Elton John Welcomes Son Zachary Jackson Levon

12/27/2010 at 11:50 PM ET

It was a very merry Christmas for Sir Elton John.

The singer, 62, and husband David Furnish, 48, welcomed son Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John on Dec. 25, John’s rep confirms to PEOPLE.

The 7 lb., 15 oz., baby was delivered via surrogate in California.

“We are overwhelmed with happiness and joy at this very special moment,” the couple, who exchanged vows in a civil ceremony in 2005, said in a statement. “Zachary is healthy and doing really well, and we are very proud and happy parents.”

Just last year, Furnish told PEOPLE they were going to wait to start a family until John was ready to come off the road.

“We don’t want to put the raising of children into the hands of nannies and housekeepers,” said Furnish. “We want to be active parents. We have godchildren [and] kids that we support in Africa, so we’re fine.”

— Joey Bartolomeo

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klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! I’m still in shock a little bit since no one knew!

And he has such a long name! I love that Levon is a middle name.

Yay for Elton and David!

tink1217 on

awesome!!!!!!! Congrats to them!!

ll65 on

I’ve been wondering when this would be posted. So happy for Elton & David…congratulations!

Pamela on

So happy for them! Zachary is truly blessed to have them as parents, and they are blessed to have a son!!! Many congratulations!

SH on

happy for them, but comparing being an active parent to having godkids and kids that you support in africa? that’s a little diluted.

lac's mom on

I was just thinking of the song You’ll Be Blessed by Elton John the other day. Congratulations and great news!

H on

that’s got to be the greatest christmas ever right?

Ava on

So happy for that child to have a normal name!

In a time where promi-kids so often have very weird name it is very nice to reads a nice normal name for a child.

Happy for the family, congratulations!

Marlee on

Love them! What an amazing Christmas gift.

I think it’s great they incorporated “Levon” into the baby’s name, and how apropos that their little Levon was also born on Christmas Day!

A fantastic journey awaits them all.

Heather Lynn on

Congratulations to them! That is a very long name but I really love it. What a fantastic Christmas gift!

Sarah K. on

SH, he obviously doesn’t think being a parent and being a godparent are the same thing – otherwise they wouldn’t have had a child of their own. He said while they were waiting to have a family until Elton was off tour they still had other kids in their lives to (for lack of a better term) fill the void.

Anways, congratulations! They kept that secret well!

Carli on

YAY!!!!! Congratulations to both of them!!!!!!

Ashley on

I am so happy for them! This baby will be so loved. I think this is wonderful news! Congratulations Elton and David!

Sonya on

It’s nice to see a normal name on a celebrity baby! I know David’s father is Jack (maybe Jackson?), but what’s the significance of Levon?

And, wow! We’ve had more pregnancy/birth announcements this week than there are sometimes in a month. Now I’m waiting for Emily Procter and Christina Applegate.

Kylee on

What a wonderful Surprise! I had no idea they were planning a Family! Congrats to Elton, David, and baby Zachary!

Molly on

Sonya – “Levon” is the name of an Elton John song. Whether the song title has a difference significance or not, I don’t know, but that is the only correlation I can muster!

Demetria on

Congrats! Love the name but, it’s a bit long!

Sofan on

CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so happy for them. ❤ Elton

Meghan on

I’m so happy for David and Elton! Elton has wanted to be a father for so long. I’m glad his dream has come true!

klutzy_girl on

Levon is a song of ELton’s. There’s a line that says Levon was “born a pauper to a pawn on Christmas Day”. I’m thinking they gave Zachary that middle name because he was born on Christmas Day!

JMO on

wow a lot of Dec 25th babies!! Those kids will absolutely hate that when they’re older!
congrats to Elton!!

Lacey on

I’m so happy for them! This is great news!!

Hea on

I’d love to name a child Levon. I’d do it because I love Elton’s music and Levon Helm.

Congrats to them all!

Silly Mama on

And Levon, in the song, was born on Christmas day!

Congrats to the both of them! I remember how heartbroken they were when they were turned down in their attempt to adopt that little boy from the Ukraine so it’s good to see that they’ve finally gotten some joy.

B.J. on

I am SOOO happy right now! Overjoyed for Elton, but seriously THRILLED he used the name Levon (who, according to Elton’s song, was born on a Christmas day.. and I love the rest of the lyrics but they might make some religious-minded people mad).

Viv on

I think perhaps “Levon” is also a tribute to the little Ukrainian boy they weren’t allowed to adopt, whose name was “Lev”.
Congrats to them both, I’m sure they’ll be great parents!

Manal on

I am happy for them but i think they should have adopted instead, 1st they are too old to have a newborn, and second there are many children who need a loving home

Allison J on

Congrats to Elton and David! What a wonderful Christmas present. That little boy will be so loved.

Julie on

Congratulations to Elton and David!

