Alanis Morissette Welcomes Son Ever Imre

12/27/2010 at 10:00 AM ET
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Alanis Morissette got a very special Christmas package: a new baby boy, PEOPLE has confirmed.

“Alanis Morissette and Mario ‘Souleye’ Treadway welcomed a baby boy, Ever Imre Morissette-Treadway, on Dec. 25th,” says a rep for the new mom. “All are healthy and happy.”

The prolific singer/songwriter, 36, announced her pregnancy in August. She and Treadway, 30, married on May 22 at their Los Angeles home.

Morissette admitted before the birth that the pregnancy had been a surprise, albeit a happy one.

She enjoyed one last send-off before motherhood commenced, and was seen beaming and showing off her bump at a baby shower in October.

— Sara Hammel and Stephen M. Silverman


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klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! That’s an interesting name.

And I wondered if she had the baby last night when I heard one of her songs on the radio and couldn’t get it out of my head!

Cecilia on

Congrats to the happy couple! What a Christmas present!

Monika on

@klutzy_girl – Imre is her twin brother’s middle name as well, it’s Hungarian. But I agree that “Ever” is interesting….! I like the flow of the whole name though. Either way, I am very happy for them, so congratulations!

Kyliemarie on

I hope for Ever’s sake that his last name is NOT hyphenated.

Shannon on

Cute name! Fortunately his first two names are short to compensate for the loooooooooong last name(s)! 🙂

Mallory on

How sweet, another Christmas baby! I think Ever is a cute name, can someone tell me how you pronounce the middle name, though?

And Monika, I like the middle name a lot more now that you tell me it has a family connection, LOL! 🙂

Tess on

I’ve never heard of a boy named Ever.

Macy on

Well you do now, Tess.

Demetria on

I was wondering if she had the baby too! Congrats on your healthy baby boy!

Brooke on

I like Ever for a girl, but not a fan of it on a boy…..

Toya L. on

Congratulations to them and their Christmas baby.

Lola on

Tess: Never say never about a boy named Ever! This is great news!!!

Cici on

Since Ever really isn’t a name then it fits both genders better than something that has been well established for one gender. I do like that she gave him a short first and middle name to compensate for long last names. While I don’t like the name Ever, I get that artistic types want to have artsy names for their kids which is fine since everyone can’t be Oliva and Jacob.

Jessie on

I’d never heard of anyone named Ever until Ever Gabo, Milla Jovovich’s daughter. Nice name though and congrats to them!

Dana on


Sonya on

Imre is a Hungarian name (Alanis’s mother is Hungarian) and it’s pronounced EEM-reh.

JMO on

I don’t like the name in general as it’s pretty much made up. But I like it on Milla’s daughter cause if your gonna use it IDK it has a more feminine sound to it imo.

Melissa on


jordan on

It’ll take the poor kid a long while to write out his last name.

Tess on

Ever Carradine, a celeb baby herself. It sounds more like a girl’s name, IMO.

Perigee on

Ever is a Scottish boy’s name. It is not made up. Both of the baby’s names are real names, just not English names, or even particularly common in their native countries.

Not that it matters, but I like the way the two names sound together.

Signed: a daughter of two immigrants, mother from Scotland, dad from Hungary.

Jess from Ohio on

Congrats to them! She is one of my all time favorite singers. I really fell in love with the name after Milla Jovovich named her daughter that and I really think it suits male or female. I really like it a lot.

sgv on

what a great Christmas gift! 🙂 Congratulations!

JM on

aw congrats to them an their little bundle of joy. do not like the name Ever at all. i’m sure it’s a “real” name, but i just think it sounds a bit ridiculous.

before anyone jumps on me though, i am aware that the parents don’t care what i think 😉 just sharing my opinion.

Luna on

I think the name Ever is quite unisex. And I like the middle name a lot more knowing it’s after her twin brother. Anyway, I love that he’s a Christmas baby. What a great present. And in my opinion, I feel that if you have an extra long last name, a short first name is even better. Congrats to Mario and Alanis on baby Ever!

LisaS on

Yay! Ever sounds like one of those made-up, trendy names to me but I actually kind of like it for once. Or maybe I just like it because I’ve only heard of it for a girl up until now and I’m glad to see someone take it and give to a boy. If it’s okay and cute for girls to have what were traditionally boy names, the reverse should also be true.

Anyway, congrats to Alanis and her husband! What a wonderful Christmas gift and I can’t wait to see a pic of him!

sunny on

I love the name Ever, I like it for a boy or girl!

