Neil Patrick Harris ‘Thrilled’ to Be Raising Twins

12/29/2010 at 10:45 AM ET
Barry Talesnick/Globe

It’s double diaper duty and sleepless nights for How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris and actor/chef David Burtka — but the couple wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Everyone says that it’s such a blur after it happens,” says Harris of becoming parents to fraternal twins Harper Grace and Gideon Scott, born Oct. 12 via surrogate. “I find myself constantly just trying to wrap my mind around it.”

After almost seven years together, Harris, 37, and Burtka, 35, began the surrogacy process and were “thrilled” to discover they were having fraternal twins.

“We inserted two eggs, one with my sperm, one with David’s sperm and they both took,” says Harris.

Holding their children in the delivery room shortly after their birth was “just absolute joy,” says Burtka. “We had two babies that we made. With help.”

The family just moved into a “more kid-friendly” home in the Hollywood Hills and the twins have a new nursery with an old-school Disney theme park décor. “Harper has been fussy but Gideon is the easiest baby in the world,” says Burtka. “They’re just now starting to recognize us and smile.”

“I just love the way they smell. And we can use them as an excuse to get out of almost anything,” adds Harris, jokingly. “That’s cleared the calendar in a good way.”

For more of Harris and Burtka’s interview, including exclusive photos of their twins, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE on newsstands Friday.

— Julie Jordan


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klutzy_girl on

Awww! I can’t wait to pick up this week’s issue of the magazine!

And at least that (somewhat) answers the question of whether Neil or David’s sperm was used!

Olivia on

Oh how I love the “I have a baby excuse”. It’s great for getting out of all sorts of social obligations you don’t want to attend.

Lori on

Aww!!! They sound like AMAZING parents!!!

Mira on

Good for them. They sound quite involved.

I hope Harper doesn’t become a trendy name. It’s really awful, IMHO.

Li on

I LOVE them!

Tee on

I’m looking forward to reading this article!

Lil on

I’m going to sound reallllllllllllly stupid right now but I am confused about the sperm and egg situation that he mentioned. Is he saying that one of the babies is biologically his and one is biologically his partners? I am confused. Please clarify! haha!

Joann on

I’d like to see how all these children will turn out in 15-20 years from all the stars who have babies.

Brooke on

I can’t wait to see pics of the babies! And Harper is a FAB name, Mira…..

Sarah on

Lil, One baby is his biologically and one is his partners. I think he meant to say they inserted to embryos, not eggs.

Danielle on

As a mother to 21 month old twins I can say I barely remember their first 6 months.

Angela on

By insertion I think he meant inserting the sperm into the egg, not the fertilized egg/embryo into the surrogate.

Katie on

Sarah eggs was correct. Embyros are the fertilized eggs.
So his children are half brother and sister but twins. This world is changing possibilities all the time, love it. Best of luck to them, I love NPH!

Mia on

Very cool! Sperm for one egg, and the other sperm for the other. The twins share the same mother, but have biologically different fathers. Congrats to them! It’s similar to Cat Cora- she carried her wife’s baby (wife’s egg was used) and the other one carried Cat’s, so it was a great way to both biologically be involved in the pregnancy.

CelebBabyLover on

Angela- I agree. Sounds like they did ICSI (which is exactly what you’ve already said: a sperm injected into an egg). Anyway, Neil sounds so happy with fatherhood! 🙂

Anna on

I think it’s a cool idea, would they technically still be considered twins? Since their DNA won’t connect them as twins?

Sarah K. on

Anna, I assume they share the same biological mother so they share some DNA, developed together and were delivered together. So, I guess technically they can still be considered fraternal twins.

Molly Brown on

Anna, they are twins regardless, just like other fraternal twins. A boy and a girl can’t have identical DNA or they wouldn’t be a boy and a girl. It would be no different if one man fertilized both eggs…except they would be brother and sister (bilologically) and not half-brother and half-sister (and I ONLY use the word “half” to clarify paternity…not to say that they are not true brother and sister!)

ChrisDC on

Can I just say that, as a gay guy who grew up in the deep South, there was a time in my life where a story like this would literally have been beyond imagining.

And if you had told me that it would generate the supportive, understanding and just flat out happy comments you guys have posted here, I would have said you were nuts.

I stand quite happily corrected.

Thank you.

Tee on

Anna, I agree with you! It’s a neat idea! The basic definition of twins is two babies carried in the same womb and born at the same time. They are biologically half-siblings but are still considered fraternal twins!

Elby on

Twins are great but bloody hard work. I have 2 sets of twins and sometimes I can’t remember how we got to the point we’re at now with 2 4 year olds and 2 2 year olds.