It’s so nice to see a comments section full of positive responses to this family. I’m sure CBB is being moderated… but on other gossip sites the comment sections are filling up with hateful, homophobic vulgarity. CBB should be proud of their commentators.

Toya L. on

I am so happy for them. He has always been the ONLY celeb I’d want to meet. Congratulations to them.

Bugs on

Is this for real?? Today is “April fool’s Day” in all Latin American countries, and i saw this and immediately thought it was a JOKE! So it’s no joke right? it’s true.

Shawna on

Manal – They tried to adopt and they were turned down due to Elton’s age. Read before you type.

And SH – it’s DELUDED, not DILUTED. To dilute something is to make thinner or less concentrated by adding a liquid such as water

Lila on

While I am happy for them-and don’t doubt they will be good parents-I do agree that his age isn’t ideal to start having children. It kind of makes me sad when I see (almost) senior citizens having babies- straight or gay. There are reasons they put age limits on adoption. My parents are his age and I know it is hard for them to keep up with their grandchildren a lot of times.

Jackelynn on

Why are there so many rude comments on other posts about the age of the father (Celine Dion’s husband, etc), but when it’s Elton John his age isn’t mentioned?

B.J. on

Jackelynn: “Why are there so many rude comments on other posts about the age of the father (Celine Dion’s husband, etc…”

I met Celine’s husband at Disneyland 3-4 years ago. He was in an electric wheelchair. He got out of it to eat breakfast, then went right back into it. (their son played in it when his dad wasn’t using it) This is why I am concerned for them, he was already older and (evidently) disabled, how can he manage twin boys?

As for Elton, I saw him last year in concert, and boy did he rock! I have every confidence that he is still capable of raising a baby. Also, remember that it isn’t easy for gay men to have kids. No doubt they’ve wanted to have a child for a very long, long time!

Nancy on

I am happy for Elton and Celine’s husband but chances are good that neither will be around for their child to grow up. Remember Tony Randall.

Lis on

Did anyone else notice the Zach-Jack kind of rhyming thing??? While I love both of those names, when you put them together it is kind of a tongue-twister………

Samantha on

Why are people considered homophobic if they don’t necessarily agree with a lifestyle choice thats not normal? I say this because my 11 year old son goes to school with a young man whose mother is a lesbian and the boy is attached to the hip to my husband when he is over here. I jokingly teased my husband about it in private once and he told me that my son’s friend confided he wished he had his dad around but he will never know him because he was a donor. It was heartbreaking. I have no problems with gays but I do have a problem when alternative lifestyles affect children in a way that they are intentionally deprived of their natural parent.

Brooke on

I LOVE Levon as a middle name for them. I am thrilled for both of them. Zachary is a very lucky boy to have daddies that will love and cherish him

Jill on

Could be Nancy, but my cousin lost her dad (30 years ago) when she was 6 months old and two of my friends died in their 30’s (in the last two years) with small children…..so you never do know what can happen.

Samantha….not really following what you are saying. Hmmm…gonna take a stab. Not sure why you are thinking people say that some are homophobic if they don’t agree with the lifestlye. I don’t see anything on here. I have read things and heard things that are homophobic in nature regarding gays and lesbians adopting children. I do not believe that everyone who is against gays and lesbians adopting is homophobic, BUT there are plenty who are homophobic and say VERY nasty things. The story you explained, IMO, really has nothing to do with “gays” so I am not sure why you even bring it up….as many heterosexual couples and single parent households use sperm donors or egg donors. So being gay has nothing to do with the example you gave.

CelebBabyLover on

Samantha- What about kids that are adopted? Aren’t they deprived of their “natural” parent too? Anyway, I think what people are saying is that some comments on other sites are going beyond just disagreeing with Elton’s lifestyle.

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and congrats to Elton and David! And as for why Elton waited so long to have kids, it’s explained in the article. They wanted to wait until they knew they had the time to raise a child themselves, rather than just leaving their kid with nannies all the time.

And speaking of which….Does this mean Elton is indeed coming off the road now?

Melissa on

Congrats to them. Can’t wait to see pictures.

Samantha, you (and others) may think their lifestyle is not normal but that’s all a matter of opinion. You can disagree with the lifestyle but do you really understand that people love who they love and you can’t change that? What is normal any way? As long as the child has loving parents (or loving parent) who cares? It’s not affecting your life in any way.

Meghan on

In all fairness Tony Randall was in his lates seventies when his first child was born.

kai on

Samantha, your first sentence cracks me up.

Kristen on

@Samantha… Let me see if this straight-but-not-narrow-minded-mother can help you out: Homosexuality is NOT a lifestyle choice.

Congratulations to David and Sir Elton on the wonderful addition to their family. What joyous news!