Viki on

it is always good to read about hungarian descendant people.
i think imre is a good name, it’s so brave to name your kid after your root – mainly because it’s unusual. btw i was happy to see Mariska Hargitay’ son name (August Miklós F. H.)
anyway congrats to them

Emily on

Wow congrats to them. I personally would hate to have my birthday on xmas day but I know these things can’t be helped. As for the name I like Ever Imre but not a fan of the hyphenated last name. It’s a bit much.

erilynne on

I’m not sure how to pronounce Imre.

What a wonderful day to celebrate a birth, on Christmas! Congrats to them.

Sanne on

Congrats! Remember people, Anthony Kiedis’ son is named Everly. What’s the diffrence with Ever? I think Ever could go both ways…

B.J. on

Congrats to them! I think I prefer Ever for a girl, but it’s a nice name. Love Alanis, was a big fan when I was younger!

kal on

YAY! I am just over the moon for her!

“Ever” is from Old English, meaning “eternal.” That sounds right up Alanis’ alley; not surprised one bit by the name.

Lola on

Cici: It’s not that everyone can’t be “Olivia” and “Jacob,” but rather that everyone SHOULDN’T be “Olivia” and “Jacob.” I don’t think there is such a thing as a “made up” name — philosophically speaking, if someone is given a name, than doesn’t that name automatically exist as a name? For if it’s someone’s given name, how can it not be a real name? lol, nice brain teaser, huh? Seriously though, tt may not be a known name to many people, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is indeed a name.

Ivey on

Ever is similar to Evan, prefer Evan but regardless, congrats to a healthy BABY!!

Rosy on

Congrats to Alanis and her husband!

Brooklyn on

What a Christmas present! Congratulations to them and I love the name. I’ve always liked the name Everleigh for a girl so I do like just Ever for a boy.

JS on

I like the name Imre. One of my favourite writers is Imre Kertész, who wrote the book Fatelessness. so Imre is definitely not a made up name.

Elby on

Perigee; I wonder if you’re thinking of Iver/Ivar/Iomharr? I’m Scottish and have never heard of Ever being used as a boys names.

amsjll on

So the woman who portrayed God in the movie Dogma had a baby boy on Christmas Day? Isnt it ironic? lol

Pretty sure within a couple decades all names will be unisex. Girls names that were once boys names: Kimberly, Ashley, Alexis, Madison, Shirley, Kelly, Lauren, Shannon, and many many more. Pretty soon you’ll meet a girl named Igor, you wait! 😛

Anyone who is naturally creative, such as an actor or musician, is going to be creative with their child’s name, get a clue.

E on

Lola, that is not remotely a brain teaser, not to stomp on your ‘philosophical’ moment but Gwyneth and Chris proved a long time ago that a name can be made from anything. As someone mentioned, the name is just fine but the hyphenated last name is way too much.

CelebBabyLover on

Congrats to them! That being said, I’m really confused about this part of the article: “She enjoyed one last send-off before motherhood commenced”. Does anyone have any idea what Moms & Babies meant by that? Does it having something to do with her singing career (what I know about the termnology for different events in a singer’s life you could fit on the head of a pin. So it’s possible that “send-off” is a term in the music industry and I just haven’t heard it before.)?

Cécile on

JS, I’m so glad someone made the reference to Imre Kertesz. Fatelessness was one of the most moving book I’ve ever read (possibly with Primo Levi’s books). Not knowing that it was Alanis’ brother’s name, Kertesz was the first thing coming to my mind when I read the name Imre.

Moniks on

Although Imre is Alanis’ twin brother middle name and I assumed that was the reference, he (brother) just revealed that baby Ever’s middle name is actually an homage to Alanis’ maternal grandfather Imre, who died in his early 40s, apparently of a broken heart. So that’s who Ever is named after!

Allison J on

Congrats to Alanis! I like the name Ever, but never thought about it for a boy. I’m sure it fits this baby, though. Best wishes to Alanis and Mario on their new baby boy!

Lola on

E: The brain teaser was for Cici, but while we’re on the subject, I do believe the philosophy and art of naming people was around far longer than Gwyneth and Chris. Not to stomp on your highly intelligible “celebrity baby name knowledge” moment or anything…but, well, you know how it goes… 😉

Lola on

And also, E: There are far worse things a baby can be born with than a hyphenated name. Superficial much?

Jill on

I don’t get the “made up name” thing thrown out all the time….Ever isn’t made up because there are other children named Ever. Even Apple, while to me an odd name, isn’t a made up name, as we all know it as a fruit. Nothing trully is “made up” because the person who thinks it has redefined the name or spelling making it a redifined or modified name or word.

I also don’t get the “it’s a boys or girls name.” Says who?

Or the “it is spelled wrong.” Again says who?

Each parent chooses the name and spelling for their child that fits their family…..therefore, it can’t be made up, spelled wrong or the given to a boy instead of a girl (or vs versus). People can have the opinion of what THEY would do, but to say someone did it wrong, doesn’t really make too much sense.

