Dierks Bentley Welcomes Daughter Jordan Catherine

12/26/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
Kevork Djansezian/Getty

It was a very happy holiday for Dierks Bentley and wife Cassidy, who welcomed their second daughter on Christmas morning.

Jordan Catherine Bentley arrived Saturday, Dec. 25, weighing in at 7 lbs., 14 oz, the country singer’s rep tells PEOPLE. She joins big sister Evalyn Day, 2.

“Say what [you] want about Santa’s physique, but no arguing his impeccable timing! Evie wanted a little sis for Xmas & Jordan just arrived!” the Grammy-nominated singer, 35, posted on Twitter.

“She chose the banjo-driven part of Mumford & Sons ‘Awake My Soul’ as her walk on music … could be a troublesome sign.”

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Eileen Finan

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JM on

aw congrats to them. (on a side note i love mumford and sons). not crazy about the name Jordan at all, but i like Catherine.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! I love the name Jordan Catherine. And yay for her being their Christmas present!

Mallory on

I LOVE that name! And how sweet that she arrived on Christmas morning.

Erika on

Aww congrats to them on a sweet little girl! What a great Christmas present!

Shawna on

Very odd to have one daughter with a feminine, classic name like Evalyn (although I don’t like that spelling) and then have one with a masculine, trendy name like Jordan.

Ashley on

I love those names, especially Jordan for a girl. He sounds like the cutest dad.

Amy on

What a pretty name and a beautiful birth date! 🙂

Pam on

I think he named Jordan after his best friend who died. It would have worked for either a girl or boy. I like both of his daughter’s names.

B.R on

I love how Santa gave his daughter what she really wanted for Christmas, a baby sister. I have to agree with him, timing of the birth was impeccable. I love both names I am a huge fan of calling a little girl Evie, and like someone else has pointed out I think Jordan is named after his friends, which is a lovely sentiment.

momof boys on

I love the name Jordan, but I love MY Jorden more – my 6 year old little boy.

Congratulations to the Bentley fam

Lacey on

I would hate to have my birthday or my childs birthday on Christmas. Talk about the pits!

Bree on

Lacey I totally agree, one of my Brownies and now Pathfinders was born on Christmas Day and it is so hard on her and her family trying to make Brandy’s birthday something special for her but still trying to make Christmas special for her brother and cousins.

Aside from that Congrats to the family, Love the name Jordan Catherine (although prefer Catherine spelt Cathryn but that is just a personal thing and a slight bias as that is my mom’s first name!!)

Hope she is happy and healthy and that the whole family had a wonderful Christmas!!

CelebBabyLover on

What a special Christmas present they got! 🙂 Also, it looks like Jordan arrived VERY early in the morning, as the Twitter post about her birth (where he said she’d just arrived) has a post time of 1:27 a.m.

Tee on

I read this over on CMT’s website this morning and was wondering if it would be announced here! I love both names that they’ve given their daughters. Happy birthday, Jordan!

Jorder on

As a woman named Jordan, I can say he should have made it her middle name. People constantly think I am a man until they here my voice or see me in person.

But congrats to him and his wife and daughter on the newest addition to their family.

Jill on

Congrats! I am all for names that are after people, so I like this one. The fact that she is named after his best friend, makes it a great name!

Emily on

Congrats! I love that name! And I have a Christmas baby who is now three and, so far, we have been successful at making her birthday a special day. It was a really special time to have a baby (despite the amount of people that asked us if we were going to name her Joy or Noelle).