Sam on

@Samantha – what is ‘normal’? Seriously? You will likely answer that ‘normal’ is a man and woman in a marriage, as parents……..or something like. Have you seen the statistics for your ‘normal’ over the last many years? ‘Cause it’s not working! A child needs love, acceptance, patience, kindness, education, good health but no where does that mean it has to come from your ‘normal’.

P.S. If I’m wrong about your ‘normal’, I will apologize, but I think I’m dead on. 🙂

Nancy on

I dont know how anyone can say that having 2 parents of any gender could be worse than a kid going through divorce. I know 2 kids who are being shuffled from mom’s house to dad’s house so that they can have joint custody. The kids are acting out because of the change. Any shift in a kid’s life can cause problems. I think that Elton (even in his older age) and David can provide stability.

Electra on

I dated a boy name Levon didn’t work out but, I still enjoy the name. All and all it’s very respectable. I wonder what Surname they chose.

D on

Ugh! The world is going down the toilet!

Rivka on

I think it is great. And they are not too old to have a newborn. While they may not leave the total raising of a child to nannies and servants, I am quite sure they will have help.

Parenthood does not always follow a time table that all feel is appropriate. People in general would be better off if they actually bothered to plan children. Sadly most children just happen…I am sure no child could be more loved.

Taylor on

I agree with Samantha, just because you don’t agree with a lifestyle doesn’t make you homophobic. You can be friends with homosexuals or relatives of them and get along great, you just don’t agree with their lifestyle.
It’s great to see a ‘normal’ baby name! Congratulations to the both of them and I’m sure that baby will be loved!

Sam on

@ D, Please elaborate.

Sarah M. on

Electra – It says in the post that Furnish-John is the surname.

Cute name, a bit long, but I’m sure he’ll grow into it!

crg on

klutzy_girl, I didn’t even think about the Christmas connection- that is cool! I would have take out Jackson, his name is soooo long, but that’s just my opinion. Congrats to them!!!!!!!

Jill on

D, the world is going down the toilet with so much negativity!!

Electra on

haha oh the whole thing didn’t load on my phone. Thats a long long name.

B.J. on

The world is going down the toilet because a baby was born to loving parents with endless monetary resources? Interesting assessment, D…

Kristen – Thank you for pointing out that sexuality is NOT a choice!
Who in their right mind would CHOOSE to be an outcast, choose to be different from the majority of their peers, to have less rights, and to have religious folk give them a hard time? It’s not fun.

I’m a lesbian, and I can tell you, I did not chose this! In fact, I’ve tried dating men to see if I could be “normal” (as Samantha might say), but no, couldn’t do it. No, I was never abused. I was born a lesbian, my first crush was on a girl named Heather when I was 6.

Someone always argues with this, which essentially is calling me a liar.. And I think I’m well aware of what I’ve gone through and WHO I am!! Ask any gay person and they’ll say the same: Not. A. Choice.

Taylor on

Unless you consider being heterosexual a lifestyle, being homosexual is not one either. It’s not something one chooses so the argument is pretty irrelevant. Regarding the use of the word normal, that differs from person to person. There is no set definition. For me, Elton and David are normal parents who have just welcomed a beautiful little boy. They will provide their child with all basic necessities in addition to giving him love and support. All three are lucky to have each other.

Sam on

@ Jill – – PERFECT POST!

Now baby Zachary needs a little brother or sister – in a year or two. hehe Congratulations!

kmb on

When that kid graduates high school, his parents will be 80 and 66, respectively. It seems selfish to bring a child into the world at such ages. The chance of these men living to see their grandchildren is not great. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for gay marriage/adoption/surrogacy, etc. This has nothing to do with their sexual orientation. It has everything to do with their ages. I hope for Zachary’s sake that both his fathers live well past the average life expectancy.

Michelle on

@Samantha, you are an ignorant, closed-minded fool. How dare you judge what is and is not normal. Shame on you.

Maddie on

Samantha, what do you mean by you don’t like it when children are raised in a way where they are intentionally deprived from their natural parents? What about kids who are adopted? My mom had me when she was fourteen. I was adopted by my parents when I was six weeks old. Should I have instead have been raised by a fourteen year old because she is my “natural parent”?

CelebBabyLover on

I’m thinking that D might have been joking (like when people teasingly go, “Oh my gosh, the world is coming to an end!” about things sometimes.). Anyway, I agree with those who have said that our sexuality is not somthing we choose. People CAN choose to not act on their sexuality….but let’s face it, most people don’t want to spend their entire lives being celibate, nor is it fair to expect that of anybody (in fact, we’ve seen time and time again the negative conseqeunces of doing so, such as with priests and other groups that are basically forced to be celibite for life)!

Bottomline: Elton and David did not choose to be gay and, IMO, they should not be denied a child because of something they have no control over!

