Look for Less: Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s Biker Chic

12/28/2010 at 08:00 AM ET
Marc Piasecki/FilmMagic

Every time we spot Shiloh Jolie-Pitt out and about, she always wows us with her oh-so adorable style.

During a visit to a Paris aquarium with mom Angelina Jolie on Nov. 30, the 4½-year-old rocked a sleek black leather jacket, a printed hoodie, grey pants and Bonpoint‘s drool-worthy Zebra Boots ($280 – $295).

Talk about mini edgy chic!

Love Shiloh’s style? You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up a similar look — with items all under $43!


Courtesy Macy’s


Looking for a sleek topper for your tot? Try AkademiksBreaker Jacket ($42.50). It will add polish to any outfit.


Courtesy Lord & Taylor


As the weather gets more chilly, layering becomes key. That’s why we’re loving Addressed‘s Rhinestone Hooded Sweatshirt ($10) — it’s stylish and cozy.


Courtesy The Children’s Place


Crafted from super soft corduroy, The Children’s Place‘s Cord Pants ($10) have plenty of stretch for your on-the-go girl.

Best of all? They come in plenty of colors including beet pink, cobalt blue, dark purple and black.


Courtesy Target


From the cool stripes to the handy adjustable buckle, Youth Cherokee‘s Ulana Zebra Rain Boots ($20) are the perfect puddle-jumpers.

— Anya Leon


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lily on

I think I prefer Youth Cherokee‘s Zebra Boots than the more pricey version.

Shiloh looks very cute with her new hairstyle though!

tink1217 on

super cute!!

Tess on

I think the whole outfit looks stupid, but at least it’s weather appropriate. And I agree that the cheap boots definitely look better.

Demetria on

She looks so adorable and cute!

Alyssa on

Ugh…not a fan of the $$$ version or the cheapo knock-off. I realize they have more money than God but Angelina walks around people dying in the street in 3rd world countries and then goes home and drops hundreds of dollars on a 4 year old’s silly outfit? It doesn’t add up to me. $300 zebra print boots could feed 10 families for a year in parts of Africa. I would bet this is the only time you will see her wearing this outfit…on to the next $1000 ensemble.

JM on

what a pretty little girl. i like her style, i think my youngest daughter might like these kinds of clothes.

baby lover! on

Angelina can do whatever she wants with her money. It’s not like Angelina has NOT donated any money..she has donated over millions and millions of dollars to the people and families in Africa. Poverty is inevidtable and if people don’t change their ways, then no matter how much money you give them, they’ll always be the in poverty.

I just wanted to say that Shiloh is looking more and more like Brad 🙂

Allison J on

Shiloh looks so cute! Her hair looks good growing out, although I liked it when it was short, too.

I DO see a lot more of “Brad” in her face than in any other picture of Shiloh I’ve seen.

Lola on

Tess: Criticizing the fashion of a 4 year old?? Really?? How mature.

Jen DC on

No matter what celebrities donate – time or money – it’ll never be enough to alleviate all the poverty and suffering in the world. As a previous poster has said, both Angelina and Brad Pitt have donated millions to various causes, lend their names to things, and actually go to some of the most dangerous/impoverished/devastated places on the planet. What they do with the rest of their time and money can’t possibly matter, now can it?

So she buys her 4 year old a $300 pair of shoes (or whatever they cost). Did you stop to think that maybe one of the twins will also wear the shoes? Or that they might be donated later, as likely most of her kids’ outgrown clothes probably are? Clearly they do hand-me-downs: more than once we’ve seen here that Shiloh is wearing something previously worn by one of the older boys, or even Maddox wearing some handed down t-shirt of Pax’.

The fact of the matter is, no matter what good these people do, they are not here to satisfy what we believe to be appropriate behavior. If I were filthy rich, I’d send my kids to the best school I could afford, (sometimes) dress them in expensive clothes while also donating time and money to causes I believed in. I’d travel, take only the jobs I wanted, take only the classes I wanted and ignore people who criticised me because you know what? MY MONEY, MY LIFE. Go kick rocks.

Lola on

Alyssa: If you are so upset about the money that you feel should be donated to Africa, then perhaps you should simply worry about doing your share and donating some of your own money or clothing to impoverished parts of the world.

