Ne-Yo: Daughter Has An Ear for Dad’s Tunes

12/29/2010 at 04:00 PM ET

With R&B singer-songwriter Ne-Yo as her papa, it’s no surprise the singer’s newborn, 6-week-old Madilyn Grace Smith, would have a good ear.

When Ne-Yo, 28, sings to his daughter, “she is not shy about letting me know which [songs] are her favorites,” he laughingly tells PEOPLE.

In fact, she “absolutely loves” a tune that Dad has not yet released. “Sometimes she will fall into those places where she just wants to cry and scream,” explains Ne-Yo. “If all else fails, she will stay quiet for at least long enough to listen to that song.”

Though sleep is scarce in his household at the moment, Ne-Yo isn’t complaining.

“[Madilyn] was a couple months premature so she was at the hospital for a little while,” he says. “But now she is officially home and I’m having a ball and enjoying every second!”

— Jessica Herndon

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Nancy Arrigo on

I think Neyo is a great father but I hope he and Madilyn,s Mom get Married finally with her in tow.

Jill on

No one should ever get married just because there is a baby! They should get married because they want to get married.

Especially after he said this about her, while she was pregnant…., When The Sun asked Ne-Yo about his baby’s mother in August 2010, he said: “I have a friend. Not a girlfriend. She’s carrying my child, but knows I can’t commit. She doesn’t mind other women.”

I would say….hold off on the wedding!

JM on

yeah i really don’t understand when people get upset or concerned about other people NOT being married. what’s it to you? that’s like worrying about the colour of someone else’s furniture. it makes absolutely ZERO difference to your own life if two people have a baby together and are married or are not married.
and DEFINITELY people should not just get married BECAUSE they have a baby together. i mean, there is just no logic in that.

Manal on

woow Jill did he really say that?!… thats not good!

Rosy on

Nancy, are you living in the 50’s? Get with the times, it’s almost 2011!

I have a 9 month old son to my partner of almost three years and I’m in no rush to get married any time soon. Marriage, to me, is just a certificate – I can personally take it or leave it. The important thing is the commitment you have to the person you are with. You can have a marriage without that commitment, and obviously that isn’t going to work out – especially if you rush in to things. And you can have a relationship with the same commitment some people would associate with marriage.

Jill on

He did……And I agree, no good!

Mel on

To Rosy: Get with the times? Since when is believing in marriage before kids old-fashioned or outdated? Some of us still believe that marriage is a way to give your kids a solid foundation before bringing them into the world. Marriage isn’t the problem, it’s the people who go into it for the wrong reasons who ruin it.

As for the commitment aspect, think about the sheer amount of tax and legal implications that come with being married. Think about the assets that are protected and can be kept in a family by having that “certificate.” A friend of mine was living with her boyfriend when he passed away. Because they weren’t married, she lost almost everything she had when she couldn’t prove what she had helped pay for. She had to move out of the apartment they shared and when she spoke to a lawyer (and I went with her), he said, “If you’d been married, you’d have a case.” And this was after they went through the whole, “Oh, a piece of paper is meaningless, our love transcends all that.” Right.

I know this was off-topic of me, but it begged to be said. As far as Ne-Yo goes, maybe he should’ve been a little more concerned about who he got pregnant. I have plenty of guy friends, doesn’t mean I want them knocking me up.

fuzibuni on

Ok, sorry for taking this thread further off topic, but believing in marriage before having children is a bit different than worrying about the color of someone else’s furniture.

Most of us would probably agree that raising kids without the support of a committed partner is difficult. While there are many wonderful single parents out there who are doing a great job, it can be a huge struggle and many cannot keep their heads above water.

I tutor homeless kids, and it’s a sad fact that in the USA, single parent families are the highest rising demographic in the homeless population. There are nearly 3 million homeless children on the streets as of 2010 and sadly, most of them are from single parents. Additionally, single mothers are more likely to go on welfare or government assistance than those who are married.

I don’t say this to lecture anyone who is a single parent, because I know it can happen to anyone. However, I also know several young girls who thought it was a nice idea to have a baby without being married, and I have witnessed the immense struggles they’ve gone through and the burden they’ve placed on the public aid system.

So, it’s hard for me to hear people be so cavalier and say “it makes zero difference” to anyone else if someone decides to have a baby without being married. In my experience it can very easily become everyone’s business.