Phyllis Kelly on

I was just talking to a friend of mine and we were talking about how there hasn’t been any mention of him in a long while. Then came this WONDERFUL news.
I am so happy for Elton and David. That baby will have so much love, he will grow up to be smart, fun and just love life.
So Contratulations Elton and David. May God Bless You and Keep Your Baby as happy as the day he was born “Christmas Day”. Love his name also!

merry on

Seems there really has been some moderation lately, it is really nice to read discussion without all those homophobic comments like they are on other sites.

While I’m happy for Elton and David specifically, they must have been heartbroken about baby boy Lev before, I have a question I’ve lately been concerned about – it is a thing personal to me, I wouldn’t dare to force or judge other’s people choices.

How do you, probably mostly ladies 🙂 feel about couples or singles, gay or straight, using surrogate, when there is so many babies around the world who could be adopted and provided with resources? I feel like when I bring a kid to this world, another one somewhere around the world will lose its chance for better life. What do you think?

Samantha on

I spoke based off MY personal experience with a child in a similar situation as Elton John’s son. No one here challenged that part of my comment.

Dee on

I think its really pathetic that gay parents have to struggle so hard to have a family. I know at one point they wanted to adopt two children were HIV positive I believe and they were denied. Instead they have to go through surrogacy.

With so many beautiful kids out there in the world at home and abroad who need people to love them and care for them, it’s an absolute DISGUST that single parents and gay parents are treated so unfairly.

What does this say about our society? You know, the one where a good majority of the kids are being raised in single parent household anyways and where gay parents are raising kids who turn into beautiful individuals!!!

Congrats to Elton and David, this is the BEST Christmas gift they could have ever gotten and what a lucky little baby, he will grow up with parents who love him unconditionally 🙂

Sarah K. on

“I agree with Samantha, just because you don’t agree with a lifestyle doesn’t make you homophobic. You can be friends with homosexuals or relatives of them and get along great, you just don’t agree with their lifestyle.”

1. It’s not a “lifestyle.” They are simply naturally attracted to their own gender. You act like homosexuality is some alien life form that is so different from your own. They live their lives just as us straight people do. Are the homosexuals that you are such good friends with really that different from all of the heterosexual people you know?

2. I’m pretty sure that only homophobic people say stuff like “just because I don’t agree with your gay lifestyle doesn’t mean I’m homophobic” and “I a gay friend – I’m not homophobic.” It’s a rationalization because no one wants to admit that they are racist/homophobic/prejudice. It simply does not make sense to be against the way an entire group of people lives their lives, fight to prevent legal recognition of their rights, and then say that you are not prejudice against them.

What matters is how you feel on the issues affecting the homosexual community. How do you feel about gay marriage? Do you think gay people should be able to adopt a child? Do they deserve equal rights under the law? Because if you do not believe in gay marriage, or think that they should be allowed to adopt, or that they do not deserve equal recognition under the law – then chances are, you are homophobic.

Sarah K. on

“I spoke based off MY personal experience with a child in a similar situation as Elton John’s son. No one here challenged that part of my comment.”

Actually, I believe someone pointed out to you that the use of sperm donors is not exclusive to the gay community. A lot of single straight women use donors as well. So, your problem is not that gay women use sperm donors, but women in general use sperm donors. The use of a donor is not really a “gay rights” issue. It’s a right to procreate issue.

Also, you were merely speculating that the reason the boy is attached to your husband is because he’s lacking a father figure. It might be that he just really likes your husband.

Jill on

Samantha, as I pointed out and will say again……the situation you are referring to has nothing to do with them being gay…..but you can pretend it does. Heterosexual couples use sperm or egg donors, so do single parents, single fathers adopt or use surrogacy, some couples adopt,…..what if a parent dies?

It saddens me when people make it about being gay and it has nothing to do with it. Unless it does? If it does then your first statement makes no sense and should specifically sy gay people. Unless you feel that gay people shouldn’t be parents……..which makes me even more sad and all kinds of angry.

JM on

Samantha regarding your personal story, i tihnk probably the reason fewer people have commented on it is because it is irrelevant. as it is simply an anecdote and does not prove anything. in fact there was a recent study done that proved that on average children raised by lesbian parents were more settled, stable and academically well achieving than the average child raised by one or more straight parent(s).

as far as your “normal” and “lifestyle” comments go. they are simply illogical. it is the same as saying that you don’t agree with black people raising a child as it is not “normal”. your sexuality is as much as choice as your skin colour is, ie not a choice at all. people are born a certain way and it is not for anyone to say what is “normal”. being gay is not a lifestyle as much as being hispanic isn’t a lifestyle.

torgster on

Merry there is no reason you have to feel any guilt or remorse for wanting a biological child. I get so sick of the posters who bring up the foreign adoption thing everytime an older parent has a child. To me the solution is simple enough – if they’d stop breeding like rabbits in the undeveloped countries, there wouldn’t be millions of starving children and ultimately orphans needing care. And I don’t see that situation ever changing. The developed nations should make the billions pumped into aid programs contingent on using birth control. And religious beliefs aren’t a valid excuse. What righteous person of any faith keeps having kids they can’t care for?

