Elisabeth Röhm and Easton Trim the Tree

12/25/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
Adam Hendershott

Deck the halls — and the tree!

Elisabeth Röhm and daughter Easton August, 2½, share a special holiday photo exclusively with PEOPLE Moms & Babies readers.

“As much as my family loves tradition and the ‘stuff’ you can count on during the holidays, we also are inspired by change and things that come with a twist,” the actress, 37, tells us.

“This pink tree is a classic example of my family’s outlook on life; an annual event that’s breaks all the rules!”

Easton is Röhm’s only child with fiancé Ron Anthony.

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Taylor on

Elisabeth seems like such a down-to-earth mom! And I absolutely adore the name Easton for a girl!

Shawna on

Her comment rubs me the wrong way. She feels blessed that she “chose” the right career? Do you know how many working women would love to be an actress and have all the money that comes with it? It is not as easy as “choosing” to be an actress because the majority of the time it can only be done by having MAJOR connections in the industry.

Michelle on

I don’t think there is anything wrong with her saying she “chose” to be an actress. She did choose that career. Much the way I “chose” to work in advertising and went to school to study advertising and worked my way up in advertising, she did the same thing with acting. She studied hard, went to endless auditions and worked her way up. Don’t really see a difference.

I can’t complain that I am not a rich actress because I never did anything remotely close to even trying to be an actress.

It’s not all luck…they work hard too.

Anonymous on

omg she clearly meant the “right” career for herself. many people choose a career then regret it or don’t feel like it’s right for themselves. she’s just glad she chose the one that works for her. so hush and go eat some turkey.

Tee on

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pink Christmas tree before! Such a sweet picture! Easton is precious!

Shawna, I guess I see you’re point, although that’s not how I took her comment. I think you might be reading too much into it. What’s wrong with her saying she feels like she chose the right career when it’s obvious she’s referring to herself?

Meghan on

Most people have dreams that they pursue. Some come true, some don’t. Elisabeth was lucky. Should she pretend otherwise to make the working class feel better? I swear, the things people find to bitch about…

eva on

Pink Christmas tree!How cool is that? Never seen one before.

Jill on

Michelle, Perfectly said!!

Meghan, I agree! people will find things to b***h about regardless. It is getting quite ridiculous on here. I wish people would take time to reflect on the postitive instead of the negative.

Shannon on

Somebody likes pink! 🙂 Easton is a cool name.

Lola on

I don’t celebrate Christmas, but if I did, I would SO get that tree!! Pretty!!

CelebBabyLover on


Kristy on

I also don’t like statement “chose to be an actress”. You don’t just choose. You try very very hard and many many times, and then they choose you (or not) And thanks, Lola, for clarifying you don’t celebrate Christmas. I really needed to know.

Kristin on

I also love the pink tree. So pretty! Easton is growing up fast.

Jill on

You DO choose to go down the path of acting…….and become an actress. So she did make a choice.

Meghan on

Kristy, you don’t need to insult Lola. She was just saying the tree was pretty. She may not be a Chrsitian and your response was really unecessary and rude.

Lola on

Kristy: The holiday season is about kindness — if this is your version of joyous celebration during a time when you should be thankful and happy, I would hate to see you on a regular day. Yikes.