Yoco on

Well since all the JP kids wear hand me downs we will probably see these outfits again. BTW popsugar.com is a new pic of Brad ,Angie, Shiloh and Zee with their host family in Namimbia. Oh yeah Betsy Avoid sites called celebritybaby if you are so concerned with celeb kids lack of privacy.

Manal on

Lola I totally agree with u, people should just stop judging other people! and start looking at themselves 1st!
Shiloh is beautiful!

Toya L. on

OMG She looks so cute, I see her hair is growing out too.

ugh on

Do you also whine about Oprah for example? She also spends lots of $ on big homes and expensive clothes. In fact all celebs spend lots of $$$$ on things.

Celebs should not deprive their kids or themselves of nice clothes, homes, toys etc. just b/c other people can’t enjoy those things. That would not accomplish anything. They can enjoy life with nice things while at the same time donating to charity. If you were that rich I don’t think you would be living in a old shack with cheap clothes.

Trish on

Shiloh is adorable, & I love her style!!! Those of you ragging on a smal child, get a life!!! Her parents are able to buy her those clothes, they donate & help lots of organizations, and they don’t have to lead a life of poverty just to please all the jealous haters, geez!!!

alice jane on

These people that come complaining about how Angelina and Brad should donate the money they spend on their kids’ clothes to 3rd world countries never fail to amaze me. It’s no secret that they donate millions of dollars to those less fortunate, and there have also been pictures of the kids in hand-me-downs and in clothes from Target. Regardless, it’s their money and their kids. If the people who didn’t have money to spare didn’t spend some of it, how do you really think the economy would be doing then?

I love those zebra boots and I think Shiloh looks adorable! All the kids have unique style and seem to have fun with their clothes; I think it’s cute.

stacey M on

I don’t care how much money you have, it’s ridiculous to spend hundred’s or even thousands of dollars on clothes for a child. Just my opinion though!!

JMO on

Well I would never spend money like that on a kid but $300 to them is like $3.00 to us! So they can afford to do it with no problem!
I can afford $200 shoes if I want but certainly I’d never splurge on something like that for myself let alone my child!
I dig Shiloh’s style though. I find it cute.

Jill on

She looks adorable!!


To the people who think they shouldn’t spend this much on clothese. Well, then if you don’t have a lot of money it is silly to spend any money on clothes. You should only take donations or hand me downs….. That would be the equivilent. Does that make sense….NO! The Jolie Pitts do their fair share of donating money, more than most people, and the ratio of money they earn to money they spend balances out. Plus their children never look dazzled and showy. They look like your average children. Keep doing what you are doing!!

Mama on

I’m sure most of the children’s clothes are gifts anyway! I imagine companies are falling over themselves to have the Brangelina Kids wearing their gear…look at how much discussion it generates….

Kristen on

Hypocrites much? I bet all of you burning Ange because she spends a lot of money on her kids would do the SAME if you had the amount of money she does. I know I would.

Mia on

She looks so much like her dad! Cute!

Tess on

Lola – I think my comment is equally as mature as the original post – talking about the fashion of a four-year-old is pretty stupid, IMO.

JungleCat on

A darling little girl who loks like her handsome dad. Clothes are also very cute and affordable.

JungleCat on

Cute child, looks like her daddy. Cute outfit.

ecl on

Sorry, I don’t think they walk the walk. Brad is always on about the environment yet they fly in private plans and live in GIANT houses that use up tons of resources. Yes, some people are richer than others. Whether they deserve to be or not is another question. But promoting one lifestyle while living another is lame. As for the shoes, I agree that I wouldn’t spend that much no matter how much money I had. Kids grow out of shoes so quickly. All of us need to learn to live with us. Overconsumption is destroying this planet.

ana on

anon, did angelina kill your cat? In four or five years that I am reading this blog, I don’t recall one, ONE post of yours about her family that was not negative. Sad.

cara on

i think shiloh looks awesome. and btw they donate more money to charity than 98% of hollywood. they are up there with bill gates and oprah. so ya’ll be talkin false bullsh-t. brad also has his own company building houses for hurricane victims in louisiana. they don’t even have to look poor people in the eye. but they still go out and donate more money than most of us will do in 2 life times. so you haters…do your research before you start talking sh-t.