Taylor on

@Sarah K.-I’m all for any child having a chance at being loved, whether it’s with two parents of the opposite sex, one parent (mother or father), or gay parents. So that’s where I stand on gay adoption/surrogacy/parenthood.

Being gay is a lifestyle just like being straight is, you don’t choose to be gay or be straight.

Homophobia is a fear or hatred of homosexuals. I don’t fear homosexuals and I don’t hate them, two of my best friends are gay and they are some of the best people to confide in and hang out with. I don’t care if that makes me sound homophobic, because I know I’m not. I’m all for Elton and David having children, and other lesbian and gay couples to do the same. I never said I disagree with being gay or that lifestyle, I just said that thinking it’s wrong based on your religion or personal beliefs doesn’t mean you hate or fear them.
Something I’ve noticed everywhere is that when someone says they don’t agree with that lifestyle, they get attacked for it. Just because everyone doesn’t feel the same way you do, doesn’t give anyone the right to attack them like you guys have Samantha.

Jill on

Taylor, Go back and read Samantha’s original statement. IMO, it has very little to do with being gay, but also to do with single parents, heterosexual couples, and adoptive parents.

And if you stand for any child having a chance at being loved, than you disagree with Samantha, who doesn’t feel that way. She only feels that natural parents should be with their children.

And there are people who feel very passionate about certain topics, as you do as well. I don’t see where she is “attacked.” But then again, I aslo don’t understand your opinion at all. I am very confused on what you are saying. But, from what I do understand is you explain being gay as if it is a choice….which it is not. But maybe I am just confused.

Holiday on

I love Elton John and I feel very happy for him and his partner! And I think its cool he named his sons middle name “Levon” after one of his songs where the child in the song was born on Christmas… and then his actual son was born on Christmas just like the song!

CelebBabyLover on

Taylor- But a lifestyle is something you DO choose. So being gay is not a lifestyle, nor is being straight. Put it this way, would you say that being, say, black, is a lifestyle? Well, people have no more control over their sexuality than they do their skin color! 🙂

Mandy on

And you, you’ll be blessed
You’ll have the best
I promise you that
I’ll pick a star from the sky
Pull your name from a hat
I promise you that, promise you that, promise you that
You’ll be blessed


Waverly on

kmb: Have you read about Sally Gordon, the 101 year old woman who still walks to work everyday? http://jezebel.com/5610016/woman-is-the-oldest-worker-does-it-in-style

It’s a possibility for everyone, and just because someone is older, doesn’t mean they should give up on the things they want: in this case, raising a child. I think it’s beautiful, and I truly believe a child will keep this amazing couple even younger at heart.

IMO on

Kmb, you never can be sure the length of someones life. Two of my high school classmates died this month. One 32 leaving behind a 10 month old and one 31. Both shocking deaths. One tragic and all over the news ANC the other an unknown health prob. Ya never know.

Tanya on

I think its wonderful that Elton John and David Furnish now have a little boy of their own! And that they managed to keep it a secret for so long. I heard the song “You`ll be blessed” about dreaming of having your own newborn child a few years ago, and it saddened me that Elton John would probably never have that child in his dreams because he was gay. So even though he`s an older dad he deserves to be one! And they tried to adopt a one year old boy from a poor country once, but were turned down because of their ages and homosexuality. And its a shame cuz a childs life could have been saved instead of creating a new one, but thats life. And I believe everyone who wants a child should be able to have one one way or another..

LisaS on

I never knew about the little boy Elton and David had tried to adopt.

How sad if there’s any truth to what people have posted on here about why they were turned down. And what a shame that a child was denied a home with two parents who wanted him and would have loved him simply because of some things so trivial as age and sexuality. He could have been given the world. *sigh* At the very least, I hope that that little boy is happy and healthy somewhere and has a family who love him now.

But on a happier note, congratulations to Elton and David on their newborn son. What an amazing, unforgettable Christmas it must have been for them this year, and I hope every Christmas from here on out will bring this family only more joy and love and happiness.