B.R on

I believe that marriage in the USA falls apart 50% of the time or more so why would anyone really want to try something that fails as often as it succeeds. Personally I got married cause it meant the world to my husbands parents that we do and it made adoption of our son easier. But at the end of the day we would have gladly spend the rest of our life with each other without the marriage. I will take people loving each other, and being good, honest, respectful and committed to each other over a married couple who did it for the baby any day of the week. But that is just me.

I am glad that Ne-Yo found someone who accepts him for who he is and that he was honest with her about the fact that he cannot commit. So if they are just friends raising a child together and that is what works for them then I am all for it. Along as everyone involved is an adult, everyone is being honest, respectful to one another, there is no abuse of any kind, and they both agree and accept each other as they are and their relationship as it is, while create a happy health environment for their child, I have no objection to their sexual or marital arrangement. Their lives their choices, I may not agree or would do it myself but I will respect it as long as no one is being hurt or abused.

I wish he would post a picture of her I would love to know what she looks like.

CelebBabyLover on

Jill and JM- Exactly! No one should get married just because they have a baby together (or because they are expecting a baby together). They should get married because they love each other and want to. When couples marry just because there’s a baby in the picture, it actually makes me feel sad for the baby as those types of marriages rarely work out.

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I’m glad that baby Madilyn is doing well after having been born prematurely. Also, as for what Ne-Yo said about his relationship….It sounds like he and Monyetta (Madilyn’s mother) have agreed to have what is known as an open relationship (basically, practicing pologymy.).

No, it’s not the norm, and no I don’t agree with it at all. However, I’m not going to judge them for the choices they’ve made unless those choices start negatively impacting Madilyn.

Toya L. on

Off topic: I think marriage means different things to different people. If you view marriage as just a piece of paper then more than likely that is all it will mean to you. I do believe if my husband and I had not gotten married that we would still be together. I was in a committed relationship prior to my husband. He knows I loved someone prior to him and that that person and I shared some of the same things we do but in MY eyes he’s not on the same level field as my ex. Yes I was committed to both, yes I signed a lease and helped pay bills with both, was faithful to both, went to bed and woke up together to both, loved both etc… but my husband is set apart because I gave him something I had not given anyone else and that was my hand in marriage. To each his own.

On topic: I can’t wait to see his daughter.

Terri-Dawn on

I 100% do not agree with getting married because of a baby. That is just asking for a divorce in 5 years. I am not big on the marriage issue though to begin with. I have seen far more failed marriages than I have seen marriges that last. I also think that couple who get married really don’t put enough thought into it before they tie the knot. I believe that you can love someone unconditionally and be completely happy without the burden of marriage. I also definetly disagree with getting married because it gives you tax right-offs. Thats just rediculous, but thats just me and my opinion.

I would also love to see a picture of the baby. I bet she is adorable!

Tee on

A lot of people say that they are tired of hearing “you should get married before/when you have a child.” Personally, I am tired of hearing, “This is 2010! Get with the times!” I have never understood that statement! Ever! And I never will, quite frankly. Yes, to marry or not to marry is a personal choice. Yes, somebody else’s choice does not directly affect me. But just because somebody believes in marriage and not simply living together doesn’t mean they are living in the stone ages!

CelebBabyLover on

Mel- “As far as Ne-Yo goes, maybe he should’ve been a little more concerned about who he got pregnant. I have plenty of guy friends, doesn’t mean I want them knocking me up.” Um, last time I checked, it takes two to make a baby. I’m sure Ne-Yo didn’t force Madilyn’s mother to have a baby with him! Then again, maybe that’s not what you meant at all. If so, I apologize.

Toya L.- Exactly!

Electra on

I agree with those that said getting married because of a baby is very silly. Just because a couple chooses not to get married doesn’t mean they’re not raising their child together. I work in battery park city- an exclusive part of Manhattan with plenty of married families- but its evident that some of these kids really spend time with one parent. So, marriage is not really indicative of a family and it never was!!! We look upon the past with rose colored glasses! The perfect nuclear family never really existed in the way many people choose to talk about it!

laura on

I think its admirable that NeYo admits he isnt in love with Monyetta Shaw, and he says they will always be frineds no matter what because of their daughter.

Why should he get married if he isnt in love with her? The baby will want for nothing and will have a fulfilled life.

They both went into the “relationship” with their eyes wide open, and both knew they didnt want marriage, but they will always have lil Madilyn to bond them.

Good luck and god bless, i bet the baby is STUNNING!

Anonymous on