby I am not really sure what the big deal is when it comes to having special blanket for it is. I have always done it to my best friends daughter and we just used a simple old receiving blanket, so I really don’t see why others can’t learn how to do use just a simple blanket. But if you have the money to spend on a special blankets, and it’s what works for you, then all the power to you. Who am I to judge anyone for what they do?

Sarah M. on

I recently learned, also, that when swaddling it’s better to have the arms and hands on the chest/stomach rather than on the sides of the body. That on top of the body is a more natural position for them.

SH on

save your money. you can do the exact same thing with any receiving blanket.

Rebecca on

Hi – I’m Rebecca from TrueWomb. It’s great to see so much conversation about swaddling and to hear various opinions! Part of my role here at TrueWomb is to monitor social media and make sure our educational information is being accurately portrayed and to try and clear up any misconceptions that may come up.

It’s true that every baby is different (just like grownups) and some will probably do better with swaddling than others. We also agree that a lot of swaddles don’t work well. That may be why some people think they don’t need them… and that’s exactly why we came up with the TrueWomb system. We certainly don’t wish to disagree with those who say they don’t like to swaddle or don’t need swaddles (to each their own!), but we really must speak up when it comes to misinformation about our specific swadding system.

To those who say the TrueWomb is the same as other products already out there, I would urge you to not draw your conclusions from looking at just one photograph (vs. going to our website and viewing our demo videos or trying out the product for yourself)… and here’s why:

#1) What the TrueWomb system does (allows the baby’s legs to fully extend, kick and stretch and then return the legs to the fetal position while at rest) cannot be achieved with a 4-square blanket! With a 4-square blanket and some other swaddles the legs are either, a) stuck in the fully tucked “up” position, b) locked in the extended “down” position or c) completely loose and free to kick and flail which often startles babies awake. The TrueWomb essentially replicates what goes on in the real womb — baby can kick and stretch freely, but then return to fetal position while at rest — there is not another swaddle on the market that does this!

Which leads me to point #2) TrueWomb is not a “knockoff” of any other swaddle, as was stated above. It is an original, patent-pending design… If you still feel it has the same performance characteristics as other swaddles after viewing our product videos at (especially the “How TrueWomb Works” video on the home page), please contact us directly and we’d love to have a chance to personally detail the differences between TrueWomb and any other swaddle system you’ve seen!

Last but not least, #3) The photo above was taken by a third party and shows the product on a happy, napping baby who’s being closely monitored during a photo shoot… we certainly DO NOT endorse or recommend propping babies up on anything to sleep. The TrueWomb is designed strictly for babies to sleep on their backs and you will see that on our website! Back sleeping is recommended by virtually all certified experts to reduce the risk of SIDS and it’s why TrueWomb works so well, because it allows babies to have their legs tucked up while on their backs!

My apologies for the long post, but there was a lot to cover! Thanks for hearing me out and giving us an opportunity to set the record straight (from our perspective) with regard to a product that we are passionate about. We know, after 2 years of extensive testing and design, that it really makes a positive difference for babies and their parents – which is why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Thanks again – Rebecca

jude on

HOW HORRIBLE! I’m going to have nightmares seeing this picture. Why would you put your kid in this?! If you want to swaddle your baby, use a blanket. Then, when it had enough of the swaddling it can move whenever it wants! This thing, you keep the baby in there for hours, or what? It won’t be able to move when it feels like it. HORRIBLE! Opressing..

Christine on

What a darling baby! My son Hunter is 4 months old and loves his TrueWomb that I got as a gift at my baby shower. I have used other swaddle blankets as well, but Hunter sleeps longer and more sound in his TrueWomb. For those who are commenting on how the baby looks restricted that is the point of swaddling to mimic the womb. Just had to comment from a happy customer! ๐Ÿ™‚

klala on

I had a few swaddlers when my daughter was born and she hated being in them. I always thought it was funny because we’re told babies love to be swaddled. Mine always found a way to break free lol. $40 is a rip off when you can get a similar product for half the price or just use a receiving blanket IMO.

Trish on

I just have to add my two cents. ๐Ÿ˜‰
My baby loves to be swaddled in this type of swaddler. I wish I had them for my other two children. Once, when I swaddled my daughter in a recieving blanket, she kicked out of it and somehow got it wrapped around her neck. That was very scary. Also, most store bought recieving blankets arent large enough for swaddling like the hospital blankets, and the baby gets unwrapped rather quickly, leaving him to startle himself awake and also to get cold. I plan on using this type of swaddler on my babies from now on. They may look tight but they are stretchy and the baby does have some room to move, just not enough to kick loose.