Hi on

Jill, that’s not what Samantha said at all! Samantha said that she knows a boy who has two moms and no dad and he was upset by it. Her post did NOT say she had issues with adoption, it did NOT say she wants kids to only be with their biological parents, it ONLY said that having same-sex parents can be unhealthy. ESPECIALLY when you have a case where two women are trying to raise a man alone or vice-versa, because they don’t have a parent of their gender that they can relate to. There was absolutely NOTHING in her post about her not wanting children to be with the people who love them. I have no idea how you read so selectively and got so seriously confused.
B.J., Kristen, and everybody else who said that homeosexuality isn’t a choice, it probably isn’t. But nobody is biologically born gay. There is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS a reason for it. If someone desired to stop being gay, they would first need to find the reason that they became gay. For example, B.J., instead of halfheartedly dating men, you maybe should have reexamined your relationship with your father (note that I am NOT trying to be controlling, sound homophobic, or offend you, and if any of these things occur you have permission to hate me). It wouldn’t have to have been you who was abused. You might have felt that your father didn’t love your mom or your siblings as much as he should, and thus stopped trusting men and started going after girls.

j on

Tell them Jill! Like your first comment the most.

jill on

Hi, That is NOT what she said….She said, “I do have a problem when alternative lifestyles affect children in a way that they are intentionally deprived of their natural parent.” That includes all children not living with their natural parents. As I stated in another statement….if that is not what she meant, and maybe she didn’t, she shouldn’t have stated it. Because that is how it came across.

And who would chose to be homosexual? I mean I know quite a few who love their partners, but do not like anything else that comes along with it. And after reading the rest of your statement, I must say, you have rocks in your head and are one very ignorant person. Take some time away and read what you wrote to B.J. Quite rude to infer that her father has anything to do with it….to bring up abuse.

And you are right….there ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS is a reason for it…..wait for it……YOU ARE BORN THAT WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Valdez on

I am soooo happy yall and it being me much joy to see that in our community.

B.J. on

Hi – Nice try! My parents have been happily married for 33 years. You assume it’s because me and my dad didn’t get along, and you couldn’t be more wrong. My sexuality has nothing to do with them. I have always been attracted to girls, since I was very young, I preferred girls. I see a pretty girl, I am attracted to her. I see an attractive man, I feel nothing. I can’t force heterosexuality, and I’m not going to fake it.

Anyway, thank you so much for judging me! I’ll repeat: It’s not a choice, nor was I ever abused. I had a very normal up-bringing, I went to church and everything, but I couldn’t help my attraction to women. Anything contrary would be a lie.

not even close on

OMG!!! Really…I am sorry but having a child raised by 2 dads versus a great mom and dad…wrong wrong wrong. That being said, some kids would be better off without their hetero parental units too. The money issue- Having infinite money does not make it right. It is a CHOICE..you choose not to go by the rules anymore and live the way you want.CHOICE. you choose to not talk to people nicely because they disagree with you..CHOICE. See choices are our reactions not our thoughts or feelings, it is how we respond to our temptations not the opposite. I choose to love everyone, I choose to try to overcome, and I choose to believe in the TRUTH. I am a sinner like everyone else, but I CHOOSE to admit it.

Bonnie Harvey on

Congrats! to the Both of you!Thatts’ on LUCKY BABY!Having two Great Parents!
I know this kid will be Loved and Loved!
I’m Sorry I DON’t agree with this last COMMENT!There are So Many kids out here that need to be Loved!Anyway you are not the one to Judge!!
I’m married and I have Friends are Gay,they are the Nices people you would ever meet!
This child is LUCKY<BORN DEC.25 too!Congrats!

B.J. on

@not even close — pretty ironic, that’s all I really have to say in response to your rant. As an agnostic, I don’t believe in the concept of sin, so I’ve got nothing to admit

What “rules” are you referring to? Is there a “rule” I’m unaware of that says a woman (some, like myself, who have zero sexual attraction to men) HAS to be with a man? I’m confused by that statement, please elaborate. Where is this rule written?

Please explain what “TRUTH” you’re referring to, as well.

IMO on

Not even close,
You are choosing to not get it…….

Hi on

Dear B.J.,
I’m sorry I offended you, and like I said in my first comment, you have permission to hate me forever. I’m aware of the fact that I can sound harsh.
It’s just that I know for a fact that it’s impossible to be born attracted to your gender. It’s not a part of our biological makeup and never can be. My attacking your father was cruel I now realize. Maybe it was that Heather was by far the most attractive person in your class (I know how that feels, all the males I know are icky) and you’ve been attracted to women ever since.
Once again, I apologize profusely for offending you.
The Remoreseful Hello

Hi on

jill- As you can probably tell by my first comment on this board, some people say things without truly paying attention to what everyone else is going to think. I don’t think she was trying to say that every child in the whole entire world should be with their natural parents. Of course, that’s just my opinion, you’re fully entitled to yours. I personally think that a comment left days ago by a woman who wasn’t trying to start a fight isn’t worth fighting about anymore.

Tracy on

Congrats to them Bet he is beautiful love the name!!!!

B.J. on

Hi – Why is it so difficult to accept the reality that some people are just born differently than you? when did you first start noticing boys and having crushes on them? It was the same for me, but with girls. My mom has said that she always had a feeling I would grow up to be a lesbian, because I never showed any interest in boys. I thought the princess movies were silly because why do they even need that boy? The idea of weddings and becoming a wife never occurred to me. I never had any puppy love crushes on boys in my class. Instead I had a crush on my sister’s friends throughout grade school and junior high.