Macy on

Jordan for a girl? Yikes. At least it’s spelled correctly

Jordan on

Awwe what a Christmas present 🙂 I always have to smile every time i see a little girl named Jordan, because that’s my name. Going through school there were two little boys in my grade named Jordan and it was always kind of weird for me, and i was teased a little bit in elementary school for “having a boys name”. My dad named me so I always loved it and when people got to know me they have all thought that the name fit me, so any teasing didn’t bother me that much, maybe it will be the same for this Jordan. I’ve noticed the name becoming increasingly popular for girls, I know 3 other little girls with this name, and I’ve noticed the name appearing as a girls’ name in literature and also in television, and I no longer get strange looks from people when I tell them my name is Jordan. Maybe it’s a regional thing for me, but the name Jordan for girls has become just as popular as it is for boys here in my part of Pennsylvania.
Congrats to Deirks and Cassidy, and considering who their parents are i bet their little girls are beautiful. 🙂

jessicad on

Love the name! That’s so cute Evie got her Christmas wish:)

My best friend had her son 4 days before Christmas in 2007, she has a huge party for him in July every year, sort of an “unbirthday party”, it’s so cold this time of year and so close to Christmas and that way he doesn’t have all the big events at once. Plus everyone else is so busy around the holidays and already spending a ton on Christmas gifts so she didn’t want to add another stress for others. They still do something special on his actual birthday and of course have cake! Thought it was a cute idea:)

amanda on

Congratulations to the family. Dierks lost a friend like someone else mentioned, he was very close to him. His name was Jordan. This was probably to honor him. Catherine I believe is Dierks mothers name. Love that he honored them both with Little Jordan’s name.

Sage on

Shawna- I don’t think it’s odd at all. Parents don’t have to name their kids the same style of name and taste varys.

To feel (22) I think my generation doesn’t really care anymore. I have so many friends name Jordan… more women actually than guy friends and it’s no big deal. Cause when a friend mentions a friend name Jordan that is a girl…no one gasps and thinks it’s weird because it isn’t at all.
Also when men meet my friend and she tell them her name is Jordan…um they don’t care at all. So I don’t get why people act like its such a burden for a girl to be named that.

Staci on

I’m not crazy about the name but who cares it’s their baby and not mine. 🙂 I’m so happy for them. Congrats!!

jordan on

“Also when men meet my friend and she tell them her name is Jordan…um they don’t care at all. So I don’t get why people act like its such a burden for a girl to be named that.”

Well, as a 26 y/o female named Jordan, I can tell you it still sucks. I’ve been asked if the check I’m giving them is my father’s & I’ve had people I do business with tell me they thought I was a man until they saw me in person.

There seems to be an increase of girl Jordans, but it still doesn’t seem to have seeped into the brains of people that it’s a unisex name.

Sage on

Jordan- I’m that you have to deal. But at the same time I know my Jordan’s love their names and would never change it even though some people may confuse them as a boy.

My name is Sage and people can’t spell or pronounce it sometime and have been confused for a boy also. But sometimes names have draw backs. But I still love my name and am so glad my parent’s picked it. I just hate the catty comments some people make about having a boy’s name…like I am suppose to feel embarassed about it or something.

kristina on

I think Jordan Catherine is a beautiful name and it is a unisex name so just get used to it.

Sasha on

Congrats to the family. I just want to note that when I hear the name Jordan I actually thing of girls more then boys. I don’t personally know any male Jordan’s, but in my my niece’s classroom she has at lest one female Jordan so I think it is a popular girl name. Just for fun I search popularity of the name Jordan for the year 2002 (my niece’s birth year) and it was the 45 most popular girls name.

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

Awww! How sweet. He has his hands full now with three women in his life. I love the name and little evie is lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi on

I’m surprised that the Jordans on this board get mistaken for men. I thought it was very obviously unisex. I guess I’m pretty ignorant.

Sage- How is your name pronounced? I would think it would be hard to mispronounce Sage…

Anonymous on

congrats to the both of them.what a nice christmas presents.

JSC on

Congratulations! I love the name Jordan, it was my daughter’s name!

Dmbfaninwa on

Little Miss Jordan has gotton an excellent start in life, having arrived to the sound of Mumford and Son’s brilliant “Awake My Soul”….

destiny on

dierks i think that Jordan Catherine is a beautiful name!