Eileen on

No offence but what is wrong with her teeth. She’s too young to lose them – did she have a juice bottle???

Lola on

Tess: If you find it so stupid, then why waste your time reading the entire article AND posting a comment? Just because you don’t like the subject of the post, doesn’t mean you have to take it out on a 4 year old and her clothing. That being said, I do appreciate you admitting your immaturity. Nice touch.

Jill on

Eileen…..she is not too young to lose her teeth. I and my godson both had lost two teeth by her age. Everyone is different…..and they were our two front teeth!

Tess on

Lola – I didn’t read the article. I rarely read the articles on here. Although the one I did read had the comments turned off so I couldn’t mention the redundancy of “two twins.”

Back to topic, though, I’m not taking anything out on a four-year-old. I said I don’t like the clothes. It’s an opinion, just like all of the people who comment on how cute everything is. I don’t believe any four-year-old has a “look” or “fashion sense” or “style” or whatever else this website wants people to think.

Becky on

Looks like she has her boots on the wrong feet! hahaha!!

Taylor on

Eileen, she hasn’t had the front tooth for awhile, now. I think I read somewhere that it had been knocked out, probably while playing.

J on

Lola, I’m sure more than a few people would appreciate you cutting out the instigating others.

Hea on

– Eileen – I read somewhere that she knocked her front tooth out while playing.

Shiloh is adorable and I love the jacket.

sunny on

love Shiloh’s longer hair!

Sireni on

I love it!!!

And @J you are sooo right!!!

JMO on

My cousin knocked her teeth out on a piano bench at 2 years old. My friends daughter knocked her 3 top teeth out falling down a flight of steps! My cousin’s daughter chipped her front tooth had it bonded twice and the tooth eventually went dead so they pulled it out. Not uncommon at all.

Electra on

It’s hard to say what i would buy if I were a multi-millionaire because, I’m not. People do things very differently when they get the chance, especially when it comes to money! Shiloh is too cute, she seems like she has a ton of personality.

Jill on

“Lola” is the new “Mina”

torgster on

It’s none of my business what anybody posts on here, but Tess, really, if you are going to voice an opinion, you should at least READ the article – isn’t that just logical?

Romy on

she looks so cute in that outfit and cute period. love the hair now. I agree, they can do whatever they want with their money. they work for it, and it’s theirs. they also do a lot to help others and donate.

Jill on

torgster, I agree with you. I have noticed though that some people do not read the articles….that they are clearly here to just comment on other people’s comments, post negativity, or start drama.

Lola on

Jill: I’m not sure what you mean when you say “Mina” – is this a compliment or something that would be in the “posting negativity/starting drama” category? I shall take it as the former, as I know someone like you surely isn’t trying to insinuate anything negative, thus contradicting your most recent post.

J: I very much appreciate you bringing your strong feelings to my attention. I truly apologize if I have caused you any harm.

Tess on

Isn’t the article about the clothing? Clothing best seen in pictures, perhaps?

I do in fact look at the pictures, which is the point of the site. No one says “I can’t wait to read an article about so and so’s new baby.” They say “I can’t wait to see a picture.”

Jill on

It would actually be neither! It is not a compliment and if you go back and read my ENTIRE statement, that is not why I am here. So therefore, it does not apply to either. Nice try at trying to insult me, though.

You however did fall in the category I mentioned….IMO.

Jill on

Lola, Part of my comment isn’t going to make sense…..because when I posted my reply your comment came in under another name and NOT Lola. The name was Cheryl I believe. I am way too tired to play games.

Lola on

Jill: I have no idea what you’re talking about with the name Cheryl — perhaps you mistook someone else’s comment for mine. Or maybe you are the one playing games here. In any case, it’s all very confusing to me, as I was not trying to insult you in any way. Perhaps you are very sensitive, but all I was doing was briefly stating the facts of your post, as well as my own bewilderment. It would be kind of you to explain what “Mina” means, but you seem a bit hostile at the moment.