Do you know any gay people? I know many (I’m with my best friend of 14 years right now – both he and his sister are homosexual. Genetic, maybe?). If you talk to them, I assure you they will tell you, they never made a conscious or unconscious decision to be ostracized and “different.”

IMO on

You don’t know for a FACT that someone canny be born attracted to their same gender. But, you canthinkyou do. What ever makes you feel good inside about yourself bc putting othersdown is something you do well. I think you arehereunder a phony name to rile people up….whatever floats your boat! You are a sad ignorant person regardless…..

jazzy on

I am always sadly amazed at the harsh comments that follow a good story! A baby has been brought into this world and will forever be surrounded by family and friends that will love him – what else matters?
Gay or straight, whatever color or religion, its 2011 people…

truth on

d explain to me why disagreeing with homosexuality makes someone a homophobe or racist or prejudice as some have mentioned? I had a friend who confessed that he struggled with homosexuality. He personally had issues with it yet was aware it wasn’t right. Does that make him a homophobe as well?

Lastly, homosexuality is NOT normal. Humans were not originally created that way and are not created that way today. If its so normal why can’t they reproduce like normal couples (hetero) – clearly thats a stupid question but apparently it needs to be asked. Do we need to have a discussion about human anatomy?

Let me also say that I fully support equal rights for gays but in no way does that include agreeing with that lifestyle. In case you noticed I disagree.

I believe that homosexuality is a sin. I believe that murder, lust, anger, theft are also sins. To disagree with any of these later sins however is commonly accepted. Do people struggle with anger? Lust? Hate? Ccommit murder? yes, yes, yes… why can’t people struggle with homo tendencies?

Now before you all go bashing; consider that these truths are in the good book and if you have issues with that then your disagreement is not with me.

Also, this discussion/division should come as no surprise: luke 12
‘Do you suppose that I came to grant peace on earth? I tell you, no, but rather division’

Also, before you start saying ‘don’t judge’ consider that calling a spade a spade, I don’t believe, is judging. Knowing right from wrong as determined in the good book is not judging. For no one can know the thoughts of a man’s heart except the man and to claim to understand how that man feels about anything is conjecture and some could say, judging.

‘Each heart knows its own bitterness, and no one else can share its joy’ proverb14

and lastly, when xtians are called hippocrits I just laugh. xtians don’t believe they are perfect as so many like to claim (scream), they just believe in a perfect G_ _.

So, anyone have any thoughts? I know you do…

Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.

truth on

the first part of my post:
I think it’s interesting that one person (Samantha) comments on something other than gay approval and BANG everyone is all over her.

Let me ask all of you who support gays a question:

Why is it so easy for you to support gays yet so hard for you to support or even accept that some people don’t support the gay lifestyle? You act so accepting yet you’re not accepting to someone who disagrees with you. Why?

Hi on

Dear B.J.,
And why is it so hard for you to accept that I believe something else? I also think princess movies (especially the princes) are stupid. I have no desire to get married. If the president passed a law that every person over 21 in the USA had to get married, I would marry my best friend Elaine. But that’s not because I was born that way. It’s because all the guys I know are…unappetizing and the women aren’t. It is truly impossible to consider that maybe that’s what happened with you when you were 6 and first laid eyes on Heather?

Dear IMO,
“I think you arehereunder a phony name to rile people up.” Funny, I was just going to say the same thing to you. Or maybe the phony name is because you frequently forget to hit the space bar and it embarrasses you.

Dear truth,
I admire you for being brave enough to say what I wasn’t brave enough to say. The reproductive system practically screams you can’t be born a homeosexual.

J on

I do not agree with being gay nor do I agree with brining a baby into it. I actually find it disturbing how so many people support it. God created a woman to be with a man and that’s just how it’s supposed to be. The world has corrupted the idea of being gay into a trend. I’m not saying I hate the people who say they’re gay, I’m saying I hate that people engage in gay activities.

B.J. on

truth – Because I am a gay. I shouldn’t have to defend my sexuality to strangers like you, who should just accept that I don’t feel the same way that they do. Why would I lie? I have never had an interest in men. It’s not a choice, and if you choose to believe otherwise, then what can I do? Thankfully, there are enough reasonable, progressive people in the world who can accept the obvious, so that I’m not really worried. It’s only a matter of time before gays can marry in every U.S. state, and gay families are in every neighborhood.

Not every person on the planet needs to reproduce. I live in Southern California, and BELIEVE ME! We do NOT need any more people! It’s so over-crowded, dirty, and traffic jams like you wouldn’t believe! So I will not be having children, and it has nothing to do with being gay. There are enough kids in the world, I don’t think it’ll be hurting if 10% of the population is gay and not pro-creating, as the other 90% does so quite effectively.