Thea on

Hahaha, Lola you are hilarious. Its pretty obvious E did not mean the hyphenated part was a huge downfall or horrible thing about the child. People were discussing the name, in that context the downside, as she saw it was not the first name but rather the double barrel surname.
Me thinks you’re just looking for a reason to be mad at someone who pointed out your philosophy is about as deep as commenting that the sky is blue.

Lola on

Thea: Me thinks I was not commenting to you. But since you have now commented to me, me thinks it’s only fair to point out that the sky is not actually blue — ’tis merely an illusion based on the way light is scattered throughout the air. See, philosophy – like simply physics in this case – does not have to be all that deep. I never claimed my philosophy was deep, but rather, something to think about in a way other than the obvious. My intentions were not ill in any way, and I do hope I’ve cleared many things up for you. I also hope that when you look up at the sky each day, you think of me. 🙂 Peace and love. 🙂

crg on

I think that Ever sounds unisex, and I kind of like it, but I also think it sounds kind of “unfinished”, like it needs another syllable or something. Congrats to them!

CelebBabyLover on

Jill- What a beautiful way to put it! Anyway, I also meant to say last night that I’m surprised so many people are critcizing the hyphenated last name. I thought for sure that people would be thrilled that Alanis’ last name was included in the baby’s name! People have commented on here time and time again how they think women should include their surnames (or maiden name if they took their husband’s name when they got married) in their child’s name. Some have even said that they think always giving a child the father’s last name is sexiest.

Yet when Alanis and Mario include her last name in their son’s name….all people can do is criticize them for it! I just don’t understand it.

CelebBabyLover on

Also, why doesn’t anyone ever complain about the Jolie-Pitt kids having a hyphenated surname? Or about Sunday Urban’s full name being Sunday Rose Kidman Urban? Why the double-standard? I can understand a little bit about Sunday, since Kidman seems to be a second middle name rather than surname and it isn’t hyphenated. But I am completely puzzled as to why it’s okay for the Jolie-Pitt kids to have a hyphenated surname, but not Alanis’ son!

I’m not trying to be nasty here. I’m honestly curious, and hope someone can explain. 🙂

Lori on

CelebBabyLover: I totally agree with you. A hyphenated name is not a big deal at all, but I think some of the people commenting don’t like it because it’s “too long” (as if that’s even a bad thing..). It’s really no different than being born into a family that has one really long last name. I have lots of friends whose names are super long due to their ethnicity, and I think it’s a great and beautiful thing! And this name is really no different. Unfortunately, we live in a world where EVERYTHING about a person is judged — from names, to appearances..etc. etc. etc. Bottom line: some people are just ridiculous in their judgments.

FNW on

amsjll, it’s not ironic. Irony is the use of words to convey a meaning that is the OPPOSITE of its literal meaning. I think you mean coincidental. In regards to the name Ever, it had to grow on me in regards to being a girl’s name and I’m still not that crazy about it. It just doesn’t appeal to me as a boy’s name at all. Imre is cumbersome and doesn’t flow well with Ever, plus that l o n g last name really makes for a rambling moniker.

Kaz on

Perigee – Ever is not a Scottish name, I’m not sure where you got that, if it’s from a book it’s incorrect. I’m Scottish and can vouch for that. I have not met anyone called Ever, and can assure you it would be a pretty weird name here in Glasgow!

Electra on

Ever has a very ethereal feeling to it which I find to be quite feminine. However, if I were scottish or wherever the name originated from I might feel differently.

JS on

@ Cécile Yes. It is one of the best books ever. I love Primo Levi and also Elie Wiesel. Being Jewish myself, I read a lot of Jewish authors on the Shoah

codewhiz on

Nothing wrong with a hypenated name, what about Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Wow, Alanis is doing better in the relationship stakes than Ryan Reynolds these days, good for her!

Babs on

They’re not saying where it was born. Presumably Los Angeles, I guess.

Lissa on

I really strongly dislike the name Ever for a child! Why do celebrities often seem have the most outlandish names for their kids? Do they stop to consider the ramifications for that child in school, having their “unique” names? Also, if they hyphenate, that child will indeed have a very long name to learn to spell & write!

What is so wrong with more known names such as “Melissa”, “James” and such? Which celebrities named her child “Apple” and “Moon”? Why? I mean, seriously?

Just my 2 cents.

Cari on

My son’s name is Ever! We originally heard it from Milla Jovovich, PLUS it was in a book of baby names. Soooo, she stole it from us! lol
Better to be the only Ever in your class than the 3rd Madison, Emma, or Jacob!! If he was a girl her name would have been Story!
So, now that Ever is used in the celeb world I hope that people don’t copy so much like “Apple” … you almost can’t use that one!