Jill on

Lola, your comment above to me and J came through and had someone elses name. It did not say Lola that is a fact. I was confused and thought I was talking to someone else.

I am not hostile or sensitive….not sure what that even means…or anything else you have mentioned…….in fact no one has ever accused me of such. Your comments are aggressive, condescending, and instigating. I took these words from others, although I agree. You apologized to J, so you must agree.

loren on

@Jill I saw the comment with the name Cheryl also, so you are not/were not seeing things they have changed the post or the name. I know because I follow the arguments here and did a edit find on the Cheryl name but it was only here once and now not at all hmmm 🙂

JM on

yes Jill, it was initially cheryl. not sure why it changed but i saw it too.

Lola on

Jill (loren as well): I am wholly confused by the “Cheryl” thing, as my name is clearly not Cheryl. Does anyone know who I can contact about this?
I don’t understand why it is okay for you to call me aggressive, but any inferences about you are off limits. You still have not explained what “Mina” means, which is not very nice — especially since I have asked you twice now. Perhaps it is something insignificant, as nobody else seems to know what it means either. My last comment to you was extremely sincere, and I do not feel like you are appreciative of that. I was going to actually write out definitions of the words “sensitive” and “hostile” (purely to help you) since you said you don’t know what they mean (I have no idea how old or young you are, which would make it understandable to not know those words), but I realized that you will probably will see that as being whatever it is you think I am…which is sad to me. I am sorry that your feelings may have felt hurt by my previous comments. That is all I can say.

loren: Please feel free to comment to me (and not just Jill) about your concerns with my username — I too am extremely concerned about the matter. Any other details you guys saw would be greatly appreciated!

Peace and love to all!

jill on

you really need to read what you write to people….check out the alanis post and the rant you went on. i never called you aggressive. i called your comments aggressive. calling me sensitive and hostile is not being sincere. I said, “I am not hostile or sensitive….not sure what that even means…or anything else you have mentioned.” I know what the words mean, but I don’t know what YOU mean. Not sure why you accused me of being either and really I don’t care. Not sure what my age has to do with anything….way to make things personal.

People were being nice on this post and others and telling you to pipe it down with your comments. I agree.

Lola on

Jill: I said PERHAPS you are very sensitive and that you SEEMED a bit hostile. I was in no way saying that these were things that you indeed ARE. I was merely making an inference based on your post, which appears to be exactly what you did regarding my posts as well. And with regards to knowing what the words “sensitive” and “hostile” mean, the way you wrote your comment led me to believe that you didn’t understand the words or their meanings — I had no idea you meant you didn’t understand what I meant, because it wasn’t what you wrote. I am not a mind reader, so you cannot blame me for that.
That being said, I did apologize..but apparently you decided to skip over that part so you could continue bashing me. I have asked for advice on who to contact about the so-called username issue, and even that was completely disregarded. I have now asked you three times to explain the “Mina” issue as well. It seems you read and see only what you want to, and for that I feel truly sorry for you. I do hope you re-read my most recent post entirely and acknowledge just how non-aggressive and sincere I was, and continue to be.

JM: Have you any idea what caused the name change?? I never saw that it said “Cheryl”, but if you can remember which posts and around what time you saw this, it would be very helpful.

loren on

@Lola I have no concerns with your username or anyone’s 🙂 Like I stated in the post to Jill I did an edit find so I could see what was being responded to (it’s how I follow the discussion) I responded because like JM, I also saw the Cheryl post and didn’t want Jill to think she was seeing things, I did not take sides or even have an opinion on the discussion. I have no idea what happened. However, Its almost New Years so happy New Year to everyone and here’s hoping 2011 will be a great year for all.

IMO on

The post that came through as Cheryl was between mine and tess’s. I would guess the time to be around 6cst last night. My guess would be someone by that name used the same computer as you before you. You do not need to feel sorry for me and just bc I don’t answer something doesn’t mean I didn’t read it. Good luck!

Thanks Loren!!! Happy new years to you too!

IMO on

The message above is frOm Jill….reverse happen to me. Go figure

Tanya on

I love Shilohs new style! Its like she now can dress both tough yet feminine. Maybe her tomboy days are soon over?