J- I hate that people can say whatever insulting thing they want, and it’s alright, because their religion told them it’s a-okay to be so judgmental against homosexuals. I hate that religion clouds good judgment and allows bigots to spout their hate. But what I really hate is having to protest for the same rights as all my straight siblings, cousins, friends. It should be a given. We’re all the same, we all bleed red, we all fall in love. Just some of us fall in love with the same gender. Simple as that.

In a few decades, our children will look back and wonder what the big deal was when it came to gay rights. Frankly, I’m willing to be your own children will think you were ignorant and wrong. You can’t stop the changing tide once it’s begun. Gay rights are inevitable, as rights for African Americans, and for women.. throughout history, ignorance is eventually defeated.

B.J. on

Hi – “It’s because all the guys I know are…unappetizing and the women aren’t.”

Kind of sounds like you’ve got some questioning of your own to do, if you feel this way. I started to realize at 15 that my lack of interest in men wasn’t normal. All my girl friends had crushes on boys, wanted to date, but not me… By high school, I had the hots for my best friend, who I thought was the most interesting, intelligent, attractive person I had ever met!

When I saw Moulin Rouge in cinema (I was 15 or 16), I was attracted to Nicole Kidman in a way that I knew absolutely was sexual, for the first time ever.

I don’t see the point in arguing, I know my life and what I’ve experienced! I’m sorry if it doesn’t jive with what you’ve been taught, but try to open your mind just a little and put yourself in the shoes of a gay — the fabulous shoes of a gay 😉

Katie on

I have always been a fan of Elton John. I wish him all the best.

Amy D on

Congrats to them, they kept that quiet lol but dont blame them. I love his name, they r gonna be awesome parents!!

Liz on

Elton may be a little old, but I am pretty sure this baby will be loved and taken care of by his two gay dad’s better than many of the abused and neglected kids that have a dad and a MOM. He will have many opportunities, great experiences, and lot’s of love, when in actuality that is all you need.

And I am going to say it, all of you MORONS who think being gay is a choice, try to stop being heterosexual and let me know how that goes for you. That is probably one of the most ignorant ideas I have ever heard, people do not struggle so much for something they can choose to change.

We live in America and it is now 2011, but make sure when you cast the first stone no one can through one back at you…

Kathleen on

It is called an iPad……with automatic spellcheck and quick typing and no proofreading. I am embarrassed about nothing on here…but if the least I have to be is hitting a space bar, than so be it. That is in comparison to your ignorant behavior.

Danielle on

Dear B.J.,
I never said you didn’t know your life and what you’d experienced. I’m sure you’ve had a fabulous life (almost as fabulous as your shoes). I agree that its not worth arguing about anymore.
Dear Kathleen (aka IMO),
I think you fairly well established the fact that I’m ingnorant in your first post. Notice that I apoligized and am being nice now. Now I’m going to prove you correct by acting ignorant: What exactly are we comparing to my ignorant behavior?
Danielle (formerly known as Hi)
PS I really like your name.

Imo on

Thanks glad you like my name! My opinion of you has not changed.


Ashel on

KB. and all else.
This is a blessing. They are older, and Gay. But, They are Fab. They are finacially set, and still young enough to take care of a child. Sir Elton is only 62! Gondi was older than that! ALOT of older people are having cildren these days. If anything it would help them stay young and healthy. Taking care of a child is a fun and wonderful and Exciting time. (My best friends parents had her the old fashion way her mom was 52. Surprise!) it can be done. And I’m sure they take great care of themselves. but what even more amazing is that they WANT to raise this baby on thier own. No nannies watching and really raising thier kids like most stars and rich people. They are stepping up. What does it really matter f it at 24 or 64? Age is just a number. and In my opinion its better late than Never!
Also, My brother is gay. I’ve never seen him happier than when he was wwith another man. he tried the whole “going straight” but he wasn’t happy. He now is talking about children. And I hope he get to be as Happy and blessed as Sir Elton and david are!

cONGRATS guys Many blessing on u and your growing family may there be many more blessing to come.

Helen on

Good grief—can’t anyone just be happy for people that are happy for a blessed event in their life.
Get over yourselves and maybe look for something in your life that would make you happy instead sucking the life out of other’s happiness.
Congrats to the new parents. Helen

Fool4EJ on

Just FYI. Elton is 63, not 62. I don’t know why all of the articles lately get that wrong. He’ll be 64 in March, and he’s still going strong!

Congrats, Dads!
Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John is a lucky little baby!

ericka galvin on

congrats to you david and elton there are no parents more deserving than the two of you, dont spoil too much

Alice on

Zachary is so cute! He’s so lucky to have two loving fathers!

Alice on

Beautiful baby!