Calm Coughs Naturally with Zarbees Cough Syrup

12/25/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy Zarbees

Cold and flu season has arrived, and germs don’t discriminate.

That’s why at the first signs of a cough, celebrity moms including Nicole Richie and Heidi Klum reach for Zarbees natural cough syrup ($8 for 4 fl oz).

Not only is it safe for babies aged 12 months and older, but it soothes sore throats and quiets coughs effectively without drugs or chemicals, which is refreshing considering the many bans on over-the-counter medicines for toddlers.

Dark honey and immune-boosting ingredients do the work instead, calming agitated airways instead of suppressing a cough — as pediatricians suggest.

Best of all, the cherry flavor is downright yummy with no medicine-y aftertaste, so no more chasing down a sick child when its time for their next dose.

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E. Coleman on

I’ve been hearing about Zarbees for at least a year now and finally found it in Walgreens. This stuff actually works…my 18-month old seems to like it too!

Rach on

OMG ! Where can I get this in Canada

Kelli on

Yes!! I always had to make my own syrup from herbs because they kind they carry in the store is just toxic and awful! I am SO excited about this!!

Maria on

Me encanta Zarbees. It really works well and keeps my baby from the harmful drugs.

Amy Bastone on

This stuff is way too expensive and doesn’t even come with a measuring cup! There are other brands out there that cost half the price and do a better job. RIP OFF!

Lindsay on

I LOVE Zarbee’s! It is the only thing that helps my little boy’s colds & he loves the way it tastes! There are always offers and coupons with discounts for it (which every mom loves)! I even took it with my last cold and slept like a baby! ZARBEE’S=THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Compared to other brands Zarbee’s wins!

Lindsay on

Love this cough medicine and so does my son! I love how it is safe for 12 months and up. Cant wait till my daughter turns 1 so I can use it for her.

Jillyn on

We love Zarbees! Because it has vitamin C and zinc I give it to my girls just to boost their immune systems. They love the taste and when I forget to give it to them THEY remind me. Thanks Zarbees for making a healthy, effective and yummy product.

Lauren Leedz on

Just use honey! This stuff is like overpriced honey in a container. My doctor said honey would work the same as this stuff. Do you know this product costs 10 bucks a bottle?

JJ on

I’d pay $15 for zarbees because it works! and is not just pasteurized honey. Its worth it to have kids get better faster. Asked my doctor and she said dark honey is better cause it has more antiox plus vit C which helps the body fight illness better & fastr than light honey. Try it and u’ll see a diff in results. I have 2 kids + teen who luv the flavors too. Grandma puts lemon zarbees in her tea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren Leedz on

Sounds like you might be working for this company. I doubt that you would pay 15 dollars for a small bottle of cough syrup and I doubt that your grandmother uses it in her tea.

JJ on

I’m a govt analyst with no interest in business besides people pay $15+ for a movie, $20+ for shots of booze, much more for other illnesses like asthma. My kids wellness is much more important so yeah i’d pay a lot to help them feel better. Honey, lemon plus tea has been around for ages you obviously doubt very wrongly about me.

Mary Cartelm on

I would have to agree that this stuff is a bit pricey. I do believe that honey is great but I found this other product by little noses that is honey based and costs a few dollars less. I think the honey is important for the cough but there are other brands which cost less.