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12/28/2010 at 12:00 PM ET

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Mary on

I know one way to celebrate snow. Celebrate from Hawaii! LOL I am so over snow and cold!!!!!!!!! AND I have three to four more months of this white stuff! And yes my kids LOVE it! Thats because they don’t A:drive in it, B: have to shovel C: When we dress the kids to go out and play it some how takes like an hour to dress them like mummies and when they finally make it outside they are out there only an hour because its to fricken cold. When they come in it takes less than 5 minutes to undress but takes US another hour to hang up the wet clothes, and clean up the snow that was stuck on the said clothes which now is on the floor. ARGH

anonymous on

sounds to me that the navy officer wasn’t the only hero. maybe the title could’ve reflected that.

and mary, stop your whining. at least you have kids. i’d give anything to be in your shoes.

mary on

Anonymous, You know what it’s called sarcasms and I think I am entitled to it. I know I have it good with my children. Sure there are days when I want to pawn them off on someone; just about every person has felt that way at one time or another. At the end of the day I am so very grateful to have them. BUT this year I hate all this snow and I would love to be on the beach with my children and husband. I just had my thyroid and parathyroid’s removed because of cancer and two weeks after I got home from the hospital my husband went back to work and got seriously injured in a fire! (He’s a fireman) so we have to rely on others to shovel and I hate relying on others so I am trying to laugh and make jokes about my situation. And until you live where I live and have had this much snow and be in our position I think you would be saying the same thing. Watching snow on the TV while being on a beach in Hawaii looks pretty damn good!

Jill on

I live in snow and a very cold state. The cold actually flares up my pain beyond belief. I have to say though Mary, I read your post and thought, boo hoo…cry me a river. The article was about how to celebrate in the snow with your kids, not whine. Geeze. I would give anything to go play outside with my nephews, but I can’t bc of my disability. And bc of this i would never complain as you did “as a joke.” Didn’t sound like jokes to me….sounds like someone moaning. Especiecially since you say you don’t like the snow. So you clearly don’t know the definition of a joke.

Electra on

Mary- I just got trapped in my house for 3 days because of the 30 something inches of snow that hit NYC. A beach sounds great right now. I don’t have kids but even getting myself undressed after coming in from outside is a pain.

Tee on

Gotta admit, I’m surprised that anybody thinks Mary was whining! To me, her comment came across as sarcastic and sick of the snow. Plain and simple. I have to admit, I don’t know what that feels like! We don’t get a whole lot of snow in Mississippi or